Vaya Mattress Review: Is It The Best Memory Foam Mattress Value On The Web?

In our Vaya Mattress review, we wanted to find out what’s going on with this popular memory foam mattress that sells for just $599 in queen.

Most of the brands we review that offer similar features and benefits sell for at least $799-999 in queen. So what’s the big deal?

The answer probably lies in the very simple design in The Vaya Mattress. It contains just two layers, which are specialized high density foam layers delivering a little bit of bounce along with yielding and pressure relief.

Underneath, the suspension, or foundation layer of The Vaya Mattress is formulated to relieve pressure and align your body so that your spine is straight and level.

Instead of using three or four layers of other material that add to the manufacturing cost, minimizing the design so that it can deliver comfort and support with two layers offers several key advantages.

For The Money, It’s Actually A Pretty Good Memory Foam Mattress Option

Bench built in the USA, The Vaya Mattress is made using an outer fabric that is stretchy and breathable, flexing with your body as you turn and adjust yourself. The top layer (in blue) is a bouncier, very elastic softer foam that gives a pillowy and plusher feel right up top, and the underlying support foam (white) allows for weight distribution and pressure relief.

Just to let you know right off the bat, Vaya also offers an upgrade mattress that contains the same Vaya foams we are going to discuss, but also includes micro-coils that eliminate motions transfer, and it’s only $100 more, priced at just $699 in queen.

Lets talk about the Vaya all foam memory foam mattress first. As a manufacturer myself with 25 years of design experience, I built a lot of memory foam mattresses, but not that long ago most of the high density foam layers were either very stiff, or had that melt in your hand sensation that would easily bottom out.

So, I had to use four or five increasingly firm or softer layers to get the overall effect you want. On the bench in our factory, assembly time dramatically increased because you had to laminate the layers together with adhesives to create the “cake recipe” you wanted.

The other thing you need to be concerned about when considering a memory foam mattress (you can checkout my history of memory foam page if you want to get into the weeds) is that they are notorious for sleeping hot. To combat this, the design team at AmeriSleep, who created The Vaya Mattress, developed foam layers that are more open celled, so that air can be passively move away from your body.

Today, foams are more complex, and designers can typically get two or three layers that deliver on comfort and support. Bottom line, The Vaya Mattress has a happy following of owners, too, with many being slightly skeptical initially, but being surprised at how much they loved this memory foam mattress option.

The Vaya Mattress is 12″ thick, too, about 2″ thicker than many memory foam mattresses that cost $200-300 more. You’ll get a thicker 3″ layer of comfort foam right up top, and below 9″ of supportive foundation foam. As someone who knows these materials inside and out, this memory foam mattress is beefier, and you get more of what you really need in this kind of mattress.

I like the overall package that comes with this mattress also. You’ll get a 100 night no question’s asked trial period, free shipping, and a solid 10 year warranty.

Actually, the warranty is better than I typically find with popular memory foam mattresses, too.

It’s a 10-year warranty that will give you full replacement for covered defects for the entire 10 year period. Vaya Mattress will cover the cost of a new replacement mattress, although a customer may be responsible for labor and shipping costs, whcih are typically minimal.

The Vaya Mattress warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing, including sagging greater than 1” inch.

Memory foam mattresses made with two or even three layers rarely have a compression problem, even over longer periods of time, I’ve generally found.

Overall, but especially because of the quality of the materials and price point, at just $599 in queen, I give The Vaya Mattress a solid 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Features And Benefits Of The Vaya Memory Foam Mattress

To sum it up, you’ll get a bit more for your money that with other, well known, and higher priced options. Keep in mind that many big name brands cost more because they heavily advertise. Amerisleep, the company that builds The Vaya Mattress, has been around for decades, though this particular model is relatively new.

You’ll get a 12″ mattress with a breathable stretch knit cover. Both foam layers are made using CertiPUR-US® foams that are low in all of the toxic components found in petroleum based foams, like VOC’s, formaldehyde, heavy metals, PBDE’s, and ozone depleters.

The mattress is entirely made in the USA, shipped via FedEx to your door. Once you receive your Vaya Mattress, you simply open the box in your main living area, take out the bagged and vacuum packaged mattress and move it your bedroom and place it on the foundation of your choice.

You can place it on almost any firm and continuously supportive foundation, and it even works well on adjustable bases, since it is flexible and able to articulate. In fact, it is an excellent option for any conventional foundation also.

Need Motion Dampening And Pinpoint Pressure Relief: Try The Vaya Hybrid Mattress

Tha Vaya Hybrid Mattress is an upgrade to the all foam Vaya Mattress and offers better motion dampening and pressure relief.

A layer of pocketed micro-coils allows your body to get pinpoint relief and better localized support, providing better spine alignment and better hip and shoulder support.

Owners report that they like the way the 2″ thick layer of memory foam (just like in the all foam version) fills in void areas, like between your ribs and pelvis.

Other areas, such as between shoulder blades if you are a back sleeper, get better lift and support as well.

Priced At Just $699 In Queen, We Liked The Quality And The Price

The Vaya Hybrid Mattress is sleekly designed, much like the all foam Vaya Mattress. In fact it is the same height, topping out at 12″ thick. The outer covering is the flex knit stretchy fabric that promotes passive ventilation so you don’t sleep hot, and the 8″ individually pocketed core responds directly to your weight, acting much like the keys on a piano to both distribute and support your body where weight is applied.

Illustration of old innerspring mattress design vs. hybrid concept which features pocketed coils that move independently of one another, surrounded by specific layers of specialized foam and fibers.

Difference Between Innerspring And Hybrid Pocket Coil Mattress

A question I get a lot relates to the difference between a conventional innerspring mattress and a hybrid mattress.

Very simply, the old school innerspring concept involved a wire rack coil section sandwiched between outer layers of cotton and fabric, usually with not supportive layers under or above the wire spun coils.

The Vaya Hybrid Mattress is a good example of a simplistically designed hybrid option that has the basics, and owners are pretty loyal and dedicated to this brand.