The Nectar Mattress: For The Money, The Best Deal On The Web

When I was in the retail mattress game, I designed and manufactured many different memory foam mattresses on my own sites and in my own retail stores, as well. Between two online stores, we did over $12 million in annual sales in 2011, so I know just a little about designing and selling a decent memory foam mattress. Not just a decent memory foam mattress, but a sanctuary- a nest.

At just $799 in queen, The Nectar Mattress delivers performance, comfort, and the pressure relief you’d expect in brands selling for three times the price. And, you get free pillows, free sheets, and a mattress protector with my link.

Being the only mattress review site owned by a team of actual mattress fabricators and experts, we can easily explain to your why The Nectar Mattress is likely the best memory foam mattress you can invest in today.

You’ll get the sumptuous yet supportive and buoyant feel you want, but without that feeling like you’ve caved into your bed, a common complaint from people bilked into buying promotional grade memory foam mattresses.

The huge popularity of the Nectar Mattress sells for a fraction of brands like Tempur-Pedic, Casper, Purple, and other heavily marketed memory foam mattresses, and over delivers on both the quality of memory foam and the way it’s crafted, also.

Available in queen for just $799, it’s half the price you will pay almost anywhere else.

Having designed and sold my own memory foam mattresses on my own sites for years, the reality is that there are dozens of memory foam mattresses sold online that are really terrible, made using imported foam that is inferior in quality, durability, and composition. When memory foam was invented back in the 70’s and then perfected and used in mattress design by Tempur-Pedic, memory foam mattresses were almost unheard of. 

It took almost 20 years, until the early 90’s before a mattress was designed, with just the right ingredients, and in just the right densities and combinations of layers. This calculated recipe of calibrated layers is called the “cake recipe”.

We’ll explain why The Nectar Mattress is one of the best mattresses you could invest in, precisely because their “cake recipe” is likely the best in the industry. 

Memory Foam Mattresses: Telling the Good From The Bad

To begin with, as we discuss on our memory foam mattress overview page, there are a lot of memory foam mattress options that are designed improperly, using memory foam, which is actually referred to as visco-elastic or “visco” foam in the business.  

To cut costs, many manufacturers and online stores sell memory foam mattress for as little as $249 for a queen mattress, made using a thin layer of memory foam stacked on top of a thicker support, or foundation layer. The bottom most layer in any foam mattress is where the retailer makes virtually all of their profit. One of the most common mattress scams is to build a mattress using cheap, thick foam on the bottom, and gluing a thin, barely there piece of foam on top of it.

Generally, the foundation layer for one of these scam mattresses is made from inexpensive high density polyurethane foam, and for a queen mattress, can cost as little as $12-15 for 6” thick slab. That’s because the 6” slices are cut from gigantic 72” tall “buns”, or industrial size cubes of the material, which is purchased in large quantities and cut to typical mattress dimensions.

On top of that, slap on a layer of inexpensive 2.5- 3 lb. density memory foam and you’ve got a memory foam mattress. Often, one of these entry level beds will have as little as 1” of “memory foam” on the mattress. Just so you’ll have an idea of how awful a cheap memory foam mattress can be, memory foam density is measured as mass per unit volume.

Simply put, the denser the foam, the more foam material used in a given area, and the heavier that foam is. Along with that, the heavier a memory foam is, the more durable and longer lasting it is, too. A poorly made memory foam mattress will often use memory foam with a density of 2-2.5 lbs.

The science of memory foam mattress building isn’t about price. It’s about properly aligning densities and creating a mattress that is comfortable, supportive, and eliminates body heat. The Nectar Mattress delivers on all of my bullet points, which is why I consistently recommend it.

Due to its unique open celled composition, caused by various foaming and “micro-bubbling agents”, memory foam is denser than other, standard polyurethane foam, making it more supportive and durable.

But, 3lb. density memory foam, for example is not as supportive and as comfortable as 4lb, and in some vases, 5lb. memory foam. 

A 4lb. density memory foam sample is rated by weighing a block of the material that is one cubic foot in dimension.

Decent memory foam, the kind that won’t feel like you’re collapsing into it and bottoming out into the much more dense foundation layer beneath it that we were talking about, will always be 4lb density or perhaps slightly more dense.

Also, memory foam can be molded or formed differently, even quilted or mixed with other components like beaded or pelletized gel foam, which imparts elasticity as well as that pressure relieving and melting sensation that we all love about memory foam.

What makes a Nectar memory foam mattress unique is the fact that the design is built around three separate layers of specialized memory foam components that each bring unique qualities to the overall feel of the mattress. 

The Nectar Mattress, from the ground up, is built using a medium to medium firm foundation layer designed to both yield to your body weight as well as create pushback and uplift, keeping you buoyantly supported above it. This support core consists of 5.25 inches of 2.2 PCF “poly foam” (high grade polyurethane foam).

This poly foam is what I would describe as high-density, lending well to the mattress longevity and durability, and its reduced likelihood of failure over time. The Nectar Mattress has a support layer that serves as a stable base to reinforce the top of the mattress.

