The Nolah Mattress Lineup: Voted Best Side Sleeper Mattresses On The Web

get rid of your hot and achy “memory foam” mattress and try something new! Three options, all best in class

After spending 25 years inventing memory foam mattresses for my own web sites, I became an industry authority on memory foam recipes and the pressure relieving benefits you can get from it. The problem though, is that typical “memory foam” is made from urethane foam which contains a lot of toxic components that you breathe all night long.

Also, conventional memory, because it is made from thousands of “tiny bubbles”, can be hot as hell, and can make you feel like you are trapped inside, desperately trying to dig your way out.

Because it is so dense, most memory foam material actually gathers heat rather than dispersing it. Before mattress designers figured out that memory foam didn’t have to sleep hot, and could still offer that signature melting in and cradling sensation that relieves pressure almost instantly, burning up in a memory foam mattress came hand in hand with the benefits..

In 2015, during the wave of new bed in a box mattresses, especially those capitalizing on memory foam, Nolah Mattress came on the scene with a mattress that was a kind of reinvented version of the stamped out memory foam mattress everyone else was selling.

What was different about their mattress lineup was a cleaner, non-toxic version of so-called “visco-elastic foam”, the industry term for memory foam, and incorporated cleaner ingredients that were free of phthalates, formaldehyde, and PBDE’s, the toxic soup of chemicals found in virtually all memory foam beds.

Turns out it ventilates better and because it is “open cell” rather than “closed cell”, heat can literally be pumped away from your body as you empty the small cells around you.

It costs more to make, but because it is slightly less dense than most memory foams out there, it breathes better, and is far more flexible, has higher tear strength (meaning much more flexible and resistant to degradation from tossing and turning over long periods of time-yeah, that’s a thing), and gives the user better pressure relief, especially at shoulders and hips.

I’ve reviewed dozens of memory foam mattresses. Nolah’s patented AirFoam™ delivers the pressure relief and body contouring you want using simplified designs without a lot of chemicals- and without the heat and sunken in sensation. All of their models using memory foam

The company developed this memory foam alternative, which they dubbed AirFoam™, which has all of the pressure relieving and weight distribution qualities that memory foam has- but it’s safer and more comfortable.

It sleeps much cooler than memory foam, in fact, and helps distribute weight away from your body, according to many actual owners who have reviewed the mattress on Google and on the Nolah site.

I like the fact that all three of their models that use this material use cleaner components to deliver solid comfort and support without presenting a hazard while you sleep.

Most importantly, since our noses and lungs are in close proximity with our mattresses while we sleep, you’ll breathe in astronomically cleaner air without fumes and chemicals.

Promoted as the best mattresses for side sleepers, all three of Nolah’s models which use the AirFoam component are designed cushioned support and soft, soothing relief for shoulders and hips, while filling in void areas, so you get that hugged and tucked in sensation without feeling trapped. Let’s take a look at their three model lineup.

I’m going to discuss all three models below, but I wanted you to know what all three models have in common, and the benefits you’ll get by ordering any of the three. You’ll get free shipping and returns if you don’t love your Nolah mattress, a lifetime warranty, and a mattress that’s made in the USA. You’ll also get a 120 night trial, which to me, is plenty of time to either fall in love with it, or return it for a full refund.

The company’s proprietary AirFoam™ in The Nolah Certipur-US® certified mattress program is scientifically proven to provide 4 times less peak pressure on hips, shoulders, and back when you compare it with premium memory foams. Nolah AirFoam™ is 100% temperature neutral and made without heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals to provide you with a cool and comfortable sleep.

the nolah original 10” mattress: cooling pressure relief, the back support you need

Nolah AirFoam™ is 100% temperature neutral and made without heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals to provide you with a cool and comfortable sleep.

Let’s talk about what’s inside the Nolah 10” mattress, their first model, and I’ll explain why their lineup is worth the money. Up top is the 2”layer of proprietary AirFoam for pressure relief, and you’ll get minimal sink- no trapped feeling- but easy to turn on, and yielding to shoulders.

Underneath is a layer of “latex-like” material that is firmer and more supportive, keeping you up top. It’s an ingenious design, and it’s the model of choice if you rare price conscious and want the core benefits of a Nolah mattress.

Update: The Nolah 10” Original Mattress has recently been given an upgrade and it’s now equipped with a snow-white Tencel™ cover. Tencel is a naturally derived material that is super absorbent, lightweight, soft, and highly breathable, too. I’ve used it before in many of my own designs.

The Nolah Original 10” Mattress, at just $899 in queen, offers the pressure relief of their proprietary AirFoam™ without the hot, melting in sensation that old school memory foam delivers.

The Nolah Original 10” Certipur-US® certified mattress is scientifically proven to provide 4x less peak pressure on hips, shoulders, and back compared to high-end memory foam.

