Puffy Mattress Reviews: An Industry Expert Explains Why The Puffy, Puffy Lux, and the Puffy Royal Are Some Of The Best Mattresses You Can Buy

We review and recommend only a handful of the hundreds of online mattress options that are now available. Of the 215 e-commerce bed in a box web sites that make mattress shopping even more challenging, only a few really offer a mattress that is worth the hype, doesn’t mash down or develop ruts or depressions, and is backed up with a reliable warranty, return policy, and tons of true, third party reviews.

We’re going to explain why you should buy a mattress from an online company that builds each mattress they make in their own factory using top of the line ingredients that last- and why you should be wary of online mattress companies that import their components. Some of these ingredients contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, PBDE’s, and volatile organic compounds.

We review the Puffy lineup of mattresses on a few other pages, but this version is more personal. As a mattress fabricator and designer myself, I created one of the first online bed in a box sites in 2007, long before almost all of today’s online mattress stores were ever dreamt up.

I had to hunt for and find all of the ingredients from various foam layers, adhesives, and the fabrics, to build my concept products. Then I had to pitch them to a fabrication facility who could build them for me so I could make a decent profit.

Puffy Lux

Creating, designing, building a prototype, and then risking it all by building your version of the perfect mattress in your own factory- that’s the ultimate challenge in the bed in a box business. And it’s a huge risk.

Puffy is a company that builds three mattress models in their own facility.  And, they just added their latest model, the Puffy Royal, to their established two model lineup only recently, and it’s frankly, the only mattress line I recommend for my family members and closest friends if they ask me “hey, Marc, which mattress do you recommend I buy?”

My daughter, Ellen, recently purchased a Puffy Lux model, and because the shares her bed with her husband and my two grandchildren, it needed to be a mattress that had universal appeal, felt more like a nest to her, and was soft up top, pressure relieving, and supportive underneath.

Puffy Lux

I recommended the Puffy to her, told her about the $300 coupon she could use on this site (she also got the free King size pillow as well) and fell in love with it the very first night. Even her husband, Michael, an electrician, who typically arrives home exhausted from shift work, told me he “can’t wait to call it a night and get on my Puffy”.

What’s the big deal about the Puffy mattress lineup and why is it so much better than other similar foam mattresses that basically, all look the same?

The Puffy Mattress lineup offers a universal feel for side, back, and belly sleepers in three variations of soft and medium firm feel.

Consider that most foam mattresses are made using essentially the same “cake recipe”, and that most foam mattress manufacturers use the same 4-5 suppliers in the U.S. to provide them the ingredients, on top of building these mattresses in their fabrication facilities.

So, let’s say you are shopping for a reasonably priced bed in a box type mattress, one that will be rolled, compressed, and shipped to you.

Out of 215 online e-commerce bed in a box companies now competing for your business (many come and go, or disguise themselves as several different companies essentially selling the same mattress with a different name) only about 5 actually make their own mattresses in factories they directly control. 

The other 210 contract with third party fabricators to make their product, and have little control over day to day operations and the careful management required to provide the best quality control and consistency when building, storing, and packaging mattresses for shipping.

Puffy is one of the companies that manufactures their own mattresses in facilities they directly manage and control. Having used third party fabricators and also doing my own mattress production, I can only tell you that the best mattress you will ever buy is one that was supervised from the cutting room to the delivery truck by the company who designed it and slapped the label on it.

Puffy Lux


As we noted above, when you shop for online mattresses you have many different brands to choose from. Which one is the best? Many companies competitors produce pretty decent mattresses, but here’s how Puffy mattresses size up against other bed in a box online mattress companies:


No doubt you’ve heard of the Casper mattress if you’ve ever listened to an online program or a podcast. Casper advertises widely and has huge reach to get the message out about its mattress lineup. But how does it stack up against the Puffy mattress? Perhaps the biggest difference is that Puffy mattresses are made to order.

Puffy doesn’t start making your new mattress for you until you ask for it, so that means it spends less time in a box and won’t experience permanent impressions or indentations that can occur when mattresses are stored while rolled and compressed. The Puffy mattress is a real memory foam mattress and handles the issue of heat distribution more effectively than any of the Casper products. The very top layer is designed to help spread your body heat out on its surface laterally, now downwards where heat is trapped.

