The Best Mattress In Canada: Reviews By A 25 Year Veteran Mattress Expert

photo showing a woman comfortably resting on the logan and cove mattress with a down filled pillow
Want relatable and informative reviews of the best mattress in Canada options? Let a veteran mattress component expert and designer fill you in.

I Tested Popular Canadian Mattress Brands- Only A Few Made My Cut.

Trying to find the best mattress in Canada? I’m Marc Anderson and I was a mattress engineer and fabricator for 25 years before I began testing and reviewing them.

I have slept on each model I review, tested them using specific performance points, cut them open to study their components, compared and checked prices, and have even visited factories- to create a formidable list of good options for you to consider.

Note: the brands I review are made locally, mostly in Ontario and Alberta. None of these options are imported from overseas fabricators.

For Pressure And Pain, Cooling, Side Sleepers, And Couples- Here Are 7 Brands I Tested, Reviewed, And Recommend

Logan And Cove Mattress-Best overall comfortMy Verdict Get Free C$500 Sleep BundleC$999 Queen, C$1299 King
Douglas Original Mattress-Best memory foam, pain reliefMy VerdictGet Free $500 Sleep BundleC$799 Queen, C$899 King
Silk & Snow Organic Mattress-Best natural latex + pocket coilsMy VerdictSpecial DiscountC$1400 Queen, C$1700 King
Octave Mattress-Best cooling, all foamMy VerdictGet Free C$400 Sleep BundleStarting At C$899, King C$1199
Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress -cooling nano-fibres, plush EurotopMy VerdictGet Free $500 Sleep BundleC$1299 Queen, C$1499 King
Endy Mattress-Best side sleeper option, great price pointMy Verdict Get Free GiftC$895 Queen, C$995 King
Recore Mattress-Best for fitness, recovery, intimacyMy VerdictGet Free Down Alternative Duvet CoverC$999 Queen, C$1199 King


1. The Logan And Cove Mattress- My Overall Favorite For Comfort And Support

The Logan And Cove Mattress is a 13.5″ tall quilted pillow top mattress. It is made using genuine silk, gel memory foam, and a pocketed coil suspension underneath.

You can test drive it for 120 nights, and return it without penalty if you don’t love it. It’s C$999 in queen and C$1299 in king size. I loved it right out of the gate, primarily because I’m a side sleeper and didn’t feel pinpoint pressure on my hips and shoulders while on my side. I liked the great edge support and it sleeps cool.

I’m 195lb (86 kg) and 6’1″ (185cm) tall, and I never had the sensation that I had to dig my way out to change positions when on my side or back after several nights of sleep. As for feel, I’d say this option is more of a medium, not firm- but definitely not so soft that you feel trapped or stuck.

The Logan And Cove is also a great couples mattress, as it evenly distributes weight effectively without creating a pit in the center (up to a point, say combined weight of 450lb/204kg). Also, the upper comfort layers are thick enough, providing a lush feel without any sense of bottoming out, a real selling point especially for under C$1,000 for a hybrid mattress with an 8″ pocket coil suspension.

 best mattress in canada, logan and cove choice hybrid mattress.
The Logan And Cove Mattress delivers on price and comfort. I found it to be cool and cozy, with just enough “springiness.” It was soothing to my hips and shoulders while sleeping on my side. It has superb edge support- see pic, that’s me at 195lb (88.5kg). For the money, it might be hard to find a comparable alternative.
Ideal For: Couples, hot sleepers, pain, pressure, side sleepers. Offers a medium firm feel, lofty and a bit springy with virtually no sinking. Considerations: Bigger bodies should opt for firmer model vs. soft version. Belly sleepers might find brand a bit too soft. Couples over 400lb. (182kg) combined, might try the L&C Frontier below.
the logan and cove choice mattress shown with the shipping box, measuring approximately  42" tall, and 22" wide and deep. A woman is positioning pillows at the head of the mattress in a sunny, well lit bedroom


2. The Logan And Cove Frontier Hybrid Mattress

The Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress is a bit of a luxury upgrade to the Logan And Cove Mattress and is built with the same silk fiber quilted pillow top, a 1″ layer of cooling gel foam, 1.75″ of Elastex Foam (very flexible, similar to latex) but adds a 1″ layer of Aero-Duct Nano-Coils, designed to cradle and support, providing body contouring while lifting and providing buoyancy. The nano-coils also add some active ventilation, too, by allowing air to pass through the coil layer.

So, the price for the Frontier is C$300 more than the basic Logan And Cove Model, and essentially the cost is for the 1″ layer of nano-coils, which probably add some value if you are a bigger couple or individual. I’m a big guy, but not heavy and I noticed the difference only while on my side, but I appreciated the slightly softer and cradling feel.

Nano-coils are a layer of flexible, miniature springs that increase responsiveness, improve air flow, and offer better pressure relief.

This properly supports your spine, cradles your body, and move pressure and heat away from your body. In fact the ducted coil layer acts as a kind of “breezeway” to actively move air.

I found my five nights of testing the Frontier Mattress to be really effective at getting me to sleep faster, keeping me in deeper sleep, and since I’m a side sleeper, I could easily turn from one side to the other without have to dig my way out.

I also give the Frontier high marks for cooling and effective edge support thanks to the perimeter pocket coil edge.

Overall it’s a bit more plush and soft right up top where you need it. If you like softer initial feel and like a bit of body enveloping and cradling, it’s a perfect option to consider. I’ve found that the best mattress in Canada options tend to be a bit softer than firmer-especially as we age. Over 40? I recommend trying something that will ease sore joints especially at hips and shoulders.

Ideal If You Prefer: Softer, plusher feel, excellent body contouring, reduces pain at hips, shoulders. Side sleepers dream. Great edge support, excellent ventilation/coolingConsiderations: Not ideal for bigger bodies or if you prefer firmer. I’d say up to 250lb/114kg each individual.
Logan and Cove Frontier Mattress photo showing 195 lb test subject sitting on edge of mattress with little compression. Adjacent photo shows interior layers of the mattress including a layer of small coils, called nano-coils which add additional support and comfort for hips and shoulders.
The Logan & Cove Frontier Mattress has excellent edge support due to its well tuned design, featuring pocketed coils, multiple support and comfort foam layers, a quilted pillow top, and additional nano-coil layer, which adds additional comfort and support.
The Logan and Cove Frontier mattress has a quilted top, just like The Logan And Cove basic model.


3. The Douglas Original Mattress- Best Memory Foam Mattress

For the price, I think it delivers the best pressure relief of any memory foam mattress I’ve tested for the Canada market. For hip and shoulder pain, lumbar pain, this mattress feels plush without feeling like you need to dig your way out. At C$799 in Queen size, it’s a third the price of retail store brands. It’s made locally by a company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta.

Because it’s a bit softer than your typical memory foam mattress, it’s probably a better choice for couples weighing less than 350 lbs. in combined weight. It offers a generous all foam design made with 6″ of motion dampening support foam, 2″ of elastic support foam, and 2″ of cooling gel foam.

It qualifies as one of the best mattresses in Canada because the brand gives you thicker layers of comfort and pressure relieving foams rather than overdoing the thickness of the underlying support layer- which can save the supplier money. For the user, though, it can increase pain and pressure spots. Note: Douglas uses better quality memory foam referred to as 4lb. density-most manufacturers use less dense 3lb. material, which is not as good for weight distribution and pressure relief.

Ideal For: Those seeking great pressure relief, excellent body contouring, reduces pain at hips, shoulders. Conservative shoppers.Considerations: Not ideal for bigger bodies.
Eye level view of corner at foot of bed of Douglas Mattress with bed coverings pulled back, revealing pattern on mattress upholstery with red stripe


4. The Octave Mattress: Advanced Tech Cooling, Pressure Relieving Options

The Canadian made Octave mattress uses advanced materials without steel coils to remove heat, relieve pain, and provide maximum comfort and support. It’s a three mattress lineup ranging in height from 12″, 13″, and 14″ tall. Each step up adds advanced materials including air infused latex, thicker copper infused foam, and plush Euro-top options.

Here’s a quick overview of the lineup. I tested all three versions and you can read my results in the advanced review and report below. All three variations are made using Certi-Pur® non-toxic foams without VOC’s, heavy metals, or PBDE fire retarding chemicals.

Octave Vista 12″ 2″ Cooling copper pressure relief plus 2″ Elastex foam, 8″ support foam value price: C$899 Queen, C$1199 King
Octave Mirage 13″ 2.5″ Cooling copper pressure/pain relief, 1.5″ aerated latex, 2″ Elastex foam, 6″ support foam moderate price: C$1199 Queen, C$1399 King
Octave Horizon 14″2.5″ Cooling copper pressure/pain relief, 1.5″ aerated latex, 2″ gel cooling foam, 2″ Elastex foam, 6″ support foam, moderate price: C$1499 Queen, C$1699 King

If you’re a hot sleeper and you have pressure points or pain, I’d recommend at least checking out this brand. For the money, all three models have real value.

The Octave Mattress team worked 10 years to perfect their three model lineup. Based in Ontario employing local workers. There’s no skimping, and I feel each upgrade is fairly priced. It’s really a good-better-best kind of lineup.


5. The Endy Mattress- Best Side Sleepers Mattress

Couples favorite, really great pain relief. I’m a side sleeper and loved it. Often overlooked, Endy offers ease of movement, keeps lights sleepers calm. C$895 in queen size. Slightly bouncy and comfortably immersive and nest like. I also noticed it didn’t have a dead feel like many foam mattresses. Personally one of my favorites. I totally loved the way it gave pressure relief at my shoulders without feeling like I was stuck or had to dig my way out. My weight was distributed sideways, not down.

Ideal For: Side sleepers with sore shoulders, restless sleepers, couples-super easy to move around on.Considerations: Not best option for hot sleepers
A couple is relaxing and working on a laptop while lying on the Endy Mattress

The memory foam used in The Endy Mattress is slightly higher in density, and this means that it has a longer lifespan and is better at body conforming and pressure relief, too. You can read more about memory foam and density ratings here. The best mattress in Canada generally will have memory foam or gel foam in the comfort layers near the top.


6. The Recore Mattress- Best For Fitness Enthusiasts And Best Mattress For Sex

Besides being equipped with both silver and copper infused textiles and a graphite infused foam all of which reduces pain and inflammation, along with being antimicrobial and anti-viral. I found that it relieves muscle fatigue, especially after sleeping on it after pushing weights to total fatigue.

Couples report that The Recore Mattress is fantastic for sex and close quarters cuddling and sleeping, without getting stuck in the middle, while offering terrific breathability and cooling. I recently added this performance mattress to my best mattress in Canada options.

Ideal For: Athletes, fitness and performance enthusiasts. Great for sex, couples, intimacy, Some cons: Firmer, not ideal if you are a super light sleeper or can’t tolerate your restless partner.

Ideal For: Intimacy and cuddlers, good “grip” for sex, minimal sink in middle makes turning easy. Lively with bounce.Considerations: Firmer, not ideal for motion transfer or restless sleepers.


7. The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress- Best Eco-Friendly, All Natural Mattress

Buoyant, no dead spots- uplifting, with firmer support, but easy on shoulders and hips. I liked the edge support. Made without petroleum based materials. Outer covering is organic cotton. Natural latex is hypoallergenic, resists bacteria, mold, and mildew. Actually very affordable for a 100% natural latex mattress. C$1400 in queen. One of the best mattresses in Canada for anyone seeking a chemical free mattress.

