The Mattress Buyer Guide’s Curated Line Of Sleep Merch And Accessories That Up Your Zzz-Game And Make Sleep A Fun And Restorative Experience!

Without a doubt, having the perfect mattress can make or break your sleep experience, and having just the right accessories can enhance and improve the quality of the restorative rest your body needs. A fantastic pillow, a great set of headphones, the perfect soft lighting device, even an amazing set of sheets can create an environment that you seek out and look forward to.

We’ve created a curated package of the coolest accessories we could find that let you outfit your bedroom with the tech and creature comforts you need.

A perfect pillow is probably just as important as a great bed. but which one is the best option? Memory foam, latex, gel foam, there are so many options that it’s tough to pick out the ideal pillows for your body. Here are some of our handpicked, carefully selected options that both offer proper spine alignment, great tucking options (if you like to sandwich a pillow between your legs or wedge one underneath your back or belly), and overall comfort.

discover night® pillows

Marc Anderson, CEO of The Mattress Buyer Guide, has designed many pillows that sold on some of his e-commerce sites, so he has a thorough first hand understanding of what pillows are crap, and which ones are made of quality, higher end components. “Most pillows are absolute crap. They compress and mash, have no weightless element to them to keep your head buoyant, and feel like a matted down sleeping bag even after one night”, he states emphatically.

Here are Marc’s favorite pillows available on the internet, and as his is style, they reflect a sophisticated flair for thinking outside of the box:

The Night Pillow is just about the coolest pillow you can own. Scientifically designed to squeeze more restorative sleep into your program.
The Night Pillow offers a dense yet inviting and head cradling memory foam that supports your neck and spine.

The Night Pillow®

This unique and well thought design offers the melt-in sensation of memory foam and a slick jet black fabric exterior with just the right amount of thickness to provide optimal head and neck support.

1. Intelligently Designed Black Spandex and Silk Exterior Cover…
Signature black tone minimizes light thus drawing out melatonin, resulting in more rejuvenating sleep.

2. “Self-Adjusting” Memory Foam
Their proprietary memory foam is lighter and airier to provide the optimal balance of comfort and support.

3. TriSilk™ Moisturizing Pillowcase
Their proprietary spandex and silk weave for the encasement fabric keeps moisture in, and promotes healthy skin and soft, luxurious hair.

We’ll admit, it’s not the most inexpensive pillow on earth, but it’s pretty close to heaven. “I use a MyPillow typically, but once I tried the Night Pillow, I have to say, it’s about 5 times more luxurious and comfortable”, claims Marc Anderson. If you don’t like it, you can return it within 100 nights.

The web site, Discover Night, focuses exclusively on their unique pillow design, and related products, providing an intimate lineup of unique accessories, such as their NIGHT Sleep Boosting Cream.

They exclaim that their proprietary cream boosts your sleep experience AND promotes youthful, glowing skin.

Packed with clean ingredients like 24k gold flakes, this cream naturally and effectively hydrates and nourishes skin overnight while plumping and filling in fine lines. Incidentally, did you know that elemental gold is beneficial for your skin? Turns out that gold is an antioxidant and has strong anti-inflammatory characteristics.

According to top tier dermatologists, the metal can calm acne flare-ups, tame red skin, and defend against free radicals that dry up your skin, producing wrinkles and permanently damaging skin. Lavender and chamomile are blended in to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation for lucid dreaming, restorative sleep. Gluten-free,Vegan, no added fragrances. All greatness. Sounds like fun.

Like a softer pillow that encases your head like a mother’s womb? We think we found it. “I like a pillow made using finely shredded memory foam. they feel far more fluid like than many other foam pillows and are of course delightfully soft and calming when you place your head on it. Excellent for side sleepers”, Marc Anderson exclaims.

crown goose down comforters and pillows

Everyone loves the wonderfully airy quality and the delightful softness and cloud like feel of a fluffy down comforter or a down pillow. We’re all familiar with “goose down” but were you aware that most down used in bedding products are actually duck feathers?

One of the many questions I received through the years as I sold and developed my own down products was the difference between down and feathers and does it really matter? And if fact, there are vast differences.