Puffy Lux

While both entry level models retail for around the same price, because Casper spends so much on advertising, much of the money you shell out is for the brand messaging, rather than acquiring and using premium foams made in the U.S.A. The price you pay for a Puffy mattress is all about comfort and a good night’s sleep.


Tuft & Needle offers a pretty attractive price for its bed in a box foam mattress. But because their materials are more entry level foams and economy grade fabric coverings, it’s targeted at the lower end of the market such as students and shoppers who don’t want to spend a lot of money for a mattress and are willing to accept a shorter lifespan. T&N use third party fabricators to build their mattresses, like Abad Foam in Los Angeles, which also builds mattresses for many other e-commerce sites.

When Tuft & Needle went head-to-head against Puffy mattress in a recent comparison, Puffy emerged as the winner in almost every category including customer satisfaction, price value and back pain reduction. While the reviewer had positive things to say about both mattresses, the win definitely went to the Puffy mattress lineup.


As with other mattress models, Purple has one characteristic that is troubling, and that is the sheer weight of the material used in their signature materials, a specialized polymer that is extremely heavy. A queen-size Purple mattress weighs about 110 pounds. A queen Puffy mattress tips the scales at about 69 pounds.

And once again, another consideration is the fact that your Puffy mattress is not made until you order it. That means it spends far less time in a box, takes its intended shape much quicker and off-gases much more easily.

A recent review of the two mattresses found the Puffy mattress a more comfortable sleep, with more substantial support and a more consistent feel.


This is a good mattress, but in a recent head-to-head recent comparison, the Puffy mattress was slightly better in several important categories.

The Puffy mattress achieved better marks in customer satisfaction and price value and scored higher overall with the reviewers. The Layla mattress also tends to sleep a bit hotter than the Puffy mattress. Layla recommends its users leave the temperature in the bedroom at 72 degrees Fahrenheit, but that is not always possible.

Puffy Lux

Both mattresses were given positive remarks by customers who left comments on the reviewer’s website, but Puffy customers were far more enthusiastic about their mattresses and gave many more five out of five-star reviews.


The Leesa mattress is another contender in the online mattress arena. But like some of the other mattresses we’ve mentioned, when compared to a Puffy mattress, it’s not quite as good.

Although we’ve already mentioned this in a couple of the above reviews, one of the main differences is that your Puffy mattress is not made until you actually order it. It’s not that automatic assembly line process where you just make a bunch of mattresses and toss them in the back room until somebody orders one. Since our mattresses spend less time wrapped in plastic, off-gassing is kept to a minimum. This is a very good thing if you have small children or adults with breathing problems in your house.

The differences in the top layers used by the Leesa mattress and the Puffy mattress affect motion transfer. When compared side-by-side, the Puffy mattress provides more motion isolation. This means when you get up in the middle of the night to go to get a glass of water, you’re not going to wake up your partner.


There are several important differences between a Nectar mattress and Puffy mattress. The number one difference is where they are made. Puffy mattresses are made exclusively in the United States. Nectar mattresses are largely made in China. All of the foam used in Puffy mattresses comes from American suppliers, a Puffy Cloud Cover is American-made and our mattresses are assembled and sewn in this country.

Important elements of Nectar mattresses like its foam layers and its cover are made in China and the mattress itself is assembled and sewn in China. Whereas Nectar has limited control over its product line, Puffy has a hands on, total control over all aspects of production, handling, and shipping.

Another advantage that Puffy has over Nectar is our excellent customer service. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which is largely due to our superb customer service and the quality of our product. Meanwhile, the BBB has given Nectar a B- rating.

American value and excellent customer service help lift Puffy mattresses over Nectar mattresses as well as most other manufacturers of same class foam mattresses.

Puffy Lux

There’s a complete disconnect when a mattress company, making such an intimate and important commodity, the centerpiece of a home and the most carefully thought out purchase besides a car and a house, is not involved in hands on processes with their product.

The CEO of Puffy, Arthur Andreasyan, started small, but created a brand built on quality, using an innovative process that focused on hand crafting their product line rather than relying too heavily on big equipment and machines.

The company sourced only the best components, and delivered on their vision of slowly expanding their product line from one mattress model to three. Each model has a unique feel and sensation, offering different kinds of support and comfort to satisfy the most discerning and particular customer.

The company is now expanding to Canada, the United Kingdom, and beyond, bringing the best mattress in Canada and a range of bedroom products and their stellar Google reviews and fanbase with them. In an industry with vicious competition, the company sets itself apart by offering a unique feel that is often described by customers, including my own daughter, as “feeling like you are sleeping on a cloud”.