Ideal For: Allergy sufferers, anyone seeking non VOC or petroleum based foams, cold sleepers.Considerations: Pricey (natural latex costs more), pretty bouncy, not considered “plush”.
photo of the silk & snow mattress from above showing the quilted organic cotton cover

An Insider’s Guide To The Best Mattresses In Canada…Using 25 Years Of Mattress Designing Experience

Logan & Cove Frontier Mattress



The Logan And Cove Frontier is a 13.5″ (34.3cm) tall hybrid mattress made entirely in Canada using a series of adaptive and cushiony foam layers, along with up to 2,920 pressure-relieving micro coils + pocketed coils. It’s without question my favorite overall made in Canada mattress.

Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress Review. Photo shows subject sittin on edge of the mattress with little compression. Adjacent photo shows nano-coil layer inside the exposed corner of the mattress interior.

The Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress claims to offer advanced pressure relief. Normally, to me, that’s often marketing mumbo jumbo, but, after test sleeping on it for two nights, I noticed a perceptible improvement in my shoulder and hip pain, and didn’t have to change positions nearly as much.

Here are the noteworthy bullet points I came away with after my review. Cost is C$1299 in queen, and C$1499 in king. Note, it is available only in Canada:

  • It’s 13.5″ tall and contains three layers of cooling, pressure relieving foam and two layers of both nano-coils and 8″ tall pocket coils that properly suspend and support your spine and body.
  • It’s made using safer, cleaner non toxic foams that are certified by CertiPurUS, an organization that tests components used in the bedding industry.
  • It reduced my back pain and pressure points at hips and shoulders because it offers extra padding and cushioning at hips and shoulders.
  • Offers cradling and body contouring that envelopes your body without being difficult to turn on.
  • Cools and moves hot air away from your body because of “breezeways” inside the nanocoil and pocket coil layers. Excellent option for post-menopausal syndrome, hot sleepers, side sleepers, combination sleepers.
  • Excellent transfer and sitting at the edge of the mattress due to stiffer edge coils. Much better support than all foam mattresses.
  • Generous 365 day trial period, 15 year warranty, and free shipping to all provinces.

I included this Logan And Cove option in my best mattresses in Canada list because, like it’s sister mattress reviewed below, (the Logan And Cove Choice Hybrid mattress) you’ll get effective pressure relief and comfort because of a well thought out design.

The pocket coil base are wrapped with fabric so that you’ll enjoy a silent sleep with no potential for creaking or squeaking, and each coil operates independently from the other.

Much like the individual keys on a piano, these coils will push upward and respond to the weight applied to them. The tension is set just right and not as firm as other pocket coil hybrids I’ve reviewed.

You’ll notice how I was not really immersing much into the mattress, though it felt plush, inviting, and comfortably soft. On my back, I noticed that the Frontier Mattress filled in void areas, too, like the my lumbar region, and the space between shoulder blades. This allows cantilevered muscles and connective tissues to relax during restorative sleep.

But, the only way to really see whether the Frontier Mattress was a winner, was to get on top of it and put it to the test.


Test PointPerformance
Overall ComfortExcellent-good float factor, cushiony and cloud like feel.
Pressure ReliefExcellent, no shoulder or hip pain
Motion TransferExcellent- nano-coils and pocket coils
Ease Of TurningExcellent- no sinking
Edge SupportVery Good- easy transfer, 190 lb. test subject (see pic)
IntimacyExcellent-good for snuggling, subtle bounce
Value vs. CostExcellent- less than comparable
Detectable OdorsExcellent- zero odors detected

My Video Review Of The Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress: What’s Inside

The Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress can be used with any solid top foundation, slatted platform bed , or adjustable bases. The pocket coil system that is built into the mattress can be folded at any row of coils and will articulate well with any base.

I recommend using the Podium Adjustable Base which can be purchased as an add-on when you buy the mattress and is also delivered nation wide to any province at no additional charge.

Cost for a queen adjustable Podium base is C$976.65, or a king split set for around C$1613.00 when added to the mattress purchase.


The Logan & Cove Mattress

<div id="logan"> </div>
View from the foot of the Logan And Cove Mattress showing its thick pillow top, the diamond pattern on the exterior sides, and the delivery box sitting next to the mattress. the delivery box is about 42" tall and 20" wide all the way around.
The Logan And Cove Mattress offers a foam and pocket coil combination, but with a more generous pillowtop that helps reduce pressure and pain. I personally tested it and experienced noteworthy pain relief while on my side.


The Logan And Cove Mattress is one of my overall favorite “best mattresses in Canada”. It feels gently embracing, kind of like that favorite hotel mattress you look forward to when you travel. For pain and pressure, I noticed that it fills in those little void areas in your lower back and between shoulder blades, too. And, at 12″ tall, it’s super easy to climb in and out of bed– a real plus.

It’s reasonably priced, too, at C$999 in queen, and C$1199 in king, making it affordable for about everyone. I’d described it as a “well tuned” mattress, a trade expression meaning that the materials used are gauged so that a person of typical weight will be suspended, rather than swallowed up this mattress. My own mattress designing experience taught me the same important rule. Let’s check it out.

Even at 88.5kg (195lb), side sleeping was comfortable and I didn’t bottom out at my pressure hot spots on The Logan And Cove Mattress.


Simply put, ideally a mattress should be able to move your body’s weight to the side- and not down into pressure hot spots.

It’s outstanding for side sleepers because of its higher pocket coil count (1,200 in a king, a little less in queen size), which keep you buoyed up instead of sinking, and it’s one of my best mattresses in Canada options purely based on what you get for your money.

It was also really effective at relieving my hip and shoulder pain (cycling and running). Unlike a lot of foam and coil combination mattress options, it doesn’t feel swampy or mushy, either.

You get a lot of extras, too, that I’d expect to pay a lot more for. Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Natural silk filled, nano-fiber quilted foam pillow top layer, inside of Tencel fabric outer encasement. Tencel is a natural fiber that is sustainable, breathable, moisture wicking, and soft. Nano-fibers use phase change technology to remove heat by converting to cooler surface temps.
  2. Combined layers of ¾” Cooling Gel Foam, 2″ of both gel foam and latex like “Elastex bio foam”. These foam layers are tuned so that their density keeps you from bottoming out, without feeling hard or making you feel “stuck” in your mattress.
  3. Up to 1200 pressure relieving coils (depending upon size) are in every mattress. Each coil is individually pocketed, so collectively they work a lot like a suspension system for your body and can support and move along with your changing sleep positions.
  4. Made with certified foams and natural textiles to reduce VOC, formaldehyde. Water based adhesives used where lamination occurs. (These glues are water soluble and don’t contain formaldehyde).
  5. Exterior perimeter fabric is tough, scratch resistant, and highly breathable, and a non stick material is used underneath to keep your mattress from sliding around.
See what a 25 year mattress manufacturer and designer has to say about The Logan & Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress.

A queen Logan And Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress sells for C$999, about a third of the price of retail store models that might be pretty similar in construction. For example, I didn’t find any other Canadian mattress brand that uses a quilted cooling nano-fiber for the outermost, body contact layer.

This material rapidly reduces heat load on your body, and its quilted with a hollow fibre-fill material that is hypo-allergenic as well. I loved the lush, softer feel right up top and found it to be quite soothing.

My Test Sample Arrived In Excellent Condition, Carefully Packaged And Protected

My test sample of a queen size Logan And Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress arrived safely rolled and gently vacuum packaged. The packaging is super heavy duty, and it’s easy to handle upon arrival at your front door, though I suggest getting one other person to give you a hand getting the shipping box inside.

Just inside your entryway, open the box and remove the mattress which will be rolled up inside of a generous amount of heavy duty plastic wrap (recyclable by the way). From there, shimmy it up onto your foundations, platform bed, or adjustable base and carefully remove the plastic wrapping.

The Logan And Cove Choice Mattress inside the original shipping box, and just after removing it, showing the mattress in a vacuum sealed bag.
My Logan & Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress arrived with minimal scuffing and no damage.


Test PointPerformance
Overall ComfortExcellent-inviting, cloud like feel, but not too soft.
Pressure ReliefOutstanding-esp. at hips/shoulders
Motion TransferVery Good- pocket and nano-coils absorb motion
Ease Of TurningExcellent- No stuck sensation, floating feel, effortless turning
Edge SupportVery Good- not too firm, can sit or transfer easily
IntimacyExcellent- minimal sliding, just the right bounce factor
Value vs. CostExcellent- 20-30% less than luxury brands, C$999 in queen
Detectable OdorsVery minimal- for few days, disappears fast (24-36 hours)

My First Impressions Of The Logan & Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress

Available in one firmness option, I’d describe the immediate sensation as inviting, falling at about a medium level of firmness/softness. This means that on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being as hard as a carpeted floor and 1 being like sleeping on marshmallows, it’s comfortable, easy on shoulders and hips, and even at 87 kg, I didn’t feel like I was being swallowed by the mattress.

Once I opened my Logan And Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress, unrolled it, and let it fully expand back to its original factory 12″ thickness (takes literally 5-10 minutes but allow 24 hours to complete), the first thing that caught my critical eye was the unique diamond quilt pattern on the nano-fiber cooling fabric.

It has a smooth feel to it, and even with a fitted sheet covering it up, still conveyed a really nice responsive and plush feel.

I generally prefer softer mattresses to begin with, but require that my spine, especially my lower back, is straight and level when I sleep. When on your side, you don’t want your hips sinking to the bottom, and they should align with your shoulders as well.

By allowing your hips and shoulders to immerse slightly, you’ll get noticeably improved spine alignment on The Logan & Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress.

Note: I’ve found that the best mattresses in Canada generally appeal to consumers looking for a medium feel, not excessively soft or stiff. I see lots of reviews complaining about mattresses that are way too firm.

This might be because during cooler times of the year, thicker memory foam and gel foam mattresses can be very stiff due to properties of the material. The solution (my opinion) is that get a hybrid mattress that combines coils and less thick layers of therapeutic foam.

I’m a big guy (190lb/86kg) and it’s worth taking note of how I can sit on the edge of the Logan And Cove Choice mattress without a whole lot of sinkage. Also, the upper comfort layers are beefy and thick, providing a lush feel without any sense of collapsing downward, a real selling point especially for under C$1,000 for a hybrid mattress with an 8″ pocket coil suspension.

I noticed pretty good support on my hips and shoulders on my side, and a more supportive sensation from the pocketed coils underneath, that made it easier to turn on than the average coil/foam mattress I’ve tested, and change positions (I’m mostly a side sleeper, some time on my back).

From a sleep perspective, The Logan And Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress made me sleep more consistently, and smoothed out my fragmented sleep. Most people don’t realize how disruptive this is, and finding a mattress that helps you get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep gives you far more energy.

At my shoulders and hips I didn’t feel like the mattress was firm at all, and even after 45 minutes on my side, noticed really effective pressure relief. Sitting on the edge, I was able to easily put on running shoes and sit comfortably. This is certainly due to the use of firmer edge coils at the full perimeter of the mattress.

Even the best mattresses in Canada sold in retail stores at much higher prices didn’t feel any more supportive*.

*I visited downtown Toronto. Popular brick and mortar stores include Sleep Factory, Sleep Country Canada, and The Brick Mattress Store, none of which carried The Logan And Cove Mattress.

Because the mattress is made using a hybrid design and the coil count is high (up to 1200 in king and Cal King, about 950 in queen), motion transfer is going to be minimized greatly. Yet, this mattress didn’t have the “dead foam slab” feel that many all foam mattresses have, especially less expensive versions of so-called “memory foam mattresses”.

