Nectar Mattress Review: A 25 Year Mattress Industry Pro’s 11 Point Assessment

In my Nectar Classic 12″ Mattress review, I vigorously evaluated the popular value priced memory foam option- how did it do?

My Nectar Mattress review pits the popular online memory foam option against 25 years of mattress manufacturing expertise to see if it might be worthwhile for you.

At 12″ tall, and selling for $699 in queen and $899 in king, it is designed to provide pressure relief and cooling using the company’s branded gel memory foam and two other supportive foam layers.

It’s covered with a cooling fabric that wicks heat and can be removed for machine washing. Alng with the comfortable price tag, its outfitted with a 365 night no questions asked trial, a limited lifetime warranty, and free shipping to your door.

I tested a king size version of the 12″ all foam Nectar Classic version, which was the very first Nectar mattress, and it continues to be a big seller. You can opt for the hybrid version which adds coils and 1″ of additional height (really good option for couples or bigger bodies).

I’ll discuss both options in detail and why you might consider all foam vs. foam + coil version (note: hybrid coils is upgrade, adding $100).

First Impressions And Why You Might Consider This All Foam Option

My king size sample was delivered within 7 days of ordering and was purchased by our team and not donated by the manufacturer. The box was undamaged and I noted that it was made using a decent, thicker packaging material. I was impressed with the inner plastic wrapping, but did note that it could have been a tad thicker.

I let it fully expand (shipped vacuum packaged and gently compressed) to original factory size, but recommend you allow a full 24-36 hours before sleeping on any all foam mattress, especially memory foam. To conduct my Nectar mattress review, I placed it on a set of solid top foundations, and recommend using them as a foundation for any all foam mattress.

One notable feature I liked about The Nectar Classic Memory Foam Mattress was that I didn’t bottom into it when testing in for side sleep performance and considered the edge support to be excellent. Offers a nice, floating feel, not hard, not rigid. I’d say a lot of thought went it to the recipe to get it right.

I felt no pinpoint pressure at hot spots, and experienced a soothing sensation at shoulders.
The definitive sign of a well crafted mattress: if a 195 lb. man can sit on the edge without sliding off, it’s a winner in my book.

Because this mattress is “calibrated” really well, offering a softer yet supportive feel (I’d put it right at a 6 out of 10, 10 being way too firm, 3-4 being probably too soft for decent back support) it offers a range of comfort for couples with different preferences, too.

The Nectar Classic Mattress falls at right about a 6, which is a medium feel. Even bigger bodies, upt to 275lb. each in my opinion, will thrive on this memory foam option with minimal sinking.

Cooling Capability: Tencel Fabric Covering, Cooling Gel Foam: How Did It Perform?

It feels initially cool to the touch since Tencel fabric is used for the outer covering and it didn’t seem to get uncomfortably warm, even after testing it in our facility where the room temperature was about 77°F due to studio lights with limited AC.

Illustrative purposes- showing use of digital thermometers we used to measure internal component temperature during Nectar mattress review.

Often skeptical of memory foam being touted as “cooling”, I have to give credit to the top 2″ layer of gel foam used in this mattress design. I tested the temperature of the top layer before and after a one hour time period while lying on my back during the Nectar mattress reviews.

Using digital probe thermometers, the temperature within the top layer of memory foam increased only 2.5°F after 45 minutes. Initial temperature was 77.6°F (about room temp), and final temp was 81.5°F , reflecting an increase of just 3.9°F. We did have a quilted mattress protector on top during the Nectar mattress review.

Beaded gel memory foam contains small beads of gel foam which absorbs heat using phase change technology which converts body heat to cooler temperatures, pretty much instantly. If you want to learn more about memory foam, check out my detailed page here.

I want to see good “float factor” from a memory foam mattress, not a “stuck” or quicksand sensation.

Here are several considerations if you’ve looked at the Nectar brand about this option:

  • Works well for shoulder and hip pain relief
  • A good fit for couples up to 400lb combined
  • At 12″ tall, easy transfer and edge sitting
  • Zippered cover is machine washable
  • Made with Certi-PurUS foams
  • Designed to actively ventilate air for cooling

Because the foams used are hypo-allergenic and free of VOC’s, it is a good choice if you’ve tried other foam mattresses in the past.

