Best Mattress Canada: An Industry Expert’s Guide

We’ll Help You Find The Mattress You Didn’t Know You Needed.

My name is Marc Anderson, and I spent 25 years as a mattress designer and manufacturer. I’ve reviewed dozens of mattress options and created a list of trusted online stores strictly for Canadian shoppers.

This is the only mattress review site in Canada run by genuine mattress industry pros, not digital marketers. You’ll get genuine expertise here, not just a handoff with a link.

I’ve found the most comfortable and supportive mattresses you can buy- all at honest and fair prices. I’ve reviewed them, tested them, and threw out the brands I didn’t think would work for you.

Each of the mattresses best mattresses in Canada I’ve reviewed and included are completely manufactured primarily in Vancouver or Toronto using a Canadian workforce, Canadian sourced textiles and foam, and other components.

Generally, the best time of year to buy a mattress in Canada are the weeks just before and just after Canada Day, July 1. It’s summer time, and mattress companies are a bit quieter and lower prices considerably.

Best Mattresses Canada – Quick List

  • The Noa Mattress– Best Canadian Mattress For Firmer Support With Luxury Pillowtop

My Canada Mattress Reviews Include Popular Brands Sold Online By Honest, Canadian Manufacturers Whose Mattresses I’ve Personally Tested And Rated

One of the benefits of buying a mattress online is that you’re going to get better components, stronger support from your brand, access to owner reviews, and likely a mattress that has been steadily improved upon through owner feedback. We found that the best mattresses in Canada have some features in common, too.

Also, there are no delivery or handling issues, and the brands I recommend use contactless delivery options insuring your mattress is in mint condition upon arrival. No scuffs, tears, rips- everything is sealed in vacuum packaged bags.

Plus, your are bypassing several layers of “middlemen” because in most cases, you are buying factory direct from web sites that have their own fabrication facilities in Canada.

The markup on mattresses in brick and mortar stores is high due to shipping costs to get the mattresses to your local store, distributor and wholesale commission costs, and costs to pay the overhead and salaries for the staff at the store.

All of that is avoided when you purchase a mattress online, and you are still buying from a local business-in Canada. The best mattresses in Canada are made locally and are generally shipped free of charge to all provinces.

Every brand of mattress I’ve put on my list is designed to be shipped conveniently to your door, vacuum packaged and rolled, and easy to handle and unpack.

I’m only going to focus on Canada mattress brands I think meet certain standards to make my list to help you cut through dozens of mattress options that are typically overpriced, or that you have to purchase through retail brick and mortar stores. I consider and review Canada mattress brands that offer:

  • Best comfort and support, from medium plush to firmer options
  • Best Canadian mattresses for side sleepers, back sleepers, and couples
  • Best established Canadian mattress makers that employ Canadian workers
  • A selection of all natural mattresses that contain no VOC’s and are hypoallergenic
  • That have been personally tested by me or me staff of sleep product experts, not digital marketers.

To find the best mattresses in Canada, you really don’t even need to visit a mattress store unless you want to get a particular sense about the different mattress types that are available, and review them in person.

Generally, mattresses fall into a few categories, with the most popular being memory foam or gel memory foam combinations, and so-called “hybrids”, which combine foam and pocketed coils into one mattress.

Other mattress categories include natural latex, and specialty mattresses like Purple Mattress which uses a grid shaped flexible polymer instead of coils or memory foam. I’ve kind of stuck with popular Canadian brands, made locally for you, that I’ve personally evaluated.

A couple of the Canada mattress reviews are beloved, and several are brand new options that recently setup shop in Canada. Look below to get detailed information and easy, no-nonsense recommendations, all of which have been personally selected by me. The best mattresses in Canada are easily available using my links.

Parameters We Use To Review Best Mattresses We Recommend In Canada

To make it short and sweet, I’ve considered the most important parameters to build a list of the best mattresses in Canada that meet my list of criteria. I spent 25 years designing many lines of mattresses in the U.S. as well as Asia, and know the industry really well.

Because we are the only mattress review site that is operated by seasoned bedding industry CEO’s and mattress designers, our recommendations are carefully screened with mattress industry knowledge and the options we have chosen all have the following features in common:

  • Their product is completely made in Canada, typically in small batches, so that when you place your order, you won’t get a mattress that has been sitting around collecting dust on a shelf in a freezing warehouse.

  • Again, there is a focus on greener materials, such as natural textiles for the outer coverings, and the use cleaner foams such as natural latex, certified foams such as CertiPUR-US® rated materials, using low VOC, zero PBDE, heavy metal, or petroleum distillate content containing materials.

  • Shipping is typically free of charge, you’ll get a lengthy, no questions asked trial periods, with free return shipping if you don’t love your purchase, and trustworthy warranties.

  • All of our recommended Canadian dealers have mattress in typical sizes, including Queen, King, and even single (twin) and California King sizes.

  • Are made and shipped directly from on site factories in either Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary

The mattress brands I’ve reviewed for potential Canada shoppers all offer at least a 100 night no questions asked trial period, use superior components and textiles, and back up their product with decent warranties and genuine user reviews, too.

Owner reviews that we have studied must describe their sleep experience as offering comfort and support that they have not found in previous mattresses they have slept on.

Each of the companies we recommend offers a reliable, no questions asked trial period, so that you can have the option of returning the mattress if you don’t like it, lengthy warranties that provide protection against failure and unforeseen defects, and all of them are affordable, selling for much less than big brand names that use very similar materials, too.


The Best Mattresses Canada Offers On The Web: A Former Mattress Designer, Manufacturer And CEO’s Personal Picks And Detailed Reviews

Canada offers a handful of bench built, hand crafted mattresses made in Toronto and Vancouver, that are shipped to all provinces free of charge. If you live in remote areas in certain provinces though, there might be a small upcharge to get your mattress to your door.

Each mattress brand I review and recommend offers a no questions asked trial period, a solid warranty, free returns if you aren’t in love with your mattress, and highly competitive pricing.

In fact, I find that the Canada pricing is more competitive than any U.S. made product, and you won’t have shipping charges, tariffs, and hassle factor to get them across the border. I say, shop local, Canada! Here are my choices for the best Canadian made mattresses for 2022.

I’ve thoroughly reviewed multiple options to make choosing your perfect mattress easier. I used my own 25 years of experience developing and manufacturing multiple lines of mattresses in the USA and put that knowledge to work for you. Here are my top recommendations, all backed with free trial periods, free shipping, and with my direct links:

1. Logan And Cove Pillowtop Mattress

Canada’s most popular luxury quilted pillowtop mattress, my #1 overall choice for best Ontario made coil/foam mattress, just C$1299 in queen. Super supportive, excellent for side sleepers.

Cashmere quilted top included. Plush but supportive memory foam top, pocket coil suspension. Two firmness options, medium plush or luxury firm.

One thing I really like: it distributes weight sideways instead of creating pinpoint downward pressure points. No digging your way out.

Owners love it and consistently recommend to friends and family. I give it a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars. Free shipping, 120 night trial, 15 year warranty.

As a side sleeper, I experienced better pressure relief on my shoulders and hips that with any other foam and coil combination mattress.