In fact, Logan And Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress had a lively, slightly bouncy feel thanks to incorporation of a more relaxed pocket coil design and the use of a highly flexible “Elastex foam” layer the company has directly above the coil layers. The Logan And Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress is totally made in Canada in their Toronto and Vancouver facilities.

I studied a lot of online mattress reviews on third party platforms and found this mattress to have a solid following, delivering consistently high reviews. Trustpilot, one of few third party review platforms I trust, gives it a 4.8 out 5 star rating, out of 97 verified review samplings. The best mattresses in Canada are heavily vetted by actual owners, and The Logan And Cove Mattress is among them.

I consider Trustpilot a genuine third party review site like mine, and out of 97 reviews, The Logan & Cove scored a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

About 86% of those reviews were five star ratings, with many offering a common theme of offering excellent support over time with a softer, more plush feel right up top.

One reviewer indicated that after numerous memory foam mattress failures within a year, the Logan And Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress “out-performed other mattresses” they tried and has not mashed, compressed, or sunk in over time.

This is likely due to the use of better quality foam layers being strategically placed above the pocket coil system. We looked for third party reviews on one of the few product review platforms we trust, Trustpilot.

Out of 97 recorded responses, actual owners rated the Logan & Cove at 4.6 out of 5 stars, and 86% gave them a five star rating.


The Logan And Cove Mattress might be highly beneficial if you have pain or even inflammation issues. I experience a lot of leg pain from sports injuries myself and find that slightly softer mattresses are far better at body contouring and cradling your extremities, rather than a harder mattress option.

The Logan And Cove Mattress is made entirely in Canada, including the quilted outer covering and interior components.

I found that delivers very good spine alignment without sacrificing softness, and reduced pain in my lumbar region within 30 minutes (I have scoliosis and some disc erosion in that area). But- I did find it quite firm.

If you prefer a more “nest-like” sensation (like I do) with just a subtle amount of immersion and cuddle factor, you’ll love the feel of this mattress. Owners seem to love it, and for side sleepers or for curling up, it’s easy on your hips and shoulders, too. I thought it was the sweet spot for me, especially with the cozy pillow top section.

If you are a person of size, or taller, or even an athletic couple, opt for the firmer model so that you are properly supported along your spine. Often, softer beds are not the best choice for couples that tend to stay snuggled in the middle of a mattress.

This photo shows the 4 distinctive layers inside The Logan & Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress consisting of a nano-fiber cooling quilted top section, a layer of gel foam, elastic foam, and a pocket coil component which contains up to 1200 individual coils

Considering the price at C$999 for a queen, and C$1299 for a king size, you get a lot of performance ut of this well made Canadian mattress. The underlying support, for anyone up to about 250 lb or 114kg, offered by their individually pocketed zoned steel coil unit (4 in the photo) gives you uplifting pushback with no minimal sink factor or dipping. It also fills void areas pretty effectively when on your side, like between hips and ribcage.

Above the coil layer is a 1.5″ layer of premium Elastex® Foam, (3 in the photo) which is designed to add a tad of bounce factor, additional cushioning and motion transfer elimination. Combined with the 1″ layer of Eco-Lux cooling foam which is effective at removing heat using phase change technology, (2 In the photo), the combined effect is a well optimized mattress in my opinion.

As for what’s on top, let’s discuss the outer fabric. I’ve designed hundreds of body contact layers (the part you actually sleep on) for many of my own mattresses. The technology with cooling fibers has only developed in the last few years. The use of nano-fiber technology in the body contact layer (1 in the photo) is a big advance in cooling. But- that diamond quilted foam pillow top piece is a true hallmark of luxury and it feels great.

Generally, these textiles are only used in more expensive mattresses, typically priced at about C$2,000 or above. At just about a third of the price of similar store bought models, I’ve included it on my list of the best mattresses in Canada.

better edge support-unlike typical “bed in a box” options

Most “bed in a box” mattress options are really just slabs of foam that don’t take into account sitting on the edge of your mattress. Simple things like getting in and out of bed, putting your shoes on, or just lounging can be a real problem for many mattress designs. The Logan and Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress is well designed to provide optimal support all the the way to the edge at all sides.

I found that while sitting on the edge (I’m around 86kg, or 190lb) I sank in about 4″, which is acceptable for transfer, putting on shoes, and ideal for edge of the bed sexual activity. Any more than 4″ or so of sink, I think- is a bit much and could result in heavier people sliding off the edge of a mattress.

Cons: Not ideal for couples with combined weight of more than 204kg or 450lbs. I’d consider other brands rated for heavier weights. Even the firmer model will likely not be as effective as a very stiff all foam mattress option.

Because the encased pocketed coil system runs to the edge of the mattress, you get excellent support regardless of your body type and weight. You also get more usable space on a mattress that is more supportive all the way to the edge. As one of the best mattresses in Canada I’ve reviewed, being able to get the maximum amount of usable space on a mattress is factored in to my consideration.

Slightly firmer pocketed boils are used in the edge zone, and in body support areas, they are a little bit more yielding and cushier. When on my side, I felt less pressure at shoulders and hips, key areas where excessively firmer ingredients are often not calibrated properly.

Cons: If you are typical height and weight, I recommend the medium plush option, as owners who have the firm option complained a bit about the stiffness of the mattress while on their side, according to online reviews.

The mattress features integrated layers of what they call “bio-foam”, made using soy based components to minimize the amount of VOC (petroleum distillates) foam in the mattress. There are several layers of memory/gel foam material, designed with “adaptive air channels” to passively ventilate hot air away from the bed.

Actually, considering the number of stacked components in this mattress, it does sleep surprisingly cool. If you are a cold sleeper, you may want to try natural latex instead. The best mattresses in Canada generally provide cooling and ventilation, or at least are temperature neutral.

I think the The Logan And Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress might be the best Canadian mattress for you if you:

  • Are a regular hot sleeper – their cooling technology works and reviewers love it. will make sure that you get a nice, cool night; every night.
  • Enjoy the feel of a softer pillow top memory foam bed but just don’t find it supportive or firm enough. You’ll get better support with this mattress. And, the pocketed coil springs minimizes motion transfer while elevating and lifting your body.
  • Like that extra feeling of sumptuousness between you and what’s under the top of the bed.
  • Are looking for value-compares to mattresses I’ve reviewed costing C$2500 or more. Priced at C$999 in queen. Price includes a $40 sleep bundle with sheets, 2 pillows, and a mattress protector.

Get An Adjustable Base Along With Your Logan and Cove Mattress

If you’d like to order an adjustable base along with your Logan and Cove Mattress, we recommend the Podium Adjustable Base, manufactured and shipped within Canada only.

In queen size, the adjustable base is just $849, an you get tons of features including USB ports, massage features, Zero-Gravity settings, and unlimited head and foot elevation. Many Logan And Cover owners have added on the Podium Base as a really cool option.

Totally Ontario made, you get a 120 night sleep trial with free return shipping if you don’t love it, and a solid 15 year warranty- I give the Logan and Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress high marks and consider it my favorite Canadian option.
A Logan And Cove Mattress makes the ideal mattress for use with a Podium Adjustable Base, sold only in Canada.Note that you can buy a mattress and simply add-on an adjustable base in the same order.

The Logan and Cove Choice Hybrid Mattress ships for free, and is compressed and vacuum packaged which keeps it from being damaged.

When delivered, simply remove from box, unfurl, remove plastic (carefully) and allow it to expand for about 12 hours. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to setup.



The Puffy Royal Mattress: Best Canadian Luxury Mattress

The Puffy Royal Mattress is a 12″ tall, 7 layer, all foam mattress designed to provide enhanced cooling, pressure relief, and support, using superior components to deliver a “cloud-like” feel. I would call it medium plush in feel.

It’s been made in Canada for a few years and the US version has been heralded by lots of online review sites, so I wanted to test one out myself to see if I’d consider calling it a luxury mattress-without it having innersprings or pocket coils.

I tested a queen size mattress shipped from the facility in Ontario, and was eager to see if my back and hip pain could be improved by spending a week on my sample.

First off, I wanted to see if the mattress delivered on the promise of being “cloud-like” in feel, and I was pretty impressed when I fell into it for the first time. I’d say a solid 9 out of 10 for being immersive, soft but squishy, not bouncy, swampy, or too spongy. It could be a terrific option for you if you are looking for:

  1. A luxury foam mattress without coils, springs, or metal components.
  2. A mattress that is plush, and not excessively firm.
  3. A sleep solution that is better at pain relief and pressure that conventional innerspring mattresses
  4. A mattress designed to reduce heat and actively ventilate air.
  5. A mattress that is ideal for couples with minimal motion transfer.

Why I consider the Puffy Royal A Solid Luxury Mattress Option

It’s the first all foam mattress without coils that offers a radically different feel that I would say, comes off as “cloud like” and even effervescent- if that makes sense. Here’s my bullet points on this popular coil alternative:

Turning on it from side to back is more than easy, and I loved how it cradled my torso without sinking to the bottom. Super cooling effect that is noticeable in about 60 seconds-but not chilling to the bone like so many so-called “cooling textiles” are capable of delivering with tech that is, well, maybe a little too good.

For example many mattress options out there (and you visit local retail stores to confirm this) are simply cold to the touch. Being a hot sleeper is one thing, but bone chilling memory foam is overkill, I think. Unless you are dealing with menopausal hot flashes or other metabolic conditions that cause you to sweat while in bed, I’m going to tell you it might be a little overkill.

How The Puffy Royal Mattress Performed In My 9 Point Test

Overall ComfortExcellent. Fantastic initial feel, especially while on my side and back. Medium feel, not firm or excessively soft. About a 4-5 on firmness scale where 10 is hard.
Pressure ReliefExcellent- immediate effect on hot spots like shoulders, hips- even my head.
Motion TransferMinimal noted- even with vigorous bouncing, transfer is hard to create
Ease Of TurningExcellent- Effortless, since it pushes upward instead of collapsing downward
Edge SupportVery Good- easy transfer in and out, no sliding off
IntimacyExcellent- good for snuggling too, just the right bounce factor
Component QualityOutstanding, Certi-Pur® Rated Foam, infused gel foam, cooling fabric exterior
Value vs. CostReally Good- Tad pricey at $2849 in queen, but it delivers the goods
Detectable OdorsVery minimal- for 1-2 days, disappears quickly (24-36 hours),
Warranty/TrialRespected for Lifetime Warranty, 101 Night Trial
CONSNot recommended for individuals over 155 kg (350lb), or those seeking firm

From the top down, let’s take a look at what makes this mattress tick. Up top there’s a quilted foam fabric made from a highly breathable fabric comprising two layers. Beneath, there are 5 additional layers that have a series of specialized functions:

  • Cooling memory foam with gel foam beads removes ambient heat using phase change technology
  • Aerated foam layers prevent heat collection, which promotes deeper, restorative sleep
  • Deep body contouring (you will experience immersion, but without a “stuck” or trapped sensation
  • Advanced pressure relief with Puffy Cloud Foam™, advanced support with HD foundation foam
  • Laminated together using water based adhesives for trampoline like stretch and flexibility

The Puffy Royal Mattress is completely manufactured in Canada using local craftsmen and women, ships via Fedex, arrives within 2-5 business days after placing your order, has a 101 night trial period, and is outfitted with a lifetime warranty. Most third party online reviews categorize this mattress as “ultra-plush”, but my takeaway was that it offered a luxurious feel without being way too soft. More of a “medium” sensation.

Can Be Used With Any Sleep Surface, Platform, Or Adjustable Base

The Puffy Royal Mattress can be used with virtually any foundation type, from a platform with slats (keep them 2-3 inches apart, slats should be 3″ wide, with space between at about 3″), solid deck, Puffy’s adjustable powered bases, or inside the outer edge of an upholstered bed.



