An Industry Expert Reviews The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress

silk and snow hybrid mattress review

After manufacturing my own foam and pocketed coil hybrid mattresses for 25 years, I was excited to do my Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress Review.

I’ve reviewed dozens of hybrid mattresses (foam, textiles, and pocketed innerspring combination mattresses) and the team at Silk & Snow wanted to challenge me to compare this mattress, which sells for just $700 in queen, to its competitors.

What makes the this mattress unique, besides its reasonable price in queen at $700, is that it offers the pressure relieving, body contouring, and spine supporting benefits I’ve seen in mattresses priced three times as much.

You’ll get free shipping, a 100 night free trial, and a solid 15 year warranty, and like I said, for the price, it’s tough to beat. Let’s get into what makes this mattress tick. I’m going to give you one piece of advice if you decide to try it out, though.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is shipped in “bed in a box” format meaning it has been gently compressed and rolled. When you receive it and set it up, you’ll find that it seems very firm and flat feeling.

Give this mattress 24 hours to fully expand, once outside of the box. The difference between day one and day five of ownership will blow you away. The mattress expands, becomes softer, fluffier, livelier and luxurious if you let it return to its original bench built configuration.

I noticed this when I first unwrapped my test sample. Firm for the first few days, it puffed out and became much more cozier, immersive, and plusher after day three.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress has a very compact, sleek, yet well thought out design. From a mattress makers perspective, it incorporates just enough components to deliver on the benefits you want.

I call the layout of a mattress design a “cake recipe”, which includes the layer cake style of configuration of various materials you need to deliver the best comfort, support, pressure relieving, and spine alignment qualities you can get.

When creating the architecture of any mattress, part of the craft of mattress making involves containing the cost of a design to reduce filler materials and weight (adding weight increases shipping cost and the price you pay) without sacrificing performance and lifespan.

silk and snow hybrid mattress review
For the money, at $700 in queen, and $800 in king, I like the built in edge support and cooling memory foam.

For couples, The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress provides proper support without sinking, and couples who tend to sleep near each other won’t have to dig their way out to either change positions or to get out of bed.

The mattress offers more than sufficient edge support as well, and with 1200 pocketed coils in the middle, you can sit comfortably to change shoes or simply get out of the bed, without feeling like you are sliding off.

I tried to find comparable brands that offered the zoned and contoured pocket coil system, along with a 2″ layer of memory/gel cooling foam, and the closest typical price point was around $1500, so literally for about half the price, you can try this option out.

The 100 night no questions asked trial takes all the heat off, too, to give you a chance to test drive without the stress.

Want to learn more about hybrid mattresses and what is inside of them? Check out this page for enhanced details, all from a mattress manufacturing expert.

No Sagging, Effective Pressure Relief, And More

As for the guts of The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress, from the top down, let me explain why it offers up just what you need in a hybrid mattress. What makes it a great value price wise are the quality components used it its construction.

Many comparable hybrid mattresses are more expensive, use lower grade 2 lb. density memory foam vs. the more supportive 3 lb. density foam used in this bed, and don’t give you pronounced his and midsection support. You also won’t find reinforced supportive edge support all the way around the mattress, including the head and foot section.

  1. Up top, an Antimicrobial Cover with quilted foam ensures a cool sleeping surface with plushness you can feel.
  2. Cool Sleep Surface due to quilted foam layer
  3. Pressure Relief: 2″ Layer of High-Density Memory Foam provides deep pressure point relief.
  4. Zoned Lumbar Support: At hips and abdominal area, it has a slightly firmer “mid section zone”. I could feel my hips being held in alignment with my entire spine.
  5. Pocket Coil Suspension: As many as 1200 double tempered pocketed spring coils limit motion transfer keep you buoyed up to the top rather than buried inside.
  6. Firm Edge Support: Extra firm perimeter coils and foam prevents flattening when sitting on the edge, and reinforces the structure. I could really feel the difference here!

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress has excellent edge support, which makes transfer and sitting on the edge of your mattress easier than with all foam memory foam mattresses, for example.

Also, the outer covering is stretchy, breathable, and smooth and soft to the touch. For side sleepers, we like the immersive yet cozy feeling that didn’t bottom into pinpoint pressure spots.

The mattress was effective at moving weight and pressure sideways, away from your body. Because the memory foam layer is 2″ thick and is surrounded by another quilted foam layer and comfort layer, you get a bit of a lifting sensation as well, a nice feature.

We Scrunched, Pushed, Compressed, And Then Slept On This Mattress.

Like most of the mattresses we test, we leave out the bowling balls, kettle bells, heat maps, and test tubes. We just sleep on them, lounge around, and develop a strong sensory perception about them, that pretty much tells the tale.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress came out of the box feeling pretty flat and wasn’t very responsive at all. But why? Again, it packaged so that it ships easily to your door, gently compressed, and has most of the air removed fro travel.

Considering this mattress is 12″ thick, it’s got a lot of “fatter” components to it that need to rejuvenate and take on air to reconstitute fully to original thickness and feel- so give it a good 4-5 days.

I know this seems like awhile, but if you leave it unattended for this amount of time, you will be rewarded by one of the most comfortable, uplifting, and supportive mattresses you’ve ever owned.

We Tried To Dig Up The Dirt On This Mattress, But Owners Seemed To Like It. A Lot

Most of the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress reviews we sampled were highly positive about this mattress. A few owners found it a bit soft, but most thought had an inviting yet supportive and cradling sensation. Here’s a typical review we found:

     Luis R Burlington, ON  Verified Buyer 04/15/2022

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so genuinely moved to review something but this mattress is perfection. It is true to the medium firm description so if you like something that offers support while still having a bit of squish to it, then this is it.

I looked at every mattress on the market in this price range and this is by far the best choice. You can really feel the quality of the materials and it’s great that its all from local companies. Definitely very satisfied with my purchase.

A Well Thought Out Design That, For The Money, Really Delivers On Performance

My overall impression of the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is highly positive. For $700 in the US, and C$900 in Canada, where the mattress is also manufactured and shipped, it’s a really great deal, considering the quality of the components, the outer covering, and the extra beefy edge support you get with this mattress.

Keep an eye out on the Silk&Snow web site for extra freebies when you purchase a mattress, such as their down alternative comforter. We test slept it and found it to be fluffy, lightweight, and perfect for cool nights.

Overall, The Silk&Snow Hybrid Mattress is one of my favorite coil/foam and quilted top combination mattresses.

It’s excellent for side support and has just enough quilted softness up top to relieve shoulder and hip pain, and for back sleepers, it also fills spaces such as between your ribs and hips, where additional support is needed.

I test drove it and loved the supportive but inviting feel. Looking for an all natural, organic mattress? Turns out Silk& Snow makes a great option. Click here to learn more.