GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed Review: Insider’s Report On Biometric Sensing Mattress That Adjusts To Body Movements And Pressure

My Ghostbed 3D Matrix Smartbed review takes a look at a mattress which can automatically adjust the to your personal preferences as you move through the night using a bio-sensing grid that can be controlled with an easy to use app on your choice of device.

I’ll go through it layer by layer to help you understand how it works, what all the moving parts do, and how the Ghostbed 3D Matrix Smartbed communicates with the app.

Partially an all foam mattress, and partially an adjustable air bed system much like a Sleep Number mattress, it combines air chambers, cooling polymers, and specialized textiles to both adjust to your specific comfort preferences as well as provide onboard cooling tech to improve sleep.

A study by NIH, for example, has shown that cooling your body down convinces your brain to get you sleep faster and deeper.

While it’s not inexpensive, priced at $6,999 in queen, it has enough tech, along with specialized comfort layers that are made only by Ghostbed to have built an enthusiastic following with tons of excellent reviews.

Let’s take a closer look at why you might choose to make an investment in a mattress rather than just another slab of dead memory foam.

The app allows you to choose from optimized comfort settings or pre-set preferences. There are even settings based on preferred sleep positions.

The Ghostbed 3D Matrix SmartBed is essentially divided into seven components that are formulated to provide pressure relief, support, and cooling benefits that are continually modified by using a sensor grid layer that communicates with an app that you control.

The sensor grid detects pressure and weight and adjusts the air chambers just beneath it accordingly to reduce or increase pressure to properly cradle and support your body.

You can choose to create settings that are customized by you, or you can opt to let the biometric sensing system adjust automatically to provide optimal support. Most users enter preferences on the app, and the system adjusts accordingly during the night to keep you asleep and comfortable.

It does this by sensing body movements, and you can set what is called “position mode” which automatically creates the perfect sleep tailored to your needs. You can choose settings from firm to plush, or anything in between. And you can tweak the 5 individual body zones on each side to create the perfect mattress.

The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed Scored A 9.5 Out Of 10 In Our Review

Before we get into the details and discuss all of the components inside The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed below, here’s how it performed in my comprehensive review and evaluation. This will give you an idea, in practical terms, how it fared against an industry veteran who designed and manufactured mattresses for 25 years.

Our Results: How We Rated The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed Mattress

I reviewed The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed Mattress in a simulated bedroom environment with the mattress placed on a solid deck surface of platform bed in queen size. All of the ratings were based on averages of several reviewers who participated, and additional data for reviews was also obtained by evaluating actual owner reviews found on different third party review web sites.

Overall Comfort– initial feel, level of immersion, initial body contact experience 9
Support– spine alignment, pain relief, pressure relief in 30 minutes or less 10
Solo Sleeper– overall impressions with comfort, ease of turning, back and side 9
Couple Experience- minimal sink in middle, good snuggling mattress, quiet motion transfer 9
Edge Support– no sliding off, as experienced by 190lb test subject 10
Cooling Power: superior cooling, 10
Sex– as reported by online reviews and voluntary reporting (good edge of bed sex reported)  9
Bounce, Motion Transfer, And Liveliness-just right, quiet motion transfer 10
Cost Value– 1-10 rating 10 being best bang for your buck-10
Trial Period, Warranty, And General Customer Service Appeal 10
Shipping And Delivery Experience– ease of delivery, clean packaging, ship time, setup 9
Appeal Of Brand, Trust Factor– 10

Overall Rating Of The Saatva Classic Mattress: 9.5 Excellent+

I’d agree that if you are going to invest in a mattress that is highly customizable and can be tailored to your own specific preferences, this option might be worth considering. It’s also backed up with a solid 25 year warranty, a 101 night no questions asked free trial, and is made and shipped within the USA and Canada. Let’s talk about the individual layers and how are own testing and analysis of The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed was conducted.

What’s Inside The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed

One of the innovative features of this mattress option is the configuration of layers which both remove body heat, and reduce pressure and pain by spreading weight load to the sides and not downward.

Distributing heat and weight away from the body is a cardinal mattress design element that requires just the right “cake recipe” as we call it.

Most mattresses, including memory foam mattresses, often trap heat, and for individuals or couples who are hot sleepers and light sleepers, this makes getting a solid 7-8 hours almost impossible.

And that’s without having a mattress that can automatically adjust your level of comfort through the night. Also, if you tend to cuddle in the middle, collapse is often an issue, and failure to select the right option based on body weight, too, can make or break your love for your mattress.

1. The Ghost Ice Fabric Covering

The fabric which is on the exterior of the mattress is a textile that uses phase change technology to instantly convert heat into a cool sensation. Ghost Ice Fabric provides surface cooling that feel cool to the touch immediately upon contact. The covering is not removable from the mattress.