The Douglas Original Mattress: Best Memory Foam Mattress

The Douglas Original Mattress is a little different than conventional memory foam mattresses, since it is built with a memory foam layer directly above a bouncier latex like material that makes it very suitable for pressure and pain relief.

It’s also a much better value than a lot of memory foam brands because of the price. Made using a higher grade of memory foam which is 4 lb. density rather than 3lb. (meaning it’s a bit more dense), it’s less likely to bottom out or sink if you sleep on your side.

About 125,000 Canadians already own this mattress, likely because it costs well under C$1,000, at C$799 for a queen. Also, The Douglas Mattress offers a memory foam mattress option that is largely focused on an eco-friendly recipe, and I think is pretty comparable to US brands alike Casper and Tempur-Pedic.

I tested it and slept on a queen size sample for several days, and would describe it as embracing, body contouring, and nest like without being smothering.

I especially noticed that you didn’t feel like you had to dig your way out of the middle during the night, too.

It features a washable cover containing sustainable Tencel® fiber which removes heat. Inspired by the mountains of Western Canada, the sculpted CoolSense® cover draws moisture away, leading to a cool, dry night.

I’m very familiar with the textiles used for body cooling, and the covering on the Douglas mattress has a stretchy feel while still being able to pull moisture away from your body, creating active evaporative cooling.

Owners describe the feel of this mattress as cloud like and soothing, without having any bottoming out sensation. Definitely one of my best mattresses in Canada options for memory foam.

layer by layer breakdown of the douglas original memory foam mattress

There are three layers of specialized foam in the Douglas Mattress including the blue gel/memory foam, the cream colored latex layer which adds bounce and springiness, and the white support and motion isolation layer. At just C$999 in queen, this mattress is one of the best mattresses in Canada for budget conscious shoppers.
  • Top layer: 2” of cooling blue gel foam. Douglas’ proprietary cooling gel foam is lighter and less carbon-intensive than conventional memory foams. The cooling gel doesn’t retain heat, ventilating air to the side of the mattress.

  • Second layer: 2” of Elastex® foam. This transition layer provides spring and support. Many mattresses use latex for similar reasons. The synthetic Elastex® foam is free of the allergy-causing chemicals found in latex.

  • Third layer: 6” Motion-Isolation foam. Finally, more than half of Douglas’ height comes from the motion isolation support layer. The density of the foam almost entirely eliminates motion transfer, so you will sleep soundly, even if your bedmate tosses and turns all night long.

NOTEWORTHY: The blue gel/memory foam used in Douglas’ comfort layer weighs less than traditional high-density memory foam (which starts at 4 to 5 lbs/ft3). It has a lower petrochemical volume as compared to conventional memory foam. The lighter material has a positive impact on the environment in the form of a lower carbon footprint while still providing the same tactile benefits of denser foam.


Overall ComfortExcellent
Pressure ReliefExcellent
Motion TransferMinimal
Ease Of TurningVery Good
Value vs. CostVery Good
Edge SupportGood
Detectable OdorsVery minimal for few days

FOR I’ve reviewed a lot of memory foam mattresses through the years, but almost all of them have no buoyancy. You literally melt into them, kind of like sitting on a beach in the sand. Eventually you bottom into it. The Douglas Mattress had enough lift and buoyancy keep you from sinking, and it offered a nice hugging sensation.

Very Effective At Motion Isolation, With Testing To Prove It.

The Douglas Mattress consistently gets rave reviews and when tested, received the highest motion isolation rating of any all-foam mattress tested, beating out over 50 other competitors, based on testing by third-party engineers commissioned by, and covered in full detail in this APEGA-stamped report.

This makes it ideal for couples sharing a bed with pets or children, helps set the stage for deeper restorative rest and REM sleep, and also allows for freedom of movement since it has no excessive sinking or trapped feeling. It’s a mattress designed to get you to sleep and keep you there, all at a highly affordable price. With pricing being a lot less expensive than brands like Tempur-Pedic, it easily falls into my best mattresses in Canada category

You can use your Douglas Mattress with the Podium Adjustable Base to create the ultimate sleep sanctuary,

Because The Douglas Mattress is a memory foam mattress, it’s the perfect pairing for an adjustable base. We recommend the Podium Adjustable Base, exclusively sold in Canada.

At just C$799 in queen, you can bundle it with your mattress and get all of the benefits an adjustable base can offer.

Pre-set positions, head and foot elevation, massage, tech stuff like USB ports, even a zero gravity position. Check out our in depth page on Canada’s best adjustable base option.

According to over 7,922 reviews by YOTPO, a respected third party review platform the Douglas Mattress ranks top in its class of memory foam mattresses and scores a solid 4.6 star rating. We think that’s pretty good considering the simple design, the higher quality components, and the relatively low cost factor.

The Douglas Mattress delivers on a solid 120 night no questions asked trial period, a 15 year warranty, and free shipping, too. The best mattresses in Canada include a reliable warranty that covers dips, rutting and depressions, too.

Considering the price, substantially lower than a Casper, Tuft&Needle, or LoomAndLeaf comparable model, we consider the Douglas Mattress a stellar candidate if you want a mattress that is not too soft, and not too firm.

This mattress has a really nice melting in sensation, without feeling like you are bottoming into it, and feels buoyant and levitating at the same time.

If you have lower back pain or even neck pain, it could be especially helpful since it combines memory foam along with a responsive latex like layer directly underneath.

Distributing load sideways keeps pressure points to a minimum and also keeps heat moving away from your body.

For under C$800, it’s reasonably priced. Free shipping is included in the price. You also get to try the mattress risk free for 365 nights and is also protected by a 15 year warranty which seems reasonable for the price and quality of the mattress.



The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress: Natural Latex And Eco-Friendly

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is completely handcrafted in Ontario. It’s made using certified organic natural latex and cotton, along with a unique body-floating, zoned pocketed coil system- create a supportive, not-too-soft, plusher feel.

I found it to be very comfortable while on my side and back, with yielding and pressure relieving comfort at shoulders and hips. I used to design my own natural latex mattresses, and found this model similar in quality and plushness, with a nestled in, inviting feel.

At C$1400 for a queen size, you’ll get a solid a 5 year warranty and a 101 night trial. I put this mattress to the test to see why it has such a popular option online in Canada. It ranks highly among all natural mattresses as one of the best mattresses in Canada made with botanically derived materials instead of petrochemical foams.

It’s calibrated for comfort, without the fumes and smells of memory foam and petroleum based products. The exterior organic cotton cover breathes and keeps your body cool. After testing it two nights in a row, I was impressed with how deeply I slept and woke up energized.

Reviewers consistently comment about allergies and stuffy noses being relieved when they sleep on natural bedding products vs. petrochemical ingredients.

Our Seasoned Industry Expert Put The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress To The Test


Overall ComfortExcellent
Pressure ReliefExcellent
Motion TransferNoticeable, but not bothersome
Ease Of TurningGood
Edge SupportGood
Detectable OdorsZero-Natural Product
Value vs CostGood (organic latex is costlier due to rarity)

I personally tried to beat the hell out of this mattress, because durability, to me, is the over-arching quality of any well designed and crafted bed.

Excellent edge support, for transfer and even for just putting on a pair of shoes, is critical in any mattress, much less an all natural one.

Even with my knees dug in, at 90 kg, I did not sink in or collapse into the mattress. While on my side, I felt little pressure and did not get sore even after hours in one position.The soft cotton and New Zealand wool piilow top offered a nice, soft and inviting sensation.

Because the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is made with certified organic Dunlop latex, which delivers a livelier, more responsive feel that makes turning effortless.

Years ago I made my own natural latex mattresses and sought out the same exact material used in this mattress. When you purchase a foam mattress that is made petrochemical based polyurethane foam, compression over time is simply a matter of course. Natural latex resists compression even over decades of time.

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress has a livelier, slightly bouncy feel, rather than a dead, memory foam sensation, and I liked the highly elastic and responsive feel. Memory foam, polyurethane foam, even gel foams will eventually dry out and mash down, often with a year or so. With natural latex, you can get decades of plush, supportive comfort.

Especially when on my side and back, The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress delivered the perfect amount of yielding at hips and shoulders. Pressure is pushed off to the side instead of downward.

If you have allergies, sensitivities to fragrances, or simply want to experience restorative rest on a chemical free mattress, I’d give this mattress a shot.

Also, botanically derived latex is hypo-allergenic, resists dust mites, is anti-bacterial, and doesn’t off gas anything at all. You can learn more about natural latex mattresses here.



The ENDY Mattress

The ENDY Memory Foam Mattress is popular in Canada largely due to it’s price point, and at C$895 in queen, and C$995 in king, I was impressed by the quality of the materials packed inside this 25 cm (10″) tall bed in a box option.

After testing dozens of mattresses available in Canada, there’s not question that this is my #1 choice for best side sleepers mattress by far. Another plus, is that the ENDY Mattress has over 300,000 verified owners. You can read some of their reviews here.

Endy developed a very stretchable and elastic outer fabric that is right next to your body at the top of the mattress. I found that it is pretty taut, stretched out a bit like a trampoline that suspended my body, rather than carried it. Definitely the tightest covering I’ve observed on any mattress. The result was that my body weight felt pushed away to the sides, and not focused downwards creating a lot of pressure and hot spots.

To handle wide ranging Canadian seasonal temperatures, the engineers who designed this mattress used a more “open cell” foam that is right up at the top, just underneath a breathable, stretchy fabric covering. Unlike memory foam, it doesn’t become rock hard, which is a problem in cooler climates. Because memory foam is highly temperature responsive, it takes body heat a while to warm it up.

This foam layer allows passive air circulation to keep body temperatures stabilized, which also helps you sleep deeper, and calms tossing and turning, too. I noticed how well the mattress felt after lying on it for an hour or so, with very effective cooling and no hot spots forming underneath me.

Made at two facilities in Ontario and Quebec, when you order an ENDY Mattress, you get shipment by the next business day if you get your order processed before 1PM local time.

Another feature I really like is the machine washable covering. The top half unzips and is easily reinstalled.

All of the foam layers in the ENDY Mattress are CertiPur® rated, and are safe, made without VOC’s, ozone depleters, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other compounds.

Even the adhesive used to laminate the layers of foam together in the mattress is water based and not a petroleum based material that can off gas and leach into the mattress. After reviewing a lot of all foam mattress options, I’ve found that the best mattresses in Canada almost always do not include VOC based adhesives.

The breathable memory foam layer up top relieves pressure, and in combination with a comfort layer that keeps you from sinking and acts as a kind of “flotation” layer ( I noticed I didn’t sink in even when on my side and I’m a pretty tall guy at 195 lb).

Underneath, The ENDY Mattress has a firmer foundation layer of specialized foam that acts as the “suspension” of the mattress if you will. For an all foam mattress option, I was impressed at how easy it was to sit comfortably on the edge without sliding off, unlike many foam mattresses I review.

You get a 10 year warranty, a 100 night no questions asked trial period, and free shipping with every ENDY Mattress, too.

We Tested The Endy Mattress For Comfort, Support, And Performance: It Didn’t Disappoint

Our ENDY Mattress tester, Tara, loved the slightly immersive and softer feel when she first tried the mattress. No bottoming out sensation, easy to turn on, with a flotation like feel.

For edge support, the mattress offers a firm enough high density foam layer on the bottom to allow you to sit without sliding off, too.


Overall ComfortExcellent
Pressure ReliefVery Good
Motion TransferMinimal
Ease Of TurningVery Good
Edge SupportGood
IntimacyVery Good
Value vs CostExcellent
Detectable OdorsMinimal, not noticeable after a few days.