Right above the base layer is a specialized layer of recovery memory foam which has a little bit of a latex quality to it, while still behaving like pressure relieving and body conforming traditional memory foam, it adds a slightly bouncier sensation to it.

Above this layer of adaptive memory foam are two additional layers of specialized material, that while essentially being memory foam, are technically designed to deliver the pressure relieving and cooling qualities that the upper part of any mattress “cake recipe” must have to be a high performance bed. And, it’s this upper area of the Nectar Mattress that truly sets it apart. 

The gel memory foam layer in concert with the quilted layer beneath it, are both designed to provide loft and ventilation, contouring effectively to your body, and doing what memory foam does best – filing void areas that need support. 

Areas such as that little pocket between hips and ribcage when we sleep on our side, lower back along the natural curvature of your spine when sleeping on your back, and accommodating the natural indentation of your abdomen when belly sleeping. With an overall height of 11”, the Nectar Mattress is not excessively tall, making transfer easy for almost anyone in and out of bed. 

Designed to never bottom out, the mattress is more medium firm in feel, and accommodate people to typical height and weight, up to about 225 lbs. maximum, bases on our studies of various memory foam configurations and “cake recipes”.

The Nectar Mattress is designed to be a mattress for all sleeper types, delivering pinpoint pressure relief, bringing buoyant support that makes it easy to turn and keep you from being disrupted during deep sleep, and keeping your body cool and comfy. 

You will not find these qualities, or the level of sophistication and sumptuous comfort in any memory foam mattress sold on Amazon, or even on the web through other e-commerce sites. But what about the concerns about chemical based foams, off gassing, fumes, and toxic mattress issues?

Certi-Pur Certified Foams: Bringing Non-Toxic Components To Mattress Makers

The Nectar Mattress is made using specialized foam layers that have been rated by a third party a certification program administered by a
not-for-profit organization. The organization rates and certifies foam manufacturers who supply components to the mattress making industry and meet stringent requirements to insure that the foams that are approved are free of toxic free ingredients and processes. These foam components are:

  • Made without ozone depleting agents

  • Made without PBDE’s, TDCPP, or “Tris” flame retardant chemicals

  • Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals

  • Made without formaldehyde (often found in adhesives)

  • Made without phthalates

  • Made using Low VOC emission foam components satisfactory for indoor air circulation (less than .5ppm)

Surprisingly, when you compare The Nectar Mattress cost against many different web sites and e-commerce platforms selling memory foam mattresses, considering the quality and the level of satisfaction of certified owners, the cost is very reasonable and, in my opinion, a lot less than what you might think. A queen typically sells for $699 vs. $2499 for several Tempur-Pedic models, for example, and many other manufacturers sell them in bedding stores, with similar designs, for $1200-1400. 

In addition, if you use my special link to the site, you’ll get additional deals without even having to haggle. On occasion, you can get $399 Of FREE Accessories With Every Mattress (FREE Mattress Protector worth $99, Free Sheets worth $150 and FREE Premium Pillows worth $150). Considering the price of the mattress, you can bundle with this sale and get your entire mattress game on the move fast.

Temperature Regulation And Tencel Fabric Exterior- A Built In Thermo-regulating System In Your Mattress

Because memory foam conforms so closely to the sleeper, encasing and molding to the body more than other materials, it has a tendency to trap body heat throughout the night. To defeat his, The Nectar Mattress has some features intended to combat the heat retention often associated with memory foam, by employing a unique material that ventilates the mattress as you sleep. The material is called Tencel.

The Tencel cover allows airflow into and through the mattress. The fabric works in concert with the two top layers of specialized memory foam. The top layer of quilted gel memory foam has some loft and air channels which help to allow additional air circulation, while the gel in the foam helps pull heat away from the sleeper’s body. The second layer in the comfort system also uses gel memory foam, which further wicks away heat.

The Nectar’s cooling features allow it to sleep cooler than many all-foam mattresses on the market. It may satisfy sleepers who want an all-foam model but tend to sleep hot. However, it may still retain more heat than some sleepers find ideal.

Sex On A Nectar Mattress- Spicier Than Average

Many couples prefer mattresses with more bounce, that is, a more responsive surface rather than one that traps you. Since memory foam mattresses don’t have the springiness of innerspring or hybrid models, some couples do not find them responsive enough for sexual activity.
Like most other memory foam mattresses, the Nectar Mattress is not very springy, but has just enough bounce to make sex more intimate than ever. And, its transitional memory foam layer provides some elasticity, which may give it an edge over some all-foam models, which may have a flatter, duller sensation.

The Nectar Mattress and many other all-foam models also have some distinct benefits for sexual activity. The close conforming can create better traction, which some couples enjoy. Additionally, most foam models are virtually silent, making them highly discreet.

In summary, I’ll say that the Nectar Mattress is probably the best deal, and the most well made memory foam mattress on the market. You cannot beat the price considering that caliber of the components, some of the most well thought out ingredients I’ve seen. Designed to give you a better body enveloping, pressure relieving and more supportive feel than most other mattresses, it’s my go to choice for an outstanding memory foam mattress.