Best Mattress For Disabled Adults: 25 Year Mattress Manufacturer And Expert’s Guide

Choosing the best mattress for a disabled adult can be challenging, but I have personal experience with the process. I spent 25 years as a mattress designer and manufacturer, and created many mattresses for adults who spent large amounts of time in bed.

Here are the key considerations when researching or shopping for a mattress that is to be tailored to the needs of an adult who might be spending 18-24 hours in bed:

  1. Pressure relief for bedsores– this is a hallmark concern for anyone who is confined to bed for longer than 8-10 hours a day.
  2. Proper support and spinal alignment– avoiding components that sink or form ruts are important considerations. I recommend high density memory foam, natural latex, and air beds.
  3. Adjustable features for medical needs– ease of use of a mattress on an adjustable bed to ease symptoms of GERD, sleep apnea, and wound care accessbility.
  4. Breathable materials for conditions like sleep apnea– use of textiles such as organic cotton and wool, mattress designs that pr
  5. Durability for frequent use– specialized foam, pocket coils rated for institutional use or better.
  6. Hypoallergenic materials– clean or green components that are VOC, fragrance, and formaldehyde free
  7. Motion isolation– memory foam, natural latex, quilted and box type construction of outer materials
  8. Accessibility and height for easy transfers- ideally 10-13″ tall
  9. Waterproof or moisture-resistant properties– mattress protectors or built-in barriers
  10. Consult healthcare providers for personalized advice- sleep care specialists, therapists, orthopedic staff.

Are “Orthopedic” Mattresses The Best Options? Not Necessarily

What are the best mattress options for people with disabilities, challenged with comfort, transfer, mobility, or physical or intellectual limitations? As a mattress designer and engineer for over 25 years, I was often given the opportunity to design bedding configurations for many disabled people. 

Orthopedic mattresses aren’t typically made to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, as those standards primarily apply to accessibility in public accommodations. However, orthopedic mattresses are designed to provide better support and comfort for individuals with back pain or other orthopedic issues. They may cost more than standard mattresses due to their specialized design and materials.

The best mattress for disabled adults should offer the features I mentioned, but it essentially comes to down to a lot of personal preferences. Often I had to create either an extraordinarily soft or firm mattress, provide a custom foundation (box spring) height to enable ease of transfer, and figure out how to integrate the products into the best possible lifestyle configuration for my customer.

Image shows a large man sitting on the edge of a mattress. The photo demonstrates the importance of edge support and ability to transfer easily from the edge of the mattress . This mattress is called BigFig and is designed with firmer edge support for people that have bigger bodies.
Mattresses for limited mobility, long term recovery, or for individuals confined to bed need to be supportive, comfortable, and durable.

Most mattresses available in public channels are designed to work for active individuals with healthy lifestyles, who can easily get in and out of bed, desire a medium firm yet plushy sleep surface, and need no assistance with mobility or transfer. 

Because of the vast number of mattress options available online these days, it’s easy to sort out the best mattress for people with disabilities. I’m going to focus on the best mattress options for a few classes of individuals with a common set of circumstances. 

Once I narrow down these mattress options, choosing between just a handful rather than hundreds, will make the experience far less miserable for patients. personal care managers, parents, and spouses of those who need just the right mattress to live well.

Mattress options in general, can be limited to a handful of mattress types, materials, and degrees of softness or firmness. Note that many of the options I’m going to offer will get you to a dealers web site, and there you can find variations of soft vs firm, and this allows you to narrow down your options even more to dial in the comfort level you want.

The best mattress for people with disabilities can easily be ordered online, shipped in the typical “bed in a box” format (compressed and rolled, and easily installed at the consumer end), though a disabled person might need assistance receiving, unpacking, and setting up a typical mattress, along with the accompanying foundation or even bed frame that you might purchase.

Also, another general consideration for disabled people with spine injuries, reduction of limb use, neck injuries, or people with fall risks, is to carefully assess the ideal height of the mattress you are using. A good rule of thumb is to pull out a tape measure and determine how tall the topmost surface of the mattress, including the foundation beneath it, needs to be.

Many companies will offer what is called a “low profile” foundation that can be as little as 4” tall to place under the mattress, allowing for a manageable overall height. We recommend a company called US Boxspring, as they build a high quality all natural wooden foundation piece available in two heights, 8” and 5.5”. The foundation is shipped ready to assemble (one person can set up in 30 minutes)

Most mattress companies will offer enhanced delivery options, too, like full setup services, old mattress removal, or other options, for a modest fee. My advice is to get on the phone or an online chat and find out what options are available with the mattress options I recommend. 

