I’ve Put 25 Years Of Mattress Manufacturing Experience To The Test To Help Take The Mystery And Misery Out Of Your Mattress Shopping Experience!

Mattress industry veteran Marc Anderson has 25 years of mattress design and manufacturing experience, and is eager to help you find the perfect mattress- made with quality ingredients, and offered at the right price.

a seasoned industry expert. unbiased recommendations. not owned by mattress companies.

Marc Anderson, the CEO and creator of The Mattress Buyer Guide, has been a mattress industry veteran in the USA for over 25 years, and is a respected bedding products expert in Canada, the UK, and throughout Asia.

Unlike other mattress review sites, Marc has in the trenches experience with the materials, methods, and cost factors associated with mattress design.

Sacrificing quality to increase profits is a common problem in the mattress manufacturing industry because competition is fierce.

From cheap container loads of compressed foam to inferior steel coils and poorly made textiles, consumers often have no way to know what they are buying.

Marc is a mattress component and industry expert and you can be sure he has a watchful eye over every mattress he reviews.

He is a nationally recognized authority on bedding design, an upholstery components expert, and has invented, manufactured, and sold hundreds of thousands of his beds online through his own companies such as Habitat Furnishings, FCO Homegoods, and more.

He started The Mattress Buyer Guide to make navigating a mattress shopping experience easier by offering academic and transparent information, offering a curated list of Trusted Dealers.

We’ve got a simple mission. Scour through hundreds upon hundreds of online retailers and whittling your list down to a handful of really great options. As it says up top, “we take the mystery out of mattress shopping” is the mantra of our review site, first created in 2009.

Our recommended dealers are hand selected by Marc as well as our team of editors and mattress experts with great care and a lot of arguing and debate.  

Most Mattress Review Sites Are Owned By Big Mattress Companies, Not By Third Party Experts Or An Industry Authority

Our editor in chief and senior content manager is Marc Anderson, a mattress industry CEO and 25 year veteran of the bedding business. Marc has invented, designed and manufactured, marketed, and sold almost every conceivable kind of mattress in the industry.

When not working as a consultant to many of the worlds largest mattress retailers and manufacturers, Marc reviews mattresses sold online and has carefully created a curated list of quality mattresses from dealers who focus on one thing- making fantastic beds for their customers.

Marc is an established authority on mattress engineering and design, components, and using sustainable and green materials in mattress manufacturing. His web site, Habitat Furnishings, LLC, initially launched in 2004, was the first e-commerce platform to introduce natural latex bedding products to America.

Marc’s extensive knowledge of green, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic textiles, toxin and formaldehyde free foams, and safe FR (fire retardant ) fabrics in the industry makes him highly sought after as a consultant and advisor.

Unlike the creators of the larger, incredibly complicated so-called “mattress reviews” sites that exist only to mine commissions, The Mattress Buyer Guide uses trust and authority driven information based on realtime experience in the mattress design and fabrication industry to help consumers navigate their way through hundreds of brands to find a comfortable, supportive, safe, and healthy mattress to call their own.

There are no other mattress review sites that can evaluate and recommend mattresses using industry experience, and this results in thousands of people being mismatched with mattresses they should not have purchased.

Marc often warns consumers that most mattress review sites are owned by the mattress companies themselves and their questionable reviews favor only a handful of heavily marketed “unicorn” mattresses.

These sites spend millions on marketing and advertising and often the reviewers themselves are merely actors, software engineers, and copy writers- not legitimate bedding or sleep experts that have years of experience designing, building, and marketing mattress products.

Our page about biased mattress review sites provide detailed intelligence and facts that unveil the seedy schemes and deals that these so-called third party sites have created to scam mattress shoppers. Take a look at who really owns these review sites.

A Wing Man- To Help You Take The Mystery And Misery Out Of Mattress Shopping!

Marc Anderson’s LinkedIn profile outlines a 25 year career as a mattress designer, engineer, and pioneer.

Marc’s worked in the trenches, testing and researching mattress components, handpicking the ingredients and sleep testing beds himself, and has created over 150 best selling beds for his web sites and his retail stores through the years.

