Sweetnight Prime Mattress Review: Tested And Rated By 25 Year Mattress Industry Pro

Photo shows a young couple reclined on the Sweetnight Prime Mattress. The room is soft and white with curtains agains the windows. The photo shows the couple from the foot of the mattress.

I’m Marc Anderson and I spent 25 years in the mattress industry working primarily with memory foam. I tested and reviewed the Sweetnight Prime Mattress, a 10″ memory foam mattress that sells for $760 in queen, and $919 in king size. It offers four unique firmness options since it can be flipped over.

For the money, it’s pretty versatile, and essentially it’s four mattresses in one. I’ll explain in detail.It has a unique “S-shape” interior design which sets it apart from many competitors because of the way it supports your body. Depending upon which end you choose as the head end, the foam is thicker to prevent sinking or curving of your spine, and you can choose from the following comfort levels:

  • Soft: subtle melting in feel, easy on shoulders
  • Medium-Soft: comfortably yielding
  • Medium-Firm: pressure relief, spine support
  • Firm: no sinking, stiffer feel- best if you have lower back pain

From Plush To Firm, I Liked The Versatility Of This Flippable Mattress Priced At Just $760 In Queen

Eager to see if the Sweetnight Prime Mattress was a contender in my best memory foam mattress category, I practically jumped onto the thing. I was impressed, even though I expected to collapse right through it. I didn’t, and once I flipped it over and tried the other side, my general takeaway was that it was designed with support in mind.

I landed on the soft side which I found yielding enough and even at 190 lbs. and 6’2″ tall, It supported my torso, and my big head, really well. One of the notable characteristics that I immediately test is edge support. I do this by burying my knee near the edge.

If it can handle most of my weight, I know it’s well constructed and will stand the test of time.

My test sample was a twin size model arrived in excellent condition, and the mattress was compressed and rolled. Wrapped in thick plastic sheeting, I quickly unfurled it and it rapidly expanded to its original factory size.

One person could easily handle delivery, opening the box, and setting up a twin or full size, but we recommend two people for queen or king sizes.

The vacuum packaged mattress quickly returned to factory size within minutes, but we gave it 24 hours to fully “re-inflate” itself before we tested it.

The chess board fabric felt much like flannel, like a nice hoodie, very soft and cool to the touch. The blended cotton and synthetic fabric is designed to cool and insulate so the mattress sleeps cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

For under $950 in queen, I have never tested a mattress that has four different firmness options from soft to firm, all built in.

You can simply switch by either sleeping head to foot then switching 180 degrees on the same side, and then simply by flipping the mattress to experience two additional firmness options. Pretty cool!

The mattress is tagged on both sides to let you know whether you are on the soft or firm side, and by switching head to foot position on either side, you’ll get two further options. Honestly, the difference between the four sleeping options is not startlingly different, but you can tell the difference, and found that to be ideal.

If you are shopping for a reversible mattress you probable want a similar feel, but maybe ranging from a moderate degree of softness to a firmer, resilient option and not a huge range of difference. The mattress felt supportive and provided a good degree of yielding regardless of which of the two softer options I selected.

Overall my initial impression was excellent, considering the price of a queen at $760 and a king at $919. Fairly competitive and I’d say a bit less expensive than many 10″ memory foam mattresses without the reversible option and a decent outer covering.

I tested and even slept on The Sweetnight Prime Mattress and evaluated it using my 11 datapoint analysis. Overall, I really enjoyed it and recommend it.

What’s Inside The Sweetnight Prime Mattress

Before I get to my comprehensive test results of The Sweetnight Prime Mattress, let’s take a look at what’s inside. There is something that’s unique, and a bit daring, about design of this mattress. It’s not designed like the everyday, layer cake “slab of foam” design that are used by almost every mattress manufacturer I know of.

Each component is curve shaped and corresponds to specific zones of your body, like your torso. I’ve never seen this design used successfully, but it seems to make sense because of the reversible nature of this mattress. Each layer is a specific ILD (mattress lingo for density, learn more here if you want to know more) and a specific thickness, about 2 to 2.5 inches thick, and with the outer quilted jacquard fabric, adds up to the total height of 10″ thick.

