Don’t Make A $3,000 Mattress Mistake: An Industry Veteran Reviews Best Mattress Options

Looking for honest mattress reviews without long winded videos, graphs, charts, heat maps, and nonsense? I’m Marc Anderson and I spent 25 years as a mattress designer and manufacturer. Now, I review mattresses and bedding products to help shoppers narrow down the field to find a great mattress that is comfortable, supportive, and- worth the money. It’s also the best time of the year to invest in a mattress that is comfortable, supportive, and durable.

The only mattress review site owned by a former mattress designer and manufacturer with 25 years of in the trenches experience, our site offers easy to understand mattress reviews.
For couples, heavier folks, best edge support, these are the best in the industry. My curated list of foam and pocketed coil mattresses includes best price, warranties, and customer reviews as factors, too. Sleep cooler, better edge support, longer lifespan.
Best memory foam and gel foam beds. The most popular category for pain and pressure relief, I narrowed down a list of 75 brands and their beds- to just a handful of the best. Best cooling mattress options, too, including brands you might already be familiar with, and brands we’ve respected for years.
Anti-bacterial, anti-mold and mildew, no chemicals, dust mite resistant, bouncy yet giving and yielding. My picks for best in class natural latex mattresses.
You like firm, he likes soft. I found a number style adjustable air bed that is a third the price of leading brands. Included both memory foam and latex.
A curated list of excellent mattress options for less than $1,000 include some of my absolute personal favorites. Carefully reviewed and tested.


The Best Mattresses: I Put My 25 Years As A Veteran Mattress Designer To The Test And Found 12 Options You Should Consider

I’ve reviewed hundreds of mattress options, but ended up recommending just a handful of outstanding mattresses. Actual user reviews, factory warranties, the length of the trial period, free shipping, quality of materials used in the mattress design are considered. I’ll give you condensed reviews and educated suggestions without all of the technical stuff-I’ll handle that end for you! Read about me here.

Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Not just another slab of foam in a box, Saatva has a different approach. Their mattresses are delivered unrolled, uncompressed, and installed in your home at no extra charge.

For pain and pressure, it’s a side sleepers favorite. It’s got built in edge support, a premium grade of memory foam, and cooling gelfoam built into the quilted, breathable top.

Loved its livelier feel, excellent for sex, couples, and larger folks. Pocket coil support underneath. Five out of five stars. and at $1495 in queen with my link, it’s priced lower than big retail store brands.

Simplistically designed not to fail, the company includes a lifetime warranty, 365 day trial period, and complimentary removal of your old clunker mattress.

It offers a medium feel, but without that feeling that you have to “dig your way out”. You can read my reviews of other Saatva models here.


The DreamCloud Premier Hybrid Mattress is a 14” hybrid mattress with individually pocketed coils, a quilted, silky cashmere top and is a firmer option for people with back issues requiring better back support and spine alignment.

Why I recommend it: It’s half the price of comparable big box pillow top innersprings, which often don’t include a quilted and comfortable built in top section , making them feel mushier and not as supportive. With over, 4,971 reviews, it ranks a solid 4.8 consistently, not easy to achieve- and that’s on Google.

I would compare the DreamCloud Luxury Premier Hybrid to a resort hotel mattress because it is embellished with a quilted cashmere top piece (which feels like silk!) and two layers of sink-right-in gel/memory foam.

It’s slightly softer (but not too soft!) than most hybrid mattress options, but it’s what your spine needs to keep oxygen flowing to tissues, by reducing pressure points-but with a more nestled, inviting, and sumptuous feel.

Overall, I give this mattress my highest rating of 5 out of 5 stars. You just can’t beat a cashmere quilted top for a luxury feel- hell, at a third of the price of Sealy and Simmons Black models.

Free shipping, a 365 day no questions asked trial, and a LIFETIME warranty with my exclusive link. Thousands of owners rave about this mattress, and tell their friends and family.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is awaramattress.jpeg


This outstanding natural latex hybrid bed is stuffed with clean, chemical free ingredients and owners love them. I like the way it’s designed-a breathable organic quilted top fabric, and just below, a layer 2” of 100% pure botanical Dunlop latex.

Another option, well worth the upgrade: Opt for the Premier model and get the thickest layer of pure latex (4” of pure botanical Dunlop latex) in any latex hybrid mattress I’ve reviewed.

