Hyphen Cooling Copper Foam Mattress Review

The Hyphen Cooling Copper Foam Mattress combines technology I’m familiar with, having designed similar mattresses using memory foam infused with copper along with cooling textile technology.

Hyphen Mattress is a company that has been on the cutting edge of technology for years. Their design team has 70+ years of mattress making experience, and their Hyphen Cooling Copper Foam Mattress delivers on that experience.

There are a few other companies that use copper infused memory foam in their designs, but typically they start spilling over into the above $1500 price range.

For $895 in queen, this mattress offers a bunch of advantages over mattresses costing a whole lot more. Copper is a natural element that is 20,000 times more conductive than traditional polyurethane foam, and helps draw excess heat away from the body.

Combined with the cooling capabilities of the exterior fabric covering Hyphen uses in this mattress, you get 25 times the normal heat dispersion on the average mattress with this design.

Smartly designed to deliver optimal comfort with a bouncier, lively feel that embraces and suspends, at just $895 in queen with free shipping, it’s one of few mattresses that gets my five star rating.

Why does this mattress seemingly have a cult like following? I think it’s because of both the price as well as the components used in the “cake recipe” of this mattress.

The copper infused memory foam layer draws heat from the body, and is naturally anti-microbial, reducing odor, and sanitizing the interior of the mattress, keeping it fresh and increasing the lifespan of the mattress as well,

Another thing I like to see in mattresses under $1,000 is whether or not the recipe included using CertiPUR-US rated foam material, too. Inside you’ll find:

  • Ventilated Cooling Copper Memory Foam
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Layers
  • Breathable, Moisture-Wicking, Soft-Touch Fabric
  • High Density Support Core for Long Lasting Durability
  • Made in the USA
The Hyphen Cooling Copper Foam Mattress is totally manufactured in the USA with domestic components. Each mattress is custom made to order and then vacuum packaged and shipped directly to your door.
Hyphen Mattress offers a matching solid top foundation that really tricks up the look and accessibility of The Hyphen Cooling Copper Foam Mattress.


The copper infused memory foam used in this mattress is better quality 4lb density, which will resist body impressions over time. Typically, especially in memory foam mattresses that sell for less than $500, the easy short cut in quality is using less dense memory foam.

Also, durable and supportive foam layers underneath the copper infused memory foam layer are designed to reduce pressure points and help maintain healthy blood flow to provide long-lasting comfort.

When lying on it, I didn’t get the expected quicksand kind of sensation, even when on my side, where pressure is at a knife’s edge.

I also didn’t have a trampoline experience as I do on a few latex mattresses I’ve tested. Just the right amount of bounce and softness without bottoming out.

Another feature of The Hyphen Cooling Copper Foam Mattress I liked was the soft and cool to the touch outer covering, and the curb appeal of the mattress upon arrival is a nice touch.

For under $900, overall, one of my top favorites not only for memory foam mattresses where you need decent motion transfer reduction as well as pressure relief, but for mattresses I’ve reviewed in general.