Puffy 10″ Mattress Review: Exhaustively Tested For Comfort, Pain And Pressure- See Our Results And Recommendations.

The Puffy Mattress is a 10″ tall all foam mattress option that is designed for individual and couples where each weighs up to 350lbs.

Our Puffy 10″ Mattress review pitted the popular all foam mattress against our 25 year mattress industry veteran who tested it for pressure relief, comfort, and many other features.

With five layers of “cloud-like” foam, Puffy claims to offer an “innovative sleep system” that seeks to provide a sweet spot for support, comfort, and heat regulation across typical body sizes.

Right off the bat, the Puffy brand is pretty easy to trust, considering they offer a 180 day no questions asked trial period, and a lifetime warranty that even has respectable coverage on things like impressions and craftsmanship too.

The company also uses CertiPUR-US® rated foams that are free from VOC’s, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and PBDE’s.

This is an extra expense when building mattresses in the USA with many online mattress manufacturers using these better grade materials.

I find that many lower priced options will “slip in” lower grade foams towards the bottom of the mattress-subjecting you to eventual problems like sinking in the middle and forming inches deep permanent ruts and body impressions.

Overview And Comparison With Similar Brands

The Puffy Mattress Company was created in 2016 and launched with one mattress in its lineup, which is very similar to the all foam Puffy 10″ Mattress we’re reviewing here. It has evolved over the last few years, using technical foams that perform specific functions in the mattress itself.

The company also sells two other mattresses that incorporate a pocketed coil system inside, the 12″ Puffy Luxe, and the 14″ Puffy Royal. All three models can accommodate a combined weight of 350lbs, and include a lifetime warranty, along with a 101 night no questions asked sleep trial. The company typically offers a marked down pricing structure and often includes complimentary gifts such as sheets, pillows, and a mattress protector.

Discounts For Active Duty Military, Veterans, Educators, And Frontline Healthcare Workers

The Puffy Company offers a substantial discount for veterans and active duty military, teachers, and health care workers. It’s not advertised at the top of every page, but links are available in the footer navigation of every page.

Let’s take a look specifically at what makes this mattress tick, the quality of the components, how it feels when on your side, back, or belly, and whether or not you will thrive on a Puffy 10″ Mattress or not.

Comprised of three separate layers of CertiPUR-US® non-toxic foams, the mantra for this design was to keep moving parts a minimum, an important consideration in mattress engineering.

The Puffy 10″ Mattress contains three specialized foam layers along with a quilted top piece made from a stain resistant and hypoallergenic material. You can unzip the outer encasement and machine wash it, a definite plus.

The outer fabric covering is quilted and has a soft, inviting and plushy feel that most people like. It’s not like a “smooth top” covering which is a thinner, quiltless material that can often creep around and snag in your feet, as it stretches over time.

I wanted to take a closer look and evaluate the foam layers are used in its construction. Less pricier all foam mattresses are often made using less dense layers that easily compress and mash down.

Want to learn more about different kinds of foams used in mattress design. Check out our page here.

The Puffy 10″ Mattress: Layer By Layer Analysis

  1. Smooth and silky feeling, the quilted outer covering is hypoallergenic and is designed to reduce allergy triggers, and helps prevent dust mites and their egg casings from piling up.
  2. Smart design move to put the generous 2″ layer of gel foam made using VPF technology that conserves hazardous foam making byproducts, up close and personal next to your body. Contours, relieves pressure, and pushes back gently. Melting feeling that is fantastic.
  3. Generous 2″ moisture wicking and open celled foam that promotes cooling, lifts and elevates. We noticed the motion dampening quality of this material and how well it synchronized the softer layer up top with the firmer foundation layer right below.

4. The foundation layer is critical in an all foam mattress, acting as the firmest component, providing edge support, resistance while on your side or back, and allows couples and people with bigger bodes to experience a more flotation like sensation rather than immersion. We loved how The Puffy 10″ Mattress offers a pretty levitating experience, while still being firmer and able to fill in little pockets like the small of your back and between shoulder blades.

5. The outer encasement is equipped with a grip like surface underneath to keep your Puffy 10″ Mattress from slipping and sliding across your foundation. A nice little feature not often found on any mattress much less an all foam composition.

How Our Sample Performed And Our Testing Setup

We were shipped a queen size Puffy 10″ Mattress and set up the mattress on a metal platform base with a solid continuous deck surface, similar to any solid top foundation or box spring. Puffy does sell three different foundation options, including a basic metal deck type foundation that is inexpensive, an adjustable base system, and a complete upholstered bed frame with headboard and footboard which can be purchased with any of their mattresses at the same time or separately.

puffy 10″ mattress review: results and scores after thorough review

1. Overall Comfort: 9 out of 10* (*if you like a softer, plushier, medium kind of feel)

The Puffy 10″ Mattress is available in what is described on their site as a medium level of firmness. I’d give it 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, 10 being extremely firm, and 1 being far too soft for anyone but super lightweight sleepers. This means that people up to about 220 lbs. will be able to comfortably sleep on their sides, where you are putting the most pressure into the smallest area, without a bottoming out feel.