The silky cashmere quilted top adds to the pressure relieving benefits as well. Sort of a slight hugging experience, but you won’t feel trapped and turning is pretty effortless.

The Logan and Cove Mattress is one of only a handful of pillowtop foam and coil hybrid mattresses that is vacuum packaged and shipped in an easy to manage box you can get into any room. Worth taking a good look.

2. The ENDY Mattress

Made in Canada, this handcrafted 10″ (25.4cm) tall mattress features a 3″ top layer designed for optimal comfort and pressure relief. Sidesleepers – this is the best mattress in Canada for you.

Just a little bit of bounce, no dead feel, like many memory foam options. For C$895 in queen, 100 night trial, 10 year warranty, free shipping, the Endy is a great choice.

Just C$895 for a queen size. Made by Canadians for Canadians. I’d give this iconic Canadian favorite a 4.8 out of 5 stars. Designed to deliver restorative, recovery level sleep. No digging your way out, and you can sit on the edge!

I’d give it a 5 out of 10 firmness wise, falling right in the middle, a nice plush feel without feeling like you are trapped.

A good introductory mattress but hardened sleepers love it too. Endy has 27,000+ reviewers that give it 4.8 out of 5 stars, and I have to agree.

3. Silk & Snow Organic Mattress

Canada’s most popular all natural mattress. Crafted in Ontario using certified organic latex, cotton, and New Zealand wool. Underlying suspension of zoned pocketed coils, best side sleeping mattress.

We tested it, and loved it. No chemical smells, excellent edge support, too.

Free from polyurethane foam, polyester, and any toxic fire retardants, this organic mattress is bench built, naturally. Unlike other online mattress options, made using ethically sourced organic materials that are built to last.

I love the floating and buoyant feel. Easy to turn on and transfer in and out. For just C$1400 in queen, a great alternative to mattresses made mostly from petroleum products. Solid 4.8 out of 5 star rating.

4. The Douglas Mattress

Canada’s favorite memory foam mattress, hands down. Just C$999 in queen, top rated, compare to C$1800 big brand memory foam models. 

Canadian made, proven to eliminate pressure points, owners go out of their way to write reviews, after trying other memory foam mattresses that have a “dead, flat feel”.

Best Canadian mattress for pressure relief for hips and shoulders– I’ve given it my 4.7 out of 5 star rating because it cradles and spreads weight sideways, not down. Free shipping, 15 year warranty, 120 night trial. 

Great edge support for a memory foam mattress, soft and stretchy outer covering. Easily gets my top drawer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. 


For hot sleepers, I love this option. It’s a memory foam/coil mattress developed by a neck injury survivor. Few mattresses offer 3″ memory/gel foam, delivers excellent spine and neck support.

  • 13” height; 7 layers of targeted comfort
  • Cool-to-the-touch quilted pillow top cover
  • 3″ gel memory foam feels luxurious
  • 2″ GhostBounce foam for comforting, full-body contour
  • 7.5″ supportive core for extreme durability
  • Medium-Plush feel, about 5-6 on a scale of 1-10, ten being very firm.
  • Owners describe it as “cloud-like” and offering a “full body contouring” and embracing sensation.

Just C$2,125- half the price of medical grade mattresses with similar design. Don’t spend $3500 on Simmons Black model, you’ll get better value with Ghostbed. Costs more, but earns my coveted 5 out of 5 star rating for sheer comfort and benefit.

Reader’s Digest, Women Magazine, and Health.Com actively promote this cooling mattress option.

For hot sleepers or anyone with neck, back, shoulder, or pain issues, even nerve pain or scoliosis, it’s worth checking out this coil/foam hybrid mattress that is built in Ontario.

6. The Recore Mattress

Canada’s only mattress specifically designed for athletes and those with active and healthier lifestyles. Just C$999 in queen. With its owners consistently providing high review scores, it’s known for its performance foam layers and breathable moisture wicking fabric exterior.

An active day deserves a cool, restful night, I think. Graphite latex helps transfer heat away from your body quickly, helping you to stay cool while you sleep and recover.

The outer covering is unique also. It is naturally antimicrobial for a cleaner, better sleep surface. Silver-infused thread is woven throughout the machine-washable top cover with additional stretch and softness.

It is specifically made using state of the art materials, including components. Restorative, rejuvenating sleep.Provides excellent spine support and alignment, chiropractor recommended, too. Cyclists, runners, fitness buffs rate it like I do- a solid 4.7 out of 5 stars.

7. The Emma Original Mattress

Made with the company’s breathable, proprietary Airgocell® foam, the materials used adapt and contour to every body shape, and are open-pore, breathable, and climate- and moisture-regulating.

This Canadian made brand offers a quality product targeted at hot sleepers, lower back pain, and providing deeper, calming sleep.

The Emma Original Mattress sells for C$795 in queen, offers excellent hip and shoulder support, allowing your spine to remain unstressed and properly aligned.

We tested it (that’s my daughter!) and loved the way it floats your body, provides a gentle yielding and giving sensation at shoulders and hips, and delivered deeper, more restorative REM sleep, too.

There are dozens of memory foam mattresses sold online, but most are not well thought out or properly designed. You can check out our memory foam mattress page to learn the ABC’s .

For best spine support and a unique open celled, cooler memory foam design, I have given The Emma Original Mattress a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.


Canada’s no frills pillowtop, just C$799 in queen. Coil support, memory foam immersion for one third the cost of overpriced retail store mattresses.

A very simplistic design, but with memory foam right up top. Breathable, sleeps cool. Excellent pocketed coil option, 4.5 out of 5 stars. Comparable to other brands that sell for $1200 and up.

Click the link below to read my comprehensive report on this Canadian mattress option. For the money, it’s a worthy investment for a supportive hybrid mattress with a pocketed coil system.

There are a lot of hybrid pocketed coil and foam combination mattresses out there,

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9. The NOA Mattress

Noa Mattress Canada makes a hybrid mattress with a hand tufted pillow top, a latex and memory foam, all poised on top of a pocketed coil suspension which cradles and lifts. No sink factor.

Best for back and shoulder issues, fills in void areas. Just C$749 for a Queen. The bouncy and lively feel ears it my 4.7 out of 5 star rating.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is zephymattress2.jpg

10. The Zephyr Mattress

Canada based Polysleep’s most advanced memory foam mattress. Engineered with nanobionic technology to deflect infrared heat, antimicrobial foam, zoned comfort, and a specially designed edge perimeter foam.

It truly supports and distributes weight so evenly, it even has a little levitation thing going on with it. I tried it and slept deeper than I had on any foam mattress/

This mattress is reserved for only the most discerning shoppers. Still half the price of high end memory foam mattresses, at C$1996 in queen. Super luxurious, 5 out of 5 stars.

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11. The Slmbr Mattress

Made in Ontario, this handcrafted 24cm tall mattress features 4 layer design for optimal float and suspensive support. One of my personal favorites. Levitating comfort. 120 night trial.

Just C$899 in queen size. Hugely popular Canadian brand. Wish they sold them in the U.S.! Earns a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Designed to deliver restorative, recovery level sleep.