Cooling properties are woven directly into the fibers of the yarn of the material using a proprietary formulation developed in Japan. The yarn is then loomed in the US creating the Ghost Ice Fabric. It’s pretty impressive and is an integral part of the design as far as hot sleepers go, but it also contributes to reducing body temperature to help optimize sleep.

2. 3D Matrix Polymer Layer

Right below the outer fabric layer is a layer of proprietary gel polymer developed by GhostBed. It is 2″ thick and is made with a honeycomb design that actively cools you by absorbing heat. When I felt the material initially, it had a strange, squishy feel that had a melting in sensation, but a bit more responsive.

For a hot sleeper like myself, the combination of the cooling fabric and the the polymer layer really made a difference and performs much better than a memory foam topped mattress, though The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed does contain a 2″ layer of memory foam underneath the honeycombed polymer which helps with enhanced pressure relief and underlying body contouring.

The honeycombed polymer layer incorporates both pressure relieving components along with cooling gel using phase change technology.

3. 2″ Gel Memory Foam Layer

I’ve reviewed literally hundred of memory foam mattresses, and many hybrid mattresses that incorporate it with coils, air chambers, and I’ve written a lot of content about memory foam. It’s an essential ingredient in any mattress design if you are trying to reduce pain, eliminate or reduce pressure, and its hard to beat for motion transfer reduction.

When it’s combined with gel foam, it’s even better at cooling. The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed incorporates a 2″ layer right underneath the polymer layer, adding to the benefit. Important note: it’s neither too soft or too firm and helps keep the mattress buoyant and uplifting rather than creating a trapped sensation.

The gel memory foam used is a blend fo both gel and visco-elastic memory foam is much more effective when 4 lb. density is used in an application where air chambers are used in a mattress.

This is because mattresses with air chamber components can tend to get mushy at softer settings and a slightly higher density gel/memory foam combination helps to counteract this effect.

4. 2″ Softer Transition Foam Layer

To add further cushioning and to reduce motion transfer, an additional layer of high density poly foam has been added. Generally, this is often found in a hybrid mattress and since it is directly above the biometric grid layer, it likely helps dampen the data bit so that it spreads pressure relief across zones of the body, such as shoulders, torso, hips, and head.

This will help accurately convey data to the air chambers near the bottom that are the essential mechanism for both increasing or decreasing the level of firmness in the mattress.

5. Smart Sensor Bio-Grid Pad Layer

The Smart Sensor layer is kind of like the brains of The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed by picking up the needed data to assess where your body is applying the most weight, and either adding or removing air from the air chambers below.

This technology allows the mattress to either automatically adjust the mattress for you through the night, or allows you to pre-set your preferences, and even tell the mattress what your favorite position might be.

The biosensor layer sits directly above the air chambers, is thin, and contains a series of pressure sensing devices spread across its surface.

If you love tech, then The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed is one of several options to consider in this upscale category.

It is the only option with a specialized pneumatic system that allows you to adjust your mattress on the fly or have pre-sets that monitor your sleep during the night.

It’s radically different than digital airbeds for example, because of the biosensor system.

Once you’ve set up your SmartBed, you simply download the app and plug your unit into a wall receptacle so that it can communicate with you.

Setting up the app is easy and the display system is excellent, and responds almost instantly.

You don’t have to connect to Wifi in your home- the air pump system has built in Wifi, which assures a constant and strong signal.

The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed app is fantastic, and easy to use. You can choose from manual mode, automatic, or position mode.

6. Adjustable Air Chambers

The heart and lungs of The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed is the pneumatic system, including the pump and air chambers, which control the degree of firmness or softness when adjusting the mattress.

Because there are five separate zones in the system, the sensor layer is able to deliver more accurate information and target specific areas of the body, from legs to head, that pinpoints pressure areas more precisely.

I’ve designed my own digital airbed systems in the past and used much more primitive air chamber systems that did not have specific zones or targeting.

7. 2″ High Density Support Layer

Directly underneath the zoned air chamber system is a 2″ layer of firmer support foam that helps minimize motion transfer, but also protects the medical grade chambers above from damage by puncture or misuse.

Conclusions And What To Expect After Ordering

If you decide to order The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed, you can expect to receive it within 2-5 business days. This is because GhostBed has 11 shipping points in the US, and 2 in Canada. The company requires that you try the mattress for a minimum of 30 days, but you have up to 101 days to return it if you decide it isn’t for you.

The factory warranty is easy to read, which I like, and covers you for 25 years, even covering depressions over 1″ across when measuring from one side of the mattress to another.

Just a note: if you’re wondering what happens to returned mattresses, they are either given to charitable organizations or the parts and pieces are recycled (but not resold).

After reviewing The GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed and scoring it at 9.5 out of 10, a really excellent rating, actually most excellent, I can tell you that if you are looking for tech, and to make an investment in a well made mattress, you’ll find it here. Thanks!