I’ve not seen any other brand that offers this at the top of the mattress. It does run $400 more, but you’ll get the best pressure relief and lower back support ever.

Plus they give you a full YEAR to try the mattress out, and back it with a lifetime warranty, too.

Hybrid with 2″ pure latex is just $1099 in queen, $1499 for Premier with 4″ pure latex layer (natural latex mattresses can cost twice this much, usually mixed with a lot of cheaper polyurethane foam). By the way, some bullet points:

  • Natural latex resists dust mites, is hypoallergenic, repels mold and mildew
  • Contains zero formaldehyde, heavy metals, PBDE’s, or off gassing from VOC fumes.

For a latex/pocketed coil hybrid mattress option, owners rate it highly-likely because of thicker latex material. No other brand gives you a thicker, more sumptuous and supportive layer of pure, botanically derived latex.

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The Nectar Mattress is a popular all foam mattress that features a cooling fabric, pressure easing memory and gel foam, and is described as “refreshing” in feel.

It’s somewhat different than comparable brands since it offers a full 5″ of comfort and pressure relieving elements, along with a 6″ layer of high density foam underneath. Great for side sleepers, even couples.

Want to learn more about all of their mattresses? My Nectar Mattress Review Page explains why this popular brand remains as one of the most consistent players on the web, even given the nod by Architectural Digest.

Using just the right density of memory foam layers, The Nectar Mattress delivers a cuddling feel that embraces and soothes all at the same time.

No odor, no VOC’s, Certi-PurUS clean foams. 365 Day Trial, Forever Warranty. Usually, if you use my link, you can get free sheets, pillows, and a mattress protector

I give it a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars for sleeping cool, too. Great for cuddlers, offering a nestled, plusher feel without bottoming out.

Nectar is a hugely popular brand with a cult following…for a reason- it’s well crafted, made with greener, cleaner components and higher quality premium memory foam.


Still one of my personal favorites. Certi-Pur rated non-toxic foams, excellent pressure relief for side and back sleepers, innovative design keeps you on top with no sink or digging your way out.

For overall comfort, slightly firmer rather than softer, no mushy or sloppy sensation- immediately responsive and easy to turn on, delivers excellent edge support.

Google reviews show it as having a 4.9 Rating out of 5, from a total of 6,572 Online Reviews. It’s just $949 in queen size, and with my link you also receive free sheets, a pair of pillows, and mattress protector.

Out of all of the memory foam/gel foam combination mattresses I’ve reviewed, The Puffy Original has the liveliest feel, not that dead memory foam feel. Cradles and invites your body within, without trapping you.


The SleepOvation Mattress design functions as an individual suspension system supporting each bone (33) in the human spinal column separately. It cradles the body’s curves while providing enough firmness for the back’s muscular and bony structures.

Over 700 small blocks of foam suspended underneath your body isolate motion and provide pinpoint fill in void areas needing lift and support.

I found that this mattress literally shuts down motion transfer. If you have a restless partner- this mattress will really help with that.

The SleepOvation Mattress therapeutically suspends your spine to minimize pressure and promote painless sleep and restorative rest- the stuff you need at night.

It also gives you a buoyant feel, rather than bottoming into the pocketed coil suspension below, which also makes turning pretty effortless.

I give this innovative and thoughtfully designed back pain relieving mattress a 4.8 out of 5 stars.


If you are a hot sleeper and if you’re tossing and turning keeps your partner awake, I’d take a look at this option. Priced at $895 in queen, it’s equipped with copper infused materials as well as orthopedic foam layers.

It’s a bit bouncier than most options in its class, is made using hypo-allergenic foams and water based adhesives (without formaldehyde), and we noticed its low motion transfer.

For the money, it offers a few more bullet points I think, and is outfitted with a 120 night trial, a 20 year warranty and is made in the USA.

The Avocado Eco-Organic Mattress:$999 In Queen

Looking for a chemical free mattress? Avocado’s value priced mattress is just $999 in queen. It includes a layer of natural organic latex layer above individually pocketed coils, and has a plush latex topper option available for a modest up-charge.