With four layers of unique pressure relieving and re-energizing components, it’s 9.5″ tall, and C$899 with free delivery, 120 night trial, and 15 year warranty.

Another option for vigorous lifestyles and fitness enthusiasts. Check it out.

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Canada’s value priced gel/memory foam mattress. An outstanding first mattress purchase. Just C$499 in queen. No gimmicks, just straight up Canadian made comfort. For the money, it’s a great starter or spare room mattress. A worthy 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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Logan & Cove Luxury Pillowtop Mattress

For 2022, It’s My #1 Choice Again For Best Canadian Mattress Option: Here’s Why

Available in two options, medium plush or firm (I recommend the sumptuous, cradling yet supportive medium plush option), The Logan and Cove Luxury Pillowtop Mattress is my number one choice for best mattress in Canada.

We give this mattress our big thumbs up for value, comfort, and durability. The exterior has great curb appeal, too- it’s kind of sad that you need to put sheets on it! Inviting, just the right amount of immersion, nest like, and one of the coziest mattresses I’ve reviewed.

Ontario based Logan and Cove builds a hybrid mattress called The Great Canadian Luxury Pillowtop Mattress that offers a more luxurious feel, but at a far, far lower price than other brands, at just C$1299 for a queen – including free delivery.

I’m a big fan of hybrid mattresses, that is mattresses made with both specialized foam layers and a layer of individually pocketed coils.

It’s the architecture and components that set this mattress apart, though, from brand name retail options that can cost twice as much.

As a mattress designer and engineer with 25 years of experience, I’d rate The Logan And Cove Luxury Hybrid at 4.9 out of 5 stars, placing it in the top 1% of all mattresses I’ve reviewed.

The Logan And Cove Luxury Pillowtop Hybrid Mattress is available in two options, medium plush and firm. I think the medium plush version is a bit better at reducing motion transfer. In fact, most customers buy the medium plush model – about 70%. The mattresses are totally made in Canada in their Toronto and Vancouver facilities.

I’ve designed plenty of pillow top coil hybrids through the years, and the components used in this handcrafted mattress are of higher quality than typical mass produced imported brands I’ve reviewed. To get the features that The Logan And Cove Luxury Pillowtop Hybrid delivers offers at under C$1300, even in the states, it’s tough to beat.

For the money, a quilted cashmere top is an over the top luxury feature that you just don’t find in a mattress under $2500, yet it’s built into the architecture of The Logan And Cove Mattress as part of the pillowtop piece. At C$1299 for a queen, it’s a great investment your back, neck, and shoulders will thank you for.
The architecture of The Logan And Cove Luxury Pillowtop Hybrid Mattress involves some skillful mattress making, in my opinion. It offers excellent underlying support, lifting, and properly filling in void areas and eliminating pressure points. I find that it’s the perfect side and back sleepers mattress

“Out of 2,551 reviews that we discovered, the Logan & Cove mattress garnered 4.9 out of 5 stars, which is pretty impressive for a coil hybrid mattress.”

Looking at genuine customer reviews, we found this mattress to have a serious following and consistently high reviews. Out of 2,551 reviews that we discovered, the mattress was rated 4.9, which is pretty impressive for a coil hybrid mattress.

The Logan & Cove Luxury Pillowtop Mattress is made up of 5 layers of foam and coils that top out at an overall height of 14”. What I really like about the company is that they offer two firmness options, either medium plush or luxury firm.

If you like a nestled or “tucked in” sensation that is more immersive, (more of a melting in sensation), opt for the medium plush. Here are some of the bullet points that actual owners love about the brand:

  • Ideal for couples, offering a balanced sensation, strong edge support, and no collapsed or trapped sensation when snuggling. Owners say it’s the perfect mattress for sex.

  • Optimized for side sleepers, fills in void areas, delivers lift at shoulders and hips. The pocketed coil component is engineered to elevate and prevent any sink or trapped feeling.

  • The memory foam and support foam used in the construction of the top layers are similar in density to the recipe I’ve used in numerous memory foam mattresses I’ve designed myself, with cooling benefits that move body heat to the exterior sides of the mattress.

  • No hovering sales people in a retail store. Free shipping, free returns if you don’t like it, with zero hassle factor. Try it for 120 nights to make sure you love it.

You can order it in one of two firmness options. The Luxury Firm variation is slightly more popular, feeling very resilient and excellent for anyone with lower back problems. You’ll get effective spine alignment without sacrificing “cush” factor from the built in sumptuous pillow top, too.

If you prefer a more “nest-like” sensation with just a subtle amount of immersion and cuddle factor, opt for the Medium Plush variation. Owners love it, and for side sleepers or for curling up, it’s easy on your hips and shoulders, too. If you are a person of size, or taller, or even an athletic couple, opt for the firmer model so that you are properly supported along your spine. Often, softer beds are not the best choice for couples that tend to stay snuggled in the middle of a mattress.

You choose from two options of firmness. About 70% of satisfied owners opted for the Medium Plush version.
The Logan And Cove Hybrid Mattress contains a layer of individually pocketed coils which act like an independent suspension system for your spine, offering pain relieving and uniform support. I like the fact that they use recycled steel for this component.
The outer covering on a Logan and Cove Luxury Pillowtop is crafted from proven materials, including heat-dissipating gel memory foam, breathable temperature-regulating silk, and sustainable, naturally derived Tencel® fiber combined to deliver cool, dry, and breathable comfort.

Considering the price, you get a lot of performance for this well made Canadian mattress. The underlying support offered by their individually pocketed recycled steel coil gives you uplifting pushback with no sink factor or dipping. It also fills void areas when on your side, like between hips and ribcage. Very soothing.

Above the coil layer is a layer of denser polyurethane foam, which both dampens the coils to reduce motion transfer and acts a support layer for the memory foam layer, flexible foam layer, and the quilted pillow top unit which is attached to the top of the mattress.

The exterior fabric is a breathable cotton which ventilates to keep you cool during summer nights. I’ve designed hundreds of body contact layers (the part you actually sleep on) and the fact that the Logan and Cove Luxury Pillowtop Mattress uses a blend of silk and a naturally derive fabric called Tencel® is surprising.

Generally, these textiles are only used in really high end luxury mattresses. Even with a sheet over the top piece, it feels like you’re lying on a panda’s belly!

A “drones eye view” of The Logan and Cove Luxury Pillowtop mattress. Note the box quilts, designed to keep contents in place and to provide loft and enough cushy softness to fill in pockets and void areas (like when you are on your side) tells me that the design of this mattress was well thought out.

edge support unlike typical “bed in a box” options

Most “bed in a box” mattress options are really just slabs of foam that don’t take into account sitting on the edge of your mattress. Simple things like getting in and out of bed, putting your shoes on, or just lounging can be a real problem for many mattress designs. The Logan and Cove Mattress is specifically designed to provide optimal support all the the way to the edge at all sides.

Because the encased pocketed coil system runs to the edge of the mattress, you get excellent support regardless of your body type and weight. Slightly firmer pocketed boils are used in the edge zone, and in body support areas, they are a little bit more yielding and cushier. When on your side, you’ll feel less pressure at shoulders and hips, key areas where excessively firmer ingredients are often not calibrated properly.

