The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid And Dreamcloud Premier Mattress Review

Hybrid mattresses are the web’s hottest selling category and consist of both pocketed coils as well as specialized foam layers. Our Dreamcloud Mattress review is going to take a look at both options, one firmer, and one more sumptuous and plusher in feel. Both are priced pretty close to one another, but we’ll let you decide.

My in depth Dreamcloud Mattress review actually takes a look at two of the company’s popular hybrid mattresses. I’m going to explain the differences between the The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress and their upgraded version, the Dreamcloud Premier.

You can purchase a Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress for $999 and queen or opt for the Premier version for $400 more and you get a much plusher, softer, quilted pillow top component.

With a huge cult-like following of owners who are loyal to the brand, they are well known by reviewers like myself who have experience with the features and benefits of similar models, which generally cost twice as much.

First off, I will tell you that the Dreamcloud lineup compares very closely with Sealy and Simmons Black hybrid models, which can get into $3500-3800 in a queen size.

The Dreamcloud Hybrid Lineup: Firmer And Resilient Or Plush And Soft: You Choose

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is designed to provide a firmer, more supportive feel. Up top, you’ll get a cashmere blended cover which has a silky, luxurious feel.

Actually, even with sheets and mattress protector installed, the mattress has an easy melt in sensation to it that feels dramatically different from similar brands.

I often see hybrid mattress manufacturers skimp on the quality of the memory foam comfort material that is used, so cutting open the side of our sample to reveal 2.5 inches of plump and livelier memory foam than we’re typically expecting was pretty nice.

Layer by layer configuration of The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid, the firmer option with their hybrid mattress lineup.

The cutaway shown above is the upgrade version of the Dreamcloud Hybrid, called The Dreamcloud Luxury Premier. This option does cost $400 more, making a queen size (with free shipping and free sheets, pillows, and mattress protector) at checkout $1399.

We compared both in our Dreamcloud mattress review, and the pocketed coil system in both models to see whether you get the support you need.

We look for lift and elevation, keeping you from feeling immersed, and plusher, more cradling feel without sinking and having to dig your way out of your bed.

In a nutshell, The Dreamcloud Hybrid is firmer, while The Dreamcloud Premier is loftier, cushier, and more enveloping. In both cases, the return rate after a free trial (Dreamcloud’s is a full year- 365 nights) is surprisingly low. Our Dreamcloud mattress review pointed out that both options include the following key components:


Hand stitched Mongolian cashmere at body contact surface is silky and smooth, even with sheets on top


Gel memory foam that contours to your shape. Enough depth to comfortably conform, we loved it. Slightly firmer immersion.


Transition foam layer right under- sink in, but don’t get swallowed alive unlike other memory foam mattresses


Layer that minimizes motion transfer from coils immediately beneath.


We like the slightly bouncy and responsive innerspring individually wrapped coils- keep you on top rather than buried inside.

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in the USA right now. The architecture and quality of this mattress compares to higher end brands like The Beautyrest Black, which sells for $3200 in queen.

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid is available for $999 with my link. If you are a side sleeper and need more immersion to help reduce pain and pressure, consider the Premier option here.

Anything else even close that is built with a cashmere quilted top, multiple layers of memory foam, and a high end pocketed coil system sells for twice the price. Our Dreamcloud mattress review really dug deep into the brand, and I feel like we can honestly evaluated two options, firmer and softer, that are worth the money

But how can you get such a high end mattress for under $1,000. Let’s take a look. Oh, and keep in mind, that typically get free sheets, free pillows, and a mattress protector using my link.

I’ve designed and manufactured dozens of hybrid mattresses, selling them both on my own web sites as well as in retail stores. I’ll be giving you an my Dreamcloud mattress review and my recommendations on the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress, which is fairly well known and often found in searches for mattresses on the web.

First off, many people get confused understanding what the term “hybrid mattress” means.

A “hybrid mattress” is very simply an innerspring mattress that includes an independent coil type unit inside the mattress covering, generally sandwiched in between a quilted or cushioned top section of the mattress as well as other supportive foam layers underneath.

