An Expert’s Review Of The NaturalForm Refresh Mattress

The NaturalForm Refresh Mattress uses technology that was developed by the company thirty years ago. Instead of coils or pumps, helix shaped pods filled with air inside the mattress gently balance and support your body. And, you can adjust the firmness using the dial mounted on each side of the mattress.

Designed For Acute Sleeping Problems, This Mattress Delivers On Pressure And Pain Relief

Intended for acute sleeping conditions, many of the reviews written by actual owners of The NaturalForm Refresh Mattress describe the benefits they’ve received since making the jump from a conventional mattress to this product with lots of detail and enthusiasm.

1. It sleeps cool-likely due to the pure merino wool topper and quilt, which is highly breathable and wicks away heat.

2. Minimal Motion Transfer- using a memory foam and gel comfort layer above the air pods greatly reduces perceived movement by your partner.

Motion dampening is critical with many people for acute conditions such as pain, sleep apnea, or neurological issues- but also for light sleepers, too.

3. Can handle the weight of both you and your partner: designed handle two adults up to 275 lbs each according to user reviews.

The system is designed to distribute your weight load laterally, not downwards, displacing the load to the edges of the mattress.

4. Reduced Back Pain – Proper weight distribution to the side eliminates hot spot pressure at key areas like shoulders, hips, and spine.

5. Customer Service – Rated as outstanding by actual owner experiences. Super knowledgeable and engaging support team.

As a mattress designer and inventor myself, The NaturalForm Refresh Mattress I’ve reviewed medical grade bedding designed for acute sleeping issues such as pain, sleep apnea, trauma recovery, as well as neurological issues.

I’ll tell you first off, that this mattress is not inexpensive, nor does it arrive at your front door mashed inside of a box. In fact, shipping is additional, either $249 for drop off, or $499 for full service setup.

The mattress arrives fully assembled and set up and is ready to lay directly upon any smooth top surface that is solid and supportive. It can be used on platform beds, solid top foundations, even adjustable bases.

It is it worth it? Owners say overwhelmingly yes. Why? Let’s get into that. If you have had no luck with conventional mattresses, then the NaturalForm Refresh Mattress, being an investment grade sleep product, might be for you.

Essentially, this mattress is an adjustable air mattress that uses a system of adjustability without gadgets and parts that fail or deteriorate over time. It will be a solid investment in your sleep hygiene program if:

  • You prefer a medium to medium-firm mattress.
  • You want an eco-friendly, natural mattress.
  • You and your partner prefer different firmness settings.
  • You have spine issues, shoulder or hip pain
  • You are recovering from an illness or trauma or spend more than 8 hours a day in bed.
  • You are not interested in budget mattresses that are rolled and compressed and stuffed into a box.
The air pod system, which is completely adjustable via a side mounted dial, is situated in the torso and spine area of your body. The comfort layer is a memory/gel foam material that minimizes motion transfer and helps move load out to the sides. In queen the NaturalForm Refresh mattress is $2349 and shipping is $249 additional- this is because the mattress is shipped intact and not mashed and rolled, like most “bed in a box” options.

Used In The Medical Industry For 30 Year, An Investment Grade Mattress To Buy When You’ve Tried All The Rest

The NaturalForm Refresh Mattress is $2,349 in queen. Comparable Sleep Number Beds with pesky motors, pumps and remotes can cost up to $6500. Coil Mattresses can cost up to $4500 without offering adjustability and pressure relieving benefits.
Each side of The NaturalForm Refresh Mattress features a discreet but large dial that is easily reachable and allows you to set your desired level for firmness from soft and enveloping, to firmer and more supportive.

The technology that is the backbone of the NaturalForm Refresh Mattress has been used in the medical industry by the company for 30 years. It’s proven to help relieve pressure by distributing weight sideways rather than down.

Mattresses that incorporate air flotation systems are often built using rubber bladders or continuous air chambers that don’t allow for zoned support and often feel mushy and make you feel like you are swimming in your mattress.

Patented Pressure-Free™ Technology

Inside your NaturalForm Refresh are 38 to 42 air zones per side (depending upon mattress size you choose) that cradle and support your body using pods that are about the size of a small dish, rather than pinpoint, as in most coil mattresses.

Best of all, the mattress sleeps cool, outfitted with a Merino wool topper section and two specialized foam “comfort” layers (made of a high density foam material I’ve used myself and is durable and supportive) above the dish shaped support pods.

I noticed that when I was on my side, if I adjusted the setting dial on my side, I could tweak the feeling down to pretty cushy, which I like, and still did not bottom into the mattress.

It offered a floating sensation that felt more like floating on a raft rather than hanging in a hammock. I could immediately sense that this mattress option eclipses air beds, hybrid coil mattresses, and any bed in a box options that sell for only slightly less.

