The Best Chiropractor Recommended Mattresses & Chiropractic Mattress Reviews 2024

Why should you care about chiropractor recommended mattresses? Chiropractors likely have the best knowledge base and treatment resources available for those of us who have musculoskeletal problems, back and neck issues, and stiffness and soreness that can often prevent us from enjoying life. 

On a daily basis, chiropractors get steady feedback from patients who complain that they can’t sleep and that their mattresses actually increase the level of discomfort they experience by failing to properly distribute pressure, feeling too hard or firm, or not providing proper spine alignment to relieve discomfort.

The fact is, pain can be a leading cause of sleep problems, and can enhance anxiety and stress about sleep, and make us dread our mattresses. 

The quality of our mattress, the kind of mattress we choose, whether coil, memory foam, natural latex, or a hybrid mattress (made with several different kinds of materials) and even the particular brand of mattress we buy can be an important factor when it comes to providing pain relieving and comforting sleep.

So, What Do Chiropractors Have To Say About Choosing A Mattress?

I’ve interviewed many chiropractors through the years while designing my own mattresses, to see what advice they might give based on patient experiences. 

For the most part, they generally recommend mattresses that provide proper spinal alignment, support, and pressure relief, as well as options that promote restorative sleep (deep REM sleep). 

The ideal mattress for each person depends a lot on soft vs firm preferences, but there are a few considerations that are commonly recommended by chiropractors:

  1. Medium-Firm Mattresses: A medium-firm mattress is often recommended as it can provide a balance between support and comfort. It offers enough firmness to support the spine and prevent it from sinking too deeply into the mattress while also providing some cushioning for pressure points. Specifically, higher ILD and higher density foams for severe back pain (you can read about foam densities here) and trauma recovery, though for long term recovery I recommend a softer, plusher feel up top with support below, to reduce inflammation and bed sores.
  2. Memory Foam Mattresses: Memory foam mattresses can conform to the shape of your body, offering excellent pressure relief and spinal alignment. They can distribute your body weight evenly, relieving pressure on specific points and reducing the likelihood of developing pain or discomfort. They are commonly recognized by their unique melting in sensation which tends to feel softer when you warm it up.
  3. Latex Mattresses: Latex mattresses are known for their durability, support, and pressure-relieving properties. They provide a responsive and bouncy surface that can contour to your body without excessive sinkage. Additionally, all natural latex mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mold. This is not the case if you buy synthetic latex called SBR (styrene butadiene rubber).
  4. Hybrid Mattresses: Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of different materials, typically combining an innerspring system with layers of foam or latex. The coils provide support and good airflow, while the comfort layers offer contouring and pressure relief. Hybrid mattresses can be a suitable choice for those seeking a balance between support and cushioning.

Our list of chiropractor recommended mattresses has been carefully selected to offer a limited selection of supportive and comfortable options if you have pain and are seeking relief.

Chiropractors eventually create a knowledge base so granular in detail that they can recommend brand names of certain mattresses that provide restful pain relief and quality sleep, and can often fit particular patients to certain models that are known to provide benefit, just from interactive patient feedback.

Chiropractors helped us create this carefully curated list of mattress options that relieve pressure, properly distribute weight, and provide buoyant, uplifting comfort and support.

Don’t underestimate your chiropractor’s opinion, either. They are, in fact, experts when it comes to mattress options. Did you know that not only do chiropractors first need to finish an undergraduate four year degree in a science or pre-med based curriculum, they also must attend a Chiropractic school for an additional four years before they can practice? This amounts to eight years of secondary education and training.

chiropractic academic training specifics

Divided by year, a chiropractic graduate program usually involves:

  • First year: Courses in general anatomy, chiropractic principles, biochemistry, spinal anatomy.

  • Second year: Courses in chiropractic procedures, pathology, clinical orthopedics, imaging interpretation, and research methods.

  • Third year: Courses in clinical internships, integrated chiropractic, pediatrics, dermatology, practice management, and ethics and jurisprudence.

  • Fourth year: A clinical internship, in which a student studies under a chiropractor and completes rotations in a hospital or veterans’ clinic.

Chiropractors become seasoned after treating thousands of patients with many kinds of chronic conditions, most of which involves pain and skeletal and muscular ailments. In the process, they become very specialized sleep experts, and understand the importance of a quality mattress.

A well designed, comfortable, and therapeutic mattress is one of the most essential elements our lives, considering that we spend approximately one-third of each 24-hour day on them, and they are a vital resource on which our good health depends. 