The bottom layers, forming the foundation or substrate layers, typically slightly firmer to support the weight of the other materials as well as the users.

This is the typical configuration of a hybrid mattress, once known as simple an “innerspring mattress” showing centralized coil unit surrounded by top quilt and comfort layers, and support foams near the bottom of the mattress.

There are plenty of domestic suppliers in the USA that produce their own foam components that generally have much longer lifespans and durability.

In addition, you can get easier specs and technical information about additives and chemicals used in these materials when you are working with state side suppliers.

I discovered this myself when sourcing ingredients for several hybrid mattresses I created, and with sleep now being a health issue as important as our diets, knowing what is inside the mattress we put our noses and lungs immediately adjacent to at night, has never been as important.

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid was designed using the basic template of an innerspring mattress, but Resident Home, the manufacturer of the Dreamcloud, wanted to produce a higher end hybrid that featured upscale components typically found in resort or higher end hotels.

Keep in mind that there are many hybrid coil and foam mattresses sold online, with a fair number of them falling in the $750-1000 range, but the concern I have with a lot of them is the caliber of the ingredients, specifically the foam layers used.

Many companies import much of the “filler” ingredients used in both foam and innerspring mattresses from China or other countries, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but, quality can be an issue when factories are not using good chemistry to make these materials.

There are plenty of domestic suppliers in the USA that produce their own foam components that generally have much longer lifespans and durability. In addition, you can get easier specs and technical information about additives and chemicals used in these materials when you are working with state side suppliers.

I discovered this myself when sourcing ingredients for several hybrid mattresses I created, and with sleep now being a health issue as important as our diets, knowing what is inside the mattress we put our noses and lungs immediately adjacent to at night, has never been as important.

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress, offered at $999 in queen. It is manufactured using materials and components that the company gives very specific details about, including contents, emissions, and durability, something not typically readily accessible in retail stores.

On the Dreamcloud site, the description of the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress specifically notes that the DreamCloud’s Foam layers meet CertiPUR-US® Standards For Content, Emissions, And Durability, And Are Analyzed By Independent, Accredited Testing Laboratories.

I’ve used these foam layers myself and it’s important to note that these materials are more expensive than unrated or untested ingredient, but consider what is inside a lot of the stuff that you might be sleeping on.

Using foam layers that are free of PBDE’s, heavy metals, pthalates, formaldehyde, and VOC’s can make a huge difference in your health.

Evaluating The Dreamcloud Hybrid 14″ And The Dreamcloud Hybrid Premier 14″ From The Top Down: A Closer Look At Two Best In Class Mattresses Offered At A Reasonable Price

Up top the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress as a unique advantage over other hybrid models in its class. The use of cashmere in its quilted top offers up a luxuriously soft feel similar to high end hotel mattresses.

Cashmere is a kind of wool, usually simply known as “cashmere”, and is a fiber shorn from cashmere goats, pashmina goats, and some other breeds of goat. It has been used to make yarn, textiles and clothing for hundreds of years. Including it in a mattress is one of life’s little luxuries, in my view.

Yeah, so The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress has a cashmere quilted top. Can you feel it through your sheets? Turns out, you can. It adds a soft, cushier, and nest like feel to the top of the mattress.

The cashmere blended fabric used in the Dreamcloud’s construction is quilted together with a specialized foam that creates a slightly immersive sensation.

During our Dreamcloud mattress review, we found this effect to be soothing on shoulders and hips when on your side, as well as filling in those pockets in your lower back when on your side.

When I tested the mattress, I was surprised to find that the top quilt gave the mattress its signature feel- soft, but yet not feeling like you are sinking too deep. This often can be an issue with over quilted mattresses, whether innerspring or all foam.

Right below the cashmere quilted top, you’ll find a gel/memory foam layer sandwiched right on top of a layer of transitional foam that is fairly soft.

