Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress: 10 Data Point Test And Review By 25 Year Industry Expert

The Logan And Cove Frontier is a 13.5″ (34.3cm) tall hybrid mattress made entirely in Canada using a series of adaptive and cushiony foam layers, along with up to 2,920 pressure-relieving micro coils + pocketed coils.

It contains a quilted top, 2 layers of gel/memory and support foam, and 2 separate pocket coil layers. I tested it and found it to be springy yet supportive, coming at a medium level of firmness, with a lush, body contouring sensibility. Cost is C$1299 in queen, and C$1499 in king. It is available only in Canada.

What’s really different about this mattress vs. its counterpart, The Logan And Cove Mattress, is that even with just a small added feature, it provides notable pressure relief at sides and hips.

A very low profile layer of 1″ aero-duct nanocoils, which provide a breezeway for cooler air to pass under your body at night, eliminating hotspots and also absorbing motion transfer and dampening pressure points.

In addition, the five layers above the nano-coil layer provide cushiony soft immersion with no sensation of having to “dig your way out”.

What’s Inside: Does The Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress Deliver Superior Pressure And Pain Relief?

Before I discuss my test results and performance characteristics of mattresses I’ve reviewed, I like to explain to potential owners just what’s inside that makes a mattress tick. The Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress is similar to it’s sister mattress called The Logan And Cove Choice, which has a similar design, but does not have the nanocoil layer.

The Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress has been carefully thought out to maximize comfort and support. It’s loaded with a plush pillowtop that begins with a quilted silk fiber blended piece.

While you can opt for Logan & Cove’s Choice Hybrid mattress, available in queen size for $999, and $1199 in king size, the thicker and more sumptuous pillow top and the addition of the nano-coil layer makes a marked difference in softness and plushness.

I’d say the Frontier is about 15% softer than other 13-14″ tall foam/coil hybrids, and justifies the additional $200 price point- especially if you prefer a softer and more immersive experience.

The nanocoil layer is a continuous piece which is tucked in between the two layers of gel foam and elastex foam shown in the image below. The Frontier costs $400 more than the Logan And Cove Choice, but is the investment worth it by adding this component? Let’s take a look.

What’s Inside The Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress

  1. The exterior covering is a fabric blend I’m very familiar with, a rayon and Tencel combination woven materials with CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibres. The concept is that by infusing the fabric with small tubules, you can create air flow and squeeze trapped heat away from the body. It feels plushy, since there is gel infused foam sewn into the top fabric as well. It’s a nice feature, and really very detectable right off the bat.
  2. Right underneath the top piece is a 1″ layer of gel infused foam which acts as an additional cushion, and it really benefits hips and shoulders while on your side. This mattress is a side sleepers dream, with the combined elements all adding up to a sweet, soft ride, with little or no bottoming out.
  3. A layer of continuously woven nano-coils, 1″ thick, helps to provide additional body contouring while providing a bit of lift and body elevation. Also, this layer maintains an active “breezeway” that allows for active respiration and cooling. It acts as an independent suspension system, too. Does it add to the value? Yes, I feel it really makes a difference, as I am a sidesleeper who likes the tech.
  4. Beneath the nano-coil component and above the main 9″ coil hardened steel coil layer is a 1.5″ piece of what is described as “Elastex” foam. Designed with a bit more density but a springier and slightly bouncy sensation, it’s mean to provide shock absorption, minimize motion transfer, and distribute weight.
  5. Individually wrapped 9″ pocket coils. Unbelievable edge support! Combined with the nano-coil layer above, the mattress delivers up to 2,950 coils that isolate motion and cradles your body. Overall a really excellent design especially if you need a bit more support, or if you are a side or back sleeper. The maximum weight capacity with two partners is 600lbs, combined.

