Mattress Scams: A List of Biased Mattress Review Websites

Since this site was built in 2007, literally the first mattress review site in existence, and thirteen years later one of the few third party review sites not owned by a mattress company, we’ve seen the mattress business become infested with fraudulent review sites that promote their own brands, peppering content with perfect scores and five star ratings for their unicorn mattresses. In this article, we’ll not only reveal which mattress companies have financial interests in these so-called “third party” sites, we’ll also give you our list of Trusted Dealers, chosen by our team- reviewers not owned by a mattress manufacturer or retailer. A handful of excellent mattresses that are comfortable and durable.

Long before the popular leading brands of today came along, direct to consumer mattress companies thrived and were the real pioneers of the bed in a box category. Recently, along with hundreds of startup bed in a box companies, the internet has become flooded with dozens of seedy and questionable mattress review sites. Many of these were SEO experts who were looking to make fast money by creating fake testimonials disguised as independent third party reviews created by actual owners of the beds.

Many Mattress Review Sites use Sneaky Tactics

Tied to third party affiliate sites that pay huge commissions, consumers clicking these links after reading a series of fake reviews fatten the pockets of these professional review scam artists. We think of them as the digital equivalent of the sleazy, hovering mattress salesman – though it would be fairly easy to say that they are even worse, since their motives are entirely based on disguising themselves as unbiased experts. Click here to jump to our full disclosure of unsavory mattress review sites connected to mattress retailers and manufacturers.

Our site, on the other hand, is owned and operated by a mattress industry veteran with over 25 years of “in the trenches” experience designing, engineering, and marketing hundreds of mattresses. We’re components experts, schooled in the business of foam technology, textiles, coils systems, and many other systems and bits and pieces that are part of the mattress making process. Fake review sites that feature videos of voice over actors or models bouncing up and down on a free mattress sent to them by their partner manufacturers are hard to swallow, especially when you realize that these people know nothing about extruded foam technology, how to distinguish between thread count and ILD, or proper use of adhesives that can make or break the comfort of any mattress.

More recently, it’s become even more of a problem, with mattress companies who have acquired mattress review web sites involved in lawsuits, and the public becoming increasingly aware that the same two or three popular mattresses that show up everywhere are being pimped by anyone trying to make a fast buck. The reality is, these mattresses are nothing special, and are cheap to make, and because of increased competition, are rapidly losing their appeal because of quality issues. We advise potential customers to consider other brands, made in small batches by companies that focus on quality and stellar service, long term warranties, and have no connection with review sites. 

Mattress companies have been acquiring or funding mattress review websites for years, and generally very quietly. Sometimes there is direct ownership, while in other cases the relationships are more seedier and more complicated, and may even involve holding companies under assumed names, or other complex arrangements designed to conceal their connection.

Filtering out the Biased Mattress Review Sites Influenced By Mattress Manufacturers

For the casual mattress shopper with a busy life, these connections are extremely unexpected and usually not obvious. Their disclosure is typically limited to one page on the reviewer’s website, if they are even disclosed at all. Unless they have a court order to make a disclosure statement at the very top of their offending page, you may never even notice it. This trend has become so infectious in the mattress industry that we now estimate that the typical mattress shoppers has visited at least one fake mattress review site that has corporate ties to a mattress company.

To help make this easier for consumers, we’ve decided to share a handy list below of mattress information websites that have corporate ties to a specific mattress company. In most cases these sites could easily be misconstrued as independent resources, even by a savvy shopper- but they’re just the opposite. We would advise steering clear of these review sites, since they are known to be dishonest sheerly on the basis of their financial connections.

It’s a good idea that you bookmark this page so you can refer back to it in case you end up finding yourself on one of these sites later as you are making your final decision when mattress shopping. It would also be useful to share this page so that any friends who may soon be shopping for a mattress will have this important information too. And remember, if you are looking for a true, third party resource for a great mattress, check out our carefully curated Trusted Dealer page. 


Mattress Review Sites Financially Influenced By Mattress Manufacturers

mattress scam review sites
biased mattress review sites
biased mattress review websites

It’s almost gut wrenching to note that all of these sites appear in the top positions of a Google search for terms like “best mattress reviews” or “most popular mattresses”. Of course, these are just the sites we are aware of.

 If you aren’t sure about a site, try to search for their domain on You’ll find sites like ours, The Mattress Buyer Guide, has nothing to hide, and gladly discloses the name of the person and/or company that owns the site. By contrast, if the website is registered privately, this likely means that the website’s owner paid an extra fee to hide their their own name from the public. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any trustworthy websites that are registered privately.

Lastly, note that we did not include hyperlinks to any of these websites by using the term [dot] instead of providing the links to these notorious sites.  Providing links are one of the most important indicators that Google uses to determine which websites should be shown at the top of your search results. Most of these websites already rank highly in search results, partly on account of links from their corporate sponsors, so we don’t want to add more fuel to that fire.

If you would prefer that these sites not appear at the top of your search results, the best thing you can do is link to other websites that you consider more credible and that cover similar subject matter. We hope you’d agree that The Mattress Buyer Guide would be a site that remains the most respected third party mattress review site in the industry. Click here to check out our list of Trusted Dealers, a handful of companies that sell outstanding mattresses at great prices, all made with high caliber ingredients and back by solid warranties and trial periods.