I noticed no odor when I unpackaged the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, which kind of surprised me a bit, since either the adhesives used or the memory foam itself (basically, urethane foams) generally have a fairly strong scent for a few days.

This might be due to the fact that they allow their materials to air out on racks prior to manufacture, or the material is simply a low odor formulation.

What’s Inside The Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress

The all foam Nectar Memory Foam Mattress option. Our Nectar mattress review tested the all foam option.

If you are considering the Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Classic option, you actually have two choices, both of which have unique features and benefits.

I’d consider the all foam version if you want more effective side support and pressure relief, as it will be a bit more yielding and in my view, a bit softer, though not by much.

The hybrid option costs $100 more and is 13″ tall vs. 12″ with the all foam version. The hybrid version has an 8″ coil unit and does not contain the thick, high density foam layer (in white in the photo).

I’d recommend that couples with combined weight over 600 lbs. consider upgrading to the 13″ tall hybrid coil option. Individuals weighing over 275 lbs. should also consider this option, to avoid sinking and to promote better spine alignment.

You Can Opt For All Foam, Or Get The Hybrid Pocket Coil/Memory Foam Version

The hybrid option will offer a bit better edge support, but not unless your weight is over 250 lbs as with other hybrid mattresses in this category.

I found the all foam option to have a little less springiness and to be more body contouring than hybrid mattresses I’ve tested and rated, too.

A key advantage to pocket coils though, especially for side and back sleepers is that the coils operate independently from one another and therefore conform more precisely to your body than a traditional innerspring.

The hybrid option costs $100 more, and the mattress tops out at 13″ vs. 12″ tall. Not a huge difference in height, but noticeable enough.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress hybrid option with 8″ pocket coils is more supportive for bigger bodies.

The queen hybrid option costs $799 in queen and $999 in king size. Also, hybrid mattresses with coils can be cooler to sleep on, because of the open space between them. This allows air to ventilate and cool the underside of the mattress.

My video review of The Nectar 12″ Memory Foam Mattress. Take a look through the lens of an expert.

In either case, you’ll experience the benefit of the cooling gel foam in direct body contact with mattress. It’s a 2″ thick piece of memory foam infused with cooling beads that use phase change technology to remove body heat.

Right underneath the 2″ gel foam layer is a 3″ layer of foam that helps distribute weight to the side, reduces motion transfer, and it appears to be a 32-36ILD HR foam that exceeds most standards I’ve seen in comparable brands- a plus, I’d say.

These PCM’s improved the human heat dissipation between 2.7% and 25.6% compared to a conventional mattress, according to a study in The Journal Of Experimental Thermal And Fluid Science.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: 11 Point Evaluation

Our Results: My Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Review Scored 9.8 Out Of 10- Here’s Why:

I reviewed Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress in a bedroom environment with the mattress placed on a solid deck surface of platform bed in king size. All of the data I collected was incorporated into the individual scores for each characteristic

Overall Comfort– initial feel, level of immersion, initial body contact experience,  9
Support– spine alignment, pain relief, pressure relief in 30 minutes or less 10
Solo Sleeper– overall impressions with comfort, ease of turning, back and side 9
Couple Experience- minimal sink in middle (1.5″), snugglers dream, quiet motion transfer 10
Edge Support– really great- as experienced by 190lb test subject 10
Cooling Power: superior cooling, noticeable immediately upon immersing into pillow top 10
Sex– as reported by online reviews and voluntary reporting- great edge of the bed sex, too  9
Bounce, Motion Transfer, And Liveliness-just right, quiet motion transfer 10
Cost Value– 1-10 rating 10 being best bang for your buck- solid 10
Trial Period, Warranty, And General Customer Service Appeal 10
Shipping And Delivery Experience– ease of delivery, clean packaging, ship time, setup 9

Overall Rating Of The Saatva Classic Mattress: 9.8 Excellent+

Notes: Who received our sample? We purchased a king size Nectar Memory Foam Mattress ourselves and did not receive a sample provided free of charge by Nectar Mattress.


1. Overall Comfort: 9.4 out of 10

The Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress is available in one level of firmness which falls in between soft and firm. I’d describe it as a 6, and found that the all foam options performs

One thing you won’t experience on this mattress is bottoming out, unless your total weight (either solo or with a partner) is over 400lbs. The 7″ thick high density foam support layer is really effective at delivering a buoyant and uplifting sensation, and the overall feel of the mattress whether on side, back, or belly, is inviting and extremely easy to turn on. Edge of the bed experience, not sliding off, adds to my rating.

2. Support: 10 out of 10

Support is always the most important consideration in all of my mattress reviews. The Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress is really great at helping you relax muscle groups, joints, and connective tissue which prevents pain and inflammation during sleep. I found it was firm enough to relieve lower back pain and my shoulder pain as well, without that pinpoint pressure I get on softer memory foam options I’ve tested.

One of the chief complaints I’ve experienced from dissatisfied consumers purchasing poorly made memory foam mattresses is a sinking, bottoming out, or trapped feeling.

The primary issue with these complaints is almost always the underlying support foam layer. Nectar uses a higher ILD (density) base layer which keeps this from being a problem.

After sleeping on my sample, I noticed the following benefits immediately:

  1. A good level of suspension that prevented pressure points minimizing constant position change
  2. Excellent support while on my back, with pillowtop and comfort layers kept me from sinking in
  3. I sleep on my sides and back, changing position 6-7 times during the night. Easy to turn on, excellent choice for combination sleepers of people who change position a lot.
  4. I experienced outstanding support at key areas like my lower back, between shoulder blades, even legs and arms. This also helps to distribute load sideways rather than down.

3. Solo Sleeper: 9 out of 10

The Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress is a terrific option for solo sleepers because of its three firmness options, and if you are of typical height and weight or have a bigger body, you’ll get the support you need. It’s an investment grade mattress that is about 50% of the price of retail store brands offering cooling, pressure relief, and the slightly springy yet immersive comfort it offers.

Another solo sleeper advantage is that because the mattress is gently pre-compressed and vacuum packaged, and can be easily managed by one or two people (2 with king). You can opt for in home delivery on the web site, for $199, which also includes removal of your old mattress. After conducting my Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress review and setting up a queen size myself (weighs 100 lbs.) I’d advise getting one other person to help you. A king size weighs 125 lbs.

4. Couple Experience: 10 out of 10

Couples struggle trying to meet somewhere in the middle when buying a mattress, with disparity between soft and firm. The Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress is an option that appeals to a wider range of couples, because it precisely hits the mark between firm and soft, and is balanced to hit this category of buyer.

For bigger couples, (and I don’t recommend this option for couples with combined weights over 400lbs.) motion transfer is an issue, aseven the slightest movement can send jiggles and shakes through the top of a mattress.

By incorporating specialized high density foam layers and a 3″ layer of motion dampening foam in the middle of the mattress, you don’t feel your partner move. The Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress resists motion transfer and is highly effective.

Checkout the real reason why we are all very sensitive to motion transfer in this NIH study. Evidence suggests that auditory levels when moving around at night become enhanced if one partner is sleeping restlessly.

Being mammals, evolution has wired us to respond to predatory alerts, kind of like cats, who sleep just below the fully alert level, to protect themselves. Not being cats, though, we require deep REM sleep to experience restorative sleep. So, it’s essential to invest in a mattress with minimal motion transfer.

5. Edge Support: 10 out of 10

I’d describe the edge support of the Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress as outstanding. I’m a big guy, at 6’2″ tall and 195 lb, and you can clearly see that I site comfortably on the edge with no sense of sliding or excessive immersion ( I think I immersed about 3″ at the very edge, which is just about the sweet spot. This also makes this mattress an ideal candidate for bed bound, disabled, or people confined to bed for lengths of time.

