The Best Mattresses For Women And Where To Buy Them

Men and women can have completely different tastes and requirements when it comes to mattresses. Women are now the largest mattress buying segment of the population, making over 70% of mattress purchases.

The mattress industry has only recently recognized that certain kinds of mattress options are better suited for women, and understanding the many kinds of mattress options available is critical to improving the quality of sleep and restorative rest women will enjoy, and benefit from.

Let’s take a look at what women might want to know when considering a new mattress purchase. Women have to deal with unique physiological processes that can make sleep difficult, including body type, menopause, arthritis, scoliosis, and osteoporosis.

These medical conditions can influence just what mattress options women should consider, and since there are so many options to choose from, we’re going to help narrow down the choices to make finding and purchasing the most supportive and comfortable mattresses a little easier. In short, we’ll take the misery and mystery out of buying a mattress!

As a manufacturer and designer of hundreds of mattresses, I’ve created special lines of mattresses that help reduce pain, provide enhanced back support, and even enable obese or petite women find a mattress that doesn’t bottom out or isn’t rock hard.

Many mattresses are designed for a typical weight range that does not accommodate smaller or larger female body types, so I’ve chosen mattresses that will feel comfortable and supportive for both women of stature and more petite women as well.

Since women are anatomically more curvaceous than men, important consideration needs to be given to those nooks and crannies, like the curvature of the lower back for example, and the space created by side sleeping, between hip and ribcage, that need to be properly supported.

Improper support causes muscles to cantilever during the night, resulting in night time back pain, insufficient REM sleep, and lingering pain during the day.

While women typically like a softer and plusher mattress feel, there are many women out there who like a firm mattress, though that doesn’t mean you need to give up having a sumptuous and enjoyable nest to call home at night.

Also, women who have undergone major surgery such as back or neck surgery, and women who are of larger stature, might need a mattress that is highly specialized, and has specific kinds of components that provides for great sleep and pain relief.

The secret to finding a mattress that offers both comfort and support is to narrow down the options to a few mattresses that blend several ingredients together. For example, a mattress that contains both natural latex and memory foam generally appeals to women with back issues, while gel foam is often found in mattresses that promote cooling, and helps women who are dealing with menopause or just find themselves to be hot sleepers.

Further, sleep disruption for pregnant women is all but guaranteed, and many require extra support and cushioning for their bodies during the night. As their bodies grow and expand to accommodate their unborn child, they face a myriad of physical issues, from nausea and cramps to chronic pain throughout their bodies. 

With the right mattress, pregnant women can help relieve the physical demands of pregnancy and enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep.

There are several factors for pregnant women to consider when selecting a new mattress. One important variable is conforming ability; the ideal mattress will hug the body closely to help align the sleeper’s spine and alleviate aches and pains.

I like a gel foam/memory foam hybrid mattress for pregnant women, as it provides pressure point relief and distributes weight laterally, rather than straight down, and avoids producing pinpoint pressure. 

Also, pregnant women often alternate between hot and cold, and temperature neutrality is key, since many pregnant women sleep hotter than normal; a bed that absorbs minimal body heat and sleeps fairly cool feels much more comfortable, and reduces tossing and turning. 

Gel foam mixed with memory foam, and even graphite infused foams, work very well for late term pregnancy, too, and I highly recommend using these specialized foams in a mattress design. If you are looking for all natural materials, natural latex is an ideal option since it is made using naturally botanically derived materials.

Finally, mattresses that isolate motion well and produce minimal noise can be beneficial for expecting couples, since pregnancy often leads to frequent nighttime bathroom trips. Memory foam is ideal for this. Here are several mattresses I recommend for women who have ongoing back pain, restless leg syndrome, or general restlessness at night, as well as pregnant women.


Excellent Mattress Options For With Back Pain, Pregnancy, Hip, Or Shoulder Pain


The Puffy Mattress lineup features three mattresses, including the Puffy Lux Mattress. I recommend this mattress because of its more sumptuous and inviting feel, which primarily consists of gel /memory foam and a wonderfully quilted top piece.

The outer fabric is designed to cool, and beneath, the suspension uses pocketed coils that help cradle and support without making you feel trapped. All three of their models are excellent option for larger framed gals, or those needing localized support (hips and shoulder pain). Even better for hot sleepers.

The Puffy mattress lineup is worth considering for menopause symptoms, and I’ve received excellent feedback from reviewers.

The Puffy Lux, in particular is also soft and supportive, appealing to petite women as well. This mattress is my #1 choice for reducing pain, calming restlessness, and promoting deeper sleep.

You’ll also get free sheets, free pillows, and a free mattress protector with your purchase. I’d check them out. In a queen size, a Puffy Lux is $1499 in queen.

Overall, I give The Puffy Lux, as well as The Puffy Original, a 4.8 out of 5 star rating for support, comfort, but mostly their CoolingCloud™ layer for a comfortable, cool night’s sleep.