Layer By Layer Description And Evaluation Of The SweetNight Prime Mattress

Image shows 4 separate foam layers inside the SweetNight Prime Mattress. Each layer is curved shaped rather than flat, corresponding to different zones of your body.
  1. Depending upon which side is up, the blue cooling gel foam layer is effective at removing body heat by using phase change technology. Note that this layer is only at the top if you have the medium soft/medium firm side up. You can easily determine this with the tags, and you will notice in seconds that you are in contact with the blue gel foam layer.
  2. Transitional foam layer. This high density foam materials dampens motion, helps spread out the pressure relieving capability of the mattress, and provides a uniform feel. It also helps prevent sinking and bottoming into the mattress when you choose the softer options.
  3. High density foam layer. This layer provides the core support and resiliency for either side when you choose your firmness option. I also recommend simply flipping the mattress and trying out each of the four configurations to find your sweet spot. Don’t worry about the tags or the guts of the mattress- do it by feel.
  4. Firm comfort layer. This layer provides the softer initial feel that the firmer side needs to allow for pressure relief and comfort.

Objective Testing And Comprehensive Sweetnight Prime Mattress Review

Our Results: My Sweetnight Prime Mattress Review

I reviewed a twin size Sweetnight Prime Mattress in a simulated bedroom environment with the mattress placed on a solid deck surface of platform bed. All of the ratings were based on averages of several reviewers, along with myself, who participated.

1. Overall Comfort– soft side: initial feel, level of immersion, initial body contact experience 9, firmer side: 9 . Each of the four options, chosen head to foot, had a detectable difference without being excessively firm or too soft. Softer side had no “dig your way out” feeling at all.
2. Support–both sides- spine alignment, pain relief, pressure relief in 30 minutes or less 10
3. Solo Sleeper– preferred softer side myself, but overall impressions with comfort, ease of turning, back and side 10
4. Couple Experience- not much sink-but immersive, not tight, both sides 9
5. Edge Support– both sides-no sliding off, as experienced by 190 lb. test subject 10
6. Cooling Power: excellent cooling on softer side, really noticeable 10
7. Sex– little bit of slipperiness with jacquard fabric, as reported by online reviews and voluntary reporting 8.
8. Bounce, Motion Transfer, And Liveliness-really good motion transfer, lively, no dead memory foam sensation 9
9. Cost Value– 1-10 rating 10 definitely the best bang for your buck10
10. Trial Period, Warranty, And General Customer Service Appeal 10
11. Shipping And Delivery Experience– ease of delivery, clean packaging, ship time, setup 10

Overall Rating Of Sweetnight Prime Mattress9.4 Excellent +


1. Overall Comfort: 9 out of 10

Since Sweetnight Prime Mattress is available in one level of firmness, has initial feel that is soft and body contouring, and I’d say it falls at about 5-6 on the conventional used 1-10 firmness scale, with 10 being extremely rigid and firm. Tip: a retail store innerspring mattress will fall at about a 7, so this mattress is just a bit more immersive, slightly softer.

2. Support: 10 out of 10

The Sweetnight Prime Mattress is supportive on both sides, including the softer side with bigger bodies sinking in a bit more, but I observed minimal sinking in when on my side or back. The only thing I’m concerned about is weight, so couples with combined weights of 350 lbs. that are side sleepers or tend to snuggle in the middle might consider a hybrid mattress made with both foam and a pocket coil core instead of an all foam mattress.

3. Solo Sleeper: 9 out of 10

One simple answer: lower margin of error when gauging comfort. Because the Sweetnight Prime Mattress is versatile and has several firmness options which you can try out, the hidden hassle factor is eliminated. Typically lone consumers who have to buy a bed in a box mattress are stuck wrestling boxes with their pre-compressed mattresses by themselves.

If you purchase a mattress and are not satisfied with the correct level of firmness or softness, you have to initiate a return and start all over again. By buying a mattress that has multiple firmness options, you can save a lot of trouble. And for the money, it’s priced fairly and responsibly.

This holds true with most bed in a box mattress options is that as a solo sleeper, you might need to get a buddy to move and maneuver your compressed mattress, which is going to be wedged inside of a tight box, to get in on your bed frame. Our girl on site though, had no issues moving our queen size sample from the box onto the platform frame we used to review it.