As we researched out chiropractor recommended mattresses, we were not surprised that practitioners in the field have strong feelings about what kind of foams, textiles, and coils (whether pocketed or innerspring) can do to improve patients lives.

Healthy sleep is universally regarded by scientists and wellness experts as one of the key elements of vitality and an ideal lifestyle. ‘Considering the importance of restorative sleep, it’s important to take the time to fully understand how to choose the perfect mattress, one that delivers proper support, offers a nest-like feel that embraces your body, and has the ability to minimize pressure points, too. 

While there are many mattress options that help to reduce pressure points for example, only a select handful also combine the pressure relieving elements with a quality support layer underneath. Only a few of these options are chiropractor mattresses that rely on patient feedback to find new and improved mattresses as time goes on.

Creating the perfect cake recipe for the ideal mattress that will enhance and elaborate on the therapeutic benefits of your chiropractor’s treatment program is part alchemy, and part science.

That is why our carefully chosen list of mattresses only considers a few outstanding options. We’ve weeded out promotional, entry level priced beds with inferior components such as imported low density polyurethane foam support layers, and cheap memory foam beds that aren’t made with proper densities.

As an example, we recommend that memory foam should be at least 4-5 lb density, rather than less expensive 3 lb, which deteriorates and mashes down over short periods of time and is often imported from unreliable sources) as well as synthetic latex, continuous coil systems (we recommend pocketed coils) and other inferior materials.

When shopping, consider your mattress as a major investment in your health and quality of life since failure to experience uninterrupted sleep impacts all aspects of your life, including your productivity at work or at school, your energy level, your level of alertness, and most importantly, the ability to allow your body to rebuild cells, refuel muscle and nerve tissue, and rejuvenate. 

Mattresses that are designed to properly support your spine, and those offering innovative designs such as wrapped coils, high performance materials like memory foam and gel foam, and green materials like natural latex will certainly be more expensive, but is you purchase from one of the dealers on our list, you’ll get a much better deal on a mattress that will provide performance and durability along with comfort.

These chiropractic mattresses tend to last substantially longer than the typical name brand mattress you’ll find at a retail bedding store. As an example, look to spend around $900-$1,000 for a queen size mattress that is built with premium components.

A higher quality mattress at that price point will almost certainly last longer and deliver a better night’s sleep over the years, offering added value over the long haul.  It’s totally worth the extra investment. We advise staying away from mattresses under $500, because the materials used in this category of mattress are typically inferior, imported components that are inconsistent and unreliable.

Our exclusive list of chiropractor recommended mattresses will help you narrow down hundreds of options in an industry where confusion and scams are notorious. Mattress shopping can be deceptive at first since many look very similar on the outside, and manufacturers will often use the same ingredients to build a mattress, and merely without the exterior fabric covering, creating two models that sell for vastly different price points, but offer no additional benefit.

Mattresses under $500 will typically not be made with materials that offer proper spine support and pressure point reduction. Since you can’t see what’s on the inside, the industry uses this to their advantage, too. You can learn more about mattress scams on our mattress racket page.

When shopping, especially online, where you have the best options for the most advanced and well made chiropractic recommended mattress options, look for third party reviews that specifically discuss customers experiences, especially this that involve pain relief, back support, neck issues, and even restless leg and other neurological symptoms.

As with all major purchases, take advantage of communication with your retailer, like online chat and messaging, to get enhanced information (example: you and your partner weigh more than 200 lbs, and you both have back pain) to make sure you choose the right model.

Our list of chiropractic approved mattress dealers all have online chat, great reviews, long trial periods, and warranties that span longer periods of time, up to a lifetime warranty, in fact. Look for educated online support reps who can answer your questions about sleep and sleep issues and talk intelligently about your personal needs.

A chiropractor is going to be keenly aware of what you should be looking for in a mattress. Don’t be afraid to ask your practitioner about one of our options, too, to see if they have heard of the brand, or if any other patients use them. Here are a few things you should consider when shopping for a mattress.

  1. Do you have a partner who needs adequate room to share on a new mattress? 

  2. Do you have physical challenges, needs or conditions such as circulation problems or a bad back that might impact your mattress selection?  

  3. Are you a large person in need or extra space or firmer support? These are all factors that should be considered before you begin your search for the best sleep system to meet your needs.

Key Factors A Chiropractor Will Tell You Should Influence Your Chiropractic Mattress Buying Decision

1.  Identify the Right Size Chiropractor Recommended Mattress for Your Needs

This means having plenty of sprawling room if you are a restless or hot sleeper, so that you don’t disturb your partner. You may wish to opt for a pocketed coil type mattress if you both have back issues and tend to switch from side to back sleeping for example.

