The Best Bed Foundations and Boxspring Expertly Reviewed

For years, we sold RTA (ready to assemble) foundations (once referred to as box springs) for our own mattress lineup. Since we were selling in an e-commerce store, we had to be able to ship a broken down foundation that could be easily assembled by the consumer. I think we went through 8 or 10 options during our research, and found most of the candidates to be spindly and squeaky, and questionable for users over 275 lbs, especially with couples on board.

We were always on a quest for a well constructed deck type unit that was UPSable or FedExable, and that didn’t have a million pieces. The most important asset was to offer a product that could be disassembled easily in the event of a move, was light weight, and had solid wood construction rather than using particle board.

So, before we decided to recommend the best possible mattress foundation option to our readers on The Mattress Buyer Guide, we already knew what we were looking for, and because we’re a bit picky about products and services we report to our readers, we spent a lot of time putting our 25 years of bedding industry knowledge to the test. Could anyone make a foundation that was truly superior to store bought versions? Would it last? Well, we think we did.

The USBoxspring Solid Wood Foundation, shown beneath the mattress above, is finished with an organic quilted covering that is easily installed.

Because most of the mattress options you can buy online are typically memory foam or combinations of memory foam and gel foam, or they are pure latex, the foundation had to be super strong, able to support not only the weight of the users, but also durable and engineered sufficiently to support the weight of the mattress as well.

Our recommended dealer, US Boxspring, understood this and incorporated the weight capacity into their design by using a system of solid kiln dried Northwest Spruce, a highly desirable and very strong coniferous wood.

The design employs a roll-out slat system on the top of the durable perimeter frame which provides a minimal distance between each slat of 3”. Many mattress foundations that you can buy either at a retail store or online, often use slats that are not wide enough, and can be hidden by a covering of cardboard, then a fabric top, so you have no way to view the construction to realize that the slat thicknesses and slat distances are completely insufficient, and will create dipping, compression, and rutting within months of purchasing the foundation.

Here’s the anatomy of our recommended dealers product, US Boxspring, and their wooden frame foundation, shown before you install the outer organic covering on top..

The USBoxspring Foundation we recommend incorporates an over-built design to prevent failure at any level. Notice the midline support rail, often left out of inferior foundation designs.

One of the qualities we love about this well though design is that it can be used on any existing wooden or metal frame, with or without a headboard, and it’s offered in two heights, either 8” or low profile at 5.5”. You can measure your mattress before buying and determine exactly how high you want your mattress to be from the ground up.

Easy to Assemble, Easy to Transport, Easy to Store: the usBoxspring solid wood foundation

  • Choice of 8″ standard or 5.5″ low profile sizes – same price

  • Made from North West Spruce kiln-dried Premium Wood

  • Luxury Organic Cover with Quilted Border

  • More Slats for Maximum Support – Latex & Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Natural Air Flow, all slats less than 3″ apart

  • Easy Assembly in 20 minutes, No Tools Required

  • Supports up to 1500 lbs

  • Available in all Sizes-Twin, Twin Long, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

  • Shipped FedEx

  • Slats run side to side for extra support

  • Midline Support Rail provides center line support

  • Fits on standard sized bed frames

  • Built in Phoenix, Arizona- wood product sourced from USA, Not Imported

It takes about 15 minutes to setup your foundation, although one of our girls was able to finish a queen size in 10 minutes flat, from an unopened box, though we should mention she’s a performance athlete, but the whole process is ridiculously easy. Shipping is free and your order ships out within 48 hours of processing. Just when you think it can’t get any easier, the owner of USBoxspring, Bill Autry, backs up his products with solid American manufacturing values, something we really enjoy seeing these days, Here are Bill’s comments about his product.

“After 30 years as a sleep products manufacturer, one develops an eye for the need of a better product. This was the case in 2007 when one of our online customers came to us with the need for a better foundation for their premium latex mattress.

We stepped in, identified our customers’ needs, and built a foundation that was superior to any in the marketplace, and made it affordable.

• We increased the number of slats to give each mattress more support by decreasing the open space between slats to less than 3”, which has become the industry standard. 
• We also raised the quality of the wood and went to smooth sanded surfaces on all 4 sides of each piece 
• We then topped the foundation off with an all organic cotton cover. 
• We chose to stay with the traditional two-piece foundation for all king size mattresses. 
• In our research we found a significant demand for a lower profile foundation, so we manufacture an 8” regular height foundations and a 5.5” Low profile foundation—at the same price in each size. US BoxSpring manufactures each foundation in Phoenix, AZ from all wood products sourced in the United States. Assembly requires no tools and takes only 20 minutes.

You can also easily exchange the product if it is found to be defective for 100% of your purchase price, less shipping charges.

Bill Autry

This is one of the few foundations we researched that is made in the USA and not imported, and is engineered for durability. Hey, if it can handle 1500 pounds, that’s what we call “adding a little extra” for the consumer. Check them out at USBOXspring today!