StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress Review

I’ve been eagerly waiting to review the StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress By Ergo-Pedic after being asked by readers if CBD infused mattresses can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

According to at least one NIH study, CBD oils have been shown to improve sleep, and CBD infused bedding products from sheets to topper pads have already seen huge success.

Consumer demand is at an all-time high for CBD products so CBD infused mattresses and the materials inside them add a lot of features and benefits you won’t find in conventional bedding.

After successfully infusing CBD into clothing, it became only natural that the calming and sleep inducing benefits of the natural hemp derived product would be added to the components of a well designed mattress, too.

What’s really unique about this mattress is that the outer covering as well is the interior comfort layer, located right at the top, are both infused with healing CBD oils.

General Description And Features Of The StressBed CBD Infused Gel Foam Hybrid Mattress

  • HOW IT IS SHIPPED TO YOU: Shipped in a manageable sized box that weighs 68 lbs. in queen, 87 lbs. in king. Open the box, cut one end of the plastic encasement bag open to allow air into the bag, sit back and watch it expand. You can speed up the process after removing the bag by gently walking, lying, or napping on your new StressBed.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MOTION BASES: 10-year warranty, made in the USA with 100% CertiPUR-US Foams that are low VOC, no heavy metals or formaldehyde.
  • ACTIVE CALMING, PAIN RELIEF, STRESS-REDUCTION: Proprietary CBD Hemp-Extract infused gel memory foam emits CBD to provide calming relief from anxiety, joint pain, and skin inflammation. Just to be clear, because the CBD extract is not psychoactive, the StressBed will not make you “high”, working neurologically and not psycho-actively.
  • THERMODYNAMIC COPPER: A copper infusion within the gel foam layer, provides cooling benefits along with deep penetrating skin and health benefit potential due to copper’s hygienic and hypo-allergenic qualities.
  • EXPERIENCE CLOUD-LIKE COMFORT: Pressure-relieving gel memory foam cradles supports your spine, hips and shoulders, to effectively distribute weight. This means that you will immerse slightly, but turning will be effortless and you will not experience a trapped sensation.
  • POCKETED COILS: Choose from a medium feel, which combines plushness with support, or a firmer feel, which delivers a more resilient and supportive sensation (great for bigger bodies or couples). The medium soft option is 12″, and the medium (firmer) option is 10″

How CBD Infused Gel Foam Reduces Anxiety And Promotes Restorative Sleep

The hemp fabric used on the outer covering of The StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress is stretchy, cool to the touch, and is not coarse and scratchy, like organic cotton or bamboo fabrics I’ve tested.

Here are the benefits sleeping on a mattress made with CBD infused textiles and gel foam can offer:

  • Improved sleep quality with hemp-derived compounds:  Shown to improve sleep quality, helping you fall asleep faster, sleeping deeper, and longer.
  • Reduced pain and anxiety with hemp-derived compounds: When infused with hemp compounds, gel memory foams reduce pain and anxiety, leading to a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Improved skin health with hemp-derived compounds: Shown to improve overall skin health, including reducing acne and improving overall complexion.
  • Natural fibers and safer, non-toxic foams: No formaldehyde, heavy metals, PBDE’s, using cleaner CertiPur US foams and textiles.

Ergo-Pedic Sleep, the company that makes The StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress, sells two versions of the mattress, a 10″ tall all foam options which is firmer, and a hybrid option with a pocketed coil system offering a slightly softer and cushier feel, that is 12″ tall.

We tested the hybrid version and loved the more yielding and plusher feel on it, and didn’t experience a sinking sensation that made you feel like you were trapped and had to dig your way out.

Prices are very reasonable for the comfort and support I enjoyed on the test mattress, which was the 12″ coil hybrid version, at just $704 in queen size. One thing I noticed with the hybrid coil version was that it had a little more bounce factor and not a whole lot of sink, perfect for my spine issues and lower back pain.

Exactly How Much CBD Oil Is In The StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress?

CBD oil has been proven to be useful in variety of applications from drops added to our foods, massage oil and skin care treatments, and infusing it into textiles, and now, mattresses.

The most common reason people start shopping for a new mattress- you guessed it- pain. Back pain especially, has been a pretty common reason for sufferers to seek out a mattress with CBD oil infusions.

Ergo-Pedic has their hemp derived oils tested by independent labs to insure potency, and it is derived from industrial organic hemp that is grown ethically and sustainably.

A queen size StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress will contain up to 10,000 mg of hemp derived material per cubic inch of the gel memory foam. Because the gel memory foam does not contain MCT oil, it has no oily residue and maintains its efficacy even after years.

How Cooling, Soothing, Calming CBD And Copper Infused Gel Foam Improves Sleep

After trying out The StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress myself for a week, I decided to cut my test sample open and see what was inside. Being a slightly more “medium firm” mattress that I typically find comfortable, I expected to find thicker layers of foam inside.

The bottom layer is a protective piece of foam that the 8 inch tall pocket coil spring system floats on, which contributes to the minimal motion transfer I noticed.

Being firmer, but still very forgiving when on my side, the mattress delivers great pressure relief to hips and shoulders but without sinking so far that I felt like I had to dig my way out of a sand dune.

The StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress has great edge support for sitting and for transfer. The 3″ layer of CBD infused gel and memory foam is very pliable and has immediate spring back, though the mattress does not feel spongy or too bouncy.

With the very slightly quilted outer hemp covering, you won’t feel much immersion either, making turning and changing positions smooth and effortless.

Overall, I give this mattress a solid five out of five stars for comfort and support, with the CBD calming and sleep inducing benefits almost icing on the cake.

If you want to learn more about gel and memory foams, and how they are made, including densities and thicknesses of the material, check out this page. Let’s get into some of the components used in The StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress and explain how each element adds to the benefits.

The Real Question? How Does CBD Enter Your Body Simply By Lying On A Mattress?

Over the years as it has gained in popularity, Cannibidiol, or CBD, has been used as an oil, supplement or skin cream, but with advancements in technology and increased knowledge about how cannabinoid receptors work, CBD is now available in a variety of different forms. A new technology involves is micro-encapsulation within textiles and in components such as foam, including memory and gel foam

Micro-encapsulation is a process in which CBD is atomized into microscopic droplets and then encased with a thin membrane which protects the CBD from evaporation. These capsules stick to the fabric fibers and are oven into the fabric or foam layers and remain inactivated until the membrane are energized by friction caused by body heat and movement. 

The membrane tears and CBD is released onto the skin and into our CBD receptor channels throughout the body. This is an effective way to receive the benefits of CBD during the night. The lifespan of the encapsulated CBD is decades long, and can be absorbed by the body through a fitted sheet over the mattress.

Anxious And Having A Hard Time Falling Asleep?

If you experience anxiety and stress, and they’re making it hard to both fall asleep and then stay asleep, sleeping on the check availability of the StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress

“>The StressBed CBD Infused Hybrid Mattress, you’ll get free shipping, a 90 day no questions asked trial period, a 20 year factory warranty, and the mattress is manufactured in Arizona, alongside of strong brand partners like Purple Mattress. Solid workmanship (double stitching at all sides, and really nice workmanship with the outer fabric top, too.

Inside, all of the foam layers where laminated together to prevent shifting, the pocketed coil system was secured in place, all designed to provide durability, limit motion transfer, and deliver an uplifting, elevated feel across the entire surface of the mattress. Give it a try!