Ethos Natural Hybrid Mattress Review: A Luxury Mattress With Clean, Non-Toxic Components

For our Ethos Natural Hybrid Mattress review, we ordered The Ethos Natural Hybrid Mattress in the firm option, although it is available in plush and medium as well.

Let’s take a look at this relatively new and revolutionary mattress made by a family owned American company that’s been bench building mattresses since 1946.

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What makes the Diamond Ethos Natural Hybrid Mattress unique is that it’s made using non-toxic, organic, and clean ingredients, while still pulling off luxurious curb appeal, while still delivering on support and comfort.

Diamond Mattress has a long history of designing hybrid mattresses that are innovative, but more importantly are carefully calibrated for optimal spine support, pain, and pressure relief.

Priced at $2299 in queen, you’ll get free shipping, a 120 night no questions asked trial period, and the company’s respected 20 year warranty.

We’re going to take a close look at the components you’ll get by investing in a well crafted mattress-that’s made using safer ingredients- and designed to last.

  • GOTS-Certified  Organic Cotton
  • Non-Toxic EcoFlex™ Foam
  • GOTS-Certified  Wool
  • Supportive Natural Latex
  • 7-Series Dynamic Edge Coils Wrapped Coils
  • Made Entirely In The USA
  • Certipur-US Certified
  • 20 Year Warranty

Better Back Support And Pressure Relief Than Higher Priced Competitors?

One reason hybrid mattresses are hugely popular right now is because of the ability to combine localized pressure relief using individually pocketed coils.

Separate coils can respond to different amounts of pressure based on weight, and provide lift and pushback at areas like hips and shoulders.

Having layers above the coils allow areas that need to be cradled and filled in, like the space between hips and rib cage, which helps keep your spine straight and level during sleep.

During the night, if your mattress does not conform to your body, your spine acts much like a suspension bridge and has to carry the load across two small points, causing muscles to stress and release lactic acid while you sleep.

This is why many people wake up in pain. The Ethos Natural Hybrid Mattress incorporates natural latex, organic wool, organic cotton, and the best zoned pocketed coil system made by another American company called L&P.

I really like the fact that almost all of the components built into this mattress are sourced right here in the USA.

For the money, I’d have to say that The Ethos Natural Hybrid Mattress is a pretty good deal considering how elaborate and well thought the design is.

I designed and manufactured my own luxury and investment grade mattresses, and many of them sold for $3000 and up, and didn’t include the benefit of having certified non-toxic foam components, or a sophisticated pocket coil layer.

The Ethos Natural Hybrid Mattress contains certified organic ingredients from the top down, including the tufted cotton quilted pillow top which is soft and fluffy, yet won’t pack down.

Because we chose the firm model, instead of the plush or medium, we expected the mattress to have little sinking or immersion.

Actually, while it is firm and will keep you straight and level, especially if you are a side or back sleeper, it isn’t excessively rigid. Many “firm” mattresses are rock hard, offering little resistance.

I think the idea of sandwiching the 2″ thick layer of pure Talalay latex in between two supportive foam layers is the key to giving you a firmer yet yielding sensation.

Underneath, the pocketed coils also offer pressure relief but really serve to help push weight to the sides of the mattress rather than down.

I feel like the appeal of this mattress is the use of the latex and foam layers, which offer 6″ of buoyant and uplifting comfort.

Placing the latex in the center give this mattress its characteristic spring back and responsiveness, without that dead memory foam feel, typical of many firmer, more expensive mattress options.

With the added benefit of excellent edge support and a breathable all natural outer encasement, overall I’d give this mattress a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars.