Emma Original 12″ Mattress Review: German Engineering, Devoted Following, But Why?

In our Emma Original Mattress review, we’re going to take a look at this German made memory foam mattress phenomenon, which is now available with free shipping anywhere in the U.S.A.

Founded by two German friends, and designed by a pretty impressive team of engineers and mattress makers, it has a cult following in Canada, Europe, Australia, and the UK. But why?

First of all, it’s priced right- $745 in queen size and $895 in king, and the simple yet well thought out design offers a medium supportive feel, soft up top, but without that pinpoint pressure problem when you lie on your side.

Most memory foam mattresses that are supportive also feel hard underneath. Constructed with what the company calls “zoning sleep technology”, the Emma Original Mattress is a bit different from other mattresses in its price class.

The Emma Original Mattress offers excellent side support as shown here. My daughter Ellen, who typically reviews kid’s bedding, loved it, and mentioned that at hips and shoulders, she felt cradled without pressure or pinpoint pain.

Designed to properly float and support your body, it has a firm zone in the middle to support spine and hips, and has softer zones at the head and feet to support shoulders for pressure relief and spinal alignment.

Instead of slab like layers, we found carefully sculpted and contoured layers that apply specific lift and pressure to elevate and support, so your body is at rest while you sleep.

I tested it and found it to be the best all around mattress for shoulder and back pain, as well as pressure relief. With my link, a queen is priced at just $745 with free shipping.

Made with the company’s breathable, proprietary Airgocell® foam, the materials used adapt and contour to every body shape, and are open-pore, breathable, and climate- and moisture-regulating.

Opening up our sample and examining the interior foam layers was a bit different than pulling apart your typical “slab of foam” layer cake style memory foam mattress.

There are dozens of memory foam mattresses sold online, but most are not well thought out or properly designed. You can check out our memory foam mattress page to learn the ABC’s .

The Emma Original Mattress offers these features:

  • Bed in a box packaging to your door.
  • 10 Year Warranty and Guarantee
  • Open-pore safe foams, breathable: climate and moisture regulating.
  • Removable and machine washable outer cover.

Firmness wise, we tested this mattress and found it to be right in the middle, not firm, but not so soft you bottom into it. You can see that my daughter Ellen almost seems to float on it, even while on her side.

She described her experience as being slightly softer than so-called medium mattresses. This means that while you won’t collapse into the Emma Original Mattress and have to dig your way out of it, it’s buoyant enough to make turning effortless and transferring in and out very easy.

It’s actually ideal for side sleepers who need a little extra cushion from daily wear and tear on hips.

We tested and slept on the Emma Original Mattress and found it to be cradling, nest like, and right at about a 5.5 out of 10 for firmness. You don’t feel like you’re swallowed whole, but you get jut the right amount of immersion. (Even Earl, our dog, loved it).

It offered excellent back support and yielding softness at typical pressure points, likely do the was the foam layers are cut and “chiseled” to conform to various parts of your body.

Because The Emma Original Mattress offered a softer and plusher feel without that “buried inside” sensation, and because of its pain and pressure relieving qualities, we rated it at 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Softer Foams Make The Emma Mattress Ideal For Side Sleepers And Kids

We found that The Emma Original Mattress is ideal for kids too, since it offers a hugging and embracing sensation.

Growing kids need to be nurtured by their mattresses, and since many families spend a lot of time sleeping together and lounging, it’s a good fit offering the contouring qualities of memory foam and the targeted body lifting a foam suspension layer can offer.

The chassis of this mattress is a sculpted and zoned foam support layer that works in harmony with the memory foam and underlying support layer.

The zoned thicker support layer is sculpted and contoured to allow for better support where heavier parts of your body produce pressure. This allows for even weight distribution on The Emma Original Mattress.

Bundled Packages Include Adjustable Base Options, Foundations

The Emma Powerbase 1.0 is a great option to provide a full range of motion with your Emma Original Mattress. At $949 in queen, it offers outstanding features ordinarily found in adjustable bases that sell for $1,00 or more. Includes the following features:

  • Wired remote
  • Head elevation
  • Shipper friendly- delivered to your door, 1 box
  • Compatible with most mattresses and headboards 
  • Power outage protection wherein the base can be brought back down to a flat position in case power is lost 
  • 12” stackable legs 
  • Powered by Ergomotion electronics and motors

The Emma Powerbase 2.0 is an upgrade from the 1.0 Powerbase, and sells for $1199 in queen size. You’ll get the following features on this adjustable base.

  • Ergonomic and relieves pressure
  • Head and foot elevation
  • Two high-power, low noise massage motors
  • Foldable frame and stackable legs for easy storage and heigh adjustment
  • Wireless remote
  • Compatible with most mattresses and headboards
  • Power outage protection wherein the base can be brought back down to a flat position in case power is lost
  • Shipper friendly- delivered to your door in 1 box
  • Powered by Ergomotion electronics and motors