Mattress Reviews For Your Climate: Hot Or Cold, We’ll Help You Find The Right Option

Whether you live on a mountain top or in a desert dustbowl, finding just the right mattress is hard enough. Let’s discuss mattress types, and where to find the best mattress for hot or cold climates.

Fortunately, there are advanced materials being used in mattress design these days that specifically target hot or cold sleepers, and there are even mattress air conditioning systems available if you are in extreme environments.

Unless you have a severe medical condition, odds are there is a mattress that will either keep you cool or warm you up.

Most mattresses are generally made using a combination of textiles for the outer encasement, which both protects the interior contents and provides a durable, comfortable surface to lie on, even though we cover up our mattress with sheets. To find the best mattress for hot or cold climates that will work for you, let’s discuss some basics.

Manufacturers use either natural textiles to provide insulation, including wool, organic cotton, and even what is known as “phase change” textiles which can remove body heat, or act as an infrared heat gathering source to conserve and recycle body heat.

You can check out our Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers & Restless Sleepers post on this site as well for some brief information as well.

Also, depending upon kind of support and comfort you need, the ingredients inside of your mattress will vary, though I recommend trying to remedy the temperature regulating issue first, since most mattress options typically contain either latex, memory foam, or a coil option that can appeal to most people’s needs.

Bottom line, if you are uncomfortable with the temperature regulating issues with a mattress, that should be on the top of your list as a comfort issue as well. Variation with softness vs. firmness is usually more subtle than dealing with temperature management issues.

Heat maps are often used when designing and building mattresses that assist with body temperature regulation, and many companies specialize in these products because of the huge demand.

Typically, there are far more hot sleepers than cold sleepers, but in areas where winter weather is fierce, you can pile on the blankets, but the underside of a mattress is often the problem.

The first thing to consider is that most mattresses with cooling fabrics and foam layers work best when the temperature is warm most of the year.

If you live in an area where you experience hot summers and bitter cold winters, you might just need to bundle up with an electric blanket during the winter.

Unfortunately many hot sleepers are tossing and turning all year round, often due to having a partner, medical conditions like menopause, or just being hot blooded.

Let’s discuss the components used in both the outer encasement fabric as well as the supportive elements used inside a mattress that directly affect the temperature.

Cooling Fabrics, Gel Foam, Natural Latex, Or Coils- Which One For The Best Mattress For Hot Or Cold Climates?

Almost everywhere you turn, you’ll likely see a photo like this one, a blue wavy substance sandwiched inside the layers of an all foam or hybrid (coil and foam) mattress that promises to refrigerate your body like a slab of meat.

The technology behind infusing memory foam with gel foams is pretty compelling since testing shows that these materials can help reduce body heat and even move it away from you.

Basically, beads of a gel like material are whipped together when the memory foam ingredients are being stirred and frothed prior to extruding the raw materials.

If you want to learn more about memory foam and why you should consider it as a mattress option, you can read more on my memory foam mattress page.

When combined, gel infused memory foam can absorb heat allowing exterior fabric at the side of a mattress to ventilate it away from the interior.

It’s kind of like a built in air conditioning system, it works perfectly, One mattress we highly recommend that does this is the Nolah Evolution Mattress, featured here.

Cooling Gel Foam vs Natural Latex For Cooling And Heating

So, cooling gel foam mattress options work well for wicking away heat, provided that there is also some cooling fabric on top of the mattress as well.

I recommend either Tencel, a naturally based fiber that is made using cellulose, a sustainable and renewable resource derived from trees.

One key advantage of Tencel is its ability to wick moisture from the skin quickly. In fact, compared to cotton, Tencel can absorb moisture around 50% more quickly and release it into the atmosphere.

This makes it ideal for exercise, hot weather, intimate garments, and fabric for mattress coverings. Bamboo fabric is also another option, both for cooling and for maintaining warmth- it is a naturally good insulator.

Natural latex, derived also from trees, essentially the sap of rubber trees, is also a fantastic material for both comfort and for cooling.

The photo above shows a natural latex layer being used in a mattress making application. It is open celled, just like memory foam, which allows it both to store air in enclosed cells, but also to expel the air when you are moving around the mattress.

This pumping action is more pronounced in a natural latex mattress since the material is “rubbery” and inhales and exhales the air around it.