Tara described The Endy Mattress as one of the best memory foam mattresses she’s tested, and I agreed that the softness and cushy initial feel, combined with a well calculated balance of foam layers, made it super comfortable and easy on shoulders and hips.

Endy Also Sells A Well Designed Platform For Their Mattress

ENDY also offers a reasonably priced platform bed, too that sells for C$545 in queen, and can be assembled in 10 minutes. It’s nicely appointed with an upholstered exterior that pairs well with the ENDY Mattress.

The frame itself is crafted from solid birch and cherry wood. It’s solid, heavier than I’d expect, but built to last.

ENDY Mattress also offers a full lineup of sheets, pillows and mattress protectors, too, which means you can do one stop shopping and setup your bedroom without having to hunt and peck for everything.



The Juno Bed: 4.6 Rating Out Of 1,685 YOTPO Reviews

The Juno Bed is another one of the best mattresses in Canada in the bed in a box category and fits sleepers who have active lifestyles and are looking for a reasonably priced option in a gel foam/memory foam mattress.

At just $C449 for a queen size, it’s hard to not take notice. And that includes free shipping to all provinces.

Called the “no gimmick Canadian mattress”, it’s not loaded down with a lot of unnecessary frills and bells and whistles, and is built using a tried and true design, using a 2” layer of memory foam with infused gel beads, on top of a supportive yet yielding foundation layer that is 6” thick. the finished height is 8” total.

We used to build mattresses identical to the Juno Bed when our company first entered the e-commerce marketplace. It is light in weight when compared to most other mattresses, especially latex which is much heavier. Selling for one of the lowest price points for an all foam mattress I’d recommend, it can compete as one of the best mattresses in Canada.


Overall ComfortVery Good
Pressure ReliefGood
Motion TransferMinimal
Ease Of TurningVery Good
Edge SupportVery Good
IntimacyVery Good
Value vs CostVery Good
Detectable OdorsMinimal odor detected after 24 hours

This bed will be easy to unpack and transport to your bedroom, even if you are stuck doing it by yourself. The mattress has minimal motion transfer as well, and won’t have an excessive “bouncy” feel.

Reviewers describe the mattress as having “balanced firmness” and offering a yielding and nestlike feel where hips and shoulders press into the top gel foam layer. It has what could be described as a medium feel, with just enough immersion to create a nestlike sensation.

It’s one of my favorite best mattresses in Canada options because it works well with adjustable bases and will conform easily when operating your base.

It’s firm enough to easily turn from side to side, and when sitting on the edge of the mattress, there is sufficient support for individuals of typical weight. This mattress is not designed for heavier sleepers.

The Juno Gel Foam Mattress works well with adjustable bases, including the exclusive to Canada Podium Adjustable Base.

To get the best out of your Juno Gel Foam Mattress, pairing it with a Podium Adjustable Base is the best way to create a sanctuary from the daily grind.

With an infinite number of elevated head and foot options, massage feature, zero-gravity presets, and USB charging ports, using an adjustable base helps you relax, restore, refresh, and sleep better, too.

One thing that the Juno Mattress capitalizes on is the simplicity of the design. When gel foam is used, and in this case the gel foam is blended with a memory foam, you experience the full benefit of the unique material. It’s excellent for back sleepers, and for belly sleepers it is also quite comfortable.

The Juno Gel Foam Mattress comes with a 120 night trial, and a solid 15 year factory warranty, and is made in Canada. The one overriding feature of this mattress that really made us love it, was that the base layer of high density foam was not too firm, and it has universal appeal.



The Brunswick Bed: $799 In Queen, Is It The Best Canadian Mattress Deal On A Hybrid Mattress?

The Brunswick Mattress: An over the top pocketed coil hybrid that is exclusive to Canadians! I really like the fact that for the price, this mattress is loaded with features that are normally reserved for mattresses costing $1800-2800. It’s just $999 in queen size.

We’re excited to talk about a hybrid coil mattress that was built with quality components and arrives at your door for far less than mattresses in its class costing literally thousands more. This mattress sells for just C$999 in queen and C$1199 for king.

Typically, a hybrid coil mattress with the same components as the Brunswick Bed will sell in the C$1400-1600 range, often because the mattress goes through many hands from the point of manufacture.

This mattress is shipped directly from the factory in Toronto and Calgary, bypassing middlemen, wholesalers, commissioned employees in a retail showroom (with high overhead that you ordinarily pay for), carving out at least 60% if the cost.

The Brunswick Mattress contains a luxurious layer of higher density memory foam (which means it resists packing down and mashing) and is made with a unique fabric exterior. It’s reinforced with Canadian-grown hemp fibers that brings a number of helpful benefits to the fabric while also enriching local Canadian farms with industry.

While the individually pocketed steel coil system seems somewhat conventional, it’s the individual “piston” like action in this mattress that helps eliminate small pressure points, acting like a set of piano keys supporting your body where it needs the most focused “push back”.

It allows you to turn with ease, precisely pushing upwards in areas that need support, such as the space between your hips and ribs when on your side, or between shoulder blades when on your back.

An Outstanding Pocketed Coil Hybrid That Delivers Sumptuous Comfort And Pinpointed Back Support – At A Third Of The Price Of Comparable Beds

With a smooth-top cover that allows you to be in intimate contact with the immersive and sumptuous memory foam layer up top, you’ll get full body contouring, excellent motion isolation, and adaptive temperature regulation.

With both a memory foam and gel foam layer, reinforced edge support, and responsive mattress bounce, I think it’s a great option for the price. The Canadian grown hemp fiber enriches the outer covering on this mattress as well, offering a soft and smooth finished feel, yet, sheets won’t slip and slide across the surface.


Overall ComfortVery Good
Pressure ReliefExcellent
Motion TransferMinor
Ease Of TurningExcellent
Edge SupportExcellent
Value vs CostExcellent
Detectable OdorsMinimal Detection after 24 hours

The Brunswick Mattress features an outer cover which contains hemp fibers to promote a hypoallergenic, clean sleep experience. A plush, lightweight fill is stuffed inside the cover to create a Euro top effect, and the mattress is 12” tall. It can be placed on any conventional hard top foundation, platform bed, or adjustable base.

Two layers of cooling gel memory foam help dissipate heat and let fresh air circulate around the mattress throughout the night. Multi-tempered springs and reinforced perimeter foam help you feel properly supported no matter where you are on the Brunswick mattress. Order here and get our factory direct pricing today!



The Emma Original Mattress-Europe’s Most Popular Mattress Is Now Available in Canada

Engineered in Germany, The Emma Original Mattress is ranked #1 by independent consumer associations in the UK, France and the rest of Europe.

Curious as to why over 2 million sleepers in over 22 countries have chosen Emma? 

At C$699 in queen, with free shipping, a 365 night no questions asked free trial, and a 10 year warranty, I love the level of detail built into this mattress.

We tested it with my family, including my daughter who has scoliosis and severe back pain. Offering relief by relieving pressure (the mattress seems to push weight to the sides rather than down) and properly supporting her spine, she loved it and refused to give it up!

I found the plusher feel did not make the mattress sink, and there was no tendency to have to “dig your way out.” For a 25cm tall mattress, it offers a pretty sumptuous and luxurious feel.

Simple Design, Pinpoint Pressure Relief

From the top down, I think The Emma Original Mattress delivers more bang for your dollar than most memory foam type mattresses out there.

The outer covering keeps you cool, using what the company calls Point Elastic Airgocell® technology which enhances breathability and regulates temperature by absorbing and then evaporating sweat, so rising temperatures won’t have you disturb your nights.

Right beneath, you’re in direct contact with 2″ of something called Halo Memory Foam™ which adapts to your body shape for targeted spinal alignment, enhanced pressure relief and body-hugging comfort.

To provide body contouring and elevating lift, another layer of 2″ yielding foam adds to overall comfort. You won’t bottom out and experience pressure, especially at shoulders and hips, a common source of pain on poorer quality mattresses.

At the very bottom, we noticed the sculpted high density foam layer that provides zoned support offering a firmer pushback on heavier parts of your body that need it, while keeping head and neck, and legs a little softer.


Overall ComfortExcellent
Pressure ReliefVery Good
Motion TransferMinor
Ease Of TurningVery Good
Edge SupportGood
IntimacyVery Good
Detectable OdorsMinimal Detection after 24 hours
Value vs CostExcellent

In queen size, The Emma Original Mattress sells for just C$745, far less than comparable retail store brands, and less than many online brands. Why? Their business model is unique, as there are no middlemen or brokers that you pay for.

The factory in Ontario ships your mattress directly to your door, and hasn’t been riding around on trucks for weeks, only to end up sitting in a hot warehouse.

Overall I’d rate The Emma Original Mattress at 4.8 out of five stars, and this pretty much reflects the opinion of most owners as well, describing the mattress as “one of the bet deals” on a better made mattress they could find.

To me, it’s not surprising that you can buy it in Canada and also in the US, because name brand more popular memory foam mattresses often cost a lot more, in some cases $800-1200.

Manufactured in Canada, and shipped free to most provinces. If you live in more rural areas, you can jump on a chat on the web site and the upgrade fee is usually very reasonable.



Recore Latex Mattress– The Mattress Designed For Fitness And Performance Athletes

While most Americans are not fitness oriented, Canadians thrive on extremely active outdoor lifestyles. We were excited to learn about the Recore Mattress, a uniquely designed bedding option that is designed for humans at the peak of their game.

The Recore Mattress is a dynamic and carefully engineered mattress built on a classic high density foam base, and ascends with a layer of specialized gel foam that centers and balances the body.

Up top a graphite infused latex layer helps ventilate heat away from the body and has all of the supportive elements of latex- the immediate responsiveness, the bounce factor, and the pressure distributing qualities.

The price on a queen Recore Mattress is a comfortable C$999 with free shipping, a 120 day trial period, and a solid 15 year warranty. The icing on the cake with this performance mattress is the silver infused anti-bacterial outer covering, which can even be unzipped and removed for washing.


Overall ComfortVery Good
Pressure ReliefVery Good
Motion TransferMinor
Ease Of TurningExcellent
Edge SupportExcellent
Detectable OdorsMinimal Detection after 24 hours
Value vs CostVery Good

I tested it for three nights and loved it’s cooling effect and for me it had just the right amount of liveliness with a springier feel than typical “dead” memory foam mattresses. Seemed to help with my knee and shoulder pain, the result of many snow skiing injuries by offering soft pressure relief without getting stuck in the mattress.

Owners also report that it offers better muscle fatigue recovery than conventional innerspring mattresses, and that it’s great for sex, even edge of the bed sex, since it offers decent edge support without sliding off. Grip factor during sex was reported as pretty decent, as well.

Silver infused textiles are proven to be antimicrobial, and kills viruses as well. the cover will keep the interior clean, is breathable, and has a comfortable, textured feel.

Better recovery and better performance. Any athlete or fitness enthusiast knows the importance of deep sleep and how essential it is for performance enhancement. For athletes, I’ve rated the Recore Mattress as one of the best mattresses in Canada for fitness and performance.

A consistent eight hours of undisturbed, fully restorative sleep is crucial for muscle recovery, skill development, memory formation, mental focus, immune function, and appetite regulation.  Helps provide the necessary conditions for overnight recovery so you can achieve peak performance during the day.



