Purple Mattress Reviews From An Industry Insider And Mattress Expert: The Memory Foam Alternative?

My Purple Mattress reviews will cover all of the current Purple Mattress models and will dive deep into which one might work best for you.

We’ve all seen the weird purple gel material that looks like an old fashioned ice cube tray, but did you know that this patented material is actually really good at relieving pressure without getting hot?

Purple Mattress refers to their gel material as the GelFlex™ Grid, and it is the core of each model they sell.

The company offers two all foam mattresses and three variations on a hybrid mattress, which includes the GelFlex™ Grid layered with a pocketed coil system for added support and lift.

As a mattress designer myself for 25 years, I was pretty impressed when I watch two brothers launch The Purple Mattress business, having perfected a technology that was originally developed as something called “column buckling” foam.

The brothers created an injection mold process to form the repeating pattern of easily folding and buckling cubes into mattress size sections, and then patented the process and the design.

The company owns some 30 patents on this unique mattress component, and it’s been used in the medical bedding industry for over 20 years.

It’s pretty cool stuff, literally, as it sleeps much less hot than the conventional hot and dead feeling memory foam used in virtually every other mattress sold online.

I’ve designed many memory foam mattresses but only had access to the dense, slow responding slab like solid memory foam that we are all familiar with.

What’s unique about Purple’s technology is that the edges of the cube shaped compartments have very fast springback, and immediately conform to your body position.

It also yields more effectively at areas like hips and shoulders, too, but pushes upward into void areas like the space between your rib cage and pelvis to offer uplifting support so your muscles aren’t working through the night.

This allows you to get deeper, more restorative rest.

Investigating Why A Purple Mattress Might Offer Better Benefits Than Memory Foam

My Purple Mattress reviews discuss why the company’s proprietary “GelFlex™ Grid” layer that is used in all of their mattresses might deliver better pressure relief than slow responding memory foam found in so many mattresses.

I’ve reviewed almost every mattress out there, and the problem with conventional memory foam mattresses is that they sleep pretty hot, and are much slower to respond than the injection molded grid system that Purple Mattress uses.

Because it’s jiggly, immediately responsive, and livelier (meaning more bounce, whereas typical memory foam has zero bounce), it offers less resistance and you immerse a bit more. I’ve tried all of the models currently available, and the Purple Hybrid Mattress (with coils) options have a bit springier feel, whereas the original model is a bit more motion dampening.

Interestingly, Purple Mattresses are made using strictly CertiPUR-US® Certified foam and Hyper-Elastic Polymer (the Purple Grid). This layers is made with mineral oil-based, food-contact grade materials with no known toxins. If you are looking for a hypo-allergenic mattress, this makes the decision process easier.

Of course, there are other kinds of mattresses such as natural latex which are hypo-allergenic, but

Let’s take a look under the hood at the Purple Mattress. We’re going to start with their basic and original model first. The pic below is the layers of The Purple Original Mattress, which is the big seller and the first mattress they conceived.

The Purple Mattress has an exterior fabric covering that is the same on all of their mattresses, regarding of the model. It is a knit fabric which is 29% Viscose, 67% Polyester, and 4% Lycra, though the cover is removable but I don’t recommend machine washing this material.

I’d spot clean it, as washing the fabric could damage the extreme elastic elements of the covering. In close proximity to the outer cover is the FR or Flame Retardant fire barrier layer just beneath which is a knit barrier, much like a sock and is not chemically treated.

Underneath that, you are in direct contact with The Purple Mattress gel material, and similar to a fair number of bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Purple bed has specialized polyurethane layers as comfort and support elements, shown in the photo. 

The bottom two layers are both comprised of polyurethane foam. The bottom layer gives the bed its foundation and support, while the middle layer is a little thinner and designed to absorb pressure.

The lavender and slightly darker purple solid layers of foam are calibrated to allow for the right amount of pushback to keep you elevated and to provide support where hips and shoulders press into the GelFlex™ Gridn near the top.

I’m going to take a deep dive with the whole Purple Mattress lineup, and I’ll help you determine which model might work best for you if you are considering the brand. I think you’ll find that my reviews that might convince you to consider an option besides conventional memory foam. I was pretty impressed with the simplistically designed lineup they have, overall.

As on overview, all of the Purple Mattress options offer a 100 night no questions asked trial period, a 10 year factory warranty that allows you to get your mattress replaced if there are any defects, free shipping, and free returns during the trial.


My Reviews Of The Purple Mattress, Purple Plus, And Purple Hybrid 3 and 4 Mattresses

1. The Purple Mattress

Described as instantly adaptive support with a medium-firm feel. I tested this 9.5″ tall mattress to see how different it would feel compared with memory foam mattresses.

The Purple Mattress® is the original and basic model in the program, offering the core Purple experience balancing comfort and support. This model runs $1249 in queen size.

The 2″ GelFlex Grid™ cradles pressure points, and at sides of the mattress, a perimeter support edge allows you to sit comfortably without slipping off.

When on your side or back, you’ll immerse slightly, but will not bottom into the firmer layers. Feels cooler to the touch than traditional memory foam.

Not bouncy or lively, though. A bit more work to change positions than the hybrid options, but no digging your way out.

Queen runs $1399. Overall I’d rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars for comfort, support, touch points with the company, warranty, and owner satisfaction reviews.

It’s also completely non-toxic, uses safe, clean CertiPUR-US® rated foams, is entirely made in the USA, and is hypo-allergenic and extremely durable.

This mattress still gets front page news for innovation, but it also translates to comfort and support. For the money, its a great memory foam alternative.

2. The Purple Plus Mattress

Upgraded version of Purple’s original model. At 11″ tall, it includes an additional layer of premium foam that delivers better cushioning, responsiveness, and breathability. This model runs $1899 in queen size.

