Canada’s Premium Memory Foam Mattress Offers Excellent Support And Comfort, And It’s Loaded With Technology To Get You To Sleep

Years of research and development went into the Zephyr Mattress, including optimized gel/memory foam, anti-microbial foam, and heat deflecting textiles, A specialized perimeter foam rail system makes getting in and out of bed easier, and minimizes waking due to motion transfer.

As a mattress designer and manufacturer, the Zephyr Mattress manufactured by Polysleep Canada is one of the best overall mattress options I’ve reviewed.

This is primarily due to the fact that it is designed with a lot of cutting edge technology that helps to properly align your spine, protect and restore your body, and keep you in a state of restorative, deep sleep.

Designed using a zoned and targeted support system, it provides appropriate support for focused areas of your body, like hips, shoulders, and spine.

Each of these areas of your body needs differing densities of materials to be used to promote lifting, prevent sinking, and to evenly distribute weight. From the top down, The Zephyr Mattress has elements that are not found in any other mattress. Let’s take a closer look.

Many Foam Mattresses Sold Online Are Poorly Designed And Often Have Lifespans As Short As 2-3 Years

Most mattresses that are designed and manufactured with foam components are simply slab-like laminated blocks of a few key ingredients.

Typically, a bottom layer, referred to as the foundation or base layer, is often very firm. This serves to distribute weight without allowing any immersion, leaving the softer layers above to provide the comfort element.

Above the firmer base layers, there are typically two other layers of slightly softer “transitional foam” in the middle, and a finished top layer, which is usually memory foam, latex, or a similar material called the “comfort layer”.

This comfort layer is often the only material that provides the most recognizable sensation that a mattress offers, whether firm, immersive, plush, springy, or otherwise.

Typically these mattresses often sell for $500 or less, are made using imported components that are not dense enough to properly distribute weight and easily start to mash down within a year or two, or even sooner.

This is a typical cross section of a foam mattress commonly sold online. In most cases, the materials and the configuration are not designed to provide optimal support, lifespan and durability, and are especially uncomfortable for people with back or neck issues, or those who are sensitive to dust mites and other microbial organisms that feed on sweat and dust mite egg casings.

The Zephyr Mattress Incorporates Advanced Components That Are Anti-Microbial, Offer Edge Support, And Control Body Temperature All Night Long

I’ve designed many mattresses through the years, and have reviewed hundreds of different brands, with some of them being pretty high tech, although The Zephyr Mattress is the first mattress I’ve found that builds in all of the advantages and comfort elements that can improve not only your sleep quality, but also your overall well-being.

We’re going to break down the Zephyr Mattress layer by layer so I can review each component. First, in a nutshell, here are the technical specs:

The Zephyr Mattress is made of 5 horizontal layers of polyurethane foam, which measures 11.5″” high. The outer, moisture absorbing cover is made from 70% Polyester and 30% viscose, a natural, rayon like material that is flexible.

The top layer of foam is a specialized hybrid foam infused with a specialized memory foam/beaded gel material called GelFlex Plus. Beneath this layer is an antimicrobial viscoelastic ventilated hybrid foam which is 3.0 lb/ft3 density material, soft enough to be comfortable, firm enough not to collapse. Finally, at the bottom, supporting the mattress and your weight, is a base layer of high density foam 1.8 lb / ft3 in density.

How The Zephyr Mattress Is Built: A High Tech Mattress That’s Worth The Money

The exterior covering on the Zephyr Mattress controls infrared heat deflection, allowing your body to efficiently fall asleep more effectively.
Directly underneath the top infrared deflecting fabric, the Zephyr Mattress features a specialized gel foam layer containing beaded gel tabs that help regulate body temperature to optimize perfect sleep parameters.
Beneath the transitional anti-microbial layer is another layer of zoned support foam that properly supports shoulders and hips.

Instrumental in the design of The Zephyr Mattress is the three zoned layer of transitional foam, 2″ thick, that is slightly softer at the hip area and shoulder region.

