Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Review: A Thoughtfully Designed Green Mattress With Zoned Suspension Offers Restorative Sleep, Pressure Relief

After spending 25 years creating my own brands of mattresses, including natural latex, I was eager to take a look at the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress when we were offered to review it.

Always wary at first of so-called natural or green mattresses, I was impressed right out of the gate with how Silk & Snow combined a pocketed coil design with just the right amount of natural latex.

I’ll explain why I think this mattress option delivers on pain and pressure relief, offers a supportive yet bouncy feel, and never gives you the sensation that you’ll have to dig your way out of it in the middle of the night.

Sleeping on natural latex is unlike anything else, mattress wise. Easy on hips and shoulders, latex pushes weight to the side, away from your body, rather than downwards into pinpoint pressure spots. Unlike memory foam which makes you feel trapped, natural latex buoys and elevates.

We reviewed it. Here’s why we think you should get rid of that hard, dead, memory foam mattress and try this option.

Drone’s eye view of The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress.

This well appointed mattress is neatly tailored and nicely appointed with a moss green piped edge, and we kind of felt weird putting a sheet on it to test it- so we didn’t.

This allowed us to feel the organic cotton exterior., which passively ventilates air better than blended synthetic mattress encasements- a real plus.

Clean, Green Natural Latex And Zoned Support

The bullet points with this thoughtfully designed mattress are simple and easy to appreciate. It’s a 12″ tall hybrid mattress design combining pocketed coils below and natural latex up top, along with an organic cotton exterior and New Zealand wool fire barrier (vs. a chemically treated sock or bag encasement).

Our Silk & Snow Organic Mattress review began by unpacking the box right after we received it (because we were kind of excited). Delivered compressed in a thicker and better built box, it was easy to manage and came with its own zip cutter for removing it from the bag.

It unfurled quickly and we followed the instructions to let it sit and naturally take on air for 24 hours.

What’s Inside The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress That Sets It Apart And Kind Of Makes Us Gush

While natural latex mattresses have been around awhile, the art of combining it with a pocketed coil system has to be done correctly, so you don’t get a caved in feel, and you get effective pressure relief while on your side, as shown above.

Just the right amount of immersion is key to getting the restorative, deeper sleep we all need. Using organic natural latex helps elevate and “float” your body, and we found our test mattress on point.

Or test mattress offered a bit of a well-calibrated levitating sensation rather than the typical dead feel of a smashed memory foam mattress.

Because the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is made with organic Dunlop latex, you’ll get a livelier, more responsive feel that makes turning effortless. Years ago I made my own natural latex mattresses and sought out the same exact material used in this mattress.

Grown in Sri Lanka (an island country off of the coast of India), the latex rubber used to make the solid layers of this amazing natural material is more elastic, more pliable, and is resistant to decay and collapsing.

When you purchase a foam mattress that is made using synthetic petrochemical based foams, compression over time is simply a matter of course.

Memory foam, polyurethane foam, even gel foams will eventually dry out and mash down, often with a year or so. With natural latex, you can get decades of plush, supportive comfort.

We Put It To The Test, And Didn’t Hold Back.

With 25 years of mattress making experience, I can pretty much judge a mattress in a few minutes- but I’ll also spend a night or two and see whether I get the REM sleep I’m looking for, too.

I tested it with my 200 lb frame by lying on my side, on the edge of the mattress, and I gave it my punch test and full on knee mash.

The pocketed coil system kept me from immersing too much- never enough to make me dig out. While on my side, I noticed my spine was pretty much straight and level, too. The 2.5″ natural latex layer provided a perfect amount of cush and yielding, too.

On my back, I felt great. Good fill in at lumbar area and between shoulder blades. A solid sleep, largely because I need medium to slightly medium firm. I’d place The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress at right about 6 out of 10 as far as firmness goes- a good sweet spot.

“No Sink Factor, And Easy To Turn On- Which Keeps You Dead Asleep…”

I know must of us hate looking at mattress layers when shopping online, but hear me out. I found this mattress to be simplistic in design, while totally delivering on comfort and support.

And, priced at $1,050 for a queen size, I think it clearly outperforms many popular online brand made with synthetic petroleum based foams and fabrics.

Up top, you’ll get organic cotton top fabric that breathes, and keeps you cool. Right below, a New Zealand wool-natural fire barrier.

My favorite ingredient is a layer of organic Sri Lankan latex layer- 2.5″- the best. Any less thick, it’ll be too firm, any thicker, a tad too soft and immersive.

Beneath, you’ll find sequential layers of pocketed coils designed to hover and suspend your body. You can even feel the flotation effect that was likely worked on extensively by the design team of this mattress (4,5, and 6 in the really boring layer photo- I know).

Marc rated the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress at 4.9 out of 5 stars, with a lot of the anchor score being awarded for support- no sink factor and easy to turn on, which keeps you dead asleep.

Natural latex is collected by hand and then molded to create layers for use in organic mattress options. You can learn more about the process by visiting my in-depth Latex Mattress page. GOLS Certified Sri Lankan latex is used in the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress.

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is carefully crafted using GOTS Certified Organic Cotton which promotes breathability and ventilation, keeping you cool all night long.

I’m a hot sleeper and enjoyed the soothing and cooling sensation of the cotton encasement of this mattress, and even with a fitted sheet in place, it still slept surprisingly cool.

With your purchase, you get a 101 night no questions asked trial period, a 15 year factory warranty (here’s the link to it), and free shipping. The mattress is made in Massachusetts in a fabricating facility I have intimate knowledge and trust in for building quality mattresses for Silk & Snow.

The best kept secret about this mattress? Surely, the organic layer of latex and organic cotton cover are critical, but for a mattress designer and engineer- it’s got to be the carefully calibrated pocketed coil system that puts this mattress over the top.