Snooze Flip Mattress Review: Four Mattresses In One? A Veteran Mattress Designer Weighs In

The Snooze Flip Reversible Mattress can be customized in your bedroom in one of four configurations.

The Snooze Flip Reversible Mattress has both a softer and firmer side, along with a cover you can unzip- and reverse – to provide your choice of a cooler or warmer feel. This gives you four possible versions in one mattress. I’ll explain.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of mattresses and spent 25 years as a mattress manufacturer, and have not seen a mattress that has this kind of versatility.

It really helps solve the problem of buying a mattress online and having to roll the dice on whether a mattress is going to be too stiff, or too plush and soft.

I tested the Snooze Flip Mattress to see just how innovative it is, and to compare the softer and firmer sides, along with testing it for a variety of personal preferences.

Cost is $1399 in queen, and $1599 in king, with free shipping, with a 122 year factory warranty, along with a 365 day no questions asked trial.

The Flippable Mattress With Soft Or Firm Options, Plus A Reversible Cover That Cools Or Warms

At left is softer side up, offering more immersion and body contouring- but not too much. At right is firmer side, keeps you right up top, effortless turning.

The Snooze Flip Reversible Mattress is one of few flippable mattresses sold online. The softer side, show at left above with white side up, has a bit more immersion and feels a tad plusher than the firmer side, with gray side up. I really enjoyed the soft side for side sleeping, but if I were a back sleeper for most of the night, the firm side is also ideal- it isn’t ridiculously firm and doesn’t feel hard or painful.

Note: I’m 6’2″ and 190 lbs., so I’d call both the soft and firm side very supportive at the edge. Since the mattress is 12″ tall, you want it to be easy to get in and out of at night.

Notice at edge, you can see me immersing a little bit more on the softer option, though both sides have pretty impressive edge support for an all foam mattress.

I loved the softer side for pressure relief at hips and shoulders, but I think if my back was hurting, I’d definitely flip the mattress over on occasion to get my spine calmed down a bit using the firmer side option.

Gel Memory Foam, High Performance Foam Interior: What’s Inside The Snooze Flip Mattress

The Snooze Flip Mattress contains four layers of foam, including gel memory foam, and support foam layers, which are strategically placed around a center layer of stiffer foam. If you position the mattress with the soft side up, the gel memory foam will be at the top.

Flip it over, and a firmer layer of polyurethane foam will be on top, and the softer layer will be on the bottom. The outer fabric covering, which is removable as shown with a zipper, can also be removed and flipped so that you can sleep on the cooler (gray side up) or warmer (quilted white side up) side.

This gives you four options to choose from, simply by purchasing one mattress:

  • Soft side up with gray cooling cover side up
  • Firm side up with warm white quilted cover side up
  • Soft side up with warm white quilted cover side up
  • Firm side up with gray cooling cover side up
Snooze Flip has a center, firm “core” of high density foam. Softer side is made with a beaded gel foam, firmer side with 2 layers of resilient support and pressure relieving foam.
photo showing the soft and firm side of the The Snooze Flip Mattress with Marc lying on his side to show immersion.
Soft side is more yielding, gentler on pressure hot spots. Firmer side provides spine alignment that feels good.

Testing The Soft Side vs The Firmer Side: Notably Different, But Not Drastic

I observed that although the difference is notable between the soft vs firm side, it’s not dramatic enough to interfere with the performance of the mattress.

I would describe the softer side as being about a 5 out of 10, providing good body contouring without feeling “stuck”. Turning was pretty easy.

After flipping to the firmer side, which is about 20% more resilient with very little immersion, I’d say it was about as firm as a traditional innerspring mattress with more of a “taut” sensation.

If you are typical height and weight, under 250lbs., or you and your partner’s combined weight it less than 350lbs, definitely use the firmer side.

Click here to check out a good option for bigger bodies if you are above my recommended weight limits.

Reversible Cover Can Be Unzipped To Warm You In Winter, Cool You Down During Hot Months

The zippered outer covering can be completely removed for machine washing, and is reversible to provide two temperature regulating option. The warm fabric is white, and has a little bit of quilt built in to store heat, making it ideal for cold winters. 

I tried both sides during my test and found that I preferred the warm side even though I sleep hot, but the versatility is really there to customize this mattress and dial it in to your own preferences.

The gray fabric High-Density Polymer side with SteelFeel™ technology will keep you cool in summer. And switching from one side to the next is as easy as counting to 3: 1-unzip, 2-flip, 3-zip.

Checklist To See If The Snooze Flip Mattress Might Be An Option For You

Shopping online for a mattress can be a roll of the dice, since the concept of soft vs. firm is highly subjective. As a professional mattress reviewer and expert, trying to use numbers like 1-10 to describe whether a mattress plush and lofty vs. resilient and supportive doesn’t really communicate well in writing.

The other common complaint when mattress shopping is temperature regulation. You might be a cold sleeper who needs a warmer and a softer mattress, or your preference might be cooling, firmer mattress option. Note: plenty of post-menopausal women love a firmer mattress that’s easy to turn on but sleeps cool.

The Snooze Flip Reversible Mattress also has a zippered cover (machine washable) that contains two different textiles on either side. But, with a mattress option that can provide all of these options in one mattress, it’s a bit easier.

  • Side sleepers who’ve been disappointed with conventional memory foam– I noted very good pain and pressure relief while on my side, with little sink factor. For shoulder pain, it might be an outstanding option.
  • Price conservative shoppers- for the money, it’s a worthwhile purchase. I’d compare it’s cushy yet supportive feel to higher priced mattresses in the $1400-1600 range. Queen sells for $1099.
  • Anyone with minimal to moderate back pain– kept my lower back pain at bay while I sleep tested it (notable while on my back as it filled in void areas well). It’s not too tall, either, at 10″, easy to get in and out of.
  • Hot Sleepers- I slept cool and cozy on my sample and the outer fabric really helps (even with a sheet and a mattress protector on top). Instead of stock polyurethane foam, which is hot and dense, the proprietary AirFoam™ is effective at passive ventilation.
  • ⚠️ Bigger Bodies Or Bigger Couples– I don’t recommend individuals over 275 lbs. or couples with combined weights over 400 lbs. to purchase- go with thicker models shown below.

Test Results And Final Rating: 9.6 Out Of 10-See Why

Snooze Flip MattressRanking And Test Results (v2)
Shipping9– arrived unscuffed, no damage.
Trial Period10– 365 day trial, hassle free
Return Policy10– 120 night trial period
Warranty9- 122 year limited factory warranty
Set-UpInstall By User9– free shipping, self setup (easy)
Motion Transfer9– minimal, light sleepers may be affected
Edge Support9– very good for 12″, both sides
Pressure Relief9 on firm side, 10 on soft side
Spine Alignment9– very, very good on both sides
Responsiveness8– very good, nice dampening feel
Cooling9– very, very good
Durability9– higher quality components
Customer Service10– superb
The Snooze Flip Mattress Scored A 9.6, considered excellent in my test and ranking v2 format

Shipping Information

Once you place your order for your Snooze Flip Mattress, it takes 2-3 days for the company to process your order. Once it hits the road, it generally takes 3-5 days to receive your mattress, which is shipped via FedEx.

With my sample, I received up to date emails about my order, and the packaged arrive unscuffed and completely sealed. The mattress itself was thoroughly wrapped and covered in multiple layers of plastic sheeting. Really great wrap and boxing job.