This is included to help maintain proper spine alignment, reducing muscle fatigue while you are sleeping.

Most people do not realize that a typical mattress is often poorly designed and forces your body to expend energy cantilevering muscles across improperly supported areas of your body.

This causes fatigue, and can make you wake up frequently during the night, or cause you to wake up in the morning feeling unrested, even exhausted. The Zephyr Mattress was created to defeat this fundamental flaw in mattress design.

The outer material, also called the “ticking” or exterior fabric covering, is pretty innovative, and it impacts the quality of your sleep a lot. Using nanotechnology that controls heat deflection, the organic fibres in the materials redirects your bodies naturally emitted infrared rays to recharge your body faster and more efficiently, resulting in a better quality sleep.

I’ve seen this technology used before and it does really work. Hot sleepers will appreciate the Zephyr Mattress largely because of this one component, by deflecting body heat yet conserving infrared heat needed to sleep deeply.

Immediately beneath the outer reflective fabric is Polysleep’s proprietary gel/memory foam layer, and in the Zephyr Mattress, this layer is impregnated with specialized gel beads that cools you down when you are hot, and heats you up when you are chilled. It is calibrated to work within a specific temperature range suitable for human sleep parameters.

This layer comfortably creates a nest like feel that I really liked, without feeling like you are immediately crashing through the floor of the mattress, but rather suspended on top.

Beneath the gel foam temperature regulating layer, another layer of specialized “transitional foam” is naturally formulated with anti-microbial materials that keep dust mites and bacteria from breeding in your mattress.

Actually, I’m very familiar with the anti-microbial foam materials that The Zephyr Mattress uses in its recipe, and in this layer of foam that helps to cradle and support hips and shoulders.

Using natural ingredients that have an acidic pH, inhospitable to microbes including bacteria and even viruses, this layer of material helps keep your mattress from becoming a petrie dish filled with dust mite egg casings, sweat, and dead skin cells.

I always recommend using a mattress protector, too, which Polysleep also sells on its web site alongside The Zephyr Mattress.

At the core of the Zephyr Mattress design is the perimeter foam rail system, providing sitting support at the edge of your mattress. Also, the foundation layer of foam, situated inside the perimeter foam rail system, provides the proper underlying support of the mattress, distributing weight uniformly.

One of the best components of The Zephyr Mattress design that I like is the edge support system built in. There are hundreds of mattress options out there that are a lot cheaper, but virtually none of them include this feature.

Having a firmer edge on a mattress means that getting in and out of bed is easier, it allows you to comfortably sit on the edge of your bed to put on your shoes, and makes transfer for people with disabilities or mobility issues, much easier.

Contained within the edge foam system, the the foundation layer of high density foam is calibrated perfectly to properly support your body weight and laterally distribute load without sinking.

Overall, the Zephyr Mattress is loaded with features and well thought out design elements that deserves recognition and praise. It might be the single best mattress you can buy in either the USA as well as in Canada, too.

Warranty, Trial Period, And Return Policy On The Zephyr Mattress

The warranty included with every Zephyr Mattress purchase is a solid 10 year warranty, comes with a 100 night no questions asked trial (full refund if you don’t love it), and shipping is free. I recommend ordering it online, and if you have any questions, use their online chat which I rate very highly for response time.

The Zephyr Mattress gets consistently high reviews across Canada from actual owners of the mattress.

I found 133 reviews of the Zephyr Mattress that I considered genuine reviews, and the overall rating of this mattress was a solid 4.5 out of five stars, not easily seen in premium higher end memory foam mattresses.

If you are looking for a mattress that will improve sleep quality, will not sleep hot, and give you excellent back and side sleeper support, it’s worth the extra money you’ll spend on this forever mattress. You can also visit our Trusted Canadian Dealer Page to discover other similar brands manufactured in Canada that ship to all provinces free of charge.