I like their entry level model being not too excessively soft, too, being more medium firm, around 5-6 on a 1-10 scale. You’ll be more on top of the Nolah Original 10”, rather than inside of it.

The Nolah 10” Original is astonishingly “uncomplex” in design, which means less likelihood of lifetime failure. It’s a one side up mattress, though, and it medium firm in feel.

The foundation layer, typically there to give height to a mattress, and to provide the underlying support that keeps you from bottoming out, is 7” of breathable HD (high density) foam- of which I’m very familiar, and Nolah uses the proper density and grade that’s worth the money.

the nolah signature 12” mattress: flippable, so it’s two mattresses in one!

For the price of one mattress, you’ll get a reversible mattress that is soft and plushy on one side, and bit more supportive and firmer on the other.

Imagine the Nolah Signature 12” Mattress ad being made kind of like an ice cream sandwich. The supportive underlying foundation is in the center of both sides, with a bit more of the AirFoam material on the softer side, along with the latex-like support foam.

At just $1299 in queen, The Nolah Signature 12” Mattress is one of few mattresses I’ve reviewed of its type, mainly because it’s not easy to pull off a double sided mattress that gives you the option to choose from a softer or a firmer option-with one easy flip.

Using a thicker layer of proprietary Nolah AirFoam™ one one side, the softer option is 2.5” thick. When flipped, you’ll get 1” of AirFoam™, for a firmer feel. You can even flip the mattress over when it suits you depending upon your needs over the lifetime of the mattress.

The Nolah Signature 12” Mattress is flippable, and the softer side has their latex like high resiliency foam that is far more durable than latex (latex can be easily torn when stretched over time) and the center of the mattress is the firm, high density layer that essentially divides the soft side from the firm side.

The weight of the mattress is not overwhelming, and it can be flipped by one person, though a team of two do it faster and a tad easier.

The outer covering fabric that is used is an organic cotton covering that is highly breathable. The organic cotton cover is white on the softer side of the mattress, and is a charcoal color if you flip it to the firmer side.

Firmness wise, the softer side runs about 4-5 on the 1-10 scale, with 10 being like sleeping on a carpeted floor, and 1 being like a down pillow, so its plushy and nest-like-but you don’t crash right through it either.

I found it to be very plush feeling, especially when on my side, and if you like to be nestled, it’s a good fit. For couples, or heavier folks, though, you may want to test the firmer side as well, as it will be notably easier to turn and to transfer in and out of the mattress during the night.

Firmer side up, the Nolah Signature 12” Hybrid Mattress is pretty firm, at about 7-8, and I will tell you that it’s about the firmest mattress I’ve tested in the “memory foam” category. So, the difference between the two sides is substantial enough so that you will definitely feel the difference.

the nolah evolution 15” mattress: a forever mattress that offers cloud-like comfort, sleeps cool, and is excellent for both back and side sleepers

The Nolah Evolution 15” Mattress incorporates a layer of Graphite Infused Air-Foam Ice™ a unique material that cools down the topmost layers so that your body temperature is held at optimal range-promoting restorative, energizing sleep.

Nolah’s fastest selling and most popular mattress option. Loaded with features designed to improve sleep, reduce pain, sleep cool, and eliminate motion transfer. Truly a spa quality mattress. At just $1499, I find it on par with mattresses costing $3500 and up that offer far less.

Owners tell their friends and family and experience “cloud like” sleep, and even see reduction in pain from sciatica and lower back issues.

Garnishing a 4.9 out of 5 star rating from hundreds of verified owner ratings, I’d say it’s hard to beat this hybrid mattress which includes individually pocketed coils that allow your body to hover.

i say ditch your so-called “memory foam” mattress…today.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of hybrid mattress options, but for the most part, they’re all the same. The Nolah Evolution Mattress however, is different. It even incorporates specialized vents that remove air from the sides of the mattress.

Delivering localized support that offers pinpoint support (imagine piano keys and your vertebrae falling in line upon them, you’ll get lifting and levitating support that’s firm (the Evolution falls at about 6 out of 10 on my scale, so medium firm) while still feeling comfy and cozy.

Nolah Mattress invented a unique material that while similar to memory foam, has a frothier, more breathable, and better body conforming sensation to it. But- you don’t bottom into it.
You’ll enjoy revolutionary AirFoam™ technology, specifically Nolah’s Graphite Infused AirFoam Ice™, which keeps you cool and promotes restorative, rejuvenating sleep.

Graphite infused body adaptive foam material is something I’m familiar with, but I’ve not seen it used in a hybrid mattress with pocketed coils before. It’s a daring addition to the category and Nolah’s most popular runaway mattress option.

You’ll get a 120 night free trial, too, to make sure it blows you away. Lifetime warranty, free returns and shipping, and best of all, it’s entirely made in the USA.