The mattress features integrated layers of “bio-foam” made using soy based components to minimize the amount of VOC (petroleum distillates) foam in the mattress. There are several layers of memory/gel foam material, designed with “adaptive air channels” to passively ventilate hot air away from the bed.

The pillow top, very much like a duvet piece, offers a plush, temperature-regulating cashmere and silk-blend layer that is breathable, lightweight, and keeps cool air circulating as you sleep. In fact, to be able to buy a queen size mattress right under C$1300 with these kinds of components is surprising to me, and owners who have reviewed the Logan and Cove Mattress consider it a tipping point for getting them to pull the trigger on buying.

As an upgrade feature, you can order a “premium package” along with the mattress, offering a really nice set of antimicrobial, temperature regulating sheets as well.

You’ll get a 120 night no questions asked trial period, with free return if you don’t absolutely love it, and a solid 15 year warranty. The warranty covers everything I like to see protected, including sewing materials, workmanship, foam components, textiles, even the recycled steel that are used in the production of the pocketed coil unit.

As an upgrade feature, you can order a “premium package” offering antimicrobial, temperature regulating sheets as well. You’ll get a 120 night no questions asked trial period, with free return if you don’t absolutely love it, and a solid 15 year warranty.

The outer quilted top on the Logan and Cove Hybrid Mattress is made using luxurious silk and a natural fiber called Tencel, that keeps your mattress cool and dry. The gel/memory foam support foam layers are perfect for side and back sleepers.

I think the The Logan And Cove Great Canadian Luxury Pillowtop Mattress might be the best Canadian mattress for you if you:

  • Are a regular hot sleeper – their cooling technology works and reviewers love it. will make sure that you get a nice, cool night; every night.
  • Enjoy the feel of memory foam bed but just don’t find it supportive or firm enough. You’ll get better support with this mattress. And, the pocketed coil springs minimizes motion transfer while elevating and lifting your body.
  • Like that extra feeling of sumptuousness between you and what’s under the top of the bed.
  • Are looking for value- the Logan and Cove Mattress compares to mattresses I’ve reviewed costing C$2500 or more. Priced art C$1299 in queen.

Canadians ask me all of the time, how can a mattress that has everything you’d want be so inexpensive? the answer is surprisingly easy. Cutting out the middleman and shipping direct from their factories in Vancouver and Toronto eliminates a huge cost factor, literally around $1,000 for The Logan and Cove Luxury Pillowtop Mattress.

I know this, because I actually was a middle man for over 20 years in the mattress business, when the wholesaler (distributor) built in a nice fat chunk. Unfortunately the end user pays for all of the fluff, which can amount to hundreds of dollars. Buying factory direct eliminates this costly chunk of junk profit- and keeps the cash in your pocket.

Get An Adjustable Base Along With Your Logan and Cove Mattress!

If you’d like to order an adjustable base along with your Logan and Cove Mattress, we recommend the Podium Adjustable Base, manufactured and shipped within Canada only.

In queen size, the adjustable base is just $849, an you get tons of features including USB ports, massage features, Zero-Gravity settings, and unlimited head and foot elevation. Many Logan And Cover owners have added on the Podium Base as a really cool option.

Totally Ontario made, you get a 120 night sleep trial with free return shipping if you don’t love it, and a solid 15 year warranty- I give the Logan and Cove Luxury Pillowtop Mattress high marks and consider it my favorite Canadian option.
I’ve rated this mattress 5 out of 5 stars, in the top 1% of all mattresses I’ve reviewed.
A Logan And Cove Mattress makes the ideal mattress for use with a Podium Adjustable Base, sold only in Canada.Note that you can buy a mattress and simply add-on an adjustable base in the same order.

The Logan and Cove Luxury Pillowtop Mattress ships for free, and is compressed and vacuum packaged which keeps it from being damaged. I helped develop the vacuum shipping process in the states, and it’s pretty cool.

When delivered, simply remove from box, unfurl, remove plastic (carefully) and allow it to expand for about 12 hours. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to setup.



The Douglas Mattress: 4.8 Rating Out Of 7,922 YOTPO Reviews- C$749 in queen.

considered canada’s favorite memory foam mattress!

Comparable to memory foam mattresses that sell for up to C$1,600, I like the build of this bed. Having the memory foam layer on top of a latex like material is the best recipe for pressure relief and weight distribution. The Douglas Mattress offers solid value, especially with the motion dampening layer. The company uses a higher grade of memory foam opting for 4lb. density rather than more economical 3 lb, so you avoid bottoming out issues.

At C$999 for a queen, the company that heads up their web site with “We’ve Got Your Back, Canada”, offers an excellent memory foam mattress option that delivers on an eco-friendly recipe, and compares to such iconic US brands as Casper and Tempur-Pedic.

From the top down, the Douglas Mattress offers outstanding ingredients that add up to a comfortable, nest like, and pressure relieving mattress that delivers on all of its bullet points.

It features a washable cover containing sustainable Tencel® fiber which removes heat. Inspired by the mountains of Western Canada, the sculpted CoolSense® cover draws moisture away, leading to a cool, dry night.

Owners describe the feel of this mattress as cloud like and soothing, without having any bottoming out sensation.


There are three layers of specialized foam in the Douglas Mattress including the blue gel/memory foam, the cream colored latex layer which adds bounce and springiness, and the white support and motion isolation layer. At just C$999 in queen, this mattress is one of the best values I’ve seen for Canadian shoppers.
  • Top layer: 2” of cooling blue gel foam. Douglas’ proprietary cooling gel foam is lighter and less carbon-intensive than conventional memory foams. The cooling gel won’t retain heat, ventilating air to the side of the mattress.

  • Second layer: 2” of Elastex® foam. This transition layer provides spring and support. Many mattresses use latex for similar reasons. The synthetic Elastex® foam is free of the allergy-causing chemicals found in latex.

  • Third layer: 6” Motion-Isolation foam. Finally, more than half of Douglas’ height comes from the motion isolation support layer. The density of the foam almost entirely eliminates motion transfer, so you will sleep soundly, even if your bedmate tosses and turns all night long.

For value priced memory foam mattress options, I’ve awarded Canada’s Douglas Mattress a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars, placing it in the top 2% of all mattresses I’ve reviewed.

Worthy of noting: The blue gel/memory foam used in Douglas’ comfort layer weighs less than traditional high-density memory foam (which starts at 4 to 5 lbs/ft3). It has a lower petrochemical volume as compared to conventional memory foam. The lighter material has a positive impact on the environment in the form of a lower carbon footprint while still providing the same tactile benefits of denser foam.

Plus it feels great. I’ve reviewed a lot of memory foam mattresses through the years, but almost all of them have no buoyancy. You literally melt into them, kind of like sitting on a beach in the sand. Eventually you bottom into it. The Douglas Mattress had enough lift and buoyancy keep you from sinking, and it offered a nice hugging sensation.

Rated The Best Mattress In Canada For Motion Isolation Out Of The Memory Foam Mattresses I’ve Reviewed.

The Douglas Mattress consistently gets rave reviews and when tested, received the highest motion isolation rating of any all-foam mattress tested, beating out over 50 other competitors, based on testing by third-party engineers commissioned by, and covered in full detail in this APEGA-stamped report.

