Lytton Mattress Review: 25 Year Industry Pro Finds An Outstanding Innerspring Option

In my Lytton Signature Mattress review, I take a look at a Michigan made mattress made with a foam I really like, called Serene Foam.
The Lytton Signature Mattress is available in two levels of firmness, Comfort Plush and Comfort Firm.

My Lytton Signature Mattress review give you in depth information about this sumptuous pillow top and foam/coil hybrid that sells for $1599 in queen, and $1799 in king size. Learn more about mattress sizes here.

Pitched as a luxury innerspring mattress that seeks to dominate brands sold in retail stores, it is shipped nation wide in vacuum package form for easy delivery and setup.

The Lytton Signature Mattress is manufactured a family owned operation (father/daughter) that employs American workers and uses American sourced components for their Signature Mattress line.

Lytton Sleep offers two versions of their Signature Mattress,each of which is bench built, includes a quilted hand tufted euro-top with sewn in gel foam, along with a high quality pocketed coil suspension underneath.

The “secret sauce” in this mattress is a layer of pressure relieving Serene®️ foam which Lytton describes as having “billions of microscopic bubbles to suspend and float your body.” I like it so far!

The Lytton Signature Mattress is available in two levels of firmness, including Comfort Plush and Comfort Firm. Both models include a handstitched quilted Euro Top that provides a soft, inviting, and generous amount of pressure relief to hips and shoulders.

It’s Outstanding, And Here’s Why

I spent 25 years in the mattress industry and actually had several of my own mattress products made by the same company that builds The Lytton Signature Mattress.

It might sound like I’m blushing about this mattress, and I am. It’s well made, very comfortable, and feel solid, and you feel like you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth for once.

If you choose to own one, you’ll see what hand tufting with a needle, a centuries old practice, offers the quilted top section that your hips and shoulders first comes in contact with.

My Lytton Signature Mattress review took a close look at the Comfort Plush option since I tend to prefer a softer initial feel, but reviewers and owners who opted for the firm option, found that if you are a bigger person, you’ll feel supported and lifted, rather than crashing right through the mattress.

What I liked most about this mattress was the attention to detail and use of CertiPUR-US® foams used in the construction of the mattress. These materials are free of many harmful ingredients that continue to off gas long after your mattress has arrived.

The outer encasement is hand tufted and the top section felt cloud-like, without making you feel trapped. The plush version feels a bit immersive but buoys you up, and spreads your weight sideways, kind of like pushing pizza dough to the sides of the pan, without that wet sand feel.

For the money, at $1899 in queen, I’d easily put it in the class of any so-called big name brand Black model, which sells for nearly three times as much. A K-Class Beautyrest Black sells for $4299 in queen.

The Lytton Signature Mattress, in either firmness, eclipses that brand both in initial feel, sleepability, and back pain relief, I feel.

Layer By Layer Breakdown And Report: Lytton Signature Mattress


Actually, I think you get more up top with this mattress than with similar hybrid gel/memory foam and coil mattresses that cost much more. You often won’t get hand tufting, and you probably won’t get quilted foam layers built into the body contact surface.

Gel infused foam in the quilt wick away heat from your body so it doesn’t gt trapped deep down. Top body contact fabric is 81% organic face (top) and 19% polyester (underside to give it a bit of stretch and give).

2. CERTI-PUR ®️ CERTIFIED 3″ SERENE®️ FOAM LAYER (choose from soft or firm options)

So, here’s the difference between the softer Comfort Plush option and the Comfort Firm version. Lytton uses a unique extruded foam that is a bit gel and a little memory foam. It’s infused with air bubbles that are literally microns in diameter.

The soft version is 12ILD and the firmer version is 22ILD, meaning your body has less resistance on the lower number, less immersion and a firmer feel with the higher numbered foam.

Literally, there are billions of microscopic air capsules which can squeeze air molecules from one to another in what is called an “open cell” environment, enhancing support and reducing pressure by pushing weight and mass to the side.

Serene®️ Foam is not temperature sensitive, reduces motion transfer and keeps your weight evenly distributed and comfortable.

I’ve worked with this foam before and it’s really unique, and the cooling benefits are, well, just weirdly unexplainable.


Between the 3″ layer of Serene®️Foam and the underside of the Lytton Signature Mattress is an 8″ section of individually pocketed coils that both elevates your body, applying equalized support against shoulders and hips, while at the same time, provides firmer support at the edge perimeter to allow you to sit comfortably.

A layer of pocketed coils also allows for air movement inside your mattress, and can cool the surface temperature of the Lytton Signature Mattress by as much as 28°F. I recommend a hybrid foam and pocketed coil to anyone needing a cooler mattress, and along with the textiles and cooling gel foam in this mattress, I give it very high marks for keeping hot sleepers cool and cozy.


Outfitted with a layer of support foam to protect the coil system and to contribute to the motion dampening effect of the mattress, this layer of foam is also safe and inert. It also protects the foundation or platform nb which you can place the mattress.

The Lytton Signature Mattress is built in the same configuration regardless of the level of firmness, and all of the ingredients are suppliers I used to deal with when fabricating my own line of mattresses. The foam layers are sourced from Carpenter Foam, the textiles from Maxime Knitting, and the pocketed coil unit from Leggett And Platt, all American companies using technically proficient craftsmen and craftswomen.

To wrap up my review of The Lytton Signature Mattress, here are the details when you consider purchasing one. First, you’ll get a solid 20 year factory warranty that’s trustworthy, a 100 night no questions asked trial period, and free shipping.

Where does the Comfort Plush or Comfort Firm option fall on the ubiquitous firmness scale, where 10 is a carpeted floor and 1 is like lying on a panda’s belly?

There’s a clear distinction between the two, which is not typical where mattress options give you a soft or firm model.

I’d say the plush version falls at about 4-5 being soft, cushy, and sumptuous. The firm option lands squarely in the 7 category, a good solid distinction.

I’ve dealt with and had a solid relationship with this company and know the owners personally and can vouch for what a terrific mattress option it is. Order one today!

Why Pocketed Coil Hybrid Mattresses Can Provide Effective Support And Comfort

Here’s why pocket coils can be a significant benefit when used inside a hybrid mattress. Here are some advantages of individual pocket coils:

  1. Targeted Support: Pocket coils are individually encased in fabric pockets, allowing them to respond independently to your body’s weight and movements. This feature provides targeted support to different areas of your body, such as the hips, shoulders, and lower back. It helps align the spine and relieve pressure points, promoting a more comfortable and supportive sleep surface.
  2. Motion Isolation: Each pocket coil operates independently, which means they can absorb and isolate motion effectively. When one person moves or changes position on the mattress, the movement is less likely to transfer across the bed, reducing disturbances for sleep partners. This feature can be particularly beneficial for individuals who share a bed and are sensitive to motion.
  3. Enhanced Durability: The construction of individual pocket coils contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the mattress. The coils are typically made from durable materials and are less prone to sagging or developing body impressions over time. This can help ensure that the mattress maintains its supportiveness and comfort for an extended period.
  4. Temperature Regulation: The open structure of individual pocket coils promotes better airflow and ventilation within the mattress. This allows heat to dissipate more effectively, keeping the sleep surface cooler and reducing the likelihood of overheating during the night.

By combining individual pocket coils with other materials like foam layers, a hybrid mattress can provide a balance of support, comfort, and temperature regulation. However, it’s essential to consider other factors such as the quality and thickness of the foam layers, the overall design and construction of the mattress, and your personal preferences when selecting the best mattress for your needs.