Mattress Topper Pads Reviews: Enhance And Rejuvenate Any Mattress At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Replacement

Let’s say you’ve had a mattress for years, and it’s served you well, but lately it’s become a bit less comfortable that it used to be. Should you replace the mattress, just try to live with it, or perhaps buy a mattress topper to improve the feeling of the bed? Some of it is economics for sure, but many people are just not willing to part with an expensive bed that has served them well, which might only need a bit of tweaking to make it really amazing again. People buy topper pads for many other reasons.

If you’re a bit older and you want a little more pressure relief, if suddenly you find yourself sleeping hotter, you’ve banged yourself up in a sports related injury, or you merely want to reinvent your bed for a fraction of the cost of a new one, a topper pad might be the best answer. Even if you’re looking to just make your bed a bit more comfy, cushy, nestlike, and wonderful, there are many great topper pad options that can do the job.

What makes buying a topper pad such a great alternative to hauling in an entirely new bed, is that there is a lot to choose from. We’re going to give you a basic outline of the different topper pad options available, and then give you our curated list of recommended retailers that offer a quality topper pad at a reasonable price.

One thing you should know up front though, is that there are some basic rules to stick to when buying ANY kind of topper, whether it be polyurethane foam, latex, memory foam, or gel foam. Also remember that topper pads are different from mattress pads, sort of.

Mattress pads are usually made with an assortment of fiber layers, like cotton, wool, or perhaps down feathers, and are less likely to provide effective support or change the feel of a mattress, but provide some embellishment or level of protection. A mattress pad is great if you are looking to protect your bed, or merely add a subtle level of additional padding without changing the underlying feel of your bed.

A mattress topper, when you buy the right one, essentially reinvents and markedly improves the feel of a bed, by adding a substantial amount of unique material, generally a function of thickness, that increases the comfort level and improves the support that you receive from a mattress.

Generally, a decent topper pad is 3″ thick, because anything thicker is essentially getting into mattress thickness territory, greatly influences the height of a mattress, the appearance, and ability to get in and out of bed, while at the same time, 2″ in thickness, with most materials, just isn’t enough “meat” between a human body and the surface beneath it, especially while lying on your side. There are exceptions, though and we’ll mention those below. Note that we’ll go through topper pad options by material, and give you the bullet points on why each option might work for you. Scroll down to find our selection of excellent topper pads made from a variety of materials- and where to buy them.

memory foam topper pads-best bet for pressure relief and excellent weight distribution

Memory foam, also known as visco-elastic foam, is a kind of urethane foam, and we’re all highly familiar with it. Also known as the “hand print” foam, it offers the slow response and wonderful melting in sensation that helps to distribute weight evenly, and also comforts to your body to offer cradling support. It’s the best option for anyone with pressure point issues and those looking for a nest like feel. If you have neurological issues, or severe back or neck pain, it’s a great way to turn your existing bed into a therapeutic sleep surface. It ranks #1 in our choices for an overall best topper pad option.  Generally, we recommend a 3″ topper pad, and on rare occasions, 2″ in thickness. Memory foam, because it conforms to body shape and molds to your body, should be 3″ thick to allow for excess material to be able to contour properly.

There are many suppliers and manufacturers of memory foam mattresses and topper pads. Years ago, our senior editor and CEO used to sell Tempur-Pedic brand toppers on his sites, and never had a single complaint. Of course, it helps that they practically invented memory foam. The quality is consistent and the topper pad is durable and delightful. We’ve included a few runners up, though, that have toppers that we’d considered just as wonderful.

Note that most topper pads shown include a covering, as well as corner straps that help to anchor the topper pad to your mattress to eliminate shifting and migration. Note that recommendations shown may indicate a different size. Once you’re on Amazon, you can choose the size you prefer.

