Logan & Cove Hybrid Pillowtop Mattress Review

If you live in Canada, you can read my review of The Logan & Cove Hybrid PillowTop Mattress review and order here.

My Logan & Cove Hybrid Pillowtop Mattress review put this price friendly, side and back sleepers option to the test. At $1099 in queen, it might be a mattress worth considering if you are looking for pain and pressure relief, or if you sleep with a partner and want to minimize motion transfer.

As a mattress manufacturer myself for over 25 years, I like to know exactly what kinds of foam, textiles, coils, and trim materials end up inside every brand and model I review.

Because you can order two different firmness options of The Logan & Cove Hybrid Pillowtop, either medium plush or medium firm (we tested the medium plush option), you get to zero in on your desired level of cush factor without rolling the dice.

We’re going to take a look and find out why this option might be a better value compared to all foam mattresses that also contain memory foam and gel foam for cooling, but lack underlying support and lift.

Originally developed in Canada by GoodMorning, the company opened a factory in Pennsylvania to give consumers an alternative to what he referred to as “a ubiquitously pushy, deceptive, and expensive mattress buying experience.

Not Just Another Slab Of Foam: Pocketed Coils And Cooling Foam Combine With A Cozy, Spun Silk Pillowtop

I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of bed in a box mattresses, and probably 60 that are made with both foam components and pocketed coil units installed inside. The Logan & Cove Hybrid Pillowtop Mattress has three main sections that contribute to its comfort and support.

Right from the beginning I should mention that I researched the company that makes this mattress, GoodMorning.Com. Created in 2009, it sets the industry standard for donating returned mattresses to charitable organizations. Just something to think about before I get into the guts.

The mattress is made using components that are made in the USA, and the company offers a 15 year warranty along with a 90 day in home trial period.

The product ships at no extra charge, and customer service seems to be mentioned quite a bit in over 5100 reviews featured on YOTPO, a third party review site I’ve always felt pretty good about.

At $1099 In Queen, Does It Outperform Big Retail Store Brands?

Benefits: Logan & Cove Pillowtop Hybrid Mattress

  • Excellent cooling for hot sleepers
  • Ideal for couples, larger people, family
  • Slightly bouncy, easy turning
  • No digging your way out
  • Excellent edge support, easy transfer
  • Proper spine alignment with pocket coils
  • 90 day no questions asked trial period
  • 15 year factory warranty
  • Reliable, tried and tested customer service

Quick TakeAways I like:

  • Immediate pressure relief, hips/shoulders
  • Just the right amount of immersion
  • Responsive, no dead sensation
  • Well packaged, easy to unroll,set up

Using breathable, light weight materials, The Logan & Cove Hybrid Pillowtop is made with five key layers, tops out at 14″ tall, and comes in two distinct level of softness and performance.

We test drove the “medium plush” model, which offered a bit more cushiness and had a “panda’s belly” kind of feel to it. The firmer version, according to reviewers, is about 20% less soft.

Outfitted with a box quilt pattern to prevent shifting, the neatly tailored Logan & Cove Hybrid Pillow Top is specifically designed to move hot air away, and keep you dry.

The quilted pillow top is made using a specialized moisture wicking fabric I really like for top of the bed construction, especially when it is quilted, called Tencel®, which is super breathable.

The plush, temperature-regulating silk-blend layer is breathable, lightweight, and keeps cool air circulating as you sleep.

The airy mixture of silk and synthetic spun fibers resists packing, sleeps cool, and I noticed that the top section adds a lot of slightly immersive and embracing quality to the feel, even through a fitted sheet.

The quilted pillowtop piece also consists of two layers of specialized foam right underneath the quilted top.

This is important to note, because any time a mattress is meant to offer cooling and moisture wicking, the comfort layers or cooling elements should be as near as possible to the surface to be in direct contact with your body.

Many bed in a box manufacturers bury these cooling layers deep inside, which renders these ingredients kind of useless, since there is no way to dump or vent your body heat, which then slowly accumulates inside. Add that effect to being immersed too deeply on a poorly designed mattress, and it gets hot pretty fast. Really hot.

At a total height of 14″, the Logan & Cove Hybrid Pillow Top competes with top brands sold in stores and includes a pretty impressive cake recipe (the layers as they proceed down from the top).

Between your body and the underlying pocket coil “suspension”, which both maintains level spine alignment, keeps you from sinking, and provides lift, there is a total of 3.25″ of both cooling and anti-motion transfer foam underneath you.

The cooling foam uses something called phase change to remove body heat and causes the foam to cool down, and it’s really noticeable in this mattress.

The bio-foam layer right underneath the cooling foam minimizes the movements of restless sleeper so couples can sleep in the same bed, too.

It also prevents that sinked in sensation which is always a problem with foam mattresses that aren’t made using foam layers that aren’t dense or durable enough.

In addition to the cooling foam, having a total of at least 3″ of foam between you and the supportive layer underneath (pocket coil system) means you’ll get spine alignment also.

Designed To Support And Lift, Pocketed Coils Sync Up To Cradle Your Spine

The key consideration with any pocketed coil hybrid mattress is support. Ideally, it’s to keep you from immersing too far and creating limitations on movement and spine alignment.

Especially true at the areas of your hips and shoulders, where weight creates pinpoint pressure on the mattress, as well as creating pain.

Inside the Logan & Cove Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress, in the queen we tested, there are 828 pocketed coil units, each of which can take its own weight and respond accordingly.

Action against the coil conforms to the body, helping the foam layers above to distribute weight, reducing load on spaces between lumbar vertebrae, and even relaxing muscles and connective tissue.