Logan And Cove Mattress Review: Best Value For A Luxury Mattress?

My Logan and Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress review investigates why this pillow top option is making such front page news.

First off, its Canada’s best selling pillow top and innerspring hybrid, and consistently gets high marks from verified owners for both relieving pressure and back pain. It’s also available right here at home, too.

We also review this mattress on our Trusted Dealers In Canada page, in case you don’t live in the USA.

For the money (a queen costs $1099), it’s well made using multiple layers of comfort material including a unique silk blend fill built right into the pillow top.

I like that you have two options to choose from, as well, including a medium firm and a medium plush version.

We chose the medium plush version to do our full-on test and review, and although we are familiar with the feel of the firmer option, we discovered that most owners who purchased online, chose the plusher option. Almost no one who reviewed their mattress had any issues with sinking or feeling like they were bottoming out.

The overall feeling of the Logan And Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress is a more inviting and nestled in sensation, with solid edge support so you don’t slide off. You don’t have to plant your feet into the floor, and it’s easy to sit up, put your shoes on, and get in and out. Overall it’s soft and gentle in just the right spots as well, I felt.

I think most buyers are wary of plusher mattress options primarily because they’ve had bad experiences with mattresses that you have to dig your way out of every time you changed position. This often results in poor sleep habits, along with often finding plusher mattress options feeling too hot.

Whether you choose the firm or more plush option, which are identical in cost, the quilted and tufted pillow top carries on the traditional comfy and cozy immersive feel we all are familiar with and love.

When you take a look at what is under the hood, it’s pretty impressive, for the price. I’ve reviewed higher end Signature and Black mattress options that cost $3,000 and more, with less features and components.

Plus, 4,796 verified owners gave the The Logan And Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow-Top Mattress a 4.7 out of 5 star rating. The reviews are collected by Yotpo, a third party e-commerce review and social proof platform.

The Logan And Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow-Top Mattress is one of those mattresses that you really don’t want to cover up with bedding, in my opinion.

It’s shipped in typical vacuum package and rolled format, making it really easy to handle nce you get it to your door.

I recommend taking the fully rolled mattress out of the shipping carton, taking it to your bedroom and unfurling it on top of the foundation or platform you are going to use.

The very outer fabric is Tencel, and is a form of rayon. It consists of cellulose fibre, made from dissolving wood pulp and then reconstituting it by dry jet-wet spinning.

The fibre is used to make textiles for clothing and other purposes. It wicks moisture away from your body and produces evaporative cooling in the process.

At About $1,000 In Queen, This Mattress Has Hidden Features I Recommend

I realize that it might sound like I’m pushing this mattress option on you, but hear me out first. We have been reviewing this pillow top gel/memory foam and innerspring mattress brand on our Canada page for years.

It was originally made in Canada and in the last few years the brand has been manufactured in the USA as well, and it’s caught on, fast. When I wrote the Logan and Cove mattress review on my Canada page a few years ago, it was sold regionally, but quickly went international, as the company opened multiple factories in the USA

I’ve received emails from owners who clicked through our recommendations who testify that their Logan And Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress relieved back pressure they’ve had for decades, improved sleep, and even calmed restless sleepers.

As a mattress designer myself for over 25 years, I can tell you whether a mattress is overstuffed, or whether it is well balanced.

Many times, especially with innerspring mattresses, most of the body contact fill material, or what’s called “comfort layers” near the top. not enough effort is put into proper spine support, especially for side sleepers.

The Logan And Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress is okay to use for all sleeper types, even belly sleepers, because the plush version will allow just the right amount of body immersion without arching your spine.

For back sleepers, or those of us who need a firmer overall feel, the luxury firm option gives you a bit more support without feeling hard, and still gives you pressure point relief at hot spots like shoulders and hips.

When laying out the “cake recipe” of any mattress architecture, as mattress designers call it, the density, thickness, and positioning of each layer collectively adds to the experience.

With either firmness option of The Logan And Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress, you’ll get the following components from the top down:

  • Tencel quilted outer fabric encasement
  • Silky blend fill and layers inside pillow top
  • Cooling gel foam layer
  • Cooling memory foam layer
  • Motion isolating bio-foam layers
  • Pocketed coil suspension with edge support
  • 120 night trial, 15 year warranty, free shipping


There are hundreds of online bedding options. It’s actually pretty rare that you will find a pillowtop mattress with multiple layers of foam and a pocketed coil system in it that can be vacuum packaged and rolled up. Good Morning, who owns the Logan and Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress brand, figured out a way to do it.

This makes ordering, shipping, and receiving your mattress very easy. And considering the mattress is made using fairly firm firm to supply really solid edge support, it was likely a bit difficult to figure out how to reduce the mattress in size.

Most “bed in a box” mattress options are really just slabs of foam that don’t take into account sitting on the edge of your mattress. Simple things like getting in and out of bed, putting your shoes on, or just lounging can be a real problem for many mattress designs. The Logan and Cove Mattress is specifically designed to provide optimal support all the the way to edge at all sides.

Because the encased pocketed coil system runs to the edge of the mattress, you get excellent support regardless of your body type and weight. Slightly firmer pocketed boils are used in the edge zone, and in body support areas, they are a little bit more yielding and cushier. When on your side, you’ll feel less pressure at shoulders and hips, key areas where excessively firmer ingredients are often not calibrated properly.

The mattress features integrated layers of “bio-foam” made using soy based components to minimize the amount of VOC (petroleum distillates) foam in the mattress. There are several layers of memory/gel foam material, designed with “adaptive air channels” to passively ventilate hot air away from the bed.

Overall, for the money, Logan and Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress is a great opportunity to own a luxury bed at half or even a third of the cost of comparable brands.

If you have any questions or want to add to my Logan and Cove mattress review, send us an email at johnmarc@themattressbuyerguide.com