Note: Other all foam mattress brands that are also rated medium and not firm often tend to bottom out when lying on your side. We’ll get into why this happens below.

Personally I opt for softer versions of any mattress, leaning on the plusher side, so long as there is a floating feel, and my spine remains level when on my back or side. If you like much firmer options, this mattress might not be the best fit for you.

I’d say couples with combined weights over 300 lbs might want to consider The Puffy Luxe, which is a hybrid mattress made using the same foam combination as the 10″, but also includes a pocketed coil section to provide more uplifting support and better weight distribution for larger people and couples.

The comfort level is fantastic, and I can see why many reviews weigh in on the company’s self described description of a “cloud like feel”, with many actual owners conveying similar opinions. Being very familiar with figuring out just the right blend of mattress densities and thicknesses, which is a lot like making the perfect cocktail, I was impressed.

The Puffy Mattress is the end result of lots of research and testing to come up with a great comfort formula, which explains my 9 comfort segment rating.

2. Support: 9 out of 10

Support is always the important consideration in all of my mattress reviews. Usually it carries a similar rating to my comfort score. The The Puffy 10″ Mattress seems to be effective at helping you relax muscles and joints as you sleep, which prevents pain and inflammation upon waking.

I scored this option higher than usual with many all foam mattresses because it’s very good at keeping your spine straight up to a point. If you weigh over 250 lbs, you’ll probably see a diminishing level of support with this mattress.

The trade off is that for a mattress to be labeled as offering “medium” level of firmness, or should I say softness, you can only go so high with foam density before it starts to feel stiff and rigid, and experience sinking.

After sleeping on my sample, I noticed the following benefits with regard to support almost immediately:

  • A good level level of suspension that kept my back from arching when on my belly or side. This is due to sufficient foam density and thickness with the comfort foam layers above the firmer base layer.
  • Very good support while on my back and side with very little sinkage at my weight.
  • I sleep on my sides and back, changing position 6-7 times during the night. Pretty easy to turn on, excellent choice for combination sleepers of people who change position a lot. Note: turning was a tad more difficult with a couple of us close together, but not cumbersome.
  • Supported pocket areas like between ribs and hips, and in between shoulder blades, good cradling of those areas- this boosted the score! 9.7 out of 10 for support!

3. Solo Sleeper: 10 out of 10

The  The Puffy 10″ Mattress  is a fantastic option for solo sleepers because if you are of typical height and weight or are a bit heavier, you’ll enjoy it if you sleep alone. Even though motion transfer isn’t an issue here, it doesn’t feel jiggly, overly responsive, and at the same time, it doesn’t have a dead feel.

Often, I’ve reviewed all foam mattresses that feel flat and dead, and it usually correlates with mattresses that are difficult to turn on, too.

One critical thing that helped the score- if you are receiving the pre-compressed mattress and setting it up when it arrives. you’ll find that it is pretty light weight and really easy to manage even by yourself, though having a friend assist in the setup is beneficial. Weights of various sizes in the box:

  • Twin Size 39″x75″ 29lbs.
  • Twin Long 38″x80″ 31lbs.
  • Full 54″x75″ 40lbs.
  • Queen 60″x80″ 48lbs.
  • King 76″x80″ 61lbs.
  • California King 72″x84″ 61lbs.

Solo sleepers will find that sitting upright to work our lounge is extra comfy, also. We tested it by completing work tasks for up to two hours while partially reclined and did not experience any lower back or butt pain.

It’s a terrific option for work and play scenarios as the foam density is soft up top but cascades gently into the firmer supportive layers underneath.

Overall rating for solo sleeper experience: 10 out of 10

4. Couple Experience: 8 out of 10

There’s a typical complaint from couples when mattress shopping that drives them nuts? Without question, it’s motion transfer. For bigger couples, even the subtle movements, coughing, and sex, can send jiggles and shakes through the top of a mattress that can be disruptive. I rated the The Puffy 10″ Mattress at an 8 out of 10, which is still really great, and it only drops a point when you factor in couples with a combined weight of 300 lbs. or more.

Want to know why we’re all so sensitive to waking up your partner or your dog moves around during the night? Read this informative article along with a study published by NIH. Evidence suggests that auditory levels when moving around at night become enhanced if one partner is sleeping restlessly.

Being mammals, we are hardwired to respond to alerts created by predators, to be able to quickly wake up and defend ourselves. Not being cats, though, we require deep REM sleep to get deep, restorative sleep. Overall couples rating 8 out of 10. Not bad.

5. Edge Support: 8 out of 10

For an all foam mattress with no dedicated stiffer perimeter foam edge or coil system built in The Puffy 10″ Mattress still performed really well. While I would not recommend this mattress option for disabled people or those largely bedbound, it’s soft all the way to the edge, meaning if you are a leg dangler, you won’t feel pain in your calf as you hit the stiff edge of a hybrid mattress with coils.

You can check out my Best Mattress For People With Disabilities page for more mattress options on this topic, too.