Many of the owner reviews I studied clearly indicate that frustration levels and previous mattress experiences made people hesitant- but once they tried The NaturalForm Refresh Mattress, the connection and level of satisfaction was extremely high, with typical reviews being 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Specifications, Warranty, Trial Period, And Bullet Points

The NaturalForm Refresh Mattress comes along with a solid 10 year factory warranty. You can read the full warranty here. It is comprehensive and even includes depressions and indentations, the interior components, and the covering. We recommend ALWAYS using a mattress protector though as NO mattress warranty covers liquid damage.First off,

First off, you can get interest free financing right on the Natural Form site to minimize the financial side of this investment grade mattress solution.

Your mattress purchase includes a solid 10 year warranty, a 100 night no questions asked trial, and free returns if you don’t like the mattress- for any reason.

The following are the specifications, both size and weight, for your NaturalForm Refresh Mattress.

  • Twin: 38″ W x 75″ L x 11″ H – 60 lbs
  • Twin XL: 38″ W x 80″ L x 11″ H – 62 lbs
  • Full: 53″ W x 75″ L x 11″ H – 96 lbs
  • Full XL: 53″ W x 80″ L x 11″ H – 99 lbs
  • Queen: 60″ W x 80″ L x 11″ H – 105 lbs
  • Olympic Queen
  • King: 76″ W x 80″ L x 11″ H – 128 lbs
  • California King: 72″ W x 84″ L x 11″ H – 130 lbs
  • Split King: 76″ W x 80″ L x 11″ H – 128 lbs total
  • Split Cal King: 72″ W x 84″ L x 11″ H – 131 lbs total

You might notice that this mattress weighs quite a bit less than most conventional innerspring and foam mattresses, due to the lack of dead weight.

The air pod system, built inside, is in fact very lightweight, making handling and movement of The NaturalForm Refresh Mattress much easier if you move or simply need to relocate the mattress.

Detailed Understanding Of What’s Inside The NaturalForm Refresh Mattress?

The Natural Form Refresh Mattress is 11 inches tall in overall height, and was designed carefully to offer the best benefit for support and comfort so that each individual could control the level of softness or firmness depending upon body type, whether or not you need pain or pressure relief, and to insure that you experience restorative rest in each and every sleep cycle.

100% Merino Wool Cover: The top most layer and outer encasement fabric

The most visible and unique layer in the Natural Form Refresh Mattress is its mattress cover.

Made of 100% Merino wool, the company ethically sources it from Australia. I’ve used Merino wool in my own mattress and can tell you that it’s thick, dense, and an amazing insulator. The wool’s natural moisture-wicking and breathable properties make it ideal for a temperature-regulating material.

On cold nights, expect to be kept warm-but not hot, while on hot nights, your body’s moisture and excess heat will be wicked away, keeping you comfortably cool but not chilly.

One of the best integrations into the design of this mattress is that the cover is removable and machine washable. I recommend washing and drying without other laundry, using a non-enzyme detergent and dry it alone as well, as it will “re-poof” the outer covering and give it the same loft it had when you purchased it.

Because you are able to unzip the cover, you can also order a new one if it wears out. I was impressed with the fact that the cover has virtually no typical woolly smell.

Comfort Layer Of 3″ Of CertiPUR-US Certified High-Resilience Foam

The foam layer, closest to your body, just below the outer covering, is 3 inches thick and provides excellent support. Being a gel and memory foam hybrid material, the foam helps your spine / hip / shoulder stay well aligned, giving you a healthy night of sleep. It also dampens motion and allows you to sleep and rest easier

The foam is not overly soft of contouring. You get most of the contouring from the wool cover, with the CertiPUR-US certified foam giving you mild contouring and a supportive layer to lay your body into.

Note that you can order a new foam layer when you feel that yours has reached the end of its useful life. I would not expect that to be for several years, but it is a nice option and way to extend the life of your investment, instead of having to purchase a brand new mattress.

You can extend the life of this mattress by 10-15 years by simply replacing the layer of foam and mattress cover for new ones.

3″ Of Transition Foam – Dynamic Support Layer

The second layer of foam acts as a transition layer and is one inch thicker than in most bed in a box options Between the plush top layer and the firmer bottom 7 inches, it provides resistance against the body and good support of shoulders and hips, typical pressure hot spots.

Helix Shaped Air Pods: The Heart Of Natural Form’s Patented Pressure-Relief System

The bottom layer is a patented technological wonder, and one coveted by the medical industry for the last 30 years.

The thickest layer of high density foam which houses the air pod system is built like a picture frame, with 30 to 84 adjustable helix air pods (depending on the mattress size ordered) placed in the area that corresponds to the torso area of your body. Each sleeper will find a manual dial on his side of the mattress, allowing for an easy adjustment of the firmness of his side of the bed. I’d say you can adjust it from medium firm to very firm, but not excessively soft.

Spoiler alert: if you are looking for a soft mattress, you may wish to consider another option, although some owners say they quickly adapt to the firmer feel which is always a good thing in general. I always say, sleep on the firmest mattress that you can to get the best spine alignment possible.

Those air pods give each sleeper full control of the firmness and pressure relief of their mattress. They are fantastic for couples with different sleeping styles, allowing each person to customize the mattress to his own preference without affecting his/her partner.

The air pods also respond to movement during the night. As you shift position, they adjust to your body’s shape and ensure you sleep comfortably all night long and wake up with no aches or pains.