The Best Luxury Mattresses On The Web: Best In Class Mattresses That Are More Affordable Than You Think

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s loaded with features to relieve aches or pains, or to get the most sumptuous and comfortable sleep experience money can buy, you’re probably willing to go all in on price, and you’re likely thinking you’re going to have to spend $3,000 or more to get what you want.

Turns out that incredibly overpriced luxury mattresses sold in retail establishments can actually cost far more than you might think, but are they really worth it? Take for example, the Hastens Vividus mattress. Only a select few dare buy it, but is it really worth it?

The Hästens Vividus bed isn’t something consumers would buy at the drop of a hat. It’s more for people who have a lot of disposable cash to spend but also command a luxury lifestyle and are looking at the brand, the emblem, and maybe not so much the actual features included in the price.

In fact, at $150,000, you’ll get a mattress constructed of pinewood and salvaged steel coils, carefully crafted by four mattress making artisans and built in a small workshop in Sweden, painstakingly sewn and hammered together, just like the mattresses the company made 100 years ago.

If all of this reminds you of a mattress you might find at a Renaissance festival, you’re really not that far off. When you buy a Hastens mattress, what you’re really buying is the brass emblem physically attached to the foot of each mattress, and the age old technique and craftsmanship, but the limitations on the comfort and support you’ll get are vast.

As a mattress designer and manufacturer for 25 years, I’ve worked with virtually every component used in extremely luxurious beds, from cashmere to silk, horsehair to hand sheared wool, to every kind of specialized foam, from natural latex to graphite and copper infused, and much more.

Traditional bedding manufacturers like Hastens and other luxe mattress manufacturers, cling to old school techniques and craftsmanship, but their philosophies are rapidly being eclipsed by smart materials that comfort effectively to your body, sense and control your body temperature to optimize sleep. 

For example, I recommend one mattress that has proven research demonstrating anti-aging properties,  and it can even discharge your body with a ground connection to remove static charge which builds up during the day allowing free radicals to ravage your immune system.

Another mattress I highly recommend, incorporates a patented, specialized polymer gel foam, curiously designed in the form of a honeycomb, stretching and responding to body movements like muscle fibers, reducing stress and pressure, reducing pain, and promoting deep sleep. 

Components in the Hastens Vividus mattress example we are using, admittedly, are not forward thinking at all, with little tech, and rely on age old mattress making “secrets” and “tradecraft” handed down from one generation of mattress artisans to the next, using simple, almost archaic ingredients like horsetail hair, flax, wool, and cotton batting.

Admittedly, horse tail hair is a natural temperature regulator, absorbing moisture as the bed heats up as you sleep and releasing it the moisture as the bed cools when you get out of it. But, modern specialized foam layers are far better at wicking away heat and cooling your body, along with the use of high tech fabrics that promote evaporative cooling. 

Hot sleepers, women with menopausal symptoms, or people who struggle with skin conditions, sleep more quietly without tossing or turning on these modern day materials. And, these ingredients are actually very reasonably priced because manufacturing techniques have become cost effective and efficient. 

Flax has antibacterial properties, making the mattress hygienic and safe. Flax is also used to make linen fibers, too. However, there are materials used in modern day mattress designs that are light years ahead when it comes to maintaining a microbe free sleep surface. 

Materials like copper infused foam, and silver impregnated textiles reduce bacterial load, viruses, mold, mildew and fungal organisms. In fact, natural latex, found in many modern day mattress designs to provide springiness, a desirable bouncy feel, and excellent pressure point reduction, is likely the most effective anti-microbial substance used in mattress making.

Natural latex, for example, is hugely popular in mattresses today, because it has a naturally acidic pH, repelling many organisms and keeping your mattress clean and toxin free. In fact, as you will discover below, natural latex is a cimponent in many of the luxury mattresses we feature below.

As the Swedish mattress masters will tell you, cotton is excellent at wicking moisture and helping you stay cool, while wool keeps you warm in the colder months. Even today, these textiles are used and sought after by all of us, because they feel good against our skin. 

In the last few years organic textiles have seen a huge uptick in mattress making recipes as we seek out cleaner and greener home furnishings products.  

Bottom line, a really comfortable mattress that will last for years, costs far less than you might think. Trouble is, understanding that you can find a luxury mattress for under $3,000 is difficult for folks to process, especially if they don’t understand and expect what a mattress should deliver.

The fact is, many consumers are completely unaware that you can buy a luxury class mattress loaded with the most advanced mattress technology on the market, in a respectable price range of $1,000 to $3,000. In fact, most of the luxe class mattresses I recommend are under $2,000, about one third of the price you’d pay for a high end Simmons, Sealy, or Serta. This is because if you buy from an online retailer, you aren’t paying for all of the brick and mortar overhead, middlemen and distributor fees, and crushing advertising costs, all of which is built into the cost of a mattress.

An online retailer runs a tighter operation with minimal overhead, employee costs, and ships directly from their factory to your front door. Their advertising expenses are much less than the big name brands, also. This allows an online brand to put a lot more money into their mattress ingredients, rather than outsource their components to China, where they either build their mattresses, or purchase components that act as “filler”.

Many Consumers Don’t Understand How Amazingly Comfortable Modern Day Mattresses Have Become

When I started in the mattress industry 25 years ago, the average consumer didn’t expect a mattress to be really comfortable and supportive. A mattress was just this “thing” that you knew you had to have, because the one you were sleeping on was thirty years old, and you’d head out to the brick and mortar retailer to try out a few beds, with a hovering salesperson floating above you, convincing you that you needed to sleep on the firmest mattress you could find, that it was good for your back.