I found The Purple Plus Mattress to be slightly softer, and a bit more immersive and squishy (in a good way) than the original. The additional layer of foam does really add a premium feel to the mattress.

For side sleepers especially, The Purple Plus Mattress is going to be more effective at moving pressure away from your body, and the addition of a 2″ softer layer of comfort foam near the top will also help fill in small pockets to give you additional support.

Vacuum packaged and rolled for easy handling and setup, my rating for this upgrade version compared to the original Purple mattress is 4.8 out of 5 stars, as it offers a bit more “cush factor” and again, is a major improvement over conventional memory foam.

3. The Purple Hybrid Mattress

I test drove this mattress and liked it a bit better than the all foam versions, and found it to be softer, with more sinking in, kind of like a plush pillow top feel.

Purple already uses a spring like component in their mattress lineup, meaning their cube shaped GelFlex Grid™ gel material. When you place just the right pocketed coil suspension underneath it, the end result is really unique.

Great immersion, easy on shoulders and hips, it’s much more responsive and elevating, I found. Surprisingly easy to turn on, and no dead memory foam feel.

At $2,149 in queen, The Purple Hybrid Mattress is significantly less expensive than big box brands sold in retail stores.

Individually wrapped pocket coils allow greater airflow, cradle your spine more effectively, and calm you better, resulting in deeper, more restorative sleep.

  • Hypoallergenic, safer, non toxic foam layers
  • Patented injection molded dynamic layer
  • 10 Year Warranty, 100 Night Trial
  • Support and comfort layers that elevate
  • Pocketed coils compliment GelFlex Grid
  • Coils, Foams, Covering -Made in the USA

I was so impressed with the pressure relief on my shoulders when I was side sleeping on The Purple Hybrid Mattress, I gave it a 4.9 out of 5 star rating.

4. Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress

Compared to the other models Purple offers, including the all foam models as well as the Purple Hybrid, this best selling model of their lineup doesn’t disappoint.

It’s got even more comfort and support than other models due to both the GelFlex Grid™ gel material and the pocketed coils, but they give you more of it.

Instead of the 2″ layer of the curious cube shaped gel material, you get a sumptuous 3″ layer which really makes a difference. They also upped the game on the outer covering, making it more stretchy and elastic, which translates to better pressure relief, too.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress also contains a layer of transitional foam which helps minimize motions transfer, which isn’t really an issue with Purple’s mattresses, but some folks can really benefit.

A queen runs $2699, but as with comparables to other brands, especially the dead memory foam crowd, I really feel it offers value.

My first impressions are usually accurate when I review mattresses, and I’d easily give this mattress my best rating, a full 5 out of 5 stars. Here’s me on the Premier 3 mattress I tested:

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Hypoallergenic, safer, non toxic foam layers
  • Patented injection molded dynamic layer
  • 10 Year Warranty, 100 Night Trial
  • Support and comfort layers that elevate
  • Pocketed coils AND 3″ GelFlex Grid Layer
  • Transitional Foam Layer
  • Coils, Foams, Covering -Made in the USA

5. The Purple Premier 4 Mattress

Purple’s top of the line mattress basically gives you the thickest layer of Purple GelGrid material, at 4″ thick. The mattress is made using the same components, including as the other hybrid models.

There is a very noticeable difference between The Purple Premier 4 Mattress than with the basic hybrid and even the Premier 3 model, especially when you’re on your side.

It gets a little pricey, at $3499 for a queen, but the benefits deliver on pressure relief, much like the company describes on their site. I compared the Premier 3 side by side with this model (I had the two mattresses about 20 feet apart from each other) and easily got more effective weight distribution at hips and shoulders.

Pinpoint pressure has always been an issue for me, and shoulder pain brought on by tennis and now pickle ball, is now a day to day issue. Having a system of pocket coils that push back and keep me from sinking too deeply into the mattress is a plus. The thicker 4″ layer of the Purple Grid foam in this model also helps circulate air, keeping you cool.

I’ve tested many so-called cooling mattresses that rely too much on the fabric on the top of the mattress to offer a “chilling effect”, but soon after you put your own body heat onto them, the dense slabs of foam next to your body get hot and retain that heat. The 4″ layer of Purple Gel Grid inside The Purple Premier 4 Mattress ventilates and squeezes hot air away from your body pretty effectively.

I also found this model to be more “cradling”, surrounding my body with enough “hug” to keep me stable, especially when on my side. Owners describe the benefits of side sleeping on this model vs. the other Purple options as a bit more enveloping without a “suffocating feel” and also describe it as offering better pressure relief than any memory foam mattress they’ve owned.

The Purple Premier 4 Mattress includes the same stretchable outer covering which flexes along with your body, allowing you to turn easily. The material breathes and moves air away from your body and the 4″ layer of Purple Grid material immediately under your body.

A layer of transitional comfort foam is between the GelFlex Grid layer and the pocketed coil system to help dampen motion, as well.

Unlike a traditional innerspring mattress, all Purple hybrid mattress options use wrapped individually pocketed coils that independently support and elevate your body rather than allowing it to fall through the mattress

This makes it easier to turn, and along the edges, the coils are actually stiffer, allowing you to comfortably sit on the edge of your Purple mattress. If you are looking for maximum pressure relief, a hypoallergenic mattress option, and a mattress made in the USA, I’d consider investing in one.

Purple Mattress lets you try out their mattresses for 120 days, offers a ten year factory warranty, and provides free shipping to your door. Overall, I’d give The Purple Premier 4 Mattress a 4.9 out of 5 star rating, primarily due to the pressure relief but also because of the non-toxic Purple Gel Grid material used as the primary component of the bed.