The feathers on geese or ducks are the outer coat of the bird. They have quills, are largely waterproof, and make it possible for the animal to fly. “Down” lies beneath heavily feathered outer covering, typically on the belly of a bird, being thick, soft, and dense.  It provides the insulation required to keep warm.  Rather than quills, a down cluster has a round center called a plumule, kind of like the small baby fern fronds on a Boston Fern. Soft and airy, it has thousands of tiny curly fibers, that protrude from its core.

Pure goose down, which is more thread like and wiry than duck down or synthetic fill material.

Because of their protective nature, feathers in any fill for a pillow or a comforter are a great way to offer support and durability. For basic bedding, one needs to be careful. Duck down is far less costly than goose down, with one considerable exception, that being Eiderdown, from select geese.

The use of larger feathers in basic beddings products such as duvets and pillows, while far less costly, can be more uncomfortable as the quills on very stiff feathers can break through the outer fabric and stick a person like a needle.

Eiderdown clusters are very thick and dense, and have a strong adhesive nature, staying clumped together without bed separated into balls and mashing down easier. Eiderdown is the softest and has the highest insulative quality of all downs, even the very best goose down. Eiderdown comforters and pillows offer the best support, because of their clinginess, and the have the softest and most “cloud like” feel. Eiderdown is also very expensive because it is rare.

Also, down and feathers from ducks can have a “gamy” odor, whereas goose down does not. On any given down product, most countries now use a universal system that requires manufacturers to disclose the content of goose, duck, or synthetic components and percentages on a Down Bedding Law Label.

We found a company that specializes in high end goose down pillows, comforters, sheets sets, and top of the bed accessories. Their products are handcrafted and though reasonably priced, are seen in many luxury hotels.

Crown Goose strives to make quality the key to their business. Check them out if high quality goose down is something you love like we do.

Crown Goose is an American company headquartered in California. All of their high end products are made in the USA.

Reviewed On 8/07/2018 by Stephen:

Reviewed On 10/30/2018 by Esther J:

“High quality bedding. Both my wife and I love their products. The duvet stays warm in the winters and cool during the summer. Worth every penny we put into it.”

“I’m becoming a huge fan of Crown Goose. Love the quality and the price is reasonable. The duvet isn’t too heavy but warm.”

sleep machines that calmly and gently lull you to sleep

Much research has been done about background noise, and because living in urban environments constantly produces a hum of undesirable noise, from car horns, traffic, industrial noise, noisy neighbors, and barking dogs, many people are deeply affect by the inability of the body to enter REM sleep, where restorative rest occurs, and where the body detoxifies itself and repairs organ systems and grows everything from T-cells to new neurons.

The best way to eliminate the background noise element is to use a white noise machine. “I still use a unit I purchased from Radio Shack ages ago”, says Anderson, describing the one setting that truly helps him to nod off.

“It has a distant train sound, rumbling across tracks. It’s rhythmic, soft, and soothing”, he adds, describing how not having the device either with him on travel, or when power goes out, completely interrupts his sleep routing.

Using a white noise generator, especially a simple, non-digital model that spins a fan to create a whooshing sound is astonishingly beneficial. You can check out our Merch page, where you’ll find a model that we really love. Drowning out the background noise also helps you to rapidly fall asleep. “If you create an environment with multiple cues that help with sleep induction, it can be more powerful than prescription sleep aids or supplements”, Marc Anderson says.

One of our Trusted Dealers specializes in the best white noise machines in the industry, all of which feature a fan based natural white noise rather than a metallic digitized sound. The sleep-inducing magic of a Marpac sound machine makes falling asleep as easy as pushing a button. Rohm Connect features Marpac’s signature robust and deep white noise and new smart home technology, for a proven noise-masking experience with sophisticated new control options.

The Rohm Connect fan based white noise machine with app technology. Calming and gently carrying you away to restorative and restful sleep.

Adjust the volume to suit your environment – via the handy app or through the machine itself – then sit back, relax, and let the ZZZs come to you. Use the app to set sleep schedules, too – like the most soothing alarm clock you’ve ever experienced. Give sleep a chance!