6. Cooling Capability: 9 out of 10

The Puffy 10″ Mattress is designed efficiently to remove body heat and to prevent heat buildup. The cover is sleeker in design, not too thick, and can be removed for machine washing. What makes this all foam mattress perform far better than similar mattresses in its class, is the use of specialized foam layers that remove heat or draw it away from your body.

Right underneath the outer encasement fabric, there is a 2″ layer of beaded gel infused foam which uses phase change technology to convert heat thus reducing body contact temperature. The Puffy 10″ Mattress also incorporates and additional 2″ layer of humidity resisting foam which is open celled and promotes air movement through the mattress, kind of like an air conditioning vent.

When you are hot, whether created by room temperature, menopause, or other medical conditions, falling asleep is much more difficult. this causes you to toss and turn which generates even more heat.

Your body will naturally lower your internal temperature by 1-2° F as you fall asleep, which is why you can’t easily fall asleep when you have a fever. If you are hot sleeper, you need effective cooling technology to help you get to sleep and stay there.

The Puffy 10″ Mattress has several components built in that help cool you down, and keep the immediate environment around your body cool as well.It’s also ideal for couples and larger people that naturally sleep hot.

Another note: when I tested our sample, we kept our room temperature at about 67°F, which research suggests is ideal for your body and your brain.

7. Sex And Intimacy: 9 out of 10

Note that most mattress review sites are not actually testing every mattress sample by pairing up reviewers to make love and record each datapoint- but- actual owners do write about it.

As a mattress designer myself, I’ve custom made mattresses for couples who specifically ask for a bedding option designed for the best sex. What this usually meant was incorporating a comfortable and softer surface rather than too firm, the use of motion dampening and energy absorbing materials like memory or gel foams, and in some cases natural latex.

I gave The Puffy 10″ Mattress a 9 out of 10 in this category since it is crafted from the proper densities and thicknesses of foam and textiles which will optimize sex (meaning, it’s just going to be more reactive and responsive)

  • Not bouncy or jiggly, ideal motion dampening without having a typical “dead memory foam slab kind of sensation”
  • Excellent support for edge of the mattress sex, with minimal sliding
  • Cooling capabilities prevents overheating even when using cover-ups like sheets and comforters
  • The perfect amount of sinking in- if you and your partner are over 300 lbs. combined weight, I’d consider The Puffy Luxe, which has a pocketed coil component offering much more support.
  • Really great for after sex cuddling, not too hot either.

If you are looking for something with some serious bounce or spring back with minimal sinkage, you could consider Natural Latex Mattresses which are a bit springier allowing for better “grip” on bodies, however options might be limited for larger couples to keep from feeling trapped.

8. Bounce, Liveliness, And Motion Transfer: 8 out of 10

I found that The Puffy 10″ Mattress has minimal bounce, so if you are looking for a very responsive mattress, it might not be the best fit. But, it still gets high marks for minimizing motion transfer without having a dead, flat feel.

The slightly quilted outer covering is washable in the event of accidents, a real plus, though it should be mentioned that if you purchase The Puffy 10″ Mattress, you’re going to get a free mattress protector, a set of sheets, and two pillows included with your order. It has a lot of motion dampening ability, primarily due to the taught feel that outer covering has. It has just the right amount of tension to keep sex a bit tighter up top.

Not much bounciness, but much less motion transfer than on most mattresses, solid 8 out of 10.

9. Cost vs. Value Delivered: 9 out of 10

For the money, The The Puffy 10″ Mattress pricing is on point. I’ve seen Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Serta and Simmons all foam mattresses that cost a lot more ($3,000 and up for a queen) that don’t deliver the pressure relief, cloud-like feel, or level of support that Puffy offers. Selling for $1049 in queen, and $1249 in king, it is an excellent value.

Another nice perk- you get a free set of sheets, a pair of pillows, and a mattress protector with every purchase. The Puffy site claims that this is a $600 value, and along with free shipping and free returns down the road if you don’t like (you have 180 days), the value is there. Overall score: 9 out of 10

10. Trial Period, Warranty, Customer Service 10 out of 10

Saatva’s premium delivery and setup service, factory and fulfillment network of 15 strategically located facilities helped drive up my score for this category.

The turnaround time of 9-21 days to receive your mattress is acceptable considering each mattress is made to order and not rolled and compressed, collecting dust in a dusty warehouse. Customer service is something I thoroughly checked out too, with 6 different chat questions regarding pretty technical questions being answered rapidly and effectively. The best part about their customer service: NO BOTS on the chat line. Genuine human beings. That alone is worth a healthy five stars!

11. Shipping And Delivery Experience 10 out of 10

Overall, 10 out of 10, with excellent packaging and timely shipping. Your order will arrive within 9-12 days after the day you place your order. Nolah uses strategic shipping points around the country.

Shipping and delivery is typically reliable with most online mattress companies, but with enhanced services, the ability to coordinate production and scheduling in home setup services takes some effort. I did it for years with my own online mattress companies.

Even more difficult is handling COI’s (certificates of insurance) often required by co-ops, apartment buildings, and condos before a delivery can be made. Saatva will handle that for you provided you send them a copy of the building COI prior to delivery date, a really nice feature that takes the consumer out of the loop.