Up to 988 pocketed coils, no off-gassing, chemicals, VOC fumes, formaldehyde. The outer covering is organic cotton, and the top section is quilted with organic wool.

I found the Avocado Eco-Organic Mattress to be comfortable, and great for hips and shoulders when on my side. For me, I rate it pretty high for a combination foam and coil mattress- and sleeping on a clean and green sleep surface is an added bonus. A solid 4.9 out of 5 star rating.


We tested and reviewed The Nolah Natural Mattress in our facility-and our senior editor took it home!

Using organic cotton and wool for the top layers and quilt, it’s handcrafted with 3″ of pure botanical latex and supported with and underlying individual pocketed coil system that is calibrated- perfectly.

No sink, no pressure points,, plenty of float factor, with weight being pushed to the edges of the mattress. For couples, it’ll keep you nestled, but still on top of the bed- rather than inside of it.

Want to read my detailed review about The Nolah Natural Mattress. Click here.

It’s made using fibers of sustainable origin and feels organic and soft to the touch. Sheets won’t slide or get stuck on this unique breathable outer encasement.

It’s hypoallergenic, and resists dust mites and bacterial organisms (organic wool and natural latex repel these critters)

The Nolah Natural Mattress has a cult following of owners, is loaded with a lifetime warranty, and a 120 nigh risk free trial.

Our favorite option for a hybrid mattress, comparable to Sealy and Simmons Black models selling for $3500 and up.

My personal rating- 4.8 out of 5 stars. I thought it felt more inviting and had a really easy feel when on my side with just the perfect amount of sink and nestle. Easy on shoulders, and noticed I didn’t get numb or sore-even after 1.5 hours on my side.


Designed to float your body and to “center your sleep routine” this mattress provides wholesome, restorative rest, and was created to relieve tension, and whisk away stiffness, calming the body.

I like the components and the careful design of this mattress. From a removable and washable outer covering, to the safer, formaldehyde, mercury, ozone depleters and VOC free foams, the Yogabed is best known for its motion isolation and is ideal for couples dealing with tossing and turning issues.

Made totally in the USA, with no imported components, the company aspires to reducing its carbon footprint by not using container vessels to ship pieces and parts. Ten year warranty, 101 night trial, free shipping.


Looking for great support, especially at hips and shoulders? Our team loves this unique coil and foam hybrid. Gel memory foam on top, a pocketed coil system below with zoned support for torso and hips.

A unique feature: a foam edge which provides perimeter support for sitting and increases usable space on the mattress. Queen size $1399 but get $200 additional off! 120 Night Trial. A+ marks. 

Best shoulder relief, and an excellent choice for side sleepers, The Diamond Grateful Mattress delivers on performance a ta best in class price point.


I’ve tested hundreds of luxury memory foam mattresses, but few can compare with The Saatva Modern Foam Mattress for comfort and support. A tad pricier, but the craftsmanship and components are better and you get more of them.

I liked the yielding and sumptuous feel and didn’t collapse into the mattress. More of a floating sensation.

Personally, I think it’s the best side sleeping mattress I’ve seen. Weight gets pushed sideways, away from your body, instead of down. This eliminates pinpoint pressure and heat as well.

Note: This mattress is not a “bed in a box”. It is not rolled and compressed, so no recovery time, mattress is ready to use. A tad pricier, but owners are devoted.

Delivered and setup by expert installers, and your old mattress is taken away, all at no additional charge. Check my link to find out why owners rave over this alternative to your run of the mill slab of foam!

Here’s the reason I gave this mattress 4.9 out of 5 stars:

  • Each mattress made to order
  • Most effective pressure relief for the money
  • Core of mattress is pure latex
  • Natural textiles breathe, sleep cooler
  • Quality you can’t stuff into a box

Our Pick For Best Coil/Foam Combination (Hybrid) Mattresses: Get The Pinpoint Pressure Relief You Need


Talalay natural latex is the best petroleum free component you can build into a mattress. It’s durable, resists dust mites and is anti-microbial. This mattress incorporates pocketed coils, an organic outer cover, and has the pedigree that Nolah offers.

Most mattresses use a chemically sprayed fire barrier, but the Nolah Natural Mattress uses a natural wool layer instead. Queen $1199, free ship, 120 night trial, medium firm. Reviewers on Google are loving it, I’d rate it 4.9 out of 5 stars as best hypo-allergenic mattress you can buy online. Just launched in summer 2021.