I’m a tall guy and weigh 190lb (86kg) and was pretty surprised at just how well the Frontier supported my body at the edge. I test all mattresses on a rock hard plank wood floor to make sure there’s no interference in my results with a softer box spring or foundation below. The quilted top, along with the generous foam layers, the nanocoil layer, and the 8″ pocket coil suspension all add up to superb edge support.

Let’s review the results of my critical testing of the mattress and find out why it scored so well when compared to other popular hybrid pocket coil and foam combination mattresses.

I tested the Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress and worked and slept on my queen size sample for one week to truly experience benefits and/or problem areas.

I’d sum up the feel of the mattress as medium in feel, but with a little more yielding and pressure relief and softness at my shoulders and hips. This means that it falls at about a 5 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being very firm and 1 begin so soft, you would sink in and have difficulty getting out.

This was likely due to the fact that you have several layers of gel foam, “elastex” foam (a bit like latex in feel, very springy), and the 1″ tall nano-coil layer.

How The Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress Performed In My Critical 10 Data Point Test: 9.5 Out Of 10

Overall Comfort-10Excellent– body contouring, perfect level of immersion, plusher feel
Pressure Relief-9Excellent-relieves pinpoint shoulder and hip pressure, fills in void areas
Enhanced Cooling-9Nano-fiber cover and breezeway nano-coil layer keeps mattress cool, cozy
Motion Transfer8Very Good– for medium firm mattress, not too bad. Ok for couples
Ease Of Turning9Excellent-despite plusher quilted top, very ease to turn on
Edge Support10Superb– stiffer coils at edge make transfer, sitting fantastic!
Intimacy8Excellent– good for snuggling too, just the right bounce factor
Value vs. Cost10Excellent– 25% less expensive than comparable brands, $1499 in queen
Detectable Odors10None detected–actually had a baked cookie kind of smell…
Components10Nicely designed– well thought out with functional components that serve a purpose!
Overall Rating: 9.3 out of 10

Detailed Explanation Of Test Results

Overall Comfort: A solid 10 out of 10

I slept for several nights and found that I stayed asleep longer, even while on my side. The mattress is embracing and slightly immersive, but floats your body a lot more effectively than similar mattresses I’ve tested. While on my back, I enjoyed a subtle body contouring effect without sinking, even at 190lbs! Typically, I find myself digging my way out of plusher pillow top mattresses, but didn’t have any concerns about this.

You can see for yourself how the mattress offers a buoyant and flotation like feel. My legs, shoulders, and hips didn’t develop any hard pressure points even after a sold hour of napping in one position, including my side.

Pressure Relief: 9 out of 10

The only reason I didn’t give The Frontier Mattress a 10, was that I feel there are weight limitations on the mattress for optimal pressure relief. I’d recommend a maximum combined weight of 500 lbs., or individual weight of 250lbs to achieve the best pressure relief results with this mattress.

Enhanced Cooling: 9 out of 10

The Frontier Mattress is outfitted with several layers of cooling foam, including a 1″ layer of gel foam and a quilted, highly breathable, silk fiber infused quilted top. Probably the most important element though is the “breezeway” that is created by allowing hot air to escape inside the nano-coil layer along with the 8″ pocketed coil section below.

This prevents heat from being trapped in the torso and head area of the mattress, a common problem with all foam mattresses, especially.

Motion Transfer: 8 out of 10

I observed very little motion transfer on The Frontier Mattress– up to a point. Couples weighing up to a combined weight of 500 lbs will experience little or no motion transfer, though results are improved when individuals weigh less than 200 lbs, at least on one side.

Ease Of Turning: 9 out of 10

Changing positions, especially from side to back, is outstanding on this Canadian made hybrid mattress, with springier and livelier foams contributing to this feature. I’ve noticed much more effort required with all foam mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses.

Edge Support: 10 out of 10

Excellent, clearly evident in my photograph above featuring yours truly sitting right on the edge at 86kg (190 lbs). I think it pretty much speaks to the pocket coil system chosen for the superstructure of this mattress.