Memory Foam Toppers We Recommend

Many web sites offer a variety of topper pads made of various materials and in different thicknesses. A 2” thick topper pad is generally sufficient for most applications, and will offer additional support, immersion, and comfort for most people. If you are overweight, you may want to try a topper that is bit thicker, and generally these toppers are 3” thick. One site that offers a variety of topper pads is ELuxury, which sells a copper infused memory foam topper, a temperature regulating gel foam topper, a multi-zoned topper, and a quilted bamboo topper pad as well. The prices are reasonable and their toppers are made using higher grades of foam that imported grade material.

ELuxury offers a 2” copper infused memory foam topper pad in their bedding department. This copper topper contains 2″ of temperature-regulating memory foam, and is infused with copper creating a naturally cool product.

Copper products help reduce odor, improve hygiene and enhance the look and feel on the skin creating a healthier sleeping environment. This topper is the perfect solution for a healthier sleeping environment.

latex foam topper pads-offers lively, uplifting and buoyant feel, easy turning- best for light sleepers

Latex foam has been around for more than 60 years, but only recently has made a roaring comeback. Originally derived from natural latex rubber, it can be made synthetically, or blended with natural and synthetic. Either way, latex foam makes an excellent topper pad option. Naturally bouncy, spongy, and lively, many people love the “freedom” latex offers, with no sinking or molding around your body, giving restless or light sleepers the ability to turn and move without awakening. A 3″ latex topper will add renewed springiness and bring a “dead” mattress beck to life instantly. You can get away with a 2″ latex topper pad, if you are under 135 lbs. If you are over 135 lbs., we advise a 3″ pad for best results. Latex topper pads are the best choice for maintaining proper spine alignment and shift and move with your body, helping to support and lift your body.

A latex topper, whether natural latex or blended, brings a “dead” mattress back to life, with it’s springy, levitating feel. Excellent for proper spine alignment, back sleepers, sidesleepers, and flip-floppers.

We’re a bit particular about who we recommend for latex toppers, because latex is typically imported and the source quality can vary. Good quality latex is springy, cushy, and highly elastic. Poor quality latex foam is slow to respond and won’t last over time. Any way you slice it though, latex offers outstanding support and keeps you off the mattress, not consumed by it. 

We sold latex toppers on our sites for years, and customers loved them. They are great for kids and teens, as they are considered more holistic and healthier than other bedding materials.

A latex topper pad we really like is available from a company we have reviewed before called Latex For Less. This outfit sells a pure botanical latex pad made with plant based latex and no SBR0 styrene butadiene rubber, which is petroleum based. Their 100% natural single-origin latex topper provides exceptional support and softness. Using a single source for latex means they are able to precisely calibrate their line of toppers so they offer the perfect amount of sink paired with the perfect amount of buoyancy for cool, comfortable sleep. Their pure latex topper can be purchased in either 2” or 3” thicknesses, and a queen sized 2” sells for just $189, with the option to add an outer encasement cover for $49.

The Latex For Less pure latex topper pad offers a buoyant and livelier to feel, perfect for resurrecting a tired mattress or a mattress that is too firm.

You can also choose form three levels of firmness, typically not available from most topper pad vendors. You should consider body weight as a factor for determining thickness. If you are petite and weigh less than 120 lbs, a softer pad is a better application. Medium firm or firm pads are applicable for average sized individuals, and larger people should opt for the firmest choice available.



Made from long lasting and extremely resilient single-origin latex, your topper won’t sag or break down and will always return back to its original shape. Pure botanically derived latex is not photo-reactive, so it won’t turn brown and begin to cake and pill, giving it a long lifespan. It is also naturally anti-microbial, and resists mold and mildew, making it a hypo-allergenic alternative topper pad, unlike memory foam or gel foam.


Pure latex provides better distribution of body weight, reducing pressure points and providing forgiving support to your shoulders, hips, back and knees. Because it distributes pressure laterally rather than downward, like spreading pizza dough sideways on a pan, your weight is spread out over a wide distance, instead of down into painful pinpoint pressure wells, which create pain and force you to toss and turn all night.


Latex For Less makes their toppers with 100% natural, single-origin latex, with no fillers or synthetic additives. Because of this, the topper pad does not off-gas toxic chemicals, like formaldehyde, PBDE’s, or leaching of heavy metals.