The overall feel is firmer yet yielding, or, of you opt for the Premier option with the more sumptuous cashmere quilted top, you won’t feel like you are bottoming out and stuck.

Nothing is more of a let down to me as a mattress reviewer than a dead feeling initial feel. Either way The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress exceeds my expectations.

The cashmere quilted top and the two layers of foam that are situated above the coil system in the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress offer an inviting but firmer feel. Ideal for back sleepers. I’d give it a 7 out of 10 for firmness, not hard, but not very soft.

One thing we observed during our Dreamcloud mattress review was The foam comfort layers used in the mattress build arejust the right density to allow your body, even if you’re a bigger person, or sleep tightly snuggled with your partner.

Essentially, both Dreamcloud mattress options are very simplistically designed with the primary “comfort” section above the coil unit being perfectly calibrated for easy turning, and it also is effective at motion dampening.

The Dreamcloud Premier Mattress is better if you have any pressure point issues at all, I think.

In a review written in 2021, one actual user, described the mattress as being “very supportive, especially at the edges”, and described the level of overall firmness at about 6.5 out of 10. Let’s discuss that assessment.

2. Upgrade To The Dreamcloud Hybrid Premier If You’re Looking For Plusher, Softer, Immersive

The upgrade to The Dreamcloud Premier Hybrid turned out to be totally worth it, our review and test showed.

For $1399 in queen, $400 more than the Dreamcloud Hybrid, The Dreamcloud Hybrid Premier 14″ delivers what I’d describe as a floating, cloud like experience.

It’s a better option for side sleepers, and belly sleepers, too, because there is more quilt and more foam directly underneath your body.

We found that it’s just as easy to turn on, and to transfer in and out of the mattress, as it is on the more basic model, The Dreamcloud Hybrid.

In Depth Review Of Components Used In the Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress And The Dreamcloud Premier Mattress

The pocketed coil unit inside The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is firmer along the perimeter edge of the entire mattress. This feature allows you to sit comfortably on the edge, makes transfer easier, and provides a supportive surface if you are like me- a leg dangler!

A Pocketed Coil System With Extra Edge Support

One of the best features that drove me to recommend the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress was the use of a higher quality individually pocketed coil system. Each coil operates independently, allowing for an easy give and take of your body weight, kind of like the suspension in a car. It does not feel bouncy, however, as the system is a bit more firm than in cheaper, lower quality innerspring mattresses I’ve reviewed.

You’ll get a buoyant and uplifting sensation form this mattress, and it is slightly more firm than it is soft, but I would not describe it as firmer. I think it falls more like 6 out of 10, 10 being very firm, and 1 being you crash right through it.

My Ratings For The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid And The Dreamcloud Premier Mattress

I would describe The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress as medium firm, but not excessively stiff or rock hard. With the incorporated foam layers falling around a 5/10, the coil system being a little on the firm side, and the quilted cashmere/foam top, I’d give it a solid 4.8 out of five stars.

Overall, I would give the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars and would highly recommend it based on the comfort aspects of the mattress, the build-out, the components, but also because of actual owner feedback about the company, too.

When you do purchase this mattress, they’ll back you with a 365 day trial- meaning you will get a full refund if you don’t love it. Plus, the company offers a lifetime warranty. If the mattress fails, you’ll either get a free replacement, a new outer cover, or proper repair by a licensed technician.

For both added plushness, and the inviting feel of more of a resort style mattress, I’m rating the Dreamcloud Premier Mattress at a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars.

I found that even though the mattress had a more luxurious, cradling, nest like, and softer feel, there was no trapped feeling thanks to the underlying coil system. Our Dreamcloud mattress review proved to us that hybrid mattresses are here to stay.

As part of my 4.8 star rating, I included shipping elements with the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress as part of the review, too. The mattress is gently pre-compressed using techniques I am very familiar with, ships quickly via Fedex or freight service.

Tracking services and customer support is outstanding, with average chat or phone response time being a minute or less. I really respect Resident Home, the mother company of the Dreamcloud product line.