You can review our mattress type page here to learn more about mattress options and the materials used to make most mattress components, each of which offers unique comfort and support qualities. To help narrow down the options, though, let’s start with disabled individuals who spend a lot of time in bed.

If you spend more that 10 hours a day on a mattress or need to lie down either intermittently or for the vast amount of a 24 hour period of time, I always recommend a hybrid mattress option. This is a mattress that will resist packing down over time, offers excellent spine support, and usually has a few layers near the top that add a sumptuous yet not excessively soft feel to the mattress.

A hybrid mattress delivers support that also makes it easy to turn from side to back, for example, and also makes transfer and sitting on the edge of the mattress much easier than an all foam mattress, too. In my opinion, the best mattress for people with disabilities should offer excellent edge support as well.

Most of these mattresses are 12-14 inches tall, which is fairly tall for a mattress, but by using what is called a low profile foundation option that is only 4” tall (or slightly higher), transfer to ground, wheel chair, or other mobility device is much easier than using a standard height foundation or box spring. 


Best Mattress Options For People With Disabilities

Keep in mind that hybrid mattresses may run slightly firmer than average, but provide proper spine alignment, along with preventing bottoming out or the feeling of being trapped inside a mattress that is too soft. Mattresses that are not substantially firm enough often indent severely, making it very difficult to maneuver.

Image shows the Puffy Cloud Mattress, which offers components that can relieve pain and pressure, and possible assist with keeping bed sores from forming.


For pain and pressure relief, side sleeper support, and edge support, this all foam mattress makes it easy to turn on for bed bound individuals.

It’s my overall #1 option for bedsore prevention and it’s a bit softer, too, which helps with shoulder and hip pain, providing a more floating feel.

I like the fact that Puffy uses top of the line luxury components and textiles, safer, low VOC and formaldehyde free Certi-Pur foam. Resists packing down and compression.

Image shows 3 individual sketches of a woman lying on her side, back, and belly while lying on the Puffy Cloud Mattress, to show levels of immersion on the mattress.
Designed for all types of sleepers, The Puffy Original Mattress employs their “CloudFoam”, a soft yet highly porous and breathable gel/memory foam, which is buoyant and yielding and distributes heat and weight away from your body.

Excellent for chronic back pain too, but is softer than many foam mattresses. Google reviews: 4.9 Rating out of 5, from a total of 6,572 Online Reviews. The Puffy Original Mattress, priced at just $1049 in queen.

Image of the Lytton Signature Mattress, from the foot of the bed, showing the outer encasement fabric, the quilted pillowtop piece, and the handles attached to the side of the mattress.


This hand tufted premium memory foam and pocket coil hybrid is available in two levels of firmness, a plusher and firmer model.

Both are made with a breathable, cooling gel/memory foam that has a very traditional feel, but contours your body and gives you a subtle hug sensation.

At $1899 in queen, it’s a tad pricier than many models in its class, genuine owners who review The Lytton Signature Mattress claim it’s effective for back pain, shoulder pressure, and improving sleep. Ideal for long term care, palliative or trauma recovery.

For years as a manufacturer for my own online mattress web sites, I had this company build mattresses for me, and the quality, customer service aspect, and the curb appeal of this gracious looking mattress are hard to not notice.

Image shows the individual layers of The Lytton Sleep Mattress, which contains both pocketed coils, and a layer of Serene foam, which provides pressure relief and softer, plusher levels of comfort.

With thicker, beefier comfort layers and its plush, overstuffed top, I loved it’s creamy, panda’s belly feel. Get a 100 night trial and solid 15 year warranty.

Image showing the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, which contains memory foam and pocket coils and is designed to relieve pressure and pain using several layers of specialized 4lb density memory foam.


This medium firm cooling memory foam and pocket coil hybrid provided fast onset pressure and pain relief within minutes.

For larger bodies, it keeps you from sinking and with a coil suspension, is excellent for back sleepers. Pocketed coils are not excessively stiff, making it more comfortable, with less sinking in.

Image of a cutaway view of the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress showing how a womans hips are slightly more immersed to maintain proper spine alignment while sleeping on her side.

I give this Saatva option top marks for buoyant, supportive, and lively feel with out a “dead” sensation I find on lots of memory foam options.

$1495 in queen, and you get free in home setup and old mattress removal too. Lifetime warranty, 365 day no questions asked trial.

Image showing female model activating the air chamber pump controller on the Habitat Ascend Digital Air Bed. The controller adds air to air chambers under the memory foam and latex layers to increase or decrease layers.