Soft and sumptuous, and built for side and side/back sleepers, The Nolah Signature 12” Mattress is made safer, cleaner materials. ingredients, including Nolah’s AirFoam™.

It’s scientifically proven to provide 4x better pressure relief on hips, shoulders, and back, and it passively ventilates air at night.

For women, having the option to reverse the mattress from a firmer side to a softer, more plush option is ideal. I’ve found that women are generally more choosy about their sleep surfaces, and getter restorative rest when they find a precise good fit.

Also, the company donates proceeds various wildlife management organizations. A good way to give back. Lifetime warranty, and a solid 120 night trial.

Overall, I give the Nolah Signature Mattress a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars for cooling features and two built in firmness options.

At $1299 in queen, with free shipping, 120 night free in home trial, and lifetime warranty, it i a decent value for an investment grade mattress.

Incidentally, when you place an order with my link, you get two of Nolah’s legendary “squishy” pillows which are the bomb! You’ll fight over them.


Probably the coolest, cleanest, greenest, and safest bed you could buy. Made using only the finest natural and organic materials, including GOLS organic certified latex from tree-tapped sources, 100% GOTS organic certified wool and 100% GOTS organic certified cotton.

Natural latex top layers with microcoil suspension gives you unsurpassed pressure relief at hips and shoulder, and fills the voids and pockets to keep you floating on top.

To you, that means no-off gassing, or chemical textiles. Made in California in their own factories, a purely American company.

The latex used is imported from India, collected by hand, and is the silkiest and smoothest botanical latex available. 

Probably the best all natural latex mattress on the web. At $1599 in queen, it is respected as the most popular latex mattress on the web.

You can order standard or a plusher pillow top option, too, if you need more immersion and nestle factor.

The Avocado Green Mattress earned a 5 out of 5 star rating when I reviewed and tested it, and a few extra bonus points for being one of Good Housekeeping’s Best Tested Products.


This outstanding natural latex hybrid bed is stuffed with clean, chemical free ingredients and owners love them. You nest upon a breathable organic quilted top, and beneath you, your body floats on 4” of botanical Dunlop latex.

Made using organic cotton , New Zealand wool, and Sri Lankan latex ( I used to source this material for latex mattresses I designed for years), it’s an investment mattress you can feel good about.

With a cult following this brand is well established and respected. I’ve referred a lot of women to this brand for being a medium firm very supportive option. With my link, it’s $1499 in queen.

Individually pocketed coils suspend and hover you above the base layer of medium high density foam that won’t break down. Delivered with 365 day no questions asked trial and FOREVER warranty that doesn’t end.

I’d give this mattress a 4.9 out of 5 stars, because of the clean, non toxic components and freebies: you’ll get free sheets, free pillows and a mattress protector as well.


Described as a soft, breathable sanctuary, the Dreamcloud Luxury Premier Hybrid is one of my personal favorites. With a sumptuous cashmere quilted top, floating pocketed coils, and a quality 4lb density gel infused memory foam, this bed keeps you in a constant state of sleep euphoria.

Just $999 in queen. You’ll get $200 off and a scientifically optimized sleep system with 365 day trial.

A true hybrid mattress with pocketed coil system that provides excellent edge support, memory foam and gel foam layers, motion transfer reducing layer, and quilted cashmere top. A queen on sale: $1399, free ship, 365 day trial. Best in class, a fantastic deal.


Hybrid mattress featuring EMF and 5G radiation shielding system. FDA backed technology using static and charge removal surface.

Detox, remove free radicals, and get restorative and recharged rest. The true “bio-hack anti-aging mattress”.

The company even offers FDA backed solid research that demonstrates how their technology can reduce pain and inflammation.

This patented mattress actually plugs into a wall outlet so that your body can discharge, removing and cleansing itself of free radicals and toxic EMF radiation.

Grounded Comfort

Stay grounded while sleeping thanks to patented protection that’s backed by innovative electron, nano, and ion technologies. All nestled on top of our our 2″ revolutionary Cocoon Foam and 2″ sustainable Natural Latex.

Regulate digital signals entering your body while sleeping and prevent them from interfering with your waking wellness.

Ground your body, relieve back pain. Owners swear by it. FDA proven to enhance recovery for injuries, increase general wellness, temporary increase in local blood flow and promotes a restful night of sleep.

If you want more details about the technology and the research, check out my page on 5G and EMF radiation.


Best Mattress Options For Menopause And Super Hot Sleepers

The vast majority of women will experience difficulty with hot flashes or persistent hot sleeping experiences in their lifetimes. Even younger women, especially those who have had children, can become hot sleepers, and many struggle to find a mattress that provides relief and actually helps with cooling.

In fact, up until 6-7 years ago, the concept of cool gel foam and specialized cooling fabrics were virtually unheard of in the mattress world.

