I Spent 25 Years Designing And Manufacturing the Web’s Best Mattresses. Now I Review Them, So You Don’t Have To.

Top Mattress Reviews By An Industry Authority Who Designed Mattresses For 25 Years

Easily browse through online mattress options by type, most popular brands, doctor and chiropractor recommended, and more categories. Save time and money, and get the advice of a seasoned industry veteran-not digital marketers.

A Field Guide To Mattress Shopping.

A page chock full of everything you need to know to become a mattress expert in about ten minutes flat. We also offer in depth discussions of mattress types, and explanation of common mattress industry practices and designs.

Mattress Scams And Trickery

After being a mattress manufacturer and designer himself for 25 years, our CEO knows the playbook of the mattress sales business- and how to keep you from being scammed.

Is It High Time You Replaced Your Mattress? We Tell You Why And Suggest When.

When is it time to replace your mattress? The amazing benefits of reinventing your sleep program and where to get the best deals. Healthy best practices, too. A checklist to help you decide it’s time.

Our “Guerilla Guide” For The Web’s Best Mattress Options

Our curated list of the best mattresses we’ve reviewed gets you to connected to the web’s favorite- and most trusted- etailers and e-commerce sites.

Top Ten Best Pillows Ever

A fantastic pillow is critical to a great night’s sleep. From memory foam to gel, to hypoallergenic and latex, we narrow down the choices for you. Best deals, too.

Featured Mattresses: We Carefully Reviewed A Curated List Of The Web’s Best Mattress Options For 2022- These Are A Few Of Our Favorites

We reviewed the Nolah Natural Latex 11″ Hybrid. Find out why we bestowed upon it our #1 overall “Best Mattress For 2022” rating. Get $600 off with our link. Best mattress for side sleepers, no sinking, pressure relief you won’t believe. Free returns. Lifetime warranty.

No Longwinded Videos And Rambling Content: We Test, Do A “Deep” Review- Then You Get The Highlights.

Because we manufactured and designed our own brands for 25 years, we know how to build the perfect mattress.

From foam layers to coils, to organic textiles to adhesives and sewing, we can spot the winners…and the losers. And we’re not afraid to give you our insider advice.

There are over 300 online mattress options to choose from. We’ve reviewed just about all of them, and recommend just a handful. A curated list of great options- from retailers we trust.

Get free pillows, free sheets, and a free mattress protector.
The Puffy Royal Mattress

Why this mattress still stands as one of our perennial favorites. Super luxurious, attractive price, proven pedigree. Why our experts love it. Read our review here.

Nectar Mattress offers the best memory foam in the industry.
The Nectar Mattress Lineup: For Lower Back Pain, The Industry Standard

Nectar Mattress built its business perfecting memory foam. We’ve reviewed the entire line. For lower back and shoulder pain, they’re hard to beat.

The Ascend Digital Air Bed System allows you to control soft or firm settings
A Mattress For Couples: Control Your Side Of The Bed!

We reviewed The Habitat Ascend Air Bed System. A digital number style air mattress loaded with features half the price of the leading brand.

Independent Mattress Reviews By An Expert. Not Owned By Mattress Companies…

The Mattress Buyer Guide is operated by an industry expert who spent 25 years as a mattress designer. Marc has scoured the internet to review and recommend the most comfortable and supportive mattresses you can buy. We are the only mattress review site that conducts a “deep review” on every mattress we test.

Marc Anderson spent 25 years in the bedding industry as a designer and manufacturer. He created hundreds of mattresses for his own web sites as well as others, and was instrumental in helping to create the bed in a box category. Along with his team, he conducts “deep reviews” of mattresses, testing and sleeping on each of them.


How We Review Mattresses, Without All of the Nonsense

Our trustworthy recommendations of the web’s best mattresses include a carefully chosen list of honest mattress retailers offering top quality mattresses at the best possible prices.

Rather than reviewing and listing hundreds of mattress options to choose from, Marc offers only about 50 brands in his Trusted Dealer program, simply because it’s very difficult to make the cut!

Having just a handful of mattress options makes your mattress shopping experience less miserable and less mystifying. Any suggestions or thoughts? Need any help? Contact us today.

Our proprietary review process involves actually sleeping on and using each mattress we test- for weeks. After we review them, we place each mattress into a long term reviewer’s home and monitor the process over time- we call this a”deep review”.