A Mattress Industry Insider Reviews The Best Mattress Options In The UK For 2022

best mattress reviews uk 2022
We’ve reviewed and tested a great selection of trusted mattress retailers that manufacture within the UK and ship directly to your door.

My name is Marc Anderson, and I spent 25 years in the trenches as a mattress designer and manufacturer..My Best Mattress Reviews UK includes a list of Trusted Retailers that make the most comfortable and supportive mattresses you’ll find- all at honest and fair prices.


What’s great about the mattress companies I’ve chosen for you is that each of them are completely manufactured in the UK, all made with natural fibres and safer, non toxic foam, and other components sourced from within the UK where possible.

Each brand has been reviewed my me personally, offers free shipping, trustworthy warranties, and the comfort and support you expect.

Best Mattress UK: How do I know when I need a new mattress?

Did you know that you should replace your mattress about every 8 years? Read my article about the lifespan of your mattress to learn more. Tell-tale signs include dipping in the middle causing roll-together, worn fabric and squeaky springs.

And if your bed just doesn’t provide the same level of support it used to, that’s another clue. Often, by the time you realise you need a new mattress, you may be already experiencing back pain or soreness.

 best mattress reviews uk
Today’s most modern and comfortably supportive mattresses are shipped directly to your door after having been carefully vacuum packaged.

Every brand of mattress I’ve put on my list is designed to be shipped conveniently to your door, vacuum packaged and rolled, and easy to handle and unpack.

Plus, the UK based companies I recommend use contactless delivery and COVID protection and sanitizing their components during manufacture operations.

They also offer at least a 100 night no questions asked trial period, (which gives you the option to return the mattress if you are not 100% happy with it) use superior components and textiles, and back up their product with decent warranties and genuine user reviews, too.

All of the mattress options I’ve reviewed and recommend are at least similar or superior in design to many established brands in the UK. All of my recommendations are shipped in a manageable sized box directly to your door.

I also recommend mattresses using components proven to reduce pressure and soreness, improve restorative and regenerative sleep, and even brands that use textiles and ingredients to cool your body, as well as reducing bacteria and dust mites.

Each of the companies I recommend for my Best Mattress Reviews UK category offers lengthy warranties that provide protection against failure and unforeseen defects, and all of them are affordable, selling for much less than big brand names that use very similar materials, too.

To make finding your perfect mattress easier, my recommendations are carefully screened and the options I’ve chosen for you all have the following features in common:

  • Their product is completely made in the UK only, typically in small batches, so that when you place your order, you won’t get a mattress that has been sitting around collecting dust. Many of the mattresses I’ve reviewed are manufactured in Derbyshire, a textiles and bedding manufacturing region with a 300 year history in the business.

  • I prefer companies that focus on greener materials, such as natural textiles for the outer coverings, and the use cleaner foams such as natural latex, certified foams such as CertiPUR-US® rated materials, using low VOC, zero PBDE, heavy metal, or petroleum distillate content containing materials.

  • Shipping is typically free of charge, you’ll get a lengthy, no questions asked trial period in which to try out the mattress you’ve purchased with free return shipping if you don’t love it, and trustworthy warranties.

Typical mattress sizes in the UK. The mattress companies I have reviewed and recommend ship most sizes within days of ordering. On occasion, less frequently used sizes may take slightly longer to custom manufacture.

You can jump down to my list of Best Mattress UK Reviews dealer options, but first make sure that you’re choosing the correct size for your new mattress.

If you are simply replacing your existing mattress in the same size, you should be able to use the existing base or foundation that you have (sometimes called a “boxspring”) and the same underlying frame as well.

Never bought a mattress online before? Our expert explains why you should.

Researching and buying a mattress online is the most popular way to buy a mattress these days. Why is this? Our 25 year mattress industry veteran explains.

“The main reason is that many mattresses feel very similar, and online retailers have developed pretty ingenious ways to describe exactly how a mattress feels”, Marc Anderson, our editor in chief explains.

“For example, most consumers know that they prefer either a soft or firm mattress, whether or not they are side or back sleepers, or if their partner tosses and turns.”

You may have back issues, prior surgeries, or just want a really plush and soft mattress that you can melt into. There is a much larger selection of options sold online than in brick and mortar stores.

Online retailers offer better pricing because they are shipping directly from a factory within the UK to your door, and generally back up their product with warranties that even offer free replacement if you have an issue.

Using graphics to illustrate the level of firmness or “feel” of the mattress, especially up top, also helps to narrow down options. And, most online vendors offer a no questions asked trial period, allowing a customer to return the mattress if they don’t like it- for any reason.