This makes it ideal for couples sharing a bed with pets or children, helps set the stage for deeper restorative rest and REM sleep, and also allows for freedom of movement since it has no excessive sinking or trapped feeling. It’s a mattress designed to get you to sleep and keep you there, all at a highly affordable price.

You can use your Douglas Mattress with the Podium Adjustable Base to create the ultimate sleep sanctuary,

Because The Douglas Mattress is a memory foam mattress, it’s the perfect pairing for an adjustable base. We recommend the Podium Adjustable Base, exclusive to Canada.

At just $999 in queen, you can bundle it with your mattress and get all of the benefits an adjustable base can offer.

Pre-set positions, head and foot elevation, massage, tech stuff like USB ports, even a zero gravity position. Check out our in depth page on Canada’s best adjustable base option.

According to over 7,922 reviews by YOTPO, a respected third party review platform the Douglas Mattress ranks top in its class of memory foam mattresses and scores a solid 4.6 star rating. We think that’s pretty good considering the simple design, the higher quality components, and the relatively low cost factor.

The Douglas Mattress delivers on a solid 120 night no questions asked trial period, a 15 year warranty, and free shipping, too.

Considering the price, substantially lower than a Casper, Tuft&Needle, or LoomAndLeaf comparable model, we consider the Douglas Mattress a stellar candidate if you want a mattress that is not too soft, and not too firm. A Goldilocks option for sure.

This mattress has the perfect melting in sensation, without feeling like you are bottoming into it, and feels buoyant and levitating at the same time.

If you have lower back pain or even neck pain, we highly recommend this mattress since it will help distribute weight laterally (sideways) rather than straight down.

Distributing load sideways keeps pressure points to a minimum and also keeps heat moving away from your body.



The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is completely handcrafted in Ontario. Certified organic natural latex and cotton, along with a unique body-floating, zoned pocketed coil system- create a supportive, not-too-soft, plusher feel.

I found it excellent for side sleepers, with yielding and pressure relieving comfort at shoulders and hips. I used to design my own natural latex mattresses, and found this model similar in quality and plushness, with a nestled in, inviting feel.

At C$1400 for a queen size, you’ll get a solid a 5 year warranty and a 101 night trial. I put this mattress to the test to see why it has such a cult following.

It’s calibrated for comfort, without the fumes and smells of memory foam and petroleum based products. The exterior organic cotton cover breathes and keeps your body cool. After testing it two nights in a row, I was impressed with how deeply I slept and woke up energized.

Reviewers consistently comment about allergies and stuffy noses being relieved when they sleep on natural bedding products vs. petrochemical ingredients.

Our Seasoned Industry Expert Put The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress To The Test

I personally tried to beat the hell out of this mattress, because durability, to me, is the over-arching quality of any well designed and crafted bed.

Excellent edge support, for transfer and even for just putting on a pair of shoes, is critical in any mattress, much less an all natural one.

Even with my knees dug in, at 90 kg, I did not sink in or collapse into the mattress. While on my side, I felt little pressure and did not get sore even after hours in one position.The soft cotton and New Zealand wool piilow top offered a nice, soft and inviting sensation.

Because the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is made with certified organic Dunlop latex, you’ll get a livelier, more responsive feel that makes turning effortless. Years ago I made my own natural latex mattresses and sought out the same exact material used in this mattress.

When you purchase a foam mattress that is made using synthetic petrochemical based foams, compression over time is simply a matter of course.

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress has a livelier, slightly bouncy feel, rather than a dead, memory foam sensation.

Memory foam, polyurethane foam, even gel foams will eventually dry out and mash down, often with a year or so. With natural latex, you can get decades of plush, supportive comfort.

Especially when on your side and back, The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress gives you the perfect amount of yielding at hips and shoulders. Pressure is pushed off to the side instead of downward.

If you have allergies, sensitivities to fragrances, or simply want to experience restorative rest on a chemical free mattress, I’d give this mattress a shot.

I rated The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress at 4.8 out of 5 stars, the highest rating I’ve ever given a natural mattress containing no petroleum based materials!



The ENDY Mattress Is Canada’s Favorite Overall Mattress: Here’s Why

The ENDY Memory Foam Mattress is wildly popular in Canada, and at C$895 in queen, I was kind of surprised at how much good stuff is packed inside this 25 cm (10″) bed in a box option.

ENDY has over 300,000 happy owners. Check out some of their reviews by actual owners here.

The Toronto Star reviewed The ENDY Mattress and wrote, “This experiment felt like something out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with Endy being just right for us.”

We dug through hundreds of reviews by actual owners who describe the ENDY Mattress as being well balanced, not too soft or firm, and really good at minimizing motion transfer.

To handle wide ranging Canadian seasonal temperatures, the engineers who designed this mattress used a more “open cell” foam that is right up at the top, just underneath a breathable, stretchy fabric covering.

This foam layer allows passive air circulation to keep body temperatures stabilized, which also helps you sleep deeper, and calms tossing and turning, too.

Made at two facilities in Ontario and Quebec, when you order an ENDY Mattress, you get shipment by the next business day if you get your order processed before 1PM local time.

One feature I really like is the machine washable covering. The top half unzips and is easily reinstalled.

All of the foam layers in the ENDY Mattress are CertiPur® rated, and are safe, made without VOC’s, ozone depleters, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other compounds.

Even the adhesive used to laminate the layers of foam together in the mattress is water based and not a petroleum based material that can off gas and leach into the mattress.

The breathable memory foam layer up top relieves pressure, and in combination with a comfort layer that keeps you from sinking and acts as a kind of “flotation” layer ( I noticed I didn’t sink in even when on my side and I’m a pretty tall guy at 195 lb).

Underneath, The ENDY Mattress has a firmer foundation layer of specialized foam that acts as the “suspension” of the mattress if you will.

I even liked the fact that I could sit comfortably on the edge without sliding off, unlike many foam mattresses I review.

You get a 10 year warranty, a 100 night no questions asked trial period, and free shipping with every ENDY Mattress, too.

We Tested The Endy Mattress For Comfort, Support, And Performance: It Didn’t Disappoint

Our ENDY Mattress tester, Tara, loved the slightly immersive and softer feel when she first tried the mattress. No bottoming out sensation, easy to turn on, with a flotation like feel.

For edge support, the mattress offers a firm enough high density foam layer on the bottom to allow you to sit without sliding off, too.

Tara rated The Endy Mattress at a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars for overall comfort and support. The rest of our staff agrees, that the softness and cushy initial feel, combined with a well calculated balance of foam layers, we’re not surprised it’s Canada’s most popular mattress.

Order Your ENDY Mattress today and get extras like a platform base, sheets, pillows, and more!

ENDY also offers a reasonably priced platform bed, too that sells for C$545 in queen, and can be assembled in 10 minutes. It’s nicely appointed with an upholstered exterior that pairs well with the ENDY Mattress.

The frame itself is crafted from solid birch and cherry wood.

ENDY Mattress also offers a full lineup of sheets, pillows and mattress protectors, too, which means you can do one stop shopping and setup your bedroom without having to hunt and peck for everything.