A Bed In A Box Option That Consistently Satisfies Owners And Even Mattress Reviewers Like Me

I’m not the only mattress reviewer that consistently ranks the Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress as one of the most highly rated mattress overall online, as shown here on our Trusted Dealer page.

Other reviewers, though they may not be former mattress designers or manufacturers, provide significant customer feedback from owner reviews that reveal a trust level with this mattress that is hard to beat.

If you are looking for a great mattress that delivers on support and comfort, and is slightly firmer rather than softer, with a plushy top that is inviting and nest like consider this option.

More Details And Bullet Points About The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

As a veteran mattress designer and CEO of several bedding companies, with 25 years of experience in bedding components, it’s pretty rare for me to see a bed that is designed from the ground up in a well thought out, very strategic fashion. I’m Marc Anderson, CEO and senior editor of The Mattress Buyer Guide. Most of the big name all foam mattresses you see chasing you around are made using fairly inexpensive foam layers that are comfortable, sure, but when you get it home, it’s more likely to give you a sense of “meh” rather than “holy, shit, this thing is amazing!”.

Creating a high end mattress that is affordable is a challenge for any mattress designer. The only way I know how to do it is to reverse engineer a high end super luxe hotel mattress, like the Westin Mattress for example, or a Simmons Black model, is by creating a similar cake recipe, meaning the layers and components, properly situated in the design, and to use a high end outer fabric, like cashmere, to top it all off.

The Excelsior Hotel in Rome offers the worlds most comfortable mattresses. I know, I’ve slept on them. Would you like to own a slightly better bed for under $1000? I’ve carefully reviewed and analyzed how that is possible.

Having stayed at many super nice hotels myself, including the Excelsior in Rome, I can tell you that The Dreamcloud Luxury Mattress is no slouch. In fact it is on level with anything I have experienced in the finest lodging, and in fact, it eclipses most of them.

How does the DreamCloud team do it? Very simply, it is a question of volume. Being able to buy components in larger quantities means the retail price can settle into an affordable range.

Also, Resident Mattress, who builds the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, utilizes a very efficient production line and assembly process that minimizes labor intensity.

By sourcing the same components used in luxe mattresses, but buying them in very large volumes, the cost is far less than for smaller batch built mattresses, which many higher end hotel beds use, because they are branded with their own names, labels and tags, and tend to be cut in size to very specific measurements.

Add in the commissions and cuts for the distributor, the sales reps, and the third party fabricator, and you’ve got overhead that drives the cost from let’s say $700 to build the bed to a retail cost of $3500 or more.

The DreamCloud Luxury Mattress, hand crafted one at a time by a company I really like, called Resident Brands. For the price, it has no equal in the “bed in a box” category.

I discovered a mattress that a company called Resident, which owns the DreamCloud mattress brand, a few years back. They also own Nectar, Awara, and several other brands, including a furnishings brand. Their team is very particular, their fabrication facilities are state of the art, and their mission to provide great customer service is stellar, something I’m fussy about myself.

I honestly feel that if you want to experience a luxurious night’s sleep, not just a ho-hum experience between the sheets, you’ve got to own one of these beds. Here’s why:

Let’s look at the DreamCloud’s anatomy and see why they are designed to please the most discriminating bedding shopper.

Anatomy of the extraordinary design of the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress.

From the top down, this bed is meticulously designed with each component in just the right place. For super finished comfort and over the top nest like qualities, the Dream Cloud is topped off with a quilted cashmere top piece (1).

Direct beneath is a layer of gel infused memory foam, (2), then a layer of quilted memory foam for pressure point relief (3), a layer of high quality, hypo-allergenic latex that adds bounce and uplifting support (4), a higher density memory foam layer designed to cradle you and distribute weight sideways rather than downward, eliminating pinpoint pressure (5), another layer of super dense memory foam (6), a five-zoned foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system that provides unmatched support from head to toe (7), and finally a base layer of highly dense yet yielding memory foam (8).

The astonishingly affordable and incredibly cradling, supportive and uplifting feel of The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress.