One of my top favorites for back pain, pressure relief, available in two firmness options. Includes a 3″ thick layer of Serene Foam, which pushes weight to the outer edges of your mattress, Individual pocket coils suspend and levitate.

Hand tufted organic cotton cover, and literally a third of the price of Sealy Simmons K Series Black Models, and more comfortable and sumptuous. Personally field tested by Marc, and compared with leading brands. His detailed review here.


A latex and coil hybrid mattress with a medium firm sensation. Breathable comfort, support & pressure relief of open-cell latex. It’s 11″ pocketed coil and natural latex combination similar to many of my own designs. Delivers progressive back/spinal support with no detectable motion transfer.

Super soft Tencel cover, made in California and Indiana. You’ll get a 100 night trial period, 15 year warranty, $960 for a queen. Free shipping.

Marc’s comments: Excellent latex material is used, company very astute about REM sleep and they build the mattress using solid sleep science, which I like. Fantastic edge support. You choose from three firmness settings, custom made for you.


Pocketed coil and foam hybrid mattress with sumptuous “euro” top. Medium level of support, nest like feel. 14.5” finished height, 120 night trial period, 15 year warranty, $999 for a queen.

Free shipping.Marc’s comments: Saatva knows how to build beds. If you like to nestle and squirm before finding your sweet spot, get it.

The Diamond “Grateful” Mattress: Voted #1 For Hip And Shoulder Support And Pain Relief

Looking for great support, especially at hips and shoulders? Our team loves this unique coil and foam hybrid. Gel memory foam on top, a pocketed coil system below with zoned support for torso and hips. A unique feature: a foam edge which provides perimeter support for sitting and increases usable space on the mattress. Queen size $999, 120 Night Trial. A+ marks.

The Sleep-O-Vation Bed Is A Truly Innovative Design

With 700 individual foam pods suspended above a pocketed coil system, this mattress individually cradles and supports each vertebrae. Best in class spine support, cooling channels that ventilate, 10 Year Warranty, 100 Night Trial, Free Shipping. No other mattress like it nurtures and treats back pain and muscle tension.


The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Aurora Hybrid is a foam hybrid mattress designed to keep your skin temperature at precisely 88 degrees. Engineered to deliver optimal support using specialized foams and a support system with 1,032 individual pocketed coils. It’s 11.5” finished height, you’ll get a 120 night trial, 10 year warranty and it’s just $949 for a queen. Free shipping. and to check them out.

Marc’s comments: If you are a hot sleeper, this is the ideal mattress for you. This mattress was designed from the ground up to cool you down and eliminate motion transfer, two things that can destroy a great night’s sleep


Topped with a an organic quilted top, this luxurious mattress features a sumptuous layer of pure dunlop latex, a transitional layer that dampens motion transfer, and a pocketed coil system that levitates and floats your body.

This 12.5” mattress arrives with a 100 night trial, and 20 year warranty, $1,000 for a queen ($200 off). Free shipping. and and to check them out. Marc’s comments: Opt for copper infused antibacterial cover or organic wool cover, too! A big fan base, and a lot of heart went into this design. Love it.


A latex and coil hybrid mattress that offers a supportive yet nestlike level of firmness and support, with a moderate degree of plushness 11” finished height, 90 night trial, 15 year warranty, and just $999 for a queen.

Free shipping. Marc’s comments: cradling, uplifting, plusher top piece that I love. Price is right, and it’s a good option for those feeling at home with coils. GREAT for belly sleepers, side sleepers.

RealBed: Best Bed For Couples

The RealBed is an extraordinary mattress voted #1 bed for couples. Combining organic cotton, eucalyptus fiber and wool, natural latex and a pocketed coil system, this mattress provides over the top comfort and nurturing, therapeutic support. Secured and arranged with the manufacturers. Get 100 night trial period, 25 year warranty, and free shipping.


Dr. Jason Loth and Dr. Dave Schen designed a hybrid mattress that outperforms foam beds like Casper or Leesa.

Its architecture includes a phase change outer fabric, copper infused foam, cooling gel foam, memory foam, and an 8” Quantum Edge pocketed coil system. 100 Night Trial, 10 Year Warranty, Free Shipping. Owners LOVE it. $1549 in queen size.