Not having enough acreage puts you and in your partner in competition for sleep space and reduces REM sleep (deep sleep which provides the best quality rest) by constantly waking your partner. Remember that we tend to move between 45-60 times a night, and this includes at least a dozen full body turns that follow the various stages of the sleep cycle. 

Memory foam and gel foam is a good option for light sleepers too, as it dampens motion. You also tend to immerse a little more, and feel cradled. If you are a tosser and turner however, natural latex may be more effective as it is livelier, minimizes full body contact with the mattress by levitating you a bit, and is also great as a hypo-allergenic option.

2. Effective Support is Essential for Healthy Sleep

A good mattress and foundation will continuously elevate and buoyantly support your body at all points and keep your spine in “straight line” configuration as a person with good posture in a standing position.  You want a mattress that provides uplifting support to your shoulders, hips, and lower back—the heaviest elements of your body.  

A good chiropractic mattress should be able to push back on those heavier pressure points, keeping your spine aligned as you turn from side to back. A mattress that is too firm will apply painful pinpoint pressure on the heavier parts of your body, especially your hips, constantly signaling your body to move and reposition, resulting in constant tossing and turning, and light sleep which keeps you in a perpetual state of exhaustion.

If there’s too little support, it will result in your spine not being properly aligned, resulting in muscle and connective tissue seizing up as your body  works harder to make up for the lack of support. The resulting stiffness and pain that occur in your spine will constantly be sending you back to your chiropractors office for adjustments. 

Our list of curated dealers offers both softer and firmer options, and also models that kind of fit in the middle, and make a good fit for couples, too, offering a cradling and immersive, nest like feel, but with good underlying support so you don’t have to dig your way out of bed.

3. How to Evaluate the Comfort Level of a Mattress 

At the very top of a mattress, there must be a sufficient amount of softer, comfortable cushioning materials that both offer an initial immersive embrace, and provide a breathable sleep surface that will help you maintain an optimal sleep-body temperature. Materials that ventilate well include organic cotton,  wool, bamboo and natural fiber blends, since they are considered the most “breathable” covering materials and these fabrics can help channel moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and cool while you sleep.  

Natural latex emits no chemical residue as do some man-made fibers, and also helps maintain optimal body temperature. Latex is also livelier and bouncier, and distributes load horizontally rather than down in pinpoint pressure fashion, and is great for ongoing back pain, especially between shoulders, and lower back.

Comfort and support are inseparable partners in providing restorative sleep and you can actually find a healthy combination of both in all of the mattresses we recommend. Generally, a chiropractor is likely to advise that you consider the firmest mattress you can stand, so avoid mattress options that are labeled soft, generally speaking.In terms of healthy spine support, look for the firmest, most supportive mattress you find most comfortable.

4. Choose a Mattress that is Well Constructed with Quality Materials 

These factors will determine the service life of your mattress (how long you receive maximum provide the comfort and support) and should be tied to at least a few years beyond the stated warranty. The best assurance of continuous support and comfort over the years is to seek out and buy the highest quality mattress you can buy, such as those provided on our curated list of mattresses recommended by chiropractors on this page.

A pocketed coil hybrid mattress is often a great choice for back problems, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Be aware of coil count and how the coils are made. We recommend pocketed coils, that are independent of one another and support your back very precisely, and respond uniquely to every eight or ten square inches of your body by applying the appropriate amount of pressure against your body.

Individually pocketed coils are what make a mattress supportive and at the same time responsive to the weight and pressure points of the body. They tend to be less firm, but not too soft, offering a midrange sensation wihile still offering a yielding fee, excellent for back pain issues. Coil counts and how coils are configured are indicators of quality. The higher the coil count in relation to the surface area, the greater the strength and durability of the mattress. 

Important advances in coil mattress design include such innovations as wrapping coils in fabric, dual-gauge coils, and “zones” of support through which the coils are strongest where the weight of the body tends to be concentrated.  

Most chiropractors are going to advise that you choose a pocketed coil component being used in addition to layers of supportive foams like memory foam, latex, and gel foams, along with a supportive yet yielding outer pillow top, a duvet like piece that is on the very outside top of the mattress. Most of the selections of coil hybrid options in our curated list includes this type of construction.