You can read more on my Best Mattress For People With Disabilities page for mattress options on this subject as well. If you need help getting the mattress set up in your home, the extra charge of $199 is well worth the price. Note that during my Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress review and test, I found that transfer in and out compared to other all foam mattresses was easier due to increased foam density of the bottom layer.

6. Cooling Capability: 10 out of 10

Using Nectar’s proprietary Tencel outer cover, which contains heat dissipating textiles made using wood pulp fiber, the mattress has a cool to the touch feel. I noticed a cool feel when lounging and testing for as long as one hour in any position, including while on my back.

The Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress is encased in Tencel fabric which deflects heat before it gets trapped inside.

We Sleep Deeper When Our Bodies Are Cooler

When you are hot, whether created by room temperature, menopause, or other medical conditions, falling asleep is much more difficult. this causes you to toss and turn which generates even more heat.

Your body will naturally lower your internal temperature by 1-2° F as you fall asleep, which is why you can’t easily fall asleep when you have a fever. If you are hot sleeper, you need effective cooling technology to help you get to sleep and stay there.

The Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress has multiple elements built in that help cool you down, but I’d give credit to the outer covering along with the gel memory foam used right next to your body.

Another note: when I tested our sample, we kept our room temperature at about 77°F, though you should sleep in a room with temps between 68-70F, which research suggests is ideal for your body and your brain.

If I had to single out one component or ingredient in my Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress review that really sets this mattress apart, it’s definitely the neutral feel that most people will experience. Even in reviews by actual owners, very few people complained about the mattress feeling either very hard (only 2%) or being too soft (maybe 3-4%).

7. Sex And Intimacy: 9 out of 10

Note that most mattress review sites are not actually testing every mattress sample by pairing up reviewers to have sex and then chart the results on graphs- but- actual owners do write about it.

As a mattress designer myself, I’ve custom made mattresses for couples who literally have asked for a bedding option designed for optimal sex. What this usually entailed for me was incorporating a comfortable and softer surface rather than too firm, the use of motion dampening and energy absorbing materials like memory or gel foams, and in some cases natural latex.

I gave Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress good marks overall primarily because of actual owner reviews which offered the following value feedback to consider

  • Effective motion dampening without having a typical “dead memory foam feel”
  • Excellent support for edge of the mattress sex, with minimal sliding
  • Cooling capabilities prevents overheating even when using cover-ups like sheets and comforters
  • Just the right amount of sink- get firmer options for couples that weigh over 350 combined
  • Really great for after sex cuddling

If you are looking for something with some serious bounce or spring back with minimal sinkage, you could consider Natural Latex Mattresses which are a bit springier allowing for better “grip” on bodies, however options might be limited for larger couples to keep from feeling trapped.

8. Bounce, Liveliness, And Motion Transfer: 10 out of 10

I found that Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress offers a pretty good level of subtle bounce, better described as responsiveness when it comes to motion transfer, which is a common complaint heard from larger couples, especially when there are light sleepers and restless sleepers in the mix.

9. Cost vs. Value Delivered: 10 out of 10

For the money, The Nectar Memory Foam 12″ Mattress can’t be beaten. At $699 in queen and $899 in king, the quality is there, and it’s hard to pit another all foam mattress against. I’ve tested other brands that cost a little bit less, but the comfort and support just wasn’t there.

10. Trial Period, Warranty, Customer Service 10 out of 10

Saatva’s premium delivery and setup service, factory and fulfillment network of 15 strategically located facilities helped drive up my score for this category.

The turnaround time of 7-8 days to receive your mattress is impressive. Customer service is something I thoroughly checked out too. Really notable.

11. Shipping And Delivery Experience 10 out of 10

Overall, 10 out of 10, with excellent packaging and timely shipping. Your order will arrive within 9-12 days after the day you place your order. Nectar uses strategic shipping points around the country. Shipping and delivery is typically reliable with most online mattress companies, but with enhanced services, the ability to coordinate production and scheduling in home setup services takes some effort. I did it for years with my own online mattress companies.