Habitat Furnishings offers the best digital sleep number style airbed on the market. Half the price of sleep number beds. The bed is made with both natural latex and premium memory foam, and is similar to a medical style air bed with lots of adjustability for restlessness often found with cancer patients needing palliative care.

You control your own level of firmness or softness on either side- excellent for managing back pain and severe pressure that varies from day to day.

Built-in sumptuous pillow top. LED wireless remote controls with memory setting. You receive 90 Day Free Trial, solid warranty, and entirely made in the US. Easy to use hard wired digital remotes allow precise degree of softness or firmness on either side.

Image showing the Nolah Mattress, designed for side sleepers, and is ideal for bed bound individuals. Has a layer of "AirFoam" which is breathable and softer than typical memory foam or gel foam materials.


An excellent choice for bed bound patients that want a softer, plusher, and more body enveloping sensation, The Nolah Mattress is made with clean ingredients, including a specialized material called cooling AirFoam™. Ideal for bed bound side sleeperes.

For pain, targeted pressure relief melts pinpoint pain away. I test drove this mattress for two weeks and it dramatically improved my spine pain, caused by scoliosis and years of weight lifting.

It’s scientifically proven to provide 4x better pressure relief on hips, shoulders, and back. Also, the company donates proceeds various wildlife management organizations. A good way to give back and get the pain relief you deserve.

The Anti-Aging Bed offers grounding, EMF and 5G technology that helps protect your immune system. Back with FDA approval.


Hybrid mattress featuring EMF and 5G radiation shielding system. FDA backed technology using static and charge removal surface. Detox, remove free radicals, and get restorative and recharged rest. The true “bio-hack anti-aging mattress”.

The company even offers solid research that demonstrates how their technology can reduce pain and inflammation. Excellent choice for toxin removal and detoxifying from EMF radiation.

FDA proven to enhance recovery for injuries, increase general wellness, temporary increase in local blood flow and promotes a restful night of sleep.

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid offers a comfortable pillowtop, memory foam and gel foam, situated on top of a pocket coil suspension. Image also includes a dog on the mattress.

THE DREAMCLOUD LUXURY HYBRID MATTRESS: optimized for back pain relief

Described as a soft, breathable sanctuary, the Dreamcloud delivers on back pain relief. Nice buildup with sumptuous cashmere quilted top, floating pocketed coils, and a quality 4lb. density layer of gel infused memory foam.

Owners report excellent support with no bottoming out. Great for neck and shoulder pain too. Minimal motion transfer and soft on shoulders and hips, it’s just $899 in queen. I LOVE this option for chronic lower back pain, and hip pain as well.

With my link, get $399 worth of free gifts included in your purchase, plus 365 night trial period, Lifetime Warranty. Just $999 in queen size.

In this image, a woman is relaxing on the edge of the Awara Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress, which contains natural latex and pocket coils. Natural latex is chemical free and hypoallergenic.


This outstanding natural latex hybrid bed is loaded with clean, chemical free ingredients. You’ll nest upon a breathable organic quilted top, and beneath you, your body floats on 4” of botanical Dunlop latex.

Individually pocketed coils suspend and hover you, relieving lower back pain and pain between shoulders. Delivered with 365 day no questions asked trial and FOREVER warranty! Thickest layer of pure latex rubber on the market helps melt pain away.

Image showing the Real Bed, a mattress combining natural latex and pocketed coils, a hypo-allergenic and chemical free mattress solution.


An outstanding natural mattress that delivers supernatural comfort and levitating support. An organic outer quilted cover, a layer of eucalyptus infused rayon that cools, organic wool, 3” of pure botanical latex all floating above a pocketed coil system that evenly supports your body. Supports your spine with pinpoint precision. Compare at $1800 and up. Queen just $950. Proven “cake recipe” of latex and pocketed coil layer.

The Sweetnight Hybrid mattress is shown on a wooden bed frame. Priced at $598 for a king size, it is a well made hybrid mattress option that is comfortable and well rated.


A wonderful hybrid mattress without all of the middleman costs. $598 for a king size bed. Individually wrapped pocketed coils, and a unique hybrid foam layer system above providing a bouncy yet pressure relieving sensation. Cooling technology built into the cover. We like the quality of the gel foam used in this Texas made brand. Solid 10 year warranty. Great for side sleepers and shoulder pain sufferers. A third of the price of identical “BigMattressInc” beds.

Image of the Diamond Grateful Mattress.


Looking for great support, especially at hips and shoulders? Our team loves this unique coil and foam hybrid. Gel memory foam on top, a pocketed coil system below with zoned support for torso and hips. A unique feature: a foam edge which provides perimeter support for sitting and increases usable space on the mattress. Queen size $999, 120 Night Trial. A+ marks.