5. Why Trial Periods and Warranties are Important

Manufacturers of high-quality mattresses are eager  to offer a long-term warranty and a decent trial period of 90-180 days, with some our dealers offering year long trial periods. This allows you to try the mattress for lengthy periods of time, and returning them without cost to you if you aren’t completely satisfied. A good piece of advice: a company offering a year long trial period probably doesn’t get a lot of returns, so its likely that their mattress has beed around a bit, and is more proven in the field.

A top-quality mattress should come with a minimum warranty of 10 years. If it’s longer than that, take that as a sure sign of extra quality and confidence on the part of the manufacturer.  Anything less might be a red flag signaling you to look at another brand or model. 

Keep in mind, though, that a warranty period is not necessarily a guarantee of how long a mattress will last, however, and it’s not intended to indicate when you should replace it. That is a function of how a mattress is used and the environment in which it is placed.  A warranty is designed to protect you against product defects or flaws in the workmanship of the mattress.



For some people, trying to relieve pressure points and getting the support you need means trying something other than conventional memory foam, latex or even coil or innerspring mattresses.

There’s nothing worse than having to dig your way out of a mattress you despise because you can’t easily turn to reposition yourself. That’s one reason why I reviewed The Purple Mattress lineup of options.

Just about everyone has heard of Purple Mattress, and the proprietary purple GelFlex™ grid system used in the design that looks like the old fashioned ice cube tray.

Turns out that The Purple Mattress has a loyal following of owners with back issues, neck, shoulder, and hip pain, making it a top chiropractor recommended mattress.

The concept behind the purple grid stuff actually stems from an original technology called column buckling foam, which itself is based on shock absorbing engineering principles.

Column buckling foam, and Purple’s patented GelFlex™ grid foam is made from a highly elastic gel material, probably made using specialized mineral oils and other secretive compounds. It’s very elastic, extremely responsive, and instantly springs back to shape, vertically, as you move across its surface.

It’s very effective at yielding to weight and collapsing, then suddenly pushing back. This actually creates a lifting effect which is highly effective at keeping your body buoyant while absorbing shock.

I test drove both the Purple Mattress and the Purple Hybrid, which has an individually pocketed coil system.

Both options delivered on pressure relief and support, and while it takes a few days to adapt to the grid material, the experience is radically different than memory foam.

I rated both models 5 out of 5 stars, and really found the pressure relieving qualities of the GelFlex™ grid material and its unique configuration to be one of the most innovative methods of relieving pressure I’ve reviewed.

The GelFlex™ grid material is spongier and does not feel hot after a spending hours napping on it. Memory foam is typically formulated in a slab configuration and absorbs heat- many people cannot sleep on it.

The Purple Mattress without the coils is more cushy and I think plusher, and I found that it hugged me a bit more. It was pretty easy to turn on, and while on my side, I felt like my shoulders and hips were supported well, and my weight seemed to be pushed away from my body.

This original mattress option runs $1399 in queen size. The mattress comes with a 10 year factory warranty, a 100 night trial period.

The Purple Hybrid with pocketed coils is a bit bouncier, and feels faster and a bit easy to turn on, but it’s not as immersive and hugs you a bit less. If you toss and turn, though, and are a restless sleeper, you’ll like find it more calming.

In queen size, The Purple Hybrid Mattress runs $2399, so it is $1,000 more than the original model.


The Nectar Mattress is a great chiropractic mattress because it will work for side, back, or belly sleepers, and has been described by owners as like “sleeping on a cloud” while providing proven benefit for back and neck pain and shoulder pain.

The Nectar Mattress is a memory foam mattress that has a slightly firmer feel to it than you would expect from a typical memory foam mattress, which are often too soft.

Designed to hug your body, as well as support your spine, nine out of ten Nectar owners surveyed said they experienced less back pain, particularly lower back pain, after sleeping on their mattresses.

I like the price, too, at just $799 in queen with my link. Being slightly firmer and more resilient up top is just what your chiropractor would order, and the reviews are pretty definitive when it comes to results.

With over 25978 Verified Reviews listed on their site, The Nectar Mattress has continuously scored 4.7 out of 5 stars. You’ll get a 365 day trial period to try it out, and a lifetime warranty that the brand is known for.

We rated The Nectar Mattress 4.8 out of 5 stars for comfort, support, pressure relief, and owner ratings.

The Nectar Mattress was carefully calibrated to offer a sumptuous yet supportive feel that properly supports your spine, distributes weight laterally instead of downwards, and reduces pinpoint pressure. When you order using my link, you’ll get a free sheet set, two free pillows, and a free mattress protector. You will also enjoy free shipping, too!