But- The Sweetnight Prime Mattress in queen weighs only 86 lbs., and a king weighs 90 lbs., and if you are by yourself, it’s manageable, much more so that in the lovingly edited videos which show couples or two guys manhandling their scrunched up mattress out of the box.

4. Couple Experience: 9 out of 10- so long as combined weight is less than 400lbs

Keep in mind that I reviewed a twin Sweetnight Prime Mattress. All foam mattresses pair well with couples provided the support foam layers are of sufficient density. I like to see at least 32ILD high density foam as a supportive element, and the Sweetnight HD foam clocks in at about 32-36 ( I personally tested it myself). This is ideal for couples, up to a point.

You can expect much more of a floating experience if you are a bigger couple, but for couples up to 250lbs. combined, it hits the sweet spot we think.

From a comfort perspective, couples writing online reviews responded highly to snuggling and spaced apart sleeping, describing the mattress with positive comments. I’ve reviewed hundred of foam mattresses that are the typical variety of “bed in a box” style where couples find it difficult to find a mattress where there is a tradeoff between settling on too firm an option to keep from collapsing in the middle.

5. Edge Support: 9 out of 10

Surprisingly,  Sweetnight Prime Mattress offers really great edge support, consider it’s only 10″ tall. For the money, it performed really well. For older people transitioning a lot out of bed it might work because of its shallower height compared to other bed in a box brands that can be as tall as 12″.

People with disabilities might consider another brand if you need much firmer edge support. You can also check out my Best Mattress For People With Disabilities page for enhanced information.

6. Sex And Intimacy: 8 out of 10

Generally, more bouncy surfaces like Natural Latex Mattresses are preferred as are mattresses with better immersive qualities, allowing for better “grip” on bodies, as sliding around on a mattress during intimacy is generally a negative factor.  The  Sweetnight Prime Mattress gets pretty impressive comments when it comes to sexual activity in bed, including not being too bouncy and allowing a good level of immersion to minimize sliding around.

7. Bounce, Liveliness, And Motion Transfer: 10 out of 10

Pretty good, actually. I observed that for the money,  Sweetnight Prime Mattress is highly responsive and you don’t get that “dead in bed” memory foam feel often found in cheaper memory foam mattresses that sell for under $500. The reason for this is that memory foam is much more expensive and by the time a manufacturer prices out a 10-12″ tall mattress, it’s financially impossible to build a mattress that doesn’t bottom out or quickly collapses in the middle.

8. Cost vs. Value Delivered: 10 out of 10

Priced at just $949 in queen and $1199 in king, The Sweetnight Prime Mattress has benefits and features that easily compare to brands selling for hundred dollars more. Specifically, I would easily compare it to a firmer Tempur-Pedic model selling for hundreds more, and the cooling benefits are also equatable. To me, performance is what matters, and in this case, pressure and pain relief because it is a memory foam mattress.

I have scoliosis, bone spurs, and other damage from snow skiing, and it takes the right chemistry in a mattress to dull the pain. I can tell within seconds whether a mattress made with pressure relieving foams is going to be effective over the ling haul.

9. Trial Period, Warranty, Customer Service 10 out of 10

Sweetnight packages their mattresses in gently compressed and vacuum packaged fashion, shipped directly to your door. They offer a 100 night trial period, a 10 year warranty, and you get free returns if you are not completely satisfied.

10. Shipping And Delivery Experience 10 out of 10

Shipping and delivery is typically reliable with most online mattress companies, and Nolah Mattress is right up there in my opinion. The company ships out within 4-5 days, so I’d expect about a week to receive your mattress. I was totally satisfied with my shipping and delivery experience.

The boxes are double layered cardboard and the mattress is double bagged after being gently rolled and inserted into the box. Weighing 86 lbs. in queen, and 90lbs. in king, the product is pretty manageable by one person or a team of two.

The Sweetnight Prime Mattress is built in Indonesia and shipped to several strategic shipping and fulfillment centers here in the USA. For years, I built latex mattresses and imported products from Jakarta, the capitol city of the island nation. Best quality, super diligent workforce and sense of pride. Sweetnight employs over 2,000 workers in several facilities there. Unsurpassed bench built quality.