This mattress firmness scale, created by Purple Mattress, is a great example at describing how a mattress will feel. Even when inside a mattress store, the best way to get a sense of how firm a mattress will be is to plant your hand and push down.

The coolest thing about buying a mattress online is that you can read owner reviews simply by Googling them.

Most online mattress companies, including our own retail operations that we devoted 25 years to, strive very hard to build a very good product- otherwise, you’ll get eaten alive with negative reviews.

On this site for example, we reviewed and selected only a handful of options, which include all foam, pocket sprung, and some hybrid options (a mixture of foam and pocket sprung coils, and maybe a some other unique materials built inside the mattress).

It’s easy to choose a brand that you feel confident about, place the order, and simply wait for the mattress to arrive at your door. When you receive your mattress, it will be vacuum packed and wrapped safely and securely in what seems to be endless amounts of plastic- designed to protect it from scuffs and dings.

We advise to cut the plastic away carefully, and you’ll hear a hissing noise as the mattress unfurls and expands to its original factory size, actually quite fun to watch actually.

Place it on top of your foundation and allow 6-8 hours before sleep on it. It’s easy, efficient, and best of all you don’t have to worry about delayed delivery issues, hauling and handling a big, floppy mattress, and knocking over breakables trying to get the mattress into your flat.


Mattress Reviews And My Recommendations For Best Mattresses In The UK 2022

1. The Emma Original Mattress

Our Emma Original Mattress Review involved a close inspection of the interior and exterior materials, a sleep test, and pressure and pain relief review.

We wanted to understand why it’s the UK’s most popular brand. Only recently becoming well known in the US, the brand has a cult following.

The Emma Original Mattress is not excessively firm, in fact, we’d rate it more medium, with a very yielding, nest like feel.

You don’t bottom into it, and there’s no sensation of having to dig your way out, as with typical softer mattresses.

Also, unlike pocket sprung mattresses, it’s not too bouncy or firm. We give The Emma Original Mattress 4.8 out of five stars.

For the price, along with the unique “Halo” memory foam that provides great lumbar support, it’s hard to beat. Sleeps cool, as well.

At just £349.50 for a double and £399.50 for a king, The Emma Original Mattress is dispatched almost immediately after placing your order online.

The mattress is 22 cm in height, offers a machine washable outer covering that is made using a breathable and stretchy fabric, and has a pretty simple interior architecture using 3 layers of specialized foam.

I’ve reviewed and tested dozens of foam “bed in a box” memory foam mattress options, and most felt like big slabs of foam with no pressure or pain relief.

Because The Emma Original Mattress is made using a zoned support system, it properly lifts and elevates your lower back. It also cradles your shoulders and hips, and pushes weight to the outside of the mattress rather than straight down.

This is a typical flaw in many mattresses, even pocket sprung versions. A well thought out mattress design needs to offer zoned support since our bodies are not one continuous plank, but rather, sphere shaped bits that need to be cradled in different fashion.

It’s difficult to find a memory foam mattress that does not sleep warm. Because the outer fabric on The Emma Original Mattress ventilates hot air off to the sides of the mattress, even hot sleepers do well on this mattress.

2. The Nectar UK Memory Foam Mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is great value at £491.40 in King size. Noted for best pressure relief, the memory foam used inside is designed to relieve common pressure points beneath your shoulders, hips, and legs.

I’ve reviewed this brand for many years in the US, and it’s consistently beloved by legions of happy owners who give it high marks.

Described as having a medium level of firmness, we found that you don’t tend to collapse into it, and remain properly elevated and almost buoyantly supported.

On your side, it alleviates pressure by pushing it to the side of the mattress rather than downward into pinpoint pressure areas, which also tend to get hot on conventional mattresses.

I would describe it as body hugging, and it’s also designed to maintain proper spine alignment, which allows your back muscles, ligaments, and other connective tissues to relax- and rest.

It is built with three layers of premium foam (non-toxic and backed with CertiPur™ certifications) designed to deliver optimum levels of comfort.

What I like about The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is that the design is fairly simplistic- meaning less likelihood of failure, compression, and mashing down of materials over time. I’ve seen many overbuilt concepts with memory foam mattresses that don’t often last as long as the warranty on the product.

Zoned Support Layer That Addresses Separate Areas Of Your Body

Very few mattresses sold in the UK, especially those under £1200, typically offer zoned support. This means that proper density, either slightly softer or firmer, is provided for different parts of the body.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress offers just that kind of support in its underlying white foam layer, by targeting hips as areas needing firmer support, since these are pressure points when lying on your side for example.

It’s one of my favorite in the U.S. too, and is a consistent crowd favorite there. Once the company setup shop in Derbyshire, I quickly added to my Best Mattress Reviews UK list.

