Douglas Alpine Cooling Mattress Review

I tested and reviewed the Douglas Alpine Cooling Mattress to see if it really measured up to deliver cooling relief along with pressure and pain relief. The company sent me a sample and I was worried it might be cool and not comfortable, or hot and super pain relieving.

Made Locally In Canada By A Company We Trust

I’ve reviewed several mattresses made by Douglas Mattress, and when they asked me to review the Douglas Alpine Cooling Mattress, I wanted to compare it to other brands that really offer benefits for hot sleepers.

Our mattress survey has really made us aware of the vast number of people who sleep hot, often preventing them from getting deeper, restful sleep- even in cooler climates.

My test sample arrived perfectly packaged and sealed, and when I cut open the bag, the mattress unfurled and quickly rose to its original factory thickness of 11″ tall.

This is a pretty a typical height for an all foam mattress, and at 6’2″ tall and 190 lbs., I was kind of expecting to collapse and sink into the middle. Surprisingly though, even when on my side, I floated near the top, while my hips and shoulders immersed just a bit, without that unsteady wobbly feeling of being too firm.

We evaluated the foam layers inside The Douglas Alpine Cooling Mattress for support, comfort and cooling benefits. First thing I noticed- you don’t bottom into the mattress.

Great Support And Cooling Benefit Without Sinking In The Middle

We’ve surveyed our own readers about the best attributes their ideal mattress should have, and over 75% of them told us that sleeping hot keeps them from feeling restored and rested. Couples especially have difficulty with this issue, and The Douglas Alpine Cooling Mattress is strategically designed, without coils, to deliver on this chronic problem.

Let’s take a look at why this mattress, sold exclusively in Canada, not only can help with hot sleeping issues, but can also relieve pressure and pain as well.

Specialized cooling gel is mixed with memory foam to offer heat absorption and reflection, along with pressure point relief in this metal spring free mattress option from Canada.

I’m going to go into details about each layer below, but let’s talk about the overarching and immediate benefits you’ll get for this year round mattress option.

The manufacturer sent me a sample, eager for me to compare it to their original Douglas Mattress, which I’ve also reviewed on my Canada Mattress Page.

Priced At C$999 In Queen, And You Get 120 Days To Make Sure It Works For You

You might have tried memory foam or gel mattresses and found them to be somewhat effective, but if you want next level full-body support for all sleeping positions, I tested this options-totally made in Canada canadaFlag– and urge you to try it out. Here’s what you’ll get…

  • 11” height, 3 premium foam layers
  • Cooling gel foam for a cooler sleep
  • Polar® active temperature balancing
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Effective motion isolation
  • Support layers underneath that lift, not sink
This schematic of The Douglas Alpine Cooling Mattress reveals the guts of a simply but effectively designed mattress that buoyant support and cools your body, even if you are a larger person.

Three Layers Of Specialized Support

One asset I really like on any mattress is the ability to remove and wash the outer encasement. Of course, I always recommend using a mattress protector too, but in the event of a stain or an accident, washing the cover is essential.

The 2.25″ thick, blue layer of fused gel foam and memory foam is the engine of this mattress. Cooling gel foam and pressure relieving memory foam keeps you cool and pain free. If you want to learn more about how memory foam works, visit my memory foam page for lots of technical info.

You may have seen other mattresses sold online that offer so-called gel foam, and it’s usually made by adding “beads” that stretch within the layer of memory foam it’s infused in, basically a soupy kind of recipe that is not really that effective. In this case, The Douglas Alpine Mattress uses what is called “phase change” technology which actually reflects heat away, meaning to the sides, away from your body, and absorbs cool air from your surroundings.

In fact, when you lie down on it the first time, the sensation is kind of weird actually, almost feeling like you are instantly cooled down, though the feeling kind of balances out after a few minutes to a more cooling, neutral feel. They called this technology “Polar® temperature-balancing” and it seems to work.

The heart of the Douglas Alpine Mattress relies on three instrumental foam layers made using non-toxic, certified safe materials that benefit side, back, and even belly sleepers.

To help with motion transfer and support, beneath the blue phase change layer are two additional components that provide neutral buoyancy, motion transfer reduction, support, and just the right touch of bounce.

Believe it or not, bounciness is a critical part of an ideal “cake recipe” design for a mattress that will keep your spine straight and level in any position.

The creamy elastic response layer is 2.25″, and is situated on top of a 6.5″ layer of support foam that keeps you on top of your mattress, and eliminates bumps, shakes, and jiggles.

Sitting on the edge of an all foam mattress is always a true test- The Douglas Alpine Mattress passed with flying colors, making transfer and even putting on shoes an easy task, with no sliding!

For comfort and support, the Douglas Alpine Cooling Mattress ranks at about a 6.5 if 10 were firm and 1 were very soft, so it’s really comfortably firm, not mushy, making it easy to change positions effortlessly- without waking up.

With free shipping, free returns, a 120 night trial period, and a free mattress protector included, it’s my favorite cooling mattress in Canada! You can order through my link here to get the best deal.