In depending upon the kind of fabric used on the top of the mattress, it works well for cooling as well as for heating. It can work well as best mattress for hot or cold climates.

Natural latex cores, or layers, have perforations in them because the process for making the material uses a kind of waffle iron to prevent from scorching it when heating and forming it.

The perforations also help to act as a ventilation system, too, and keep the latex cool and comfy. We include some natural latex mattress options in our recommendations below.


Best Mattress Options For Hot Or Cold Climates, Reviewed By An Industry Expert


I’ve tested hundreds of luxury memory foam mattresses, but few can compare with The Saatva Memory Foam Mattress for comfort and support. A tad pricier, but the craftsmanship and components are like comparing a Rolex to a digital watch!

Yielding and sumptuous, excellent back and side support. An investment grade mattress at half the price of big retail brands. Not a “bed in a box”. Delivered and setup by expert installers, and your old mattress is taken away, all at no additional charge. Check my link to find out why owners rave over this alternative to a slab of foam!

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This outstanding natural latex hybrid bed is stuffed with clean, chemical free ingredients and owners love them. You nest upon a breathable organic quilted top, and just below, your body floats on 4” of 100% pure botanical Dunlop latex.

It’s got the thickest layer of pure latex (4” of pure botanical Dunlop latex) in any latex hybrid mattress I’ve reviewed, and owners love the bed’s lifting, and sumptuous, cradling feel. Plus they give you a full YEAR to try the mattress out, and back it with a lifetime warranty, too.

It’s $1199 in queen (pure botanical latex mattresses usually cost a lot more, especially using Dunlop latex), and with my link, you’ll get two free latex pillows, a complimentary sheet set, and a mattress protector.


Tried, tested and proven to provide the comfortable support you need for your best sleep. Actively contours to your body, easy to turn and sit on the edge of your mattress. Hyphen is the culmination of more than 70 years of mattress manufacturing expertise.

One of my personal favorites. Certi-Pur rated non-toxic foams, excellent pressure relief for side and back sleepers, innovative design keeps you on top with no sink or digging your way out.

For the price, it’s geeky- but loaded with a lot of tech and oh so incredible on your back.

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Looking for great support, especially at hips and shoulders? Our team loves this unique coil and foam hybrid. Gel memory foam on top, a pocketed coil system below with zoned support for torso and hips. A unique feature: a foam edge which provides perimeter support for sitting and increases usable space on the mattress. Queen size $1399 but get $200 additional off! 120 Night Trial. A+ marks. 

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Best shoulder relief, and an excellent choice for side sleepers, The Diamond Grateful Mattress delivers on performance a ta best in class price point.
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The Nectar Mattress is by far one of the most popular beds you can buy. Get $100 off with my link. Outfitted as a gel/memory foam mattress, it also uses CertiPur® non-toxic ingredients.

Using just the right density of memory foam layers, The Nectar Mattress delivers a cuddling feel that embraces and soothes all at the same time.

No odor, no exposure to heavy metals. 365 Day Trial, Forever Warranty. Get $300 off with my link, free sheets, 2 pillows, and a mattress protector! Super consistent reviews, this bed’s one of our favorites.

Nectar is a hugely popular brand with a cult following..for a reason- it’s well crafted, made with greener, cleaner components and higher quality premium memory foam.


Still one of my personal favorites. Certi-Pur rated non-toxic foams, excellent pressure relief for side and back sleepers, innovative design keeps you on top with no sink or digging your way out.

For overall comfort, slightly firmer rather than softer, no mushy or sloppy sensation- immediately responsive and easy to turn on, delivers excellent edge support.

Google reviews show it as having a 4.9 Rating out of 5, from a total of 6,572 Online Reviews. It’s just $949 in queen size, and with my link you also receive free sheets, a pair of pillows, and mattress protector

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Talalay natural latex is the best petroleum free component you can build into a mattress. It’s durable, resists dust mites and is anti-microbial. This mattress incorporates pocketed coils, an organic outer cover, and has the pedigree that Nolah offers.

Most mattresses use a chemically sprayed fire barrier, but the Nolah Natural Mattress uses a natural wool layer instead. Queen $1199, free ship, 120 night trial, medium firm. Reviewers on Google are loving it, I’d rate it 4.9 out of 5 stars as best hypo-allergenic mattress you can buy online. Just launched in summer 2021.