The Zephyr Mattress: An Advanced Memory Foam Mattress Designed To Optimize Sleep And Restore Body Equilibrium- Let Me Explain

The Zephyr Mattress, though more expensive than entry level memory foam options, delivers an array of well thought out tech and comfort/support enhancing elements that benefits people who value rest as a precious commodity. With my link, C$2245.50 in queen, free shipping, 100 night trial period, 10 year solid bullet proof warranty, too. One of my favorite mattresses to review!

Hot Sleeper? Need Better Back And Hip Support? The Zephyr Mattress uses technology that even made me blush, and I’ve been reviewing, designing, and manufacturing memory foam mattresses for 25 years.

I always look for higher grade memory foam in a worthy mattress, and the Zephyr uses a “beaded gel memory foam” that helps distribute weight horizontally, much like spreading pizza dough sideways across a pan- not downward, into hard pressure points.

This kind of gel/memory foam cools you in summer, and warms you in winter, also. Further, the outer covering is designed to get rid of thermal heat, but redirect infrared heat back into your body to help you rest, recharge, and recover.

In the recipe for this mattress, The Zephyr features a transitional central-zone support layer which uses denser foam to support your hips and mid section, as well as an underlying base layer that lifts and buoys, rather than allowing you to sink.

This makes turning effortless- and keeps you asleep. The reason I include it in my list as one of the best mattresses in Canada? Consumers claim it has a strong calming effect.


Overall ComfortVery Good
Pressure ReliefExcellent
Motion TransferMinor
Ease Of TurningExcellent
Edge SupportExcellent
Detectable OdorsMinimal Detection after 24 hours
Value vs CostVery Good
This is a rather detailed tech illustration of a cutaway (which I normally despise) but because the Zephyr Mattress is unique and so well thought out, it’s worth taking a further look. If you sleep with a partner, the design is excellent at minimizing motion transfer as well. Check them out here and get my special pricing on this outstanding Canadian made beast of a bed!




Relying on carefully researched materials and architecture, this mattress was designed by a fall injury and neck pain survivor. I love how it offers pain relief, cooling, sweat-free sleep, and literally STOPS motion transfer. I get a lot of emails from couples who are trying to find a mattress that still offers a little bit of bounce and luxury, while at the same time, help them to stay in the same bed!

The GhostBed Luxe Mattress Specs & Features:

  • 13” height; 7 layers of targeted comfort
  • Cool-to-the-touch, luxurious quilted cover
  • 3″ gel memory foam designed to relieve pressure
  • 2″ GhostBounce foam for comforting, full-body contour
  • 7.5″ supportive core for extreme durability
  • Medium-Plush feel, about 5-6 on a scale of 1-10, ten being very firm.
  • Owners describe it as “cloud-like” and offering a “full body contouring” and embracing sensation.
The GhostBed Luxe mattress, which costs C$2,532 in queen, isn’t the least expensive mattress I recommend to Canadians- but it’s one of the best. If you’re a hot sleeper, or you have persistent neck and spine pain, you’re investing in a therapeutic mattress that properly distributes weight, supports your spine neutrally, and literally wicks away pain.

The GhostBed Luxe  is one of three models made by GhostBed, but this model is my favorite. Designed by the company owner who had three serious neck surgeries to relieve his pain, this mattress delivers proper spine alignment, cool sleep, and just the right amount of bounce and immersion.
The GhostBed Luxe is one of three models made by GhostBed, but this model is my favorite. Designed by the company owner who had three serious neck surgeries to relieve his pain, this mattress delivers proper spine alignment, cool sleep, and just the right amount of bounce and immersion.

Here’s how it’s made: First, you melt into it. Up top, a super luxurious quilted top – I thought I was going to pass out when I laid on my sample!

Next, three layers of cooling gel/memory foam, a bounce layer for lift and personality, and a supportive “core” layer (I used this foam myself in my designs for hip and shoulder support).

At the base, a resilient high density supportive foundation that keeps you from collapsing into an abyss.

Your GhostBed Luxe mattress purchase includes a 101 day no nonsense trial period as well. If you don’t love it, send an email, and you’ll get instant instructions on how to return and get a full refund.

You’ll also get a 25 year factory warranty, free shipping from either GhostBed’s own Vancouver or Toronto factories. Each Ghostbed Luxe Mattress is handcrafted in Canada.

Cons: Although it’s likely a strong contender for one of the best mattresses in Canada, it’s more expensive, targeting consumers who deal with severe pain, not every day discomfort.



The Noa Mattress

Hand Tufted Pillowtop, Latex And Memory Foam, And Responsive Pocketed Coil Suspension: Just C$749 In Queen

For the money, The Noa Canada Mattress is well crafted, including BOTH a latex layer for luxurious lift and buoyancy, and memory foam for pressure reduction. Underneath, the pocketed coil suspension keeps spine alignment and muscle tension at bay.

When the Noa Canada company sent me this mattress to review, I have to admit, I was not expecting the level of support I got out of it. I have sever scoliosis, and my back usually reacts negatively to most innerspring type mattresses.

I think they got the recipe just right, being balanced between very supportive, yet allowing the foam layers to fill in pockets that provide additional buoyancy and support.

You’ll get a 28cm tall mattress, just the perfect height. Backed up with a 100 night trial, no questions asked, and a 15 year limited warranty, the latex foam is certified natural, the memory foam and other synthetic components are all low VOC rated. Click here to visit site or to order with my special link.

Cons: While I’ve included the Noa Mattress in my list of the best mattresses in Canada, if you are looking for a very soft mattress, it might not be ideal.

Although we feature several pocketed coil hybrid mattresses, The Noa Mattress, completely hand crafted in Canada, has a few extra components under the hood that are generally found in mattresses costing $2,000 and up.

Designed as a slightly firmer mattress, it registers about a 7 out of 10, 10 being pretty firm, and 1 being sink-in soft. If you are used to something with little resistance, this is your mattress, though the hand tufted quilted pillow top is soothing and invitingly cushy without that collapse into the middle sensation.

I like the fact that the Noa Canada Mattress design team engineered a mattress very similar in specs to the Casper Hybrid which sells for C$1595- literally twice the price.

The engineering includes phenomenal edge support, too, with a wrap around perimeter high density foam edge, not found in most innerspring mattresses. This makes sitting on the edge of your mattress to remove shoes, and transfer in and out, ideal for folks over 50 or with limitations.



The Slmbr Mattress: C$895 In Queen, Best For Motion Transfer & Couples

Born And Bred In Canada, Free Shipping To All Provinces

Canadian made Slmbr Mattress produces an all foam bed they describe as having the perfect blend of plushness and supportive. At 9.5″ tall, the company used specialized foams to prevent motion transfer and to provide cooling and pressure relief. And because it’s just C$895 in queen, I’ve included it in my list as one of the best mattresses in Canada.

Completely made in Canada with no imported parts or pieces, it’s bench built by Canadians who sleep on their own Slmbr mattresses at home. I loved testing and reviewing the Slmbr Mattress because it easily compares to much more expensive gel/memory foam mattresses selling for C$1200 and up.

Sleek, design, is what I like about The Slmbr Mattress. They might have the “U” of the name, but they didn’t skimp on building a Canadian brand that is affordable, and honestly, the bet couples mattress we’ve reviewed.

What’s Inside The Slmbr Mattress

I’ve worked with bamboo based textiles in the past and I can tell you that you won’t find any fabric that sleeps or feels cooler to the touch.

Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture causing evaporative cooling and it’s soft and cozy-even through the sheets.


Using a 2″ layer of pressure relieving and cooling memory foam that’s this close to your body relefects good design skills on the part of the Slmbr team.

Immersive, as soft as a grizzly bear’s tummy, and it won’t get hot. Designed to reduce skin temperature to cool you off. I noticed no hot spots after lying on my back for 2 hours on my test mattress.

3. Sandwiched in the middle, a 3″ layer of something called “open celled foam”, mattress-speak for energy absorbing foam that reduces the bouncy after effects of your annoying restless sleeper parked next to you. It works too, and, you’ll notice it.

4. Underneath, to keep you from feeling like you’re sinking into your mattress is a layer of high density foundation foam that will never feel like you have to “dig your way out”.


My Canada Mattress Reviews Include Popular Brands Sold Online Made By Canadian Companies: I Put Them To The Test.

I spent 25 years as in industry expert designing my own line of mattresses for two very busy web sites. Finally, after winding down my career, I decided to help consumers cut through the confusion when trying to shop for a mattress online.

I’ll help you find the best mattresses in Canada by reviewing brands that offer bed in a box options that ship directly to your door regardless of the province you live in.

I’ve looked at how each brand I recommend handles shipping and delivery logistics across all provinces, and the brands I recommend use contactless delivery options insuring your mattress is in mint condition upon arrival.

All of the companies I’ve reviewed package and ship their mattresses in sealed, vacuum packaged bags and heavy, double laminated shipping boxes thick enough to handle dings and bangs. If you want to learn more about how bed in a box mattresses are built, check out this page.

The brands we tested are made locally by Canadian craftspeople in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver, with shipping points that allow prompt and reliable shipping within days. The best mattresses in Canada are easy to order online, to track, and to receive, right at your front door.

When you purchase the best mattresses in Canada, you are bypassing several layers of “middlemen” because in most cases, you are buying factory direct from web sites that have their own fabrication facilities in Canada. And you’ll get free shipping for every one of my best mattress in Canada options.

Problems with delivery and shipping can beavoided when you purchase a mattress online, and you are still buying from a local business-in Canada.

Every brand of mattress I’ve put on my list is designed to be shipped conveniently to your door, vacuum packaged and rolled, and easy to handle and unpack.

I’m only going to focus on Canada mattress brands I think meet certain standards to make my list to help you cut through dozens of mattress options that are typically overpriced, or that you have to purchase through retail brick and mortar stores.

To find the best mattresses in Canada, you really don’t even need to visit a mattress store unless you want to get a particular sense about the different mattress types that are available, and review them in person.

Generally, mattresses fall into a few categories, with the most popular being memory foam or gel memory foam combinations, and so-called “hybrids”, which combine foam and pocketed coils into one mattress. Don’t be fearful of this term, invented by the mattress industry. A hybrid mattress merely follows the traditional innerspring mattress style of incorporating supportive steel coils, which are far more beneficial and sophisticated than those in your Mom’s mattress.

The best mattresses in Canada typically are made using an all foam formula, or a hybrid version, which generally increases support, makes getting in and out of bed easier, and facilitates air movement inside the mattress keeping it cooler.

Surprising Facts About The Best Mattresses In Canada

Canadians have a surprisingly unique set of sleep statistics that vary considerably from the rest of the world. This makes it important to find a mattress that promotes better, restorative sleep that allows you to experience REM sleep which is restful, regenerative, and critical to health. Let’s look at some facts:

  • Canadian adults need seven to nine hours of sleep.
  • More than 35% of Canadians have difficulty with sleep induction, or falling to sleep.
  • Canadian women need slightly less sleep, averaging 7.24 hours per night.
  • Over half of Canadian adults find sleep refreshing most of the time. 
  • 55% of Canadian women have trouble falling asleep.
  • Most Canadians find their own mattresses satisfactory, but not something they’re in love with.
  • Most Canadian teens sleep only 6.5 to 7.5 hours.
  • Canadians spend two hours every night dreaming.
  • Typically, Canadians wake up around 7 am. 
  • 10% increase in body weight raises the risk of sleep apnea by six times for Canadians.
  • About 1 in 5 Canadians have fallen asleep at the wheel in the past year.
  • Finding the best mattress in Canada is important to more than 50% of those surveyed.

Sleep Health Statistics Canada

1. An adult person needs between seven and nine hours of sleep. (Source: Statistics Canada, Healthline)

The amount of recommended sleep for Canadian adults ranges from 7 to 9 hours, looking at the group aged 18 to 64. Seniors over 65 need one hour less and should sleep 7 to 8 hours a night to have the ideal amount of sleep.