The overall effect is an astonishing and magical sense of buoyancy, luxurious cradling and buoyancy, and enough bounce and lift to keep you cradled without that sinking in sensation.

an incredible warranty…and trial period

Your DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is equipped with one of the best industry warranties I’ve ever seen. Full lifetime coverage on defects, a full 10 years up front with 100% replacement value if there are any issues, like indentations or construction issues, the kind of coverage that helps you sleep at night.

Even better, the trial period offered by this company shows confidence in their product. A full 365 days to think about and try out your mattress? That’s right. I used to offer that same trial period for several of my products, but only after years of testing in the marketplace and having my own customers bolster my confidence with outstanding reviews. Hard to beat.

Here are what real customers have to say about the Dreamcloud:


“After 5 mattress purchases (and returns), the Dreamcloud is the perfect combination of support and high quality cushioning. I e bought mattresses twice this price and they weren’t nearly as nice. Thank you, Dreamcloud!”

Settimio D.- AWESOME!!

“People, enough “Mattress Hunting” already! I rolled the dice & put my faith in this purchase, which is a No-Brainer with the 1-Year, No Questions Asked Refund guarantee from Dream Cloud. Why did I wait so long to buy a new mattress! The reason is the same as when I bought my last sofa…buyer’s remorse. I liked the sofa, it seemed great, I pic

The bed had all of the features I wanted, and in four weeks it was delivered. And within another four weeks I was kicking myself. Not this time! I absolutely LOVE this mattress! The combination of various foams & coil-springs make this exceptionally comfortable. It doesn’t make me hot. It’s not too firm, and not at all mushy.

It’s in the “Goldie Locks” zone…Just Right. And at its price-point you are getting a super value, because even though you can’t put a price on a high quality night’s sleep, most people have budgetary limitations. I’m So glad that

I didn’t pull the trigger on a “Sleep Number,” because I’ve tried one out, and for me there was no comparison. Plus I saved about $1,500.00! If you hear any complaints about the “De-Gassing” process, brush them aside because it will go away, and that is a tiny price to pay for so much comfort. The only thing I didn’t realize is that my old fitted sheets weren’t gonna work on this 15” slumber cloud. Again, a tiny price to pay! Sleep well shoppers!” 

A super comfortable high end luxury bed for the price of your typical big name foam bed, with far more to offer. Your spine, your neck, shoulders, and the rest of your body will thank you.

I talk a lot about sleep hygiene and how a poorly made mattress will keep you from experiencing REM sleep and that deeply restorative rest you need to be your best. This mattress will help!

Our Dreamcloud mattress review was pretty thorough, and we have to hand it to Resident Home, who designed and builds both options. Nicely crafter, good fit and finish and owners rave about their experiences.

Bottom line, The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress and The Dreamcloud Premier Mattress are two of the best mattresses available online, at a reasonable price with solid inventiveness when it comes to design and construction. By using integrated and alternating layers of memory foam and latex, and then utilizing individually pocketed coils, you’re giving your body the support and cradling it needs, while eliminating downward pressure and preventing heat buildup.

Also whenever pocketed coils and latex are used, and I know because I’ve used them in my own designs, you increase the lifespan of a mattress, and prevent sagging, indentations, and gulleys.

It’s also an excellent choice for couples, seniors, a family bed, and the ultimate guest bed. Easy transfer in and out of the mattress, edge support that allows you to put on shoes, the little things that make a mattress great, in my opinion. I believe that owning a Dreamcloud Mattress is a good investment in yourself. I rarely say this about a mattress since I’m pretty critical overall-but it’s a great deal for what I call an investment grade mattress.

Marc Anderson is a nationally recognized authority on mattress design and construction. He has created more than 150 mattresses, and sold more than 175,000 on several web sites that he created.

As a mattress inventor, his knowledge of materials and components that provide support and comfort is unsurpassed. Read more about him on our About page!

The Mattress Buyer Guide is the only mattress review site owned and operated by a mattress designer and manufacturer.