We Found A Mattress Designed To Improve Daytime Performance

My Level Mattress review is similar to many all foam mattresses I’ve tested, but- because it’s not just another pile of foam slabs- it really has something to offer. Honestly, not many foam mattresses are literally designed to improve daytime performance. At least, that’s what the company claims. Let’s take a look.

I Liked The Restful, Soothing Feel, And The Zoned Back Support

By designing this mattress with different zones of support for shoulders, torso, and hips, The Level Sleep team offered up a “one-mattress-fits-most” concept that is pretty effective at relieving pain and pressure.

They sell one model from their online store, and it’s very reasonably priced (we tested a queen size, which cost $999 with free shipping). I found that the pressure and pain relief I received after testing the mattress for a few nights was more productive that most coil and foam combination mattress options.

With most foam mattresses, the manufacturer attempts to save costs by simply stacking increasingly softer layers of different kinds of foam on top of one another.

The Level Mattress is made using a firmer yet yielding base layer underneath, which is called high resiliency foam, and keeps you from sinking and having to dig your way out. My Level Mattress review dug deep into how owners claim to wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

Even couples up to 400 lbs. combined weight will do well on The Level Mattress, because of the 7″ base layer which helps evenly distribute weight effectively. I weigh 195 lbs. and sleep on my side a lot, and I didn’t bottom into it, and even while sitting on the edge of the mattress, did not feel like I was sliding off at all.

It’s not a soft mattress, but actually feels a bit more medium firm, although the torso area is intentionally designed to push up against your spine to keep it elevated, and it’s softer at shoulders and hips.

While it’s not the best for hot sleepers, I’d say if you are temperature neutral or sleep cooler, it’s a great option, as many conventional memory foam mattresses can sleep very warm.

A common mistake made by mattress creators is often the failure to incorporate features or components that properly “suspend” your spine and keep it straight and level, thus allowing your muscles and connective tissues to “hang” in between your hips and your shoulder area.

This causes rapid buildup of lactic acid, which can burn and ache, and we often wake up feeling exhausted and unrefreshed because your body struggles all night long to find a pain free position.

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Most Mattresses Don’t Target Specific Areas Of Your Body

The Level Mattress uses advanced foams from top to bottom to provide pressure and pain relief along with a buoyant and uplifting quality that keeps your spine level.

Right up top is a 1″ piece of something called “HR foam” which in industry-speak is high resiliency foam meaning that you can squeeze it and it quickly expands back.

This material is directly above the three zoned “adaptive foam” that delivers firm support to your back mid-section, softer support to your head and neck, and a medium level of “cushiness” to your rear end and hamstring area.

This orchestrated section of three different densities of a memory/gel like material also is pretty effective at reducing heat, but is mainly designed to eliminate soreness so you can sleep deeper and wake up energized.

Does it work? I tried it and found it to be quite effective at calming me down so I didn’t toss and turn as much. Normally, if I’m on an uncomfortable mattress, I wake up tired and even with a ringing inside my ears due to the stress of not sleeping deeply enough.

A Patented Design That’s Different From The Rest

Level Sleep’s design team spent ten years developing their product and eventually patented their design.

Because the use of three different densities of foam directly situated under your body, The Level Sleep Mattress is essentially the only one of its kind.

Level Sleep® began dedicated sleep research through the development of the Level Restore™ pillow, which was first test by Stanford University’s Sleep Medicine Center, as well as The Center for Human Sleep Research. Encouraged by Stanford researchers, Level Sleep® went on to develop the patented TriSupport® mattress which is sold through our link as through practitioner’s offices as well.

The company designs mattresses and pillows that encourage a neutral sleeping position by promoting natural spinal alignment and low pressure. That’s the secret with this mattress, and I highly recommend. It’s also fairly priced, at $999 in queen, and $1199 in king. It’s priced at about half the price of a comparable memory foam brand that doesn’t focus on balancing the body strategically by reducing pressure in targeted areas.

Proper spinal alignment and low pressure combine to help you find prolonged comfort which reduces tossing and turning and mattress-related morning pain and stiffness. This improved sleep quality directly translates to improved daytime function.