Intimacy: 8 out of 10

Really good performance, with good grip factor, according to our “couples tester”. However, I’ve reviewed a lot of natural latex mattresses and spoken with many couples who typically describe an all natural latex mattress as being the standard bearer to score a consistent 10 out of 10.

Value vs Cost: 10 out of 10

The cost for a queen Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress is $1299, and king size is $1499, putting this 13.5″ hybrid mattress well under the typical price point of $1800-2400 for comparable mattress options. You can certain review my hybrid mattress options (note that several of them are not available in Canada) on this page.

Detectable Odors After Shipping: 10 out of 10 (lowest possible level of odor)

After unpacking the sample provided, no residual odors or chemical smells were detected.

Components used: 10 out of 10

The exterior fabric used in the pillow top quilting contains silk fibers, which is typically a luxury component used in resort mattresses. I’ve worked with many different densities and thicknesses of foam materials and coil systems (you can read more about different foam densities and grades of foam here) and am really impressed with the way the Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress is designed.

The Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress offers a softer, plush feel with a supportive core.

Scoring A 9.5 Out Of 10, The Frontier Mattress Is A Winner

It’s clear why I have rated The Frontier as Logan And Cove’s most outstanding mattress and my personal favorite for Best Overall Mattress In Canada.

You’ll enjoy free shipping, a 365 night no questions asked trial period and a comprehensive 15 year warranty that is clearly spelled out on the Logan And Cove web site.

When you place your order, the Frontier ships out very quickly, in about 2 business days. Transit time to most provinces is 3-4 days, and your mattress arrives in a beefy, well packaged outer carton that is sealed shut with a glue gun-pretty impressive.

Benefits Of Silk Fibers Inside A Mattress Covering

Silk fiber is generally not used as the primary material in mattress construction, but the outer fabric on the Logan And Cove Frontier Mattress has natural silk blended into the fabric. While silk is known for its luxurious feel and hypoallergenic properties, there are reasons why you might not typically find it in your current mattress at home.

Natural silk is obtained from the cocoons of silkworms, specifically the larvae of the Bombyx mori moth. The process of obtaining silk involves several steps:

  1. Silkworm Rearing: Silkworm eggs are incubated and hatched into larvae. The larvae are then fed a diet of mulberry leaves, which is the primary food source for silkworms.
  2. Silkworm Spinning: As the silkworms feed on mulberry leaves, they start producing silk to create cocoons. They spin the silk filament around themselves in a figure-eight pattern, forming a protective cocoon.
  3. Harvesting Cocoons: Once the silkworms complete the cocoon-spinning process, the cocoons are carefully harvested. This is usually done before the silk moth emerges from the cocoon and breaks the silk filament.
  4. Killing the Pupae: To obtain the silk filament intact, the cocoons are typically boiled or exposed to high temperatures. This process kills the pupae inside the cocoons and prevents them from breaking the silk strands as they try to emerge.
  5. Reeling the Silk: The harvested cocoons are then taken to a facility where the silk filaments are unraveled. This process is called reeling. The cocoons are placed in hot water to soften the sericin, a natural gum that holds the silk filaments together. Skilled workers carefully unwind the filaments from several cocoons simultaneously and reel them onto a spool.
  6. Silk Processing: The silk filaments obtained from reeling are combined to form a thread strong enough for weaving. The threads may go through additional processing steps such as cleaning, degumming to remove the sericin, and dyeing before they are ready for use in various products.

It is worth noting that there are different types of silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, and wild silk, each with slightly different production processes. Mulberry silk, derived from silkworms that exclusively feed on mulberry leaves, is the most common and widely used type of silk.

However, silk can still be found in mattress construction as a minor component or as a luxury feature in higher-end mattresses. It might be used in pillow covers or as a small layer within the mattress to add a touch of luxury and comfort. Keep in mind that the primary materials used in mattresses are typically chosen for their durability, support, breathability, and cost-effectiveness.