3. the spine-align 13″ hybrid mattress: invented by chiropractors for their patients

Designed by Dr. Jason Loth, a board certified chiropractor, and Dave Scheina, a professional athlete, the The Spine-Align 13″ Hybrid Mattress is built around the concept that your posture- even at rest- is the foundation of a pain free world, especially when you’re sleeping.

For people with back and neck pain, having the ability to comfortably sit on the edge of your mattress to transfer in and out and to put on your shoes without struggling is really important.

One of the only mattresses designed by a chiropractor, buying a Spine-Align 13″ Hybrid Mattress is like adding some bonus adjustments to improve your spine health- while you sleep, and owners love the results, giving the mattress 4.7 out of 5 stars across thousands of reviews.
Six layers, including a quilted foam outer pillowtop section, along with stabilizing, body contouring foams and supportive pocketed coils, make this Chiropractor designed option worth considering.

At just $1,199 in a queen size, what I like about this unique mattress is that it’s really a luxury class bed, composed of six components that improve your level of restorative rest by maintaining proper spine alignment and reducing pressure.

The mattress is available in two levels of firmness, the 13″ Plush Euro Top version, or the 12″ Luxe firm option, both of which feature a pocketed coil layers. I personally preferred the softer version (I find a tad softer is better for my hips and shoulders). Both options have several layers of both quilt foam, support and shock absorbing foam, and the pocket coil section has really good edge support.

Individual pocketed coils placed beneath carefully calibrated layers of memory foam and gel foam keep your spine straight and level while you sleep.

We rated The Spine-Align Mattress a 4.9 out of 5 stars for its comfort, support, pressure relief, and owner raves. It targets the lower back effectively, making it ideal for anyone with lumbar issues.

This keeps muscles from cantilevering during the night, causing lactic acid to build up, resulting in morning pain and burning.

By relaxing muscles and keeping your back straight, you will get restorative rest. Order your chiropractor designed Spine-Align 13” Luxury Hybrid Mattress to improve spine health and rest painlessly. It’s reasonably priced with a 30 day trial period, $1099 in queen size.


The Puffy Mattress company offers their three model lineup to appeal to virtually any sleeper, especially those with back issues.

Their Puffy Original Model has a medium firm feel, and a solid fit for people with lower back pain, neck pain, and for those who like a firmer feel with no sink factor.

Many owners describe the sensation of the Puffy Original’s top layer, which the company calls their “Cooling Cloud” layer as inviting, but without a trapped feeling.

The Puffy Original is also a good option for patients having recent back surgeries as it encourages spine alignment without further weakening back muscles and surrounding connective tissue.

All three Puffy mattresses are designed with proper spine alignment and maintaining neutral buoyancy in mind. When designing a mattress for back pain sufferers, distributing pressure and load outwards rather than down is very important.

The Puffy Mattress Company offers three models, delivering best in class pressure relief, precision spinal alignment, with a sumptuous, nest-like feel.

You’ll get top of the line luxury components and textiles, safer, low VOC and formaldehyde free Certi-Pur foam.

I used to design and manufacture mattresses using these same quality ingredients, so I know they have a longer lifespan than most brands.

For back pain and pressure relief, I give all three of their models a 4.9 Rating out of 5, from a total of 6,572 Online Reviews.

Opt for the Puffy Original if you want basic pressure relief and support, The Puffy Luxe if you want a more floating feel for side sleepers, or The Puffy Royal for a more luxurious and body enveloping feel.

According to the mattress research site, SleepAim, The Puffy Mattress lineup was voted #1 choice by chiropractors for back pain support and relief, healing, and overall comfort.

The Puffy Lux and The Puffy Royal offer an enhanced experience from the Puffy Original by building in additional lush layers of cooling gel/memory foam and pocketed coil body suspension and floating.

I’ve designed and manufactured my own mattresses similar to this lineup, and I like the fact that Puffy uses higher density material and slightly thicker layers of components in their designs.

Having a firmer underlying base layer of HD (high density) foam for underlying support keep your back straight, while up top the mattresses are thoughtfully engineered for a cloud like experience that’s worth the upgrade cost.

You’ll get my $300 discount along with a free king pillow if you use my link. Plus, the company’s 101 night no questions asked trial period cannot be beat. It’s no wonder chiropractors recommend the Puffy lineup for their patients!


Soft and sumptuous, and built for side and side/back sleepers, The Nolah Bed is made with clean ingredients, including a specialized material called cooling AirFoam™. It’s scientifically proven to provide 4x better pressure relief on hips, shoulders, and back. Also, the company donates proceeds various wildlife management organizations. A good way to give back. $125 off, lifetime warranty, and a solid 120 night trial.