Specifically designed for back care and support, allowing muscles to relax while you sleep rather than tensing and seizing up, causing you to wake up in pain.


The Best Memory Foam /Gel Foam Mattresses: Our Top Picks For Cradling, Pressure And Pain Relieving Comfort Without Sinking


This is a great option if you’ve never owned a Tempur-Pedic before, or want to keep the cost comparable to other brands. I’ve slept on a Tempur-Pedic for 18 years, and I’m a professional mattress reviewer!

Unlike other memory foam brands, this mattress doesn’t skimp on layers beneath you by putting a slab of hard polyurethane foam on the bottom.

It’s pure Tempur-foam- all the way down. I’d give it a 5 out of 10 firmness wise, definitely medium feel, wonderfully enveloping but not like you have to dig your way out.

The Tempur-Pedic Cloud Prima works well with any solid foundation, platform bed, or adjustable base option. You can opt for adjustable base packages if you use my link below.

  • Excellent for couples, side or back sleepers.
  • 120 night trial with my link, 10 year TP warranty.
  • Back pain relief, body conforming, ease of mobility and turning.
  • Multiple calibrated layers of Tempur-foam delivers best back support and spine alignment.
  • $1999 in queen, free shipping to your door.
  • Vacuum packaged, rolled inside box makes for easy handling and 1-2 person setup.
  • Exterior fabric cover wicks away moisture, keeps mattress dry

I give The Tempur-Pedic Cloud Prima 10″ Mattress a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars for overall performance and value.


A memory foam mattress that employs several innovative gel and memory foam technologies. The result is sumptuous, supportive, yet yielding sleep without deep sinking. 11” finished height, 365 night period, lifetime warranty, $799 for a queen.

Free shipping. Marc’s comments: A warranty that lasts forever? Right, it’s true, and they get away with it by using components that last. One of the most popular mattresses in the industry. Minimal motion transfer, great for couples.

Free mattress protector, two free pillows, and free sheet set with my link.


A gel and memory foam hybrid mattress that offers a medium to medium firm level of support. 11” finished height, 120 night trial period, 15 year warranty, $999 for a queen. Free shipping. Marc’s comments: One of few memory foam bed with a whopping 4” of real memory foam. If you love that melt in sensation, and need to be cuddled, reviewers claims it “makes love to you”. Go for it.


One of a kind polymer gel mattress with its own unique feel. Supportive yet spongy and yielding right where you need it. Medium level of support. 10” finished height, 100 night trial period, 10 year warranty, $999 for a queen.

Free shipping. The ONLY bed out there using innovative “column buckling” foam technology. Huge satisfied customer base, consistent 5 star reviews.

Want detailed information on all four of their models? Visit my Purple Mattress Review Page for reviews and buying tips.

I recommend this mattress highly if you are looking for shoulder pain relief or hip/joint pain. It’s also totally nontoxic, using certified VOC and formaldehyde free foams and bio-foams.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Level-Sleep-mattress-profile.jpeg


The Level Sleep Mattress was designed to cradle and support the human form. Three different areas of firmness reduce causes of back pain by applying low pressure and maintaining spine alignment simultaneously.

Soft at shoulders, firmer back support, and medium torso. Certi-Pur foam layers, made in USA. 365 night trial. King just $1399 with deal. Hip pain? Save $140 with my deal. And get free pillows, free sheets, and a mattress protector, as well.


A memory foam mattress that offers a firmer level of support. 10” finished height, no trial period, 12 year warranty, $940 for a queen.

Free shipping. We like them because of their use of bio-oils in their proprietary foam mix which is greener and less toxic to sleepers than conventional foam.

Pocketed coils make it supportive and resilient. Spoiler alert: A very firm bed. Perfect for heavier back sleepers and spine health, helps eliminate night back pain.


A memory foam hybrid mattress with a specialized top layer that eliminates heat and ventilates effectively.

Great for hot sleepers who need pressure reduction. Medium plush feel, 10” finished height, 101 night period, lifetime warranty, $1199 for a queen. Free shipping.

Marc’s comments: Reviewers say it works for belly, back, and side sleepers. Excels at pressure point relief thanks to ingredients even I would approve.