One of the best features about the modestly priced Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is the zoned and targeted support system built into the underlying support foam. It’s a well thought out design feature.

3. The Noa UK Hybrid Pocket Sprung /Memory Foam Mattress

The Noa Hybrid Mattress is one of my favorite recommendations for a couples mattress, or an option if you are a larger adult or need a firmer mattress option. High on my Best Mattress Reviews UK list both for value, durability, and comfort.

I’ve reviewed dozens of hybrid mattresses, and I should explain right off exactly what the term “hybrid” mattress means.

Essentially, an innerspring or coil type mattress is the core of this mattress type. On top of the coils, specialised foam layers are placed to provide pressure reduction and additional comfort.

And, at the very top of the mattress, a foam quilted outer encasement provides further softness and an embracing like sensation.

Hybrid mattresses are really designed for those seeking a firmer mattress option, for couples who sleep in the center of bed, or those with spine, neck, or general back concerns.

I reviewed and tested The Noa Hybrid Mattress, which stands 28cm tall, which is not exceedingly tall, making it fairly easy to get in and out of, too. It’s a great option for my “Best Mattress Reviews UK” category.

When I tested The Noa Hybrid Mattress for Best Mattress Reviews UK, I was impressed by the soft, inviting feel up top- but was surprised at the support and the buoyancy. Little sinking in, and very easy to from side to back, and really easy to transfer in and out of bed.
For the price, The Noah Hybrid Mattress delivers on performance as well as what you get inside. In many cases, people over pay for coil mattresses that typically far too firm and can actually create back pain. At £449 in King, it’s a value and even comes with a respectable 15 year factory warranty.

Hand Crafted From Top To Bottom

Each Noa Hybrid Mattress is bench built by hand, and features a soft and breathable body contact fabric up top, that is quilted to a soft foam layer immediately underneath.

The outer fabric is ultra-breathable and exceptionally soft, called Tencel, made using a naturally derived fibre that provides antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

Inside the mattress, careful consideration was given to components. I’ve designed dozens of memory foam mattresses for my own sites, so I am highly familiar with inferior foams vs. better grades of materials.

Noa’s use of premium, cooling gel memory foam gives you the best deep pressure relief, contouring and cushioning your body- were you need it the most.

This innovative foam wicks away heat also, keeping you feeling cool all night while creating a gradual sensation of support and comfort under your pressure points.

There’s no bottoming out or feeling like you have to dig your way out of a pit, either.

Additionally, with this mattress, you get just the right amount of bounce and responsiveness- a livelier feel. Hypoallergenic and extremely sought after, this material will cradle your body while keeping you cool all night.

Subtly buoyant, extremely responsive and highly supportive for your back, shoulders and hips, AirCell foam will provide you with a cloud-like level of comfort. Zero partner disturbance.

If you are looking for a good couple’s mattress, or have back or neck issues, or prefer to sleep primarily on your side, this is one of my most highly recommended options.

4. The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress: Resort Luxury

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is wildly popular in the US and Canada, and since the company’s factory opening in Derbyshire, it’s become a UK favorite. Let me tell you why.

If you prefer an innerspring mattress but like a bit more sumptuous comfort and an embracing pillow top feel, you can still get underlying support without feeling stuck.

At just £674 for a King, you get resort quality craftsmanship and comfort from individually pocketed coils, a layer of supportive yet yielding memory and support foam.

We rate the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress consistently as our #1 choice for hybrid coil/memory foam mattress in the US, primarily due to its overwhelmingly high marks when reviewed by actual owners.

Your purchase is backed with a lifetime factory warranty, a full 365 day trial period to decide whether you absolutely love it or not, and of course, free shipping

With 15cm individually pocketed coils that give the suspension and balanced support you need, The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is ideal for couples and for larger folks as well. No slipping or sliding off the edge of the mattress, either.

A Firmer Feel, But Still Yielding And Embracing

If you tend to steer clear of softer mattresses, this might b e good fit for you. I avoid soft and squishy myself in favour of a slightly more resilient sensation to help with my lower back issues.

Right up top you’ll find a hand tufted cooling fibre cover, with supportive memory foam and support foam above the coil suspension.

The mattress has curb appeal too, and is finished neatly all around. An excellent value for a high quality bed. Good bundling deals with sheets, pillows, and mattress protector when you use my link.

Because it’s not soft and mushy, it’s one of the top options in my Best Mattress Reviews UK category because it is firmer, more resilient, and you don’t feel like you are digging your way out of a hole when you turn or need to get up.

I would give it a 7 out of 10 on the firmness side, meaning that it’s firmer than a memory foam or even natural latex, but about medium firm in the coil/innerspring category.

