Luma Sleep Mattress Reviews 2022: The Best All Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress?-Insider Report And Review

Our Luma Natural Latex Hybrid review takes an insider’s look at this popular brand. Why the hype?

I spent 25 years manufacturing my own natural latex mattresses before I became a mattress reviewer, and know the difference sleeping on pure, natural latex can make. The support and pressure relief you get is unreal.

But, does The Luma Latex Hybrid Mattress really deliver the comfort, support, buoyancy, and pain and pressure relieving that hundreds of owner reviews claim?

One thing that I discovered when reviewing The Luma Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress is that is has 4″ or 5″ of Natural Latex on top of an individually wrapped coil support layer designed and calibrated to your personal choice of comfort.

Natural latex has many features and benefits that petroleum based foams don’t offer. First off, most memory foam mattresses along with other foam layers are often not safe because they off gas fumes.

These noxious fumes can include formaldehyde, VOC’s, and other irritants. Inside these petroleum derived foam layers, which are often glued together with solvent based adhesives, there can be heavy metals, PBDE’s, and other nasty ingredients.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of sleeping on natural latex, checkout my detailed natural latex information page here.

The Luma Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress is designed to deliver all of the cradling, immersive yet uplifting, bouncy, and pressure relieving benefits you can get.

Because natural latex is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and even anti-dust mite and mold resistant, it is healthier, and is truly a hypo-allergenic mattress.

The Luma Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress contains the thickest amount of natural latex layers in the industry, all in one mattress. You can choose between medium plush or firm option by increasing the thickness of the latex layers that are included in your individual mattress.

I personally preferred the medium plush option which gives you a much more sumptuous feeling, and it’s really easy on your shoulders and hips if you have any pressure points in those areas. It’s also great for side sleepers because it fills in the void areas like between ribs and your hips, and rises up a bit around the edge of your body to cradle and support you. However, you don’t feel like you are trapped inside.

So, here’s whats really unique about this mattress. Because the top 2″ “pillow top piece” is essentially a separate piece, you can swap out the layer at no extra charge, if you want to opt for firmer or softer, after you’ve purchased your Luma Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress.

This way, you’re not stuck with a gigantic, heavy mattress that you need to move around because you had to replace it with another brand. Simply contact Luma and ask for a swap out, and they’ll send you another topper that will allow you to hit the perfect sweet spot.

I think that this is one of the most innovative features of this mattress, and the customer reviews reflect that.

Like all Luma Mattress options, The Luma Latex Hybrid Mattress is shipped free, carefully vacuum packaged to your door. It can be easily managed to your bedroom if you choose door delivery, but additional services are available on the web site through my link.

You’ll get a 100 night no questions asked trial period, and a 10 year factory warranty as well. I’d give this mattress a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars primarily due to owner reviews, but also because it’s the easiest way to get a comfortable mattress by test driving it and having the option to dial it in perfectly after you buy it, at no additional charge.