While some people can thrive on as little as four hours of sleep, it is rare. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher claimed she could survive on four hours of sleep, but most individuals require 7-9 and will lost cognitive performance skills with any less over a 48 hour period of time or greater. Having the best mattress possible will increase your ability to get restorative rest.

2. One in three Canadians aged 35 to 64 report not getting enough sleep. (Source: Statistics Canada, Statistics Canada)

One in four adults aged 18 to 34 and 65 to 79 report not getting enough sleep. In the age group from 35 to 64, one in three say the same. Interestingly, higher education and income seem to go hand in hand with getting the recommended amount of sleep. Highly educated and more affluent Canadians aged 18 to 64 are more likely to get an optimal amount of sleep. 

We took this fact into consideration when reviewing Canada’s best mattresses and incorporated higher quality mattresses we reviewed into our lineup, that were available for under C$1,000 and even less. This helps to even up the playing field with financial barriers and access to a better mattress.

The difference between men and women also diminishes with age. In the senior group, we can see that both men and women’s need for amount of sleep is very similar. On average, seniors aged 65 to 79 said they sleep 7.24 hours per night

Finally, some 15% are sleeping for more than eight hours, and one-third reported sleeping less than seven hours.

3. Women sleep longer than men, 7.24 hrs per night on average. (Source: Statistics Canada)

According to a 2005 General Social Survey which included respondents over 15 and older, the difference in the amount of sleep in one night between men and women was significant, with men getting 8.1 hours and women 8.3. 

Both groups were sleeping less in the following survey cycle in 2013 when the result was 7.24 hours for women versus 7 hours for men.

Overall, 35% of Canadians had issues falling asleep and staying asleep, according to the Canadian Community Health sleep research.

4. As much as 43% of men have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep. (SourceStatistics Canada)

A Canadian Health Measures Survey found that 43% of men and 55% of women aged 18 to 64 have problems falling asleep or trouble staying asleep. In the previous study cycle, in 2005, this percentage was 25% for men and 35% for women.

Still, the methodology in studies from 2005 and 2015 wasn’t entirely the same, and the results might not be fully comparable.

5. Only 55% of adults say sleep is refreshing most of the time.  (Source: Statistics Canada, Casper)

Quality of sleep can be measured by duration and the ability to fall asleep and stay that way as well as the well-being you feel from getting the recommended hours of sleep. There is a link between getting the right number of hours and sleep quality.  Too much or too little leads to feeling tired. 

Around 79% of seniors grade their sleep as refreshing “most of the time” or “always.” The percentage drops to 55% in the group aged 18 to 64.  

Finally, some 33% of adults say they feel sleepy and have trouble staying awake during the day, and the same goes for 30% of seniors.

6. Babies need 12 to 17 hours of sleep every day. (Source: Sleep Foundation)

Premature babies will sleep 90% of the time. Studies show that the amount of sleep needed for children gradually decreases over time. Before starting school, this amount should be anywhere from 10 to 13 hours, and children of school age should sleep 9 to 11 hours. By the time they are teenagers, sleep time decreases by 50 minutes.

Nightmares are frequent between ages 3 and 6 when around 50% of children experience them. Interestingly, up to 27% of kids snore. Around 25% of children have sleep problems or are sleepy during the day, and 70% with ADHD experience sleeping difficulties.

Choosing a mattress for children is also extremely important. While we review the best mattresses in Canada on this page, you can also get further information on our best mattresses for children page.

7. In 20 years, and entire generation of Canadians might be affected by the lack of sleep they obtained as teenagers. (Source: CBC)

Teenagers should get anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of sleep, according to the Canadian Paediatric Society.  In fact, Teenage sleep statistics for Canada show the number is much lower, only 6.5 to 7.5 hours.

Functioning below optimal levels for years can have devastating long term consequences. Both evening and morning routines are being studied and researched, including screen time. The use of electronic devices in the evening can contribute to poor cognitive development and poor performance on testing. You can check out my page on blue light and exposure to radiation on this page.

8. People spend about two hours per night dreaming. (Source: Sleep Foundation, Casper)

Once we’re over 10, we dream four to six times during one night, which amounts to two hours of dreaming.Up to 50% of the content of what we dream is lost within the first 5 minutes upon waking. By the time we get up, almost everything will have vanished – a full 95% of our dreams will be gone. This is why keeping a dream journal is recommended first thing upon waking.

Researchers found that around 65% of dreams are frightening or sad, 20% are joyful and excited and 70% of respondents report having a lucid dream at least once. A lucid dream is a dream that seems real, is very dramatic, and contains color and a story line.

Men dream about other men more frequently, 70% of the time, while women have equal numbers of men and women in their dreams. 

9. Metabolism slows down by 15% during the REM phase. (Source: Sleep Foundation)

The body slows down and cools off, body temperature dropping by one to two degrees Fahrenheit. During one night of sleep, people go through four to six cycles of sleep. The REM phase takes up around 20 to 25% of sleep time.

10. Most people sleep on their side 54.1% of the time. (Source: Sleep Foundation)

People spend around 37.5% of the time sleeping on their back and just 7.3% sleeping on their stomachs. Check out our page on best mattresses for side sleepers here. The best mattresses in Canada typically provide comfort and support without feeling pain in your shoulders and hips.

11. On average, Canadians wake up around 7 am. (Source: Statistics Canada, The Telegraph, Edison Research)

While every country has its own average wake up time, Canada usually wakes up at 6:54 am. This pattern falls right in the middle between the UK and the US. Americans typically wake up around 6:30, while Brits get up at 7:33 on average.

12. 21% of car accidents happen due to fatigue. (Source: Canada Safety Council, CBC)

The group that often gets the least sleep is middle-aged men. They get less than a minimum of seven hours, and one of the crucial problems is that they make up for a sizable portion of active drivers.

Science Advances Journal analyzed around 6,000 people in over 100 countries, and the results show that driving tired is very similar to driving drunk.

Up to 20% of Canadians admit they have fallen asleep at the wheel during the past year, sleep statistics for Canada tell us.

Some 21% of car accidents happen due to fatigue. The death toll is 400 people a year, and around 2100 serious injuries result from collisions that occurred while the driver was tired.

Sleep and Mental Health in Canada

13. Around 30% of Canadians suffer from some type of sleep disorder. (Source: CBD, NHS, The Sleep Foundation)

Sleep disorder statistics for Canada show that sleep issues are not the same in men and women. Almost a third of Canadians have difficulties with sleep. A typical male problem is sleep apnea, while women tend to experience conditions such as restless leg syndrome or other mental health issues like anxiety and depression. 

The restless leg syndrome affects 5% to 10% of adults and 2% to 4% of children; it often starts during pregnancy in women.

The lifetime risk of chronic insomnia in women is 40% higher than in men. 

Common signs of insomnia are:

  • Difficulties falling asleep
  • Waking up multiple times during the night
  • Not being able to go back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night
  • Waking up too early and not being able to sleep any longer
  • Not feeling rested after a night of sleep
  • Not being able to nap despite feeling tired during the day
  • Irritability and daytime fatigue
  • Lack of concentration 

14. People who have insomnia have a seven-time higher risk of work-related accidents. (Source: Sleep Foundation)

Severe insomnia can make people prone to work-related accidents due to a lack of focus and attention. 

The amount of errors nurses make if they work longer than 12.5 hours is three times higher than those working 8.5-hour shifts. 

15. Only 13.4% of Canadians were suffering from insomnia symptoms in 2002. (Source: Statistics Canada, Sleep Foundation)

Insomnia statistics show children and teenagers don’t suffer from this type of disorder too often. Most likely to suffer from an inability to fall and stay asleep are women with lower education and lower income. 

As one of the most common sleep disorders in adults, insomnia is increasingly becoming an issue for many. Between 2007 and 2015, the number of insomniacs went up by a whopping 42%. A large proportion of people taking sleep medication, including medical marijuana, report side effects. Up to 80% said they had focus issues or trouble waking up.

16. Sleep stats reveal that 501 million adults have mild obstructive sleep apnea.  (SourceRTSO, Casper, The Sleep Foundation)

A further 435 million have a moderate to severe variation of this sleeping disorder.

Sleep apnea statistics for Canada from 8,647 people found 3% have an OSA diagnosis and 30% are at high risk. This sleep survey did not include all northern territories, aboriginal settlements, and members of the Canadian Forces.

This condition occurs in only 3% of average-weight people, compared to 20% of overweight individuals. Even a 10% increase in body weight will raise your sleep apnea risk by six times.

And people suffering from this condition are also at a 45% higher risk of developing high blood pressure. Interrupted breathing is not as common with women as it is with men –  only 9% to 21% of the female population suffer from it.

17. 8% of people have experienced isolated sleep paralysis at least once, sleep statistics for Canada reveal.

(Source: Casper)

The body sometimes does not wake up as fast as the mind does. This results in a feeling of paralysis and, in 90% of cases, fear. 

It happens most often in the age group from 20 to 40, but it can start during adolescence. Stress and the lack of sleep among students cause higher sleep paralysis rates – 28% of students report having felt it at some time. Young athletes are the most affected group, with 7% of students reporting sleep paralysis once a week.

Further, Up to 32% of psychiatric patients say they have experienced it at least once. 

18. 36.3% of people who lack sleep report they are chronically stressed. (Source: Government of Canada, Casper)

In contrast, only 23.2% of adults who get an adequate amount of sleep say they are chronically stressed. And if you’re a mother, it’s even worse – every child increases the risk of not getting enough sleep by 46%.

Canadians who don’t sleep enough spend on average 4 hours seated, compared to only 3.5 hours for those who get the right amount of night rest.

19. Bad sleep leads to poor mental health in 12.3% of adults. (Source: Government of Canada, Sleep Foundation)

To prevent this and adopt better sleep hygiene, Canada recommends these guidelines:

  • Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time.
  • Exercise or walk during the day. Around 75 minutes of intensive exercise or 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week will help you stay focused and fight off daytime drowsiness. That averages to a bit more than 20 minutes a day.
  • Use relaxation, mindfulness and meditation techniques to unwind.
  • Sleep in a quiet, dark space.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine before bed. These stay in your body long after you have had them. After five hours, only 50% of the caffeine will be out of your system. And having more than two servings of alcohol for men and one for women will decrease the sleep quality by as much as 39.2%.
  • Use the prescribed sleep medication and consult your doctor.

20. There is a 48% increase in coronary heart disease with those sleeping less than 6 hours, sleep statistics reveal. (Source: Nature)

Not getting enough sleep does the same damage as not getting enough food or exercise and is directly related to cardiovascular diseases.People who sleep less than 6 hours per night have a 48% increase in coronary heart disease and a 15% increase in stroke cases.

Not getting enough sleep can be linked to diabetes, weight gain, and issues with appetite control. It is associated with neurodegenerative disease, mood changes, depression, and diminished cognitive functions.

Sleeping too much is just as bad. Those getting more than 8 or 9 hours had a 38% increase in coronary heart disease and a 65% increase in stroke. A full 45% increase in cardiovascular disease was recorded in the oversleeping group and, for them, it might be vital to look into how to sleep less.

21. A new mattress can improve the quality of sleep by 55%. Go to the top of this page and check out our lineup of the best mattresses in Canada and see who we recommend.

The worldwide mattress market will reach $43 billion by 2024. Getting a new mattress can improve your sleep health by 55% and lower the occurrence of back pain by 48%. Up to 93% of people believe having the right mattress is essential, with 78% being excited to go to bed with fresh sheets.