Expanding internationally for the Puffy company is complex, because they are taking their “locally made” business model with them. Even their Canadian and UK made mattresses will bear labels that confirm they are made in their respective countries, not imported from Asia or other countries. Many other foam mattress makers rely on many degrees of separation from their product and the end user, and that is often the downfall of many bed in a box mattress companies that simply can’t survive. 

“Our brand has a modern contemporary aesthetic, while not compromising on comfort. Every product in our range is designed with adaptable tones, for a clean look and efficient upkeep.”- Arthur Andreasyan, CEO of Puffy Mattress

The Puffy Lineup: Which Model Is Right For You

The overarching concept behind all three models that Puffy hand crafts are that each component is made right here in the USA, including the exterior fabric as well as the proprietary Cloud Foam layer that is used in all three models. All fabrication, lamination of the layers to build each mattress, and all sewing for the product line is completed in the USA.

Here are some fundamentals to consider that apply to all three of the Puffy Mattress options we’ll discuss: But here are some other great things to know about the way we made Puffy mattresses.

  • Puffy mattresses are manufactured using safe ingredients. The company makes their mattresses in the United States using CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam. Components used in Puffy mattress products do not deplete the ozone layer. They do not contain any PBDEs. There is no formaldehyde, no mercury, no lead or other heavy metals and all three of their mattresses have very low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions.

  • Puffy backs up their statement claiming “you will get the best sleep you’ve had in years, guaranteed”. If you purchase a mattress through this link on our site, you can try any of their mattresses for 101 nights. If you don’t find that you’re getting great sleep, you can send it back. Most mattresses take a month or two before they adjust to your body, but if after that time you’re still not satisfied, send the mattress back.

  • We also offer a limited lifetime warranty. This is one of the best warranties you’ll find anywhere online when you’re shopping for a mattress. If any manufacturing defects emerge over the first 10 years that you own a Puffy mattress, they will either fix the defects or send you a brand-new mattress free of charge. And you still get to keep the old mattress.

Puffy Lux

There are three Puffy mattress models, each of which is progressively outfitted with more features. Between the Original Puffy and The Puffy Lux, the Lux unit is 2” thicker due to an additional layer of foam contains an extra layer of foam, which makes the bed 2” thicker and slightly softer than the Original Puffy mattress.

Understand first, that all three Puffy mattresses are memory foam mattresses, but they are designed to offer a supportive sensation in addition to offering the classic melting sensation that everyone seeks out in a traditional memory foam feel.

Feel And Sensation – Although the two beds have similar constructions, the Puffy Lux has a soft, airy memory foam feel, while the Original Puffy mattress has more of a soft, neutral-foam feel. We’ll explain what this means in more detail below.
Firmness – Puffy Lux is slightly softer than the Original Puffy mattress. As such, it’s the more ideal choice for primary side sleepers. For back sleepers and those wanting a more supportive and less giving sensation, the Original Puffy is probably your best option.
Price – The Original Puffy mattress is a bit less expensive than the Puffy Lux. You’re looking at about a $600-$800 difference, depending on the size you select.

The Puffy Royal, the newest addition to the Puffy Lineup, saw the company really pull out all of the stops to create a sumptuous and comfortable, over the top mattress loaded up with a luxurious yet elegantly and simplistically designed mattress.

The first thing that you may notice is that this is one of the thickest all memory foam mattresses on the market. This mattress is a full 14” thick. All of the layers of memory foam work together to make an incredibly comfortable mattress.

The mattress itself is a medium-firm mattress, which is a good neutral place for people who share a bed with a partner. This mattress consists of five unique layers, which work together to create the perfect amount of pressure relief as you lay down on the mattress.


The Puffy Royal features an additional top layer of softer, yet responsive memory foam that offers a totally over the top luxury feel.

The Puffy Royal is also a highly responsive mattress, which will instantly respond to your body the minute you lay down. This is an excellent feature because it will conform to you as you move throughout the night, allowing you to wake up even more refreshed and rested when you wake up in the morning. The mattress is also very soft to the touch, yet supportive and resilient underneath.

All three of the Puffy mattress models can be placed on any sleep surface, so long as it is rigid, firm, supportive and does not indent or create body impressions that transfer to the mattress itself. A good rule of thumb is that if you can stand on it, it’s a perfectly good option.

Puffy Lux