Amore Mattress Review: 2 Sided Luxury Hybrid Gives Two Firmness Options In One

Amore Mattress makes a reversible mattress which contains natural latex and an organic pillow top piece. Available in medium plush, firm or combination.
One of few double sided latex and coil combination mattresses, The Amore Mattress

I Tested The Amore Mattress

Many mattresses sold online are made with polyurethane foam, petroleum based adhesives, and other chemicals that slowly off-gas and leach into your environment.

The Amore Two Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress is one of just a few natural latex mattresses that I’ve tested and reviewed just to see how comfortable a chemical free mattress can be.

Built with organic natural latex, organic cotton, organic wool, and a pocketed coil assembly situated in the middle, it is a reversible (flippable) mattress that is priced comfortably at $1200 in queen size.

Offered in three firmness combinations- two of which have the same level of firmness on both sides but give you twice the lifespan because you can flip it over time, it’s also offered in a reversible option that’s soft on one side, firmer on the other.

The heart of this mattress is the pocket coil core which keeps you bubbled up to the top rather than trapped.

Above that, there’s also a layer of buoyant support foam, a layer of pure organic, and a lush but supportive, quilted outer fabric made of organic cotton and organic wool.

I personally reviewed and tested this 13″ mattress, manufactured in Chicago, and want to tell you more about how this carefully designed mattress was created.

A Best Bet Investment That Will Outlive Any Comparable Mattress

I’ve reviewed a lot of natural latex mattresses, and you can even check some of them out on my natural latex mattress review page here, if you want to learn more. I also have a detailed page on why natural latex is a great alternative to petroleum base compounds used in mattress making as well.

I designed and manufactured natural latex mattresses for years, many to folks looking for a hypoallergenic mattress option.

Interestingly, though, natural latex is also known for its natural antimicrobial qualities, and its ability to repel dust mites. It’s also super comfortable, springy and lively, excellent for sex and back and neck pain.

The Amore Two Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress is made using carbon neutral latex, something new to the mattress industry.

World’s First & Only Carbon Neutral Certified Latex Foam

The Amore Two Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress employs carbon neutrality in its manufacturing process, which I think adds value to the mattress.

This may not be a bullet point or feature for most potential mattress shoppers, but I’ve always tend to review and recommend green and safer materials, especially those that promote and genuinely affect carbon reduction and carbon offsetting, a serious step toward the reduction on Global Warming.

  • The latex used in The Amore Two Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress is made in a carbon neutralized manufacturing plant, unlike other fabricators and retailers.
  • The use of natural latex contributes towards making our atmosphere more clean & green.
  • Global Warming is the fastest growing concern on the earth today affecting our total environmental system causing issues that are harmful for all living organism on this planet.
  • Carbon neutrality is the best solution to reduce and prevent global warming as it is the process which reduces the Green House Gas emissions that cause significant Global Warming.
  • You can view The Amore Two Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress carbon neutral certificate.

The Amore Two Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress has a lot of other subtle but well thought out features that single it out as a well crafted bed. For one, it’s easy to sit on the edge and do simple tasks like removing/putting on your shoes, and transferring in and out of bed.

It’s also supportive at hips, head, and shoulders, also, with no bottoming out sensation that often causes you to have to dig around to get out.

Buoyant And Uplifting Support That Relieves Pressure And Nurtures Your Back And Neck

The Amore Two Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress was carefully designed to cradle and promote restorative sleep by properly maintaining spine alignment in a “straight and level” fashion.

By keeping your neck properly aligned as well, you’re less likely to wake up with strain, headaches, shoulder pain, and the burning caused by hours of lactic acid buildup.

With a breathable organic cotton and organic wool pillow top and outer covering, you won’t get the hotspots often found on conventional innerspring mattress options (which by the way, are often three times the price of this $1200 option in queen with free shipping.