A wonderful hybrid mattress without all of the middleman costs. $598 for a king size bed. Individually wrapped pocketed coils, and a unique hybrid foam layer system above providing bouncy yet pressure relieving and a cool to the touch knit outer cover. We like the quality of the gel foam used in this Texas made brand. 96% of customers keep this mattress, and with a solid 10 year warranty, you can’t go wrong. Great for side sleepers and nest sleepers. A third of the price of identical “BigMattressInc” beds.


The Level Sleep Mattress was designed to cradle and support the human form. Three different areas of firmness reduce causes of back pain by applying low pressure and maintaining spine alignment simultaneously. Soft at shoulders, firmer back support, and medium torso. Certi-Pur foam layers, made in USA. 365 night trial. King just $1399 with deal. Hip pain? Get this bed. 10% off with Marc’s Deal (That’s $140 Off!)


Habitat Furnishings offers the best digital sleep number style airbed on the market. For half the price of the big name brand, you’ll get a mattress that lets you control an infinite range of soft to firm settings, dialing in pain relief. Each side has separate controls.

This chiropractor recommended mattress is made with both natural latex and premium memory foam, and includes a quilted bamboo comforter top built right in! LED remote controls with memory setting.

Sale offers $1200 off everyday prices. 90 Day Free Trial, solid warranty, made in Baltimore, MD in their own factory. Not imported.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dreamcloudluxuryhybrid-2.jpeg


The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is a 14” hybrid mattress with individually pocketed coils, a quilted cashmere top and is a firmer option for people with back issues requiring more support.

Why I recommend it: It’s half the price of Casper and Purple’s more basic models, which lack a quilted top section, making them feel mushier and not as supportive. With over, 4,971 reviews, it ranks a solid 4.8 consistently, not easy to achieve- and that’s on Google.

I would compare the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid to a resort hotel mattress because it is embellished with a quilted cashmere top piece (which feels like silk!) and two layers of sink-right-in gel/memory foam.

It’s slightly softer (but not too soft!) than most hybrid mattress options, but it’s what your spine needs to keep oxygen flowing to tissues, by reducing pressure points-but with a more nestled, inviting, and sumptuous feel.

Free shipping, a 365 day no questions asked trial, and a LIFETIME warranty with my exclusive link. Thousands of owners rave about this mattress, and tell their friends and family. Comparable to $1800 coil beds in retail stores.


Looking for great support, especially at hips and shoulders? Our team loves this unique coil and foam hybrid. Gel memory foam on top, a pocketed coil system below with zoned support for torso and hips. A unique feature: a foam edge which provides perimeter support for easy transfer, sitting and increases usable space on the mattress. Queen size $999, 120 Night Trial. A+ marks. 


Proven technology, the only mattress of its kind. Hybrid mattress featuring EMF and 5G radiation shielding system. Documented FDA backed technology using static and charge removal surface.

Give yourself a Detox while you sleep, remove free radicals, and get restorative and recharged rest. Order the Anti-Aging Bed® or cover only for existing mattress.

Perhaps the most technically advanced mattress I’ve seen. Owners are total freaks about this mattress.

Using patented and FDA approved grounding technology, the Anti-Aging 5G Mattress removes static charge and delivers restorative and rejuvenating restful sleep.

With two models to choose from, the Anti-Aging Bed and The Anti-Oxidant Bed, you get benefits not available with other mattress options.

If you’ve got spine issues and need pain relief, consider one of these mattresses. The company is highly networked with chiropractors and wellness experts.

The health benefits of FIR (far infrared) technology is proven to curb aging, restore tissues including skin and muscle, and the mattresses have been shown to reduce and even remove free radicals that can damage your immune system.


An outstanding natural mattress that delivers supernatural comfort and levitating support. An organic outer quilted cover, a layer of eucalyptus infused rayon that cools, organic wool, 3” of pure botanical latex all floating above a pocketed coil system that evenly supports your body. Supports your spine with pinpoint precision. Compare at $1800 and up. Queen $950. Get another $50 with our link below.

The Best Chiropractic Recommended Mattresses Near You

Whether you live in the USA, Canada, or the UK, we have you covered with our comprehensive guides based on location. Our best mattress in Canada review compares the top 12 mattresses in Canada. We also have a complete guide on the best mattresses in the UK. No matter where you live, there are great chiropractic mattress options to let you sleep happy and healthy.