Crafted Sleep Mattress Reviews: Insider’s Report And Guide

Our Crafted Sleep mattress reviews takes a look at several of their most popular models, and review them in detail. They offer both single sided mattresses in a variety of height options, 2 sided (reversible/flippable), and in different firmness options.

Crafted Sleep® is a Texas mattress manufacturer with over 30 years of mattress building experience. They employ 80 skilled mattress makers, with most of them on staff for more than a decade. They custom build their mattresses to order.

The company custom builds each mattress sold online to order, and they claim that none of their mattresses sit pre-compressed or collecting dust and debris, unmonitored in warehouses around the country.

1. The Crafted® 14″ Reversible Pocket Coil And Foam Hybrid Mattress

Our Crafted Sleep mattress reviews takes a look at this Texas brand that makes affordable mattresses using non-toxic foams, cooling fabrics, and coils, for about one third the price of comparable brands.

How can they do this? Let’s take a look at this up and coming brand.

The Crafted Sleep 14″ Reversible Hybrid Mattress is priced at $899 in queen, which includes free shipping to your door, a 120 night no questions asked trial period, and a 25 year warranty.

Made entirely in Texas, it’s a pocketed coil hybrid mattress with an edge to edge center core of pocketed coils, surrounded by several comfort layers of foam on both sides.

On the outside of the mattress, the outer covering is a smooth, stretchable and quilted material called CoolMax, which wicks away heat and is offered typically on higher priced mattresses.

I noticed when I tested this model that the firmer side is pretty firm and when you flip it, the cozier and softer side is noticeably different.

I’ve reviewed a few flippable mattress options, but they were often not comfortable, being excessively firm. Having a center coil “core” provides both support and a yielding sensation that can be adjusted by providing firmer or softer foam layers above the coils on the selected side.

The Crafted Sleep 14″ Reversible Hybrid Mattress is a pretty sophisticated mattress for the price, using safer foam layers, a premium coil system, and cooling textiles. Let’s look at the interior of this mattress:

1. Cool Max Cover: Breathable, moisture wicking & adapting to your body.

2. Pressure Relieving 2″ Gel Infused Memory Foam: Fast responding, cooling foam that adapts to your body for pressure relief.

3. A 2″ Layer of HD Transition Foam: Provides additional support and pressure relief, distributes weight

4. A 6″ Edge to Edge Hybrid Coil Unit: Supportive coils for edge to edge sleeping while minimizing motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep.

5. If you reversed the mattress: A 2″ Gel Infused Memory Foam: Fast responding, cooling foam that adapts to your body for pressure relief.

6. A 3″ Gel Infused Memory Foam: Fast responding, cooling foam that adapts to your body for pressure relief.

7. Cool Max Cover For Reversed Side: 2-Sided design offers another side of premium foams and fabrics.

I took at look at owner reviews and didn’t find a whole lot of complaints, and with hybrid mattresses, comments about the mattress being too firm are fairly typical.

The difference between their firmer side, called “Luxury Firm” and their “Medium” side advertised on the site using this diagram, and I would have to agree that it’s pretty accurate, too.

Product Details As Described On the Crafted Sleep® Site

The 14″ Reversible Hybrid Mattress is a2-Sided Design with Foam + Coils. This hybrid mattress packs in gel infused cooling foams, a “cloud like” super soft quilting foam with an ultra-supportive transition layer and a hybrid coil unit.

This medium soft feel mattress will provide pressure relief and minimize motion transfer all while having a little extra springiness from the coil unit. You will not feel stuck in this hybrid mattress.

The luxury firm provides a firmer feel with extra support. Or choose dual firmness for the best of both worlds. The site describes this model as being ideal for:

  • Combination sleepers who sleep in all three positions
  • Longevity
  • Side Sleeping
  • Motion reduction
  • Pressure relief without sinking in too far
  • Those seeking a medium-to-medium soft feel
  • Those seeking either medium on both sides or dual firmness options

The Crafted Sleep® Reversible 14″ Hybrid Mattress has what’s called a “smooth top” cover, which I used to build with my own mattress lineup for years.

This kind of cover is thinner, not quilted, and relies on the foam layers below it to provide the initial feel of the mattress and generally is better at relieving pressure and helping to minimize motion transfer.

Your body tends to immerse ever so slightly into the memory foam and the transitional foam underneath, relying on the pocketed coils inside to lift, elevate, and to provide pinpoint pressure relief.

I personally preferred the medium side, however, if you need firmness to help out with back pain or spine issues, the firmer side is really good, as well.

Also, many people often need to go from firmer to a more medium and softer feel occasionally, and having the ability to flip your mattress over is an added benefit.

The likelihood of returning this mattress is greatly reduced with this option as well. Overall, I give this mattress a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars!