Our Mission Statement And Disclosures

The editor and CEO of The Mattress Buyer Guide has been in the mattress business since 1994, and this web site is the oldest and most respected online resource for consumers shopping for bedding products. It’s also the only mattress review site managed and owned by an individual who has actually worked in the mattress industry.

Long before the endless parade of complicated and confusing mattress review sites (run by digital marketing companies, not by bedding industry professionals) were even created, we were providing information and education about cutting edge mattress options, beginning with memory foam and natural latex.

With hundreds of mattress retailers online selling every conceivable kind of foam, foam hybrid, coil and foam, and gel foam beds, it’s easy to get confused and get caught up in the marketing hype which tends to feature the brands backed by venture capitol which prevents you from considering dozens of smaller manufacturers and retailers that offer, what we believe, is a vastly superior mattress, at a better price..and with great customer service.

We highly recommend taking a look at our Where To Buy page, and strongly consider the roughly 40 internet mattress stores we have evaluated using our proprietary scoring system, assuring you that you’ll buy a great mattress from a reliable company that offers a terrific trial period, warranty, return policy, and a source of unbiased, genuine reviews. Because we have been in the manufacturing business ourselves, we know all of the scams and tricks many mattress dealers use to take advantage of you.

Our primary mission is to pull back the curtain on the mattress industry and make you an educated customer.

In the spirit of complete and transparent disclosure, we may receive a commission if you decide to purchase one of the mattresses we have reviewed and offered on our site, through various affiliate programs. This monetary compensation helps to maintain this site, pays for our writing team and research staffers, and the costs associated with marketing and growing MBG.

We are in a rapidly expanding growth phase at the moment, as many manufacturers and dealers try to move away from the “fake review sites” to platforms where honest and unbiased reviews and academic and content worthy information is readily available.

The content within this site, including reviews, metrics, evaluations, impressions of, numerical ratings, general observations, and all other substantive material, are the opinions of TheMattressBuyerGuide.Com and its editorial and content writing team. Reproducing or unauthorized use is forbidden without written permission or acknowledgement of content.

Visit our About Us page is you would like to contact our team, for any reason.