Unlike the digital marketing companies that “review” mattresses alongside of appliances and home furnishings products, Marc’s journey in the bedding industry began with a small retail store in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. Here’s a picture of his very first retail location opened on August 1, 1994.

The very first retail mattress store owned by Marc Anderson, a leading expert in mattress design and marketing. The location: Van Dorn Street, Alexandria, Virginia, founded in 1994. Ellen’s Futons & Beds went on to become an 11 store chain in the DC metropolitan area.

He quickly grew one store into several, and in 1998 became one of the first bedding retailers on the web. By 2009, he was the CEO of one of the three highest volume online mattress stores, long before Casper, Purple, Nectar, and other brands even existed.

In fact, along with a small handful of courageous online retailers, he helped pioneer the bed in a box concept almost 20 years ago, long before the owners of today’s popular foam mattress web sites were even out of high school. 

Marc knows every single scam in the business, especially after designing over 150 mattresses himself and pioneering the ubiquitous “bed in a box” category.

These days, it’s tempting and very easy to find and buy a $1000 mattress that looks great, feels wonderful, and delivers a rock star level of hype. But the quality of the components and the manufacturing techniques used often do not provide value and durability-and most mattress shoppers are not provided with an honest and transparent understanding of the most intimate product they will ever buy.

Unfortunately, many beds sold out there today are what industry experts like Marc call “limited lifespan commodities“, in other words, a mattress designed to last just beyond the warranty- or even worse- just beyond the trial period allowing you to return it for your money back.

“Most mattresses sold online are made using inferior components that break down quickly. The industry has become so competitive that manufacturers are forced to sacrifice quality in many cases”.

-Marc Anderson, Bedding Industry Pioneer And Expert

A few years ago, the mattress industry exploded. Dozens of startup companies crashed the conventional bedding business by creating an entirely new breed of bed, almost all of which use cutting edge ingredients and razor sharp marketing and advertising. How many mattress commercials do you see every day pitching you the world’s best bed? Hundreds of options to choose from, all with the same pitch, and what appears to be the identical mattress, or at least close.

Out Of Hundreds Of Online And Brick And Mortar Stores, Only A Small Handful Of Mattresses Meet The High Standards To Be A Trusted Dealer

More consumers who buy their mattress online choose one of our brands over almost every other retailer. The reason? Relying on a seasoned mattress designer and engineer with over 25 years of experience. Nine out of ten online retailers selling mattresses are not bedding experts at all. In fact, thy have little or no experience making mattresses and rely on third party fabricators to design and create their brand, their logo, their web site, and many of the CEO’s of these companies, if they sat down for coffee with our CEO, would likely be ground down pretty fast.

The end result of these companies, who rely largely on venture capital to stay afloat, will eventually fold up their tents. We’ve watched them come and go. Our curated Trusted Dealer portfolio includes many companies who bench build their mattresses in small batches, or are operated by CEO’s who earned their expertise by working in the bedding industry trenches. They build beds that will last. More importantly, if something should go wrong down the road, they’ll be there to help.

why we are so respected for our selection of trusted dealers…a gathering of retailers that will deliver a quality bed to your front door.

We are the oldest and most established mattress buyer guide site on the internet, originally established in 2007, which is one of the reasons we are widely respected in the business, in almost every category. This site receives more hits by potential mattress buyers than almost all of the conventional so-called “review sites” combined, on a day to day basis.

Why?  Because we can present an honest, unbiased, and academic approach to bedding options that put all of the sites you will find on our pages on the same level playing field. And with 25 years of mattress industry experience, you’ll find nothing but rich information on our Where To Buy page that tells you not only why you might want to choose a particular mattress, but what’s inside of them and what to look for when shopping for a bed.

You’ll be taught a lot if you read our content, and will probably have a host of questions to ask either in an online chat, or to a sales person in a retail store. Bottom line, you’ll won’t be second guessing yourself after your purchase. Here, you’ll get just the facts, no fake mattress reviews, no payoffs from mattress companies.