And, they donate to wildlife rescue groups, even providing an adoption program. Sleep with less guilt, I say.


A gel and memory foam hybrid mattress that offers a medium to medium firm level of cradling support. Excellent outer covering. 10” finished height, 100 night trial, 10 year warranty, $765 for a queen. Priced right for utilizing the materials they offer. Free shipping. Marc’s comments: Customers love the efficient service and amazing massage like feel of this bed. One reviewer claims “it saved my marriage”. Hell, now that’s a review…

novilla bliss 10” memory foam/cooling gel mattress: $260 queen

This 10” memory foam mattress is an exception to the rule. At just $260 for a queen, It is designed using 4 different layers of foam to provide maximum cooling, comfort, and balanced support.

This addresses common sleep problems such as tossing and turning, sagging, back pain, and sleeping hot.

The gel-infused memory foam slowly adjusts to your body weight and temperature to regulate the temperature and offer pressure relief. It comes with a 10-year warranty against any defects and a 30 day trial period.


Resort quality option combining pocket coils with copper infused memory foam, a hand quilted pillow top, and cushiony support layers.

It’s 14″ tall, has 3 levels of firmness to choose, from a plush, softer version that you melt into, along with medium, and even a truly firm option.

Far infrared Celliant fabric on topic reflects heat, copper foam is anti-bacterial, and edge support is phenomenal. A favorite of mine to test and review, excellent for keeping your spine straight and level. $1584 in queen, free shipping and two Cloud Pillows.

Coils are stiffer in torso area especially near spine, and along edges, providing good sitting and transfer ability. I believe this mattress is a great solution for back pain, stiffness, and pressure relief.

Uses a very breathable side panel fabric which allows the mattress to ventilate more effectively than store bought innerspring options.


Best Latex Mattresses- Our Top Picks- Bouncier, Responsive, And Levitating…The All Natural Alternative


An astonishingly comfortable yet therapeutic mattress. A lofty 11″ pocketed coil mattress with 2” of pure botanical latex that provides buoyant, isolated and balanced support.

Includes your choice of either 2 or 3” latex pillow top for extra nestle and hug factor, along with nest like support. Breathable Tencel covering sleeps cool and cozy, 100 night trial, 10 year warranty. Just $960 in queen, choose your level of firmness. Pure and simple design.


Probably the cleanest, greenest, and safest bed you could buy. Made using only the finest natural and organic materials, including GOLS organic certified latex from tree-tapped sources, 100% GOTS organic certified wool and 100% GOTS organic certified cotton.

To you, that means no-off gassing, or chemical textiles. Made in California in their own factories, a purely American company. The latex used is imported from India, collected by hand, and is the silkiest and smoothest botanical latex available. 

Queen: $1799: Nothing but pure latex, top to bottom, no springs, no polyurethane foam.

Plushbeds: Organic Latex Mattress –
The Botanical Bliss®

I recommend it because it’s pure latex, with no petroleum based components. Totally handcrafted in the US using GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton and GOTS certified organic wool.

At $2049 in queen, it’s not inexpensive, but I give it top honors for pressure, pain relief, and cradling comfort. It’s also a couples favorite, available in two levels of firmness.


This outstanding natural latex hybrid bed is stuffed with clean, chemical free ingredients and owners love them. You nest upon a breathable organic quilted top, and beneath you, your body floats on 4” of botanical Dunlop latex.

Individually pocketed coils suspend and hover you above the base layer of medium high density foam that won’t break down. Just $1199 in queen, with free sheet set, free pillows, and free mattress protector


Pure botanical latex, GOTS certified, uses 100% natural cotton cover, 100% natural wool fire barrier, all at a reasonable price. The mattress is reversible offering two firmness options. Queen: $1099

Overall thickness is 9”, you’ll get a 120 night in home trial, a 20 year factory warranty, and their bed is completely made in the USA.  Marc’s comments: They focus on delivering top drawer latex at controlled pricing. Flippable, so two beds in one. Good call on this bed-no frills, but super low pricing option.


Shipped with three individual layers, allowing you to assemble the mattress in soft, medium, or firm. Organic outer cover, no glue, wool pad pillowtop. Solid 10 year warranty, 365 day no questions asked trial period. Pure dunlop, no synthetic SBR rubber. This is a unique mattress that you customize at home to create the perfect feel and level of support.