22. 61% of Canadians have cancelled plans in favour of sleep. (Source: Daily Hive)

Here are some of the miscellaneous findings of a Canada sleep survey done with Canadians under the age of 34:

  • 71% use computers and phones right before going to sleep, some even going as far as falling asleep with the phone in hand.
  • 15% like sleeping in a luxury hotel better than at home.
  • 40% report falling asleep in a public place.
  • 22% report falling asleep on public transport.
  • 61% say they have cancelled plans to get some sleep.
  • 50% single out snoring as the most annoying sleeping habit a partner can have.

23. Canadians are the third-most sleep-deprived nation, with 31% saying they lack sleep. (Source: Global News)

According to sleep deprivation facts, Canada holds third place among the most sleep-deprived countries. In fact, around a third of Canadians report they are sleep deprived. The UK and Ireland are ahead, with 37% and 34% of people reporting that they don’t get enough sleep.

The United States shares the third position with Canada, with 31% of sleep-deprived people.

24. North Americans can lose up to 10 million working hours a year due to lowered performance from tiredness.(Source: CBC, Nature)

A lot of people don’t get the normal sleeping hours; rather, their pattern is closer to 6 and under.  A full 20% of Canadians sleep between 6 and 7 hours, and 6% always get less than 6 hours a night.

It can seem irrelevant at first glance, but once it piles up, the lack of sleep affects health, social life and work productivity.  For students, this leads to a lowered academic performance.

The “combined cost of insufficient sleep” for Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, and Japan is estimated at over $600 billion per year. That’s why it’s critical to buy the best mattress in Canada so you will benefit from restorative REM sleep.

Consistency is everything when it comes to maintaining good sleep hygiene. And the first place to start if you are experiencing sleep problems is setting up a routine. The hardest part is resisting the phenomenon called “revenge bedtime procrastination” that has crept into our lives. 

The lack of enjoyment and relaxation often pushes us to delay going to bed, leaving our smartphones or turning off the TV. When the day is finally over, many will choose what we perceive as well deserved “me time,” especially as the price will be paid in the coming months and years and not immediately. 

However, as sleep statistics for Canada remind us all too well,  it’s crucial to acknowledge sleep as a vital part of our wellbeing and replace the blue lights with meditation or a book. Find your best mattress in Canada by starting at the top of this page.

Canadian Sleep Habits Are Troubling, Reports Find

Most people shop for a new mattress searching for something more comfortable and supportive than their current mattress. A fair number of people read my Canada mattress reviews and then email me, explaining that they in fact are trying to find a mattress that can actually improve their insomnia.

Canadians are having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep and it’s troubling – but why is this a bigger problem up north than say in the United States?

A new report released by Statistics Canada provided some harsh morning light on Canadians’ risky sleep habits. The study examined more than 10,000 Canadians, between the ages of 18 to 79, over a six-year period, to get to the bottom of the energy sapping problem that plagues many people.

The report provided estimates of the duration and quality of sleep, as well as the percentage of Canadians who followed the National Sleep Foundation’s sleep guidelines. Here are some key points of the study’s findings you might find surprising:

1. Women have bigger problems with sleep issues than men:

  • More than 50 per cent of women have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Falling asleep, or sleep induction, is a delicate mechanism that depends upon many physiological as well as environmental factors being in sync all at once.

  • According to the report results 55 per cent of women aged 18 to 64 reported troubles falling asleep or staying asleep “sometimes/most of the time/ all of the time.” Only 43 per cent of men reported the same troubles.

  • Lack of sleep, both duration and quality, is associated with obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, injuries, death from all causes, depression, irritability and reduced well-being, the researchers said.

2. One in three Canadians aren’t getting enough sleep:

  • About one-third of those surveyed slept fewer than the number of nightly hours recommended for optimal physical and mental health.

“This group also experiences poor sleep quality more frequently than do those who sleep the recommended number of hours,” the researchers said in their report. Researchers also observed that many of the test subjects complained about their mattress being a likely part of the problem, and that replacing their existing mattress and finding the best mattresses in Canada was difficult, because of either cost, access to mattress options, or lack of education about which mattresses actually promote sleep and restorative rest.

Adults aged 18 to 64 should get seven to nine hours of sleep, while anyone older than 65 should get between seven and eight hours. Our reviews of the best mattresses in Canada considered this, and factored in a person’s affinity for staying in bed for longer periods of time to induce and encourage sleep.

3. Almost half of Canadians don’t find their sleep refreshing:

Statistics Canada found about 40 per cent of men and 48 per cent of women didn’t consistently have a refreshing night’s sleep. This is obviously due to a number of factors both medically and environmentally, though not owning a mattress that helps with both sleep induction and staying asleep might be a major cause of the issues. Even the best mattresses in Canada won’t be effective as a sleep aid when outside factors are overwhelming.

They also found that one-third of the study responders had trouble staying awake during the daytime. Nodding off during waking hours can be destructive both in the workplace and during family and leisure time.

4. Canadians are getting even less sleep than they were in 2005:

Canadians are getting about an hour less sleep than they were in 2005. Between 2007 and 2013 Canadians got an average of 7.10 hours of sleep. That’s in comparison to the blissful 8.2 hours they enjoyed in 2005. The best mattresses in Canada are manufactured by sleep experts who try to increase the amount of time spent on their products.

While an hour of sleep may not seem significant, losing it can create a host of problems that create a drag line effect over time, resulting in lost productivity, falling behind in academic or work settings, and creating a constant presence of stress hormones like cortisol.

These stress hormones can eat away at organs and create emotional stress that is toxic in all areas of life. Factors that are often linked with insufficient sleep include owning a poor quality mattress that does not promote sleep induction and deep REM sleep, exposure to artificial light at night, caffeine consumption, work demands, social commitments, and family dynamics, according to the researchers.

Even if search for the best mattresses in Canada, you also need to work to prioritize sleep in your life.

5. Women sleep longer than men:

Women slept about 15 minutes longer than men according to the report results. On average women got 7.2 hours of sleep, while men only got seven hours. This may be because women require slightly more sleep to feel well rested, while men can get away with a little less. 

Sleep Hygiene May Need To Be Improved With Canadian Sleepers

Sleep hygiene is a broadly encompassing term that defines all of the requirements necessary to provide a healthy and productive sleep environment. Without a good understanding of sleep hygiene, even if you own an excellent mattress, falling asleep and staying in REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement sleep, where the deepest and most beneficial sleep and dreaming occurs) you will will likely continue to experience unproductive sleep.

You can visit our page on proper sleep hygiene to get in-depth details, but here are some factors that influence just how fast you’ll got to sleep at night, and how deeply you will sleep:

  • Owning a comfortable and supportive mattress that cradles your body and allows for ease of movement to avoid waking you up repeatedly through the night

  • Avoid blue light, computer screens, phones, TV’s and other devices one hour before bed time.

  • Dedicating your bedroom for sleep and sex only.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol and consuming food several hours before bed time.
  • Using black out shades, white noise machines, eye masks, and a decent low profile pillow will all contribute to effective sleep hygiene.

  • Keep kids and pets out of your sleep space. Snoring partners need to be managed with medical intervention or devices if required.

A Decent Mattress Can Improve Sleep Duration And Sleep Quality

Most Canadians who live in larger cities like Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver, have easier access to retail settings where they can physically try out several mattress options before buying, and then enjoy easy delivery services and mattress removal options as well. However- and this is becoming the trend – the best mattresses in Canada can’t often be found in stores.

Unlike the U.S., however, finding the best mattresses in Canada may be more complex because there aren’t as many online “bed in a box” mattress options as there are in the states. 

However, there are a handful of online mattress retailers that offer the best mattresses in Canada, which are made using state of the art components designed to improve sleep, increase sleep time, make falling asleep easier, and to provide a more enjoyable sleep experience.

We have created a list of several web based Canadian “bed in a box” retailers (the term given to mattress companies that can compress, roll, and ship their mattresses directly to your door) that make shopping for the best mattresses in Canada easier and more reliable.

The mattress options we have selected are designed to promote wellness, improve sleep, and last much longer than conventional innerspring mattresses sold in retail stores. The best mattresses in Canada incorporate a blend of materials, breathable textiles, and cooling materials.

Best Mattresses In Canada That Can Improve Insomnia

As I’ve done more mattress reviews in Canada, the variety of options that are available online has rapidly increased. The best mattresses in Canada offer softness up top, then gradually more firm surfaces beneath.

You can find memory foam mattresses, all natural latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses made with a combination of pocketed coils and various layers of foam. On the top, there’s often a pillow top option which offers a bit of a luxurious and immersive feel.

One of the best mattresses in Canada we recommend is the Logan & Cove Pillowtop, which comes equipped with a silky cashmere blended pillow top piece quilted with specialized softer, yet supportive foam and textiles.

For insomnia, especially if you sleep on your side and back, it might give you really good relief because it cradles your body, sleeps cooler than being directly on top of a piece of dense foam, and it has quite effective motion dampening qualities. When I tested the best mattresses in Canada, almost all of the brands I recommended had a fairly soft top section that provided a more nest like feel to help calm restless sleepers.

If you sleep with a restless sleeper, that makes it even worse if you have difficulty falling asleep on your mattress. However, if you sleep alone or you are a light sleeper that tends to change positions a lot, you might be better off on a hybrid mattress that has what is called a “smooth top”.

A smoothtop hybrid does not have a pillow top section, but rather a stretchable outer covering that is very flexible. Immediately beneath this thinner stretch knit fabric outer encasement, you are in direct contact with a softer memory foam or supportive high density foam.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is an example of this, but with the added benefit of including a layer of natural latex directly underneath the top fabric to make it bouncier, and to make the mattress more reactive and responsive.

The best mattresses in Canada provide restful sleep, encourage increased mattress time by being a comfortable and nurturing refuge, and are affordable and reliable. But what about memory foam?

Almost every memory foam mattress sold on the web, with the exception of a natural latex mattress, has some kind of memory foam, called urethane foam in the industry, added inside as a comfort layer. One of the concerns with this material despite its widespread popularity for relieving pressure and spreading weight more effectively, is its tendency to become very hard at colder temperatures.

The best mattresses in Canada generally have memory foam inside but here are some issues you might have with this kind of mattress:

  1. Temperature Sensitivity: Almost all memory foam will become firmer in colder temperatures and take longer to contour to your body, generally getting softer and more elastic as your body temperature heats it up. This might make the mattress feel firm until it warms up with your body heat. However, modern memory foams often incorporate temperature-regulating technologies to mitigate this issue. This could include the addition of beaded gel materials which use phase change technology. The best mattress in Canada should have the ability to both keep you cool as well as provide good insulation.
  1. Heat Retention: Memory foam has a reputation for absorbing heat, which can be a concern in warmer climates. However, in colder climates, this heat retention can actually be advantageous as it can help keep you warm during the night.
  1. Mattress Toppers and Winter Bedding: If you live in a particularly cold climate, you can consider using a mattress topper or winter bedding to add an extra layer of insulation. This can help regulate the temperature and keep you warmer during colder nights.
  1. Hybrid Options: If you prefer the benefits of memory foam but are concerned about temperature regulation, you could consider hybrid mattresses that combine memory foam with other materials such as coils or latex. This combination can offer a balance of contouring comfort and better airflow.

Remember, personal preferences and body types can influence your experience with a mattress. It’s always a good idea to try out different mattresses in person or read customer reviews to see how others in similar climates have found memory foam mattresses to perform. Hopefully this information helped you to consider the best mattresses in Canada.

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