The Juno Bed: 4.6 Rating Out Of 1,685 YOTPO Reviews

The Juno Bed is another one of the best mattresses in Canada in the bed in a box category and fits sleepers who have active lifestyles and are looking for a reasonably priced option in a gel foam/memory foam mattress. At just $C449 for a queen size, it’s hard to not take notice. And that includes free shipping to all provinces.

Called the “no gimmick Canadian mattress”, it’s not loaded down with a lot of unnecessary frills and bells and whistles, and is built using a tried and true design, using a 2” layer of memory foam with infused gel beads, on top of a supportive yet yielding foundation layer that is 6” thick. the finished height is 8” total.

We used to build mattresses identical to the Juno Bed when our company first entered the e-commerce marketplace. It is light in weight when compared to most other mattresses, especially latex which is much heavier.

This bed will be easy to unpack and transport to your bedroom, even if you are stuck doing it by yourself. The mattress has minimal motion transfer as well, and won’t have an excessive “bouncy” feel.

Reviewers describe the mattress as having “balanced firmness” and offering a yielding and nestlike feel where hips and shoulders press into the top gel foam layer. It has what could be described as a medium feel, with just enough immersion to create a nestlike sensation, but not so much that you cannot easily turn from side to side, and when sitting on the edge of the mattress, there is sufficient support for individuals of typical weight. This mattress is not designed for heavier sleepers.

The Juno Gel Foam Mattress works well with adjustable bases, including the exclusive to Canada Podium Adjustable Base.

To get the best out of your Juno Gel Foam Mattress, pairing it with a Podium Adjustable Base is the best way to create a sanctuary from the daily grind.

With an infinite number of elevated head and foot options, massage feature, zero-gravity presets, and USB charging ports, using an adjustable base helps you relax, restore, refresh, and sleep better, too.

One thing that the Juno Mattress capitalizes on is the simplicity of the design. When gel foam is used, and in this case the gel foam is blended with a memory foam, you experience the full benefit of the unique material. It’s excellent for back sleepers, and for belly sleepers it is also quite comfortable.

The Juno Gel Foam Mattress comes with a 120 night trial, and a solid 15 year factory warranty, and is made in Canada. The one overriding feature of this mattress that really made us love it, was that the base layer of high density foam was not too firm, and it has universal appeal.



The Brunswick Bed: $799 In Queen, Is It The Best Canadian Mattress Deal On A Hybrid Mattress?

The Brunswick Mattress: An over the top pocketed coil hybrid that is exclusive to Canadians! I really like the fact that for the price, this mattress is loaded with features that are normally reserved for mattresses costing $1800-2800. It’s just $999 in queen size.

We’re excited to talk about a hybrid coil mattress that was built with quality components and arrives at your door for far less than mattresses in its class costing literally thousands more. This mattress sells for just C$999 in queen and C$1199 for king.

Typically, a hybrid coil mattress with the same components as the Brunswick Bed will sell in the C$1400-1600 range, often because the mattress goes through many hands from the point of manufacture.

This mattress is shipped directly from the factory in Toronto and Calgary, bypassing middlemen, wholesalers, commissioned employees in a retail showroom (with high overhead that you ordinarily pay for), carving out at least 60% if the cost.

The Brunswick Mattress contains a luxurious layer of higher density memory foam (which means it resists packing down and mashing) and is made with a unique fabric exterior. It’s reinforced with Canadian-grown hemp fibers that brings a number of helpful benefits to the fabric while also enriching local Canadian farms with industry.

While the individually pocketed steel coil system seems somewhat conventional, it’s the individual “piston” like action in this mattress that helps eliminate small pressure points, acting like a set of piano keys supporting your body where it needs the most focused “push back”.

It allows you to turn with ease, precisely pushing upwards in areas that need support, such as the space between your hips and ribs when on your side, or between shoulder blades when on your back.

An Outstanding Pocketed Coil Hybrid That Delivers Sumptuous Comfort And Pinpointed Back Support – At A Third Of The Price Of Comparable Beds

With a smooth-top cover that allows you to be in intimate contact with the immersive and sumptuous memory foam layer up top, you’ll get full body contouring, excellent motion isolation, and adaptive temperature regulation. With both a memory foam and gel foam layer, reinforced edge support, and responsive mattress bounce, I think it’s a great option for the price. The Canadian grown hemp fiber enriches the outer covering on this mattress as well, offering a soft and smooth finished feel, yet, sheets won’t slip and slide across the surface.

The Brunswick Mattress features an outer cover which contains hemp fibers to promote a hypoallergenic, clean sleep experience. A plush, lightweight fill is stuffed inside the cover to create a Euro top effect, and the mattress is 12” tall. It can be placed on any conventional hard top foundation, platform bed, or adjustable base.

Two layers of cooling gel memory foam help dissipate heat and let fresh air circulate around the mattress throughout the night. Multi-tempered springs and reinforced perimeter foam help you feel properly supported no matter where you are on the Brunswick mattress. Order here and get our factory direct pricing today!



The Emma Original Mattress-Europe’s Most Popular Mattress Is Now Available in Canada

Engineered in Germany, The Emma Original Mattress is ranked #1 by independent consumer associations in the UK, France and the rest of Europe.

Curious as to why over 2 million sleepers in over 22 countries have chosen Emma? 

At C$745 in queen, with free shipping, a 200 night no questions asked free trial, and a 10 year warranty, I love the level of detail built into this mattress.

We tested it with my family, including my daughter who has scoliosis and severe back pain. Offering relief by relieving pressure (the mattress seems to push weight to the sides rather than down) and properly supporting her spine, she loved it and refused to give it up!

I found the plusher feel did not make the mattress sink, and there was no tendency to have to “dig your way out.” For a 25cm tall mattress, it offers a pretty sumptuous and luxurious feel.

Simple Design, Pinpoint Pressure Relief

From the top down, I think The Emma Original Mattress delivers more bang for your dollar than most memory foam type mattresses out there.

The outer covering keeps you cool, using what the company calls Point Elastic Airgocell® technology which enhances breathability and regulates temperature by absorbing and then evaporating sweat, so rising temperatures won’t have you disturb your nights.

Right beneath, you’re in direct contact with 2″ ofOur Halo Memory Foam™ which adapts to your body shape for targeted spinal alignment, enhanced pressure relief and body-hugging comfort.

To provide body contouring and elevating lift, another layer of 2″ yielding foam adds to overall comfort. You won’t bottom out and experience pressure, especially at shoulders and hips, a common source of pain on poorer quality mattresses.

At the very bottom, we noticed the sculpted high density foam layer that provides zoned support offering a firmer pushback on heavier parts of your body that need it, while keeping head and neck, and legs a little softer.

Overall I’d rate The Emma Original Mattress at 4.8 out of five stars, and this pretty much reflects the opinion of most owners as well, describing the mattress as “one of the bet deals” on a better made mattress they could find.

To me, it’s not surprising that you can buy it in Canada and also in the US, because name brand more popular memory foam mattresses often cost a lot more, in some cases $800-1200.