Best Digital Number Air Beds: Our Top Pick For Comfort, Support, And Independent Control On Your Side Of The Bed


Habitat Furnishings offers the best digital sleep number style airbed on the market. For half the price of the big name brand, you’ll get a mattress that lets you control an infinite range of soft to firm settings. The bed is made with both natural latex and premium memory foam, and includes a quilted bamboo comforter top built right in! LED remote controls with memory setting. Get a 90 Day Free Trial, solid warranty. Entirely made in Baltimore, MD.

The Best Amazon Mattresses You Can Buy 2022- A Carefully Curated List Of Beds That Deliver Comfort And Support, Include A Great Trial Period And Warranty…Made To Exacting Specs And Standards That Pass Our Rigid Requirements.

Many of us pride ourselves on buying primarily through Amazon, whether it be for tech items, household products, clothes, virtually any consumables we need. As the online mattress industry has exploded, and brick and mortar showrooms have become cricket sanctuaries, Amazon has been the new internet mattress store of choice.

Sure, there are the bad boys of mattress shopping on the slick and panoramic web sites that bombard us with a mushroom cloud of  ads, but we’ve watched prices slowly go from amazing two or three years ago, to frankly, the same that you’d pay Todd the hovering mattress salesman at Mattress World up the street. However, the real deals, and we mean a great price on a decent bed, can easily be found on Amazon.

The problem is that there are thousands of mattress options, and the average consumer literally has no idea where to start. Shopping for a bed is a hassle to begin with, and for over 20 years we’ve been designing and manufacturing mattresses for discerning customers that don’t like to waste time or money.

We’ve created a curated list of Amazon mattress retailers that we believe offer an outstanding mattress option for you to consider. Taking 25 years of  bedding design and manufacturing experience to task, all of our recommendations are beds that deliver excellent comfort and support, a superior warranty and fully refundable trial period, are buoyed by solid, real reviews by actual owners, and… are manufactured to the standards that we ourselves would use if we were building the product.

Stop wasting time surfing for mattresses online and get your dream bed today. If you want to learn more about beds in general, and want to understand which type of mattress to buy, visit our Why You Should Buy A Bed In A Box page. Here is our list of recommended dealers we love on Amazon so you can buy a perfect bed and get the restorative, revitalizing sleep you need. Note that the page is long, but each group of Amazon beds we recommend are grouped by mattress type- memory foam, latex, and foam/pocketed coil hybrids.

Our Pick: The Best 10 Memory Foam Mattresses On Amazon 2022

Memory Foam beds are hugely popular, and in our opinion, offer the best pressure relief and weight distribution qualities you can get. It’s the best choice for reducing motion transfer, it’s great for flip floppers, side and back sleepers, and even belly sleepers, and perfect for reducing shoulder or hip pain.  Memory foam wraps up around your body slightly, and the immersion or sink factor that cradles you while evenly distributing load is fantastic.  Whether you’re big or small, this technological innovation in bedding is a giant leap forward in bedding design and engineering.  Also note that sizes are shown in the description that may not be the size you need, but you can change that when you click on the buy on Amazon button and explore the mattress there. Here are our recommendations:

  Our Pics for The Best 10 Latex Mattresses On Amazon for 2022

You might already be aware that latex has taken the mattress industry by storm in recent years. The founder of this site was actually one of the largest online retailers of latex mattresses for years, and one of the first to pioneer the “bed in a box” method of shipment this extraordinary material.

Known for its elastic, uplifting, buoyant sensation, and, if you are prone to feeling trapped in a mattress, and like the freedom of moving around a lot at night, or you are a restless sleeper, a latex bed is the closest thing you’re going to find next to David Copperfield levitating you off of your mattress.

We are very picky about who we recommend, but our list of Amazon retailers has cut the mustard, each offering a well made latex mattress with excellent reviews to boot. Latex is prone to packing down and lasts forever, too, so if you tend to stick with a mattress for awhile, a latex bed is likely your best choice. Look for all natural latex in our list, too, to get the naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-dust mite benefits only latex can offer.

Note : Links shown below may not match the size you need, simply click on link to explore product and choose size desired if you choose to buy!