Fortunately, there is an abundant supply of mattresses, linens, pillows, and even bed frames and foundations, that are specifically designed to reduce body heat and promote cooling.

Typically, the technology used in the specialized foam layers of a mattress designed to sleep cooler uses and ancient phenomenons to create the ability to remove heat, which is essentially what is happening.

Most mattresses are notorious for retaining and trapping heat, and memory foam, when it first became popular in the 1990’s, for example was so dense and heavy that body heat could literally be trapped in the thick and viscous material for days on end.

The technology advanced rapidly though, and soon manufacturers were finding ways to ventilate the heat away from the mattress. By alternating layers of memory foam with more open celled high density polyurethane foam layers, passive ventilation was dramatically improved.

Millions of women suffer from menopause related hot flashes, night sweats, and other phenomenon that cause lack of restorative sleep.

Open celled foams generally have many very small air bubbles within their matrix, acting as insulative layers or they are capable of absorbing heat into the open cells where they remain until you exit the mattress, in which case they seem diffuse away as the room temperature cools down the mattress.

In the early 2000’s gel foam were created, and these squishy, jelly like materials were mixed into the memory foam soup before converting the liquid to its flexible solid state.

Once mixed with memory foam, the gel/memory foam combination was notably less hot than most other sleep surfaces, and provided relief to millions of so-called “super-hot sleepers”.

These are the people who literally toss and turn at night, remain uncovered with bedding, and crank up the air conditioning in an attempt to reduce their perceived inferno.


Also, there are technologies available with certain mattresses that actually use an electrically powered air conditioning system that feeds either chilled air or chilled water throughout a layer in the mattress that is provided, however, these systems are often purchased by only those with medical conditions or severe hot sleeper issues.

To break it down, here are the main types of techniques you’ll find in cooling mattresses:

• Cool-to-the-touch materials: These surface fabrics quickly draw heat away from your body, but likely won’t stay cool all night long. Examples are fabrics like Tencel, which wick away moisture and use evaporative cooling to do the trick.

• Built-in cooling materials: Metal particles, gel, or phase-change technology embedded into foam materials to help pull heat away. An example would be the beaded gel foam I mentioned, but other foams, including graphite or carbon infused foams act as insulators and can pull heat away from the body and ventilate it downward and away from the body.

• Breathable construction: Even without cooling technologies, mattresses that are more breathable with chambers for air or with a spring construction can prevent heat from staying trapped around your body. Use of intermittent, open celled foam layers will help tremendously.

• Electric capabilities: Some plug-in options use cool water or air that flows through the mattress to keep it continuously cool. These are more high maintenance and have added components, like a unit next to your bed.

Other methods of creating a cooling environment with a mattress also can even involve the kind of mattress foundation you choose to use. As far as my own mattress choices for best cooling mattress and the best mattress option for hot sleepers, women struggling with hot flashes and night sweats, I found a clear winner.

The DreamCloud Luxury Premier Hybrid Mattress provides an over the top luxurious feel, but under the hood, it is a well thought out design that helps keep body heat from being trapped in your mattress in the first place, which really is the secret.

Best of all, you can buy a queen size for $899 after the $200 discount I get with the company, the regular price being $1099 without the freebies that are included in the deal.

The DreamCloud Luxury Premier Hybrid Mattress is one of few “bed in a box” options that I consider best in class for cooling and reducing the effects of body heat due to menopause or other issues. The use of Cashmere in affordable mattresses is unheard of, considering it’s nature’s most effective insulator, and it feels amazing.

While many mattress options are designed to control heat by building in materials that deflect heat, The DreamCloud Mattress is designed to allow for active ventilation as soon as your body hits the bed. The design of the mattress from the top down delivers cooling comfort and excellent side and back support, too.

The DreamCloud Luxury Premier Hybrid Mattress is a good example of thoughtful construction designed to keep heat from building up, not just trying to evacuate it after it absorbs your body heat for hours, and that’s what makes it different.

I don’t recommend any other pocketed coil and gel memory foam mattress, but the DreamCloud Hybrid, with its cashmere top is affordable, super comfy, and has a solid 20 year warranty, as well as an unheard of 365 day trial period to see if it works for you.

The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress offers a Premium 5-layer Hybrid Design

  • Cashmere Blend Cover- Cashmere feels luxurious and sumptuous, and it’s also a natural insulator and cooling fabric

  • Pressure Activated High Density Gel Memory Foam– Up top, this cooling material naturally diffuses body heat

  • Low-Motion Transfer Supportive Foam– minimizes bounce and motion transfer, and will not absorb body heat

  • Heavy Duty Gauge Edge Shield Edge Support- Provides support at edges so you don’t slip or sink off the edge

  • Individually Encased Innerspring Coil System- Pocketed coils contain a lot of air, which ventilates body heat away

  • Stay-put Foam Solid Foundation Base- Provides optimal support and acts as the ideal base for a cooling mattress