Manufactured in Canada, and shipped free to most provinces. If you live in more rural areas, you can jump on a chat on the web site and the upgrade fee is usually very reasonable.



Recore Latex Mattress– The Mattress Designed For Fitness And Performance Athletes: 4.6 Rating With Hundreds Of Reviews By YOTPO

While most Americans are not fitness oriented, Canadians thrive on extremely active outdoor lifestyles. We were excited to learn about the Recore Mattress, a uniquely designed bedding option that is designed for humans at the peak of their game.

The Recore Mattress is a dynamic and carefully engineered mattress built on a classic high density foam base, and ascends with a layer of specialized gel foam that centers and balances the body.

Up top a graphite infused latex layer helps ventilate heat away from the body and has all of the supportive elements of latex- the immediate responsiveness, the bounce factor, and the pressure distributing qualities.

The price on a queen Recore Mattress is a comfortable C$999 with free shipping, a 120 day trial period, and a solid 15 year warranty. The icing on the cake with this performance mattress is the silver infused anti-bacterial outer covering, which can even be unzipped and removed for washing. Silver infused textiles are proven to be antimicrobial, and kills viruses as well. the cover will keep the interior clean, is breathable, and has a comfortable, textured feel.

Better recovery and better performance. Any athlete or fitness enthusiast knows the importance of deep sleep and how essential it is for performance enhancement. A consistent eight hours of undisturbed, fully restorative sleep is crucial for muscle recovery, skill development, memory formation, mental focus, immune function, and appetite regulation. The Recore™ helps provide the necessary conditions for overnight recovery so you can achieve peak performance during the day.



The Zephyr Mattress: An Advanced Memory Foam Mattress Designed To Optimize Sleep And Restore Body Equilibrium- Let Me Explain

The Zephyr Mattress, though more expensive than entry level memory foam options, delivers an array of well thought out tech and comfort/support enhancing elements that benefits people who value rest as a precious commodity. With my link, C$2245.50 in queen, free shipping, 100 night trial period, 10 year solid bullet proof warranty, too. One of my favorite mattresses to review!

Hot Sleeper? Need Better Back And Hip Support? The Zephyr Mattress uses technology that even made me blush, and I’ve been reviewing, designing, and manufacturing memory foam mattresses for 25 years.

I always look for higher grade memory foam in a worthy mattress, and the Zephyr uses a “beaded gel memory foam” that helps distribute weight horizontally, much like spreading pizza dough sideways across a pan- not downward, into hard pressure points.

This kind of gel/memory foam cools you in summer, and warms you in winter, also. Further, the outer covering is designed to get rid of thermal heat, but redirect infrared heat back into your body to help you rest, recharge, and recover.

In the recipe for this mattress, The Zephyr features a transitional central-zone support layer which uses denser foam to support your hips and mid section, as well as an underlying base layer that lifts and buoys, rather than allowing you to sink.

This makes turning effortless- and keeps you asleep.

This is a rather detailed tech illustration of a cutaway (which I normally despise) but because the Zephyr Mattress is unique and so well thought out, it’s worth taking a further look. If you sleep with a partner, the design is excellent at minimizing motion transfer as well. Check them out here and get my special pricing on this outstanding Canadian made beast of a bed!




Relying on carefully researched materials and architecture, Marc Werner designed a mattress that basically delivers a handful of powerful benefits: pain relief, cool, sweat-free sleep, and reduced motion transfer. I get a lot of emails from couples who are trying to find a mattress that still offers a little bit of bounce and luxury, while at the same time, help them to stay in the same bed!

The GhostBed Luxe Mattress Specs & Features:

  • 13” height; 7 layers of targeted comfort
  • Cool-to-the-touch, luxurious quilted cover
  • 3″ gel memory foam designed to relieve pressure
  • 2″ GhostBounce foam for comforting, full-body contour
  • 7.5″ supportive core for extreme durability
  • Medium-Plush feel, about 5-6 on a scale of 1-10, ten being very firm.
  • Owners describe it as “cloud-like” and offering a “full body contouring” and embracing sensation.
The  GhostBed Luxe  mattress, which costs $2,125 in queen, isn’t the least expensive mattress I recommend to Canadians-  but it is the best.  If you’re a hot sleeper, or you have persistent neck and spine pain, you’re investing in a therapeutic mattress that properly distributes weight, supports your spine neutrally, and literally wicks away pain.
The GhostBed Luxe mattress, which costs $2,125 in queen, isn’t the least expensive mattress I recommend to Canadians- but it is the best mattress in Canada. If you’re a hot sleeper, or you have persistent neck and spine pain, you’re investing in a therapeutic mattress that properly distributes weight, supports your spine neutrally, and literally wicks away pain.


The GhostBed Luxe  is one of three models made by GhostBed, but this model is my favorite. Designed by the company owner who had three serious neck surgeries to relieve his pain, this mattress delivers proper spine alignment, cool sleep, and just the right amount of bounce and immersion.
The GhostBed Luxe is one of three models made by GhostBed, but this model is my favorite. Designed by the company owner who had three serious neck surgeries to relieve his pain, this mattress delivers proper spine alignment, cool sleep, and just the right amount of bounce and immersion.

Here’s how it’s made: First, you melt into it. Up top, a super luxurious quilted top – I thought I was going to pass out when I laid on my sample!

Next, three layers of cooling gel/memory foam, a bounce layer for lift and personality, and a supportive “core” layer (I used this foam myself in my designs for hip and shoulder support).

At the base, a resilient high density supportive foundation that keeps you from collapsing into an abyss.

Your GhostBed Luxe mattress purchase includes a 101 day no nonsense trial period as well. If you don’t love it, send an email, and you’ll get instant instructions on how to return and get a full refund.

You’ll also get a 25 year factory warranty, free shipping from either GhostBed’s own Vancouver or Toronto factories. Each Ghostbed Luxe Mattress is handcrafted in Canada.



The Noa Mattress

Hand Tufted Pillowtop, Latex And Memory Foam, And Responsive Pocketed Coil Suspension: Just C$749 In Queen

For the money, The Noa Canada Mattress is well crafted, including BOTH a latex layer for luxurious lift and buoyancy, and memory foam for pressure reduction. Underneath, the pocketed coil suspension keeps spine alignment and muscle tension at bay.

When the Noa Canada company sent me this mattress to review, I have to admit, I was not expecting the level of support I got out of it. I have sever scoliosis, and my back usually reacts negatively to most innerspring type mattresses.

I think they got the recipe just right, being balanced between very supportive, yet allowing the foam layers to fill in pockets that provide additional buoyancy and support.

You’ll get a 28cm tall mattress, just the perfect height. Backed up with a 100 night trial, no questions asked, and a 15 year limited warranty, the latex foam is certified natural, the memory foam and other synthetic components are all low VOC rated. Click here to visit site or to order with my special link.

Although we feature several pocketed coil hybrid mattresses, The Noa Mattress, completely hand crafted in Canada, has a few extra components under the hood that are generally found in mattresses costing $2,000 and up.

Designed as a slightly firmer mattress, it registers about a 7 out of 10, 10 being pretty firm, and 1 being sink-in soft. If you are used to something with little resistance, this is your mattress, though the hand tufted quilted pillow top is soothing and invitingly cushy without that collapse into the middle sensation.

