Best Mattress for Couples: The RealBed Mattress Review

Couples often struggle when shopping for the best mattress, one that meets the need of both sleepers. We’ve struggled reviewing and recommending so-called “Goldilocks” mattresses that couples are trying to find, and admittedly, it’s not easy.

The trick is to find the best mattress out there which comfortably supports each partner without being too firm, too soft, too lumpy, or too bouncy.

The best mattress for couples is likely going to be a hybrid mattress, with a pocketed coil system inside, since it relieves pressure based on the weight applied. All foam mattresses tend to feel the same regardless of body type or weight.

One company, considered by many in the industry to be the grand master of mattress making, has created what might be called the perfect couples bed. The Real Bed is designed and made by Charles P. Rogers & Co., a company rich with history that began building luxury mattresses in 1855.

Yep, you heard right. Using 165 years of experience, they’ve crafted a mattress that is natural, incredibly comfortable and truly affordable. And they’ve recently been honored with a first of a kind reward in the industry – the best mattress for couples.

Our top choice for a couples mattress, the RealBed eliminates motion transfer, a genuine problem with many couples.
The RealBed is handcrafted in the company’s New Jersey by artisans who use old school techniques and natural ingredients to create a truly outstanding couple’s mattress that is affordable, backed with a solid warranty and a no questions asked trial.

Gently soft, yet firm and supportive, the standard Real Bed Mattress is designed to meet the needs of the widest range of sleepers.

At 11 ½ inches thick, it delivers the responsive firmness and real comfort needed for a great night’s sleep. Perfect for back and stomach sleepers. Add a Real Bed topper for even more plush comfort.

At $950 for a queen, it is less expensive than Casper, Avocado, Leesa, Purple, or Zenhaven, and the Real Bed hybrid mattress delivers more for your dollar, too. From the top down, you’ll touch the organic cotton outer covering, soft and cloud-like.

Beneath the top piece of The RealBed is a layer of eucalyptus infused rayon which helps to cool your body on hot nights.

A layer of organic wool, 3” of pure botanical latex, and a pocketed coil system that plays your body like a piano, provide the amazing recipe that makes this bed our “best mattress for couples” by far.

The RealBed, at just $999 in queen, incorporates safe, non-toxic elements like organic cotton, tufted wool, eucalyptus woven textiles, and pure, botanically derived Dunlop latex, hand tapped from rubber trees.

The trick with any mattress that is designed to accommodate couples is minimizing motion transfer and assuring that couples who snuggle don’t find themselves buried in a ditch in the middle of their mattress.

I like their proprietary pocketed coil system built into the mattress. It provides the support and spine alignment you need, especially when bed sharing.

The company even offers an all natural latex topper piece you can add if you want a softer, and even more sumptuous, nest like experience.



“I came, I bought, I slept.”– Sheila, a RealBed owner and reviewer exclaimed. Another reviewer from Brooklyn wrote:

Painless process from order to delivery. The purchase process was handled professionally, and we took advantage of a discount which was available at the time. Customer service quickly provided us with the necessary Certificate of Insurance for delivery into our building, and on the date of the delivery, they were right on time. In fact, from the ring on our bell, to the point of our signing the papers at the end of the delivery, I don’t think that this process took more than ten minutes”.

When you shop for similar mattresses, which would include the higher quality ingredients that RealBed uses vs. imported, lower density foams and inferior textiles, as well as unhealthy adhesives, you would easily be looking at $1800 for a queen sized mattress. The price of a RealBed queen: $950. Hard to beat. I have designed coil hybrid mattresses myself, and RealBed uses a top drawer pocketed coil insert that is made in the USA by Leggett & Platt, another century old company who has the means to invest in manufacturing equipment which produces top of the line components. Even the edge of the mattress provides excellent support, making transferring in and out of bed easy and effortless. Well thought out, durable, and offers a long lifespan.

Made With Clean Ingredients And Engineered To Provide Lasting Comfort

1. realbed sources pure, non-toxic components

The RealBed mattress is made from many different materials. They spend a lot of time and energy about the supply chain that brings raw materials into their factory. The pure botanical Dunlop latex layer comes from Spain, part of the European Union, one of the strictest markets in the world. They use GOTS certified organic cotton because it adheres to the strictest organic practices. Sourcing the best raw materials guarantees the safety your RealBed and is also an important environmental commitment.

2. Manufacturing – no glue, advanced fabrication technology

Each Real Bed is made in the company’s New Jersey factory by a team of experts with years of experience. Many important decisions go into the manufacturing process to ensure safety and quality. For example, there are no toxic glues or foams used that could affect your health and are terrible for the environment. But most mattresses need glue to hold them together. Instead, the RealBed team uses a combination of manual and computer controlled machinery to position English felt wool tufts that are safer than glues and stronger than hand-tufting. 

3. Fulfillment- packaging with recycled plastic

The last part of the process is getting your mattress to you. We use the minimum amount of plastic to safely and securely protect your mattress while it’s in transit to you. Our boxes are 100% post consumer recycled content and our printing is plant based. The box is 100% recyclable, at the curb, in most cases. Now it’s up to you. When you order, we’ll send you an email on how to care for your new mattress so it lasts for a very long time. 

4. a couples bed- minimal motion transfer, buoyant support

The RealBed, manufactured by an iconic American bed building brand was recently featured on NBC’s Today Show as the “Best Mattress for Couples Under $1000,” rated by the leading consumer review magazine. Real Bed is designed specifically for couples, whether or not your partner is there every night, only occasionally, or happens to be a large pet. The mattress is superior at isolating motion transfer between partners, so you won’t feel each other move throughout the night. The caliber of components engineered into their design eclipses the stamped out, bed in a box foam blocks everyone is conditioned to buy through mass marketing and social media.

The company uses all organic and sustainable materials that tend to sleep cooler than mattresses fabricated with synthetic foam components. Real Bed even has an extremely uniform and durable surface comfort all the way to the edge, meaning you’ll sleep comfortably even if your partner hogs their side. 

The RealBed mattress features a 25 Year Warranty, and you get to try it out for 100 nights just to make sure you absolutely love it! Free shipping and returns as well.