So, you’d settle for less, and back in the 90’s or the 80’s, you’d shell out $2,000 to get a top of the line Simmons, Sealy, or Serta- ‘cause that’s all there was.

In 2016 there was a kind of mattress revolution when companies like Casper and other brands rolled out the “bed in a box” concept to the public, using state of the art foam layers, and building mattresses that could be rolled and compressed, shipped directly to your door. 

In fact, in 2008 I created a company that sold natural latex mattresses, vacuum packaging and rolling them, and shipping them directly to the door of my customers. Flash forward to 2021, and there are hundreds of online mattresses stores selling mattresses ranging from $200 to $5,000. 

But, while the industry as a whole has revolutionized mattress shopping (there’s really no need to get into your car to visit a mattress tore any longer), consumers are overwhelmed and scared off by too many choices. Online mattress shopping is mysterious and miserable as I say, but our web site tries to make it, well, enjoyable.

In 2021 the best mattress reviews that I have done reveal an array of mattresses that are considered luxury mattresses because of the kind of comfort and support they can deliver.

For around $2,000, you can indeed own a luxury scaled mattress designed and built with everything you need to experience a far more comfortable and supportive night’s sleep than you’d experience on a mattress costing thousands more. 

what should a luxury mattress feel like? Actually, it should take your breath away.

What should a luxury mattress feel like? First, it should leave you in awe. Literally, this is not an exaggeration. Mattress options today are so comfortable and so inviting, that many consumers call friends, get giddy on social media, and network their opinions so successfully, that the mattress company relies on satisfied, gleeful owners to sell more mattresses. 

This in turn provides dollars for R&D to refine the product further, perpetuating the mastery of their product, allowing them to create more models to choose from. The best example of this is a company I recommend called Puffy, which started out producing one model, and now offers three, The Puffy Royal being their top of the line, luxury mattress.

Second, you should almost levitate on a luxury mattress. The alchemy of the design will generally provide comfort and support, improve spine alignment and reducing muscle strain, keep you cool, distribute weight perfectly, and not develop indentations or ruts. 

What You Can Expect From A Luxury Category Mattress That You Can Purchase Online

Here are some the of the benefits you’ll get by choosing one of the luxury scaled mattresses I’ve reviewed, easily available online, and delivered directly to your door. I’ve narrowed down the options to only a handful to make it effortless to choose an over-the-top mattress offered at a startling price point. 

I’ve arranged my own pricing and deals through my contacts at these companies. Here’s what you’ll get from each of them:

  • A supportive, uplifting feel with no sinking sensation that allows you to turn effortlessly. Each model we suggest will create wow factor, based on my own analysis of thousands of reviews by actual owners. You won’t say “meh”, but you will say “damn!”.

  • A temperature neutral sensation. You will feel neither hot nor cold, even when using bed covers like a sheet and a light duvet or blanket. Lying on your back, belly, or side, will not create hotspots.

  • Excellent edge support. The models I recommend have either pocketed coils at the perimeter of the mattress that are firmer allowing easy transfer, or denser foam material at the perimeter to provide optimal pushback to put on shoes, sit comfortably, even transfer into a wheelchair for owners with disabilities.

  • Safe, non-toxic materials used in the construction of the mattress. For example the models we present below incorporate Certi-Pur® rated foam materials that are low VOC and PBDE, free of cancer causing phthalates and formaldehyde, which is commonly used in adhesives used to laminate foam layers together.

  • Unexpected, stellar customer service. Each of my recommendations for luxury mattress options includes an outstanding customer service experience, again noted by actual users who needed assistance- and got it.

  • A no questions asked trial period coupled with a solid and honest warranty. This is something I’m really serious about. It you are going to buy a luxury mattress, you deserve all of the accouterments that come with it. A decent 90 day or more return policy which costs you nothing, and a solid warranty, offering an upfront non-prorated term the offers FULL replacement or repair without costing an owner anything.

It turns out that you can choose from a variety of reasonable priced mattress options that deliver just as much or more benefit as that $150,000 mattress option, allowing you to sleep deeper, cooler, with minimal tossing and turning- making you feel rested and nourished when you wake up.


luxury class mattresses i’ve reviewed that cost far less than you might expect

In my opinion, The Puffy Royal is one of the best luxury class mattresses available- and it contains no steel coils. Works on any platform, bed base, even an adjustable base.
The Puffy Royal Mattress offers exceptional performance, comfort, and support expected from a mattress costing $3,500 or more. In fact, I’ve engineered mattresses myself using similar components and my clients have sold them for as much as $6500. The inventiveness of this design is really over the top. My “personal best” choice for a luxury all foam mattress.


Quite simply a steal, priced at just $2,395 for a queen after my $300 discount. This 14” tall mattress was designed to cool your body, deliver precision pressure point reduction using five specialized memory foam and gel foam layers that properly support and cradle, whether you sleep on your back, belly, or side.

I’ve test driven this mattress and like the way it reduces tossing and turning by calming muscles and joints. The underlying support layer is dense enough to align your spine properly without sinking or caving in.

The Puffy Royal Mattress is backed up with some serious bedding props, too. For one, you get a 101 Night No Questions Asked Trial to decide if you absolutely love it or not, a LIFETIME warranty that permanently protects your investment, and 8,390 owners (as of Jan. 2021) that rate it 4.8 stars out of 5! (Google). I’ve never seen a mattress that gets this kind of love from its owners.