I like the fact that the Noa Canada Mattress design team engineered a mattress very similar in specs to the Casper Hybrid which sells for C$1595- literally twice the price.

The engineering includes phenomenal edge support, too, with a wrap around perimeter high density foam edge, not found in most innerspring mattresses. This makes sitting on the edge of your mattress to remove shoes, and transfer in and out, ideal for folks over 50 or with limitations.


Canadian Sleep Habits Are Troubling, Reports Find

Most people shop for a new mattress searching for something more comfortable and supportive than their current mattress. A fair number of people read my Canada mattress reviews and then email me, explaining that they in fact are trying to find a mattress that can actually improve their insomnia.

Canadians are having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep and it’s troubling – but why is this a bigger problem up north than say in the United States?

A new report released by Statistics Canada provided some harsh morning light on Canadians’ risky sleep habits. The study examined more than 10,000 Canadians, between the ages of 18 to 79, over a six-year period, to get to the bottom of the energy sapping problem that plagues many people.

The report provided estimates of the duration and quality of sleep, as well as the percentage of Canadians who followed the National Sleep Foundation’s sleep guidelines. Here are some key points of the study’s findings you might find surprising:

1. Women have bigger problems with sleep issues than men:

  • More than 50 per cent of women have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Falling asleep, or sleep induction, is a delicate mechanism that depends upon many physiological as well as environmental factors being in perfect celestial alignment to occur without intervention of sleep aids.

  • According to the report results 55 per cent of women aged 18 to 64 reported troubles falling asleep or staying asleep “sometimes/most of the time/ all of the time.” Only 43 per cent of men reported the same troubles.

  • Lack of sleep, both duration and quality, is associated with obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, injuries, death from all causes, depression, irritability and reduced well-being, the researchers said.

2. One in three Canadians aren’t getting enough sleep:

  • About one-third of those surveyed slept fewer than the number of nightly hours recommended for optimal physical and mental health.

“This group also experiences poor sleep quality more frequently than do those who sleep the recommended number of hours,” the researchers said in their report. Researchers also observed that many of the test subjects complained about their mattress being a likely part of the problem, and that replacing their existing mattress was difficult because of either cost, access to mattress options, or lack of education about which mattresses actually promote sleep and restorative rest.

Adults aged 18 to 64 should get seven to nine hours of sleep, while anyone older than 65 should get between seven and eight hours. 

3. Almost half of Canadians don’t find their sleep refreshing:

Statistics Canada found about 40 per cent of men and 48 per cent of women didn’t consistently have a refreshing night’s sleep. This is obviously due to a number of factors both medically and environmentally, though not owning a mattress that helps with both sleep induction and staying asleep might be a major cause of the issues.

They also found that one-third of the study responders had trouble staying awake during the daytime. Nodding off during waking hours can be destructive both in the workplace and during family and leisure time.

4. Canadians are getting even less sleep than they were in 2005:

Canadians are getting about an hour less sleep than they were in 2005. Between 2007 and 2013 Canadians got an average of 7.10 hours of sleep. That’s in comparison to the blissful 8.2 hours they enjoyed in 2005.

While an hour of sleep may not seem significant, losing it can create a host of problems that create a drag line effect over time, resulting in lost productivity, falling behind in academic or work settings, and creating a constant presence of stress hormones like cortisol the can eat away at organs and create emotional stress that is toxic in all areas of life.

Factors that are often linked with insufficient sleep include owning a poor quality mattress that does not promote sleep induction and deep REM sleep, exposure to artificial light at night, caffeine consumption, work demands, social commitments, and family dynamics, according to the researchers.

5. Women sleep longer than men:

Women slept about 15 minutes longer than men according to the report results. On average women got 7.2 hours of sleep, while men only got seven hours. This may be because women require slightly more sleep to feel well rested, while men can get away with a little less. 

Sleep Hygiene May Need To Be Improved With Canadian Sleepers

Sleep hygiene is a broadly encompassing term that defines all of the requirements necessary to provide a healthy and productive sleep environment. Without a good understanding of sleep hygiene, even if you own an excellent mattress, falling asleep and staying in REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement sleep, where the deepest and most beneficial sleep and dreaming occurs) you will will likely continue to experience unproductive sleep.

You can visit our page on proper sleep hygiene to get in-depth details, but here are some factors that influence just how fast you’ll got to sleep at night, and how deeply you will sleep:

  • Owning a comfortable and supportive mattress that cradles your body and allows for ease of movement to avoid waking you up repeatedly through the night.

  • Avoid blue light, computer screens, phones, TV’s and other devices one hour before bed time.

  • Dedicating your bedroom for sleep and sex use only.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol and consuming food several hours before bed time.
  • Using black out shades, white noise machines, eye masks, and a decent low profile pillow will all contribute to effective sleep hygiene.

  • Keep kids and pets out of your sleep space. Snoring partners need to be managed with medical intervention or devices if required.

A Decent Mattress Can Improve Sleep Duration And Sleep Quality

Most Canadians who live in larger cities like Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver, have easier access to retail settings where they can physically try out several mattress options before buying, and then enjoy easy delivery services and mattress removal options as well.

Unlike the U.S., however, finding a great mattress online may be more complex because there aren’t as many online “bed in a box” mattress options as there are in the states. 

However, there are a handful of online mattress retailers in Canada that offer mattress options which are made using state of the art components designed to improve sleep, increase sleep time, make falling asleep easier, and to provide a more enjoyable sleep experience.

We have created a list of several web based Canadian “bed in a box” retailers (the term given to mattress companies that can compress, roll, and ship their mattresses directly to your door) that make shopping for a mattress easier and more reliable.

The mattress options we have selected are designed to promote wellness, improve sleep, and last much longer than conventional coil type mattresses sold in retail stores.

Best Canadian Mattress Options That Can Improve Insomnia

As I’ve done more mattress reviews in Canada, the variety of options that are available online has rapidly increased.

You can find memory foam mattresses, all natural latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses made with a combination of pocketed coils and various layers of foam. On the top, there’s often a pillow top option which offers a bit of a luxurious and immersive feel.

One of the mattresses we recommend is the Logan & Cove Pillowtop, which comes outfitted with a silky cashmere blended pillow top piece quilted with specialized softer yet supportive foam and textiles.

For insomnia, especially if you sleep on you side and back, it might give you some relief because it cradles your body, sleeps cooler than being directly on top of a piece of dense foam, and it has motion dampening qualities.

If you sleep with a restless sleeper, that makes it even worse if you have difficulty falling asleep on your mattress. However, if you sleep alone or you are a light sleeper that tends to change positions a lot, you might be better off on a hybrid mattress that has what is called a “smoothtop”.

A smoothtop hybrid does not have a pillow top section, but rather a stretchable outer covering that is very flexible. Immediately beneath this thinner stretch knit fabric outer encasement, you are in direct contact with a softer memory foam or supportive high density foam.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is an example of this, but with the added benefit of including a layer of natural latex directly underneath the top fabric to make it bouncier, and to make the mattress more reactive and responsive.