5. The Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress

Relieves Pressure, Minimises Movement, Sleeps Cool… And, It Gets Great Reviews By Actual Users

Not sold in Canada or the US, Eve Sleep has a few mattresses, but my favorite is their Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress. It’s a 28 cm pocket sprung option with 5 layers of what the company calls next generation foam layers.

I’m usually skeptical of dramatic descriptions, but this option, which sells for just £806 in king size, offers over the top comfort and a little bit of luxury for the money.

I found it to be right at the medium mark, not excessively firm, and not so soft that you feel like your will have to dig your way out when you wake up.

Why It’s Necessary To Replace Your Mattress Far More Frequently Than You Might Think

A good night’s sleep impacts virtually every part of your well being and your daily life- in far more profound ways than we might realise. Without soothing and restorative rest, your body doesn’t have the fuel and energy it needs to work appropriately. 

Probably the most overlooked solution to get a decent night’s rest is a comfortable and supportive mattress, one that fits your specific needs.Often a mattress will simply wear out, because most components inside of them begin to compress and mash down over time.

For example, foam layers, fibres like cotton and wool or other synthetic material are lofty and are filled with air and as a result, pack down.Signs that a mattress needs to be replaced include back pain, pressure points that increasingly worsen, lack of responsiveness and bounce, and other factors.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your mattress every eight years on average, because not only does a mattress break down, it accumulates dust mite egg casings, absorbs perspiration, and simply becomes an unhygienic environment, and it isn’t healthy.

If you have allergies or sleep apnea, having a mattress that is free of  allergens like dust mites is very important. You can even buy natural materials like latex, organic cotton, and organic wool, that are part of many mattress options offering a safer, cleaner, and greener night’s sleep.

Many factors impact the kind of mattress that you might need when shopping for a replacement, and shopping for just the right mattress can be confusing and frustrating.

While going to a retail mattress store is always an option, Brits are shopping online for the perfect mattress in record numbers. My Best Mattress Reviews UK list gives you a few outstanding alternatives, too.

In fact, getting into your car and visiting a retail mattress store during your time off on a Saturday for example, can be frustrating.

I’ve been in the retail business myself and owned several mattress stores along with multiple internet based mattress stores. 

Watching the industry shift from brick and mortar retail stores to moving online and selling high quality mattresses that can be delivered directly to your door makes shopping for a new mattress far easier.

Really, there is no need to visit brick and mortar retail stores to shop for and buy a mattress. Mattress manufacturers and retailers have developed sophisticated systems for designing mattresses.

They can be safely compressed, vacuum packaged, reducing in them size so that they can handled by a consumer and deployed in their own bedroom, ready to use.

A typical king size mattress can be vacuum packaged and placed in a box that two individuals can easily carry to the bedroom. Once you remove the outer packaging, your new mattress will quickly return to normal size (often you will hear a hissing sound as air is sucked back into the mattress-perfectly normal).

This revolution is mattress packaging and shipment also eliminates contact with multiple sales people, shipping and transport personnel, and greatly reduces the cost of a mattress. This means that you can pay far less for a quality mattress because many middleman costs have been eliminated.

Delivered directly to your door in a sealed and vacuum packaged container, even a King sized mattress will unroll and quickly return to normal size. It’s the easiest way to guarantee your mattress arrives in pristine condition.

But what about test driving and actually touching the mattress before buying it? The mattress industry used to have a strict policy that once you purchase a mattress, you could not return it.

Usually, the reasons cited were health related, as there was an ongoing myth that mattresses could be resold after being slightly reconditioned.

These days, in most countries, it is illegal to resell, recycle, recondition, or tamper with a mattress that has been previously sold, and mattress companies, especially online internet based retailers, are very careful about this.

Buying a mattress online is now the most popular way to purchase in both the USA and in Canada, and is gaining traction in the UK as more and more companies develop the systems to do so.

I’ve included only a handful of trusted retailers to include in my Best Mattress Reviews UK category to make it easier to wade through the vast options found online.

Further, when you order a mattress from one of my Best Mattress Reviews UK internet retailers, you will have the ability to return the mattress for any reason if you don’t absolutely love it. And, most companies will offer free removal service of the mattress so that there is no expense on your end.

This is typically not the case with brick and mortar storefront mattress purchases. You are usually responsible for bringing the mattress back to the store where you purchased it, and there might be as high as a 15% restock charge. 

If you’re unable to strap it on top of your vehicle, you will be forced to hire a removal service and that can be expensive, anywhere from £40-80, and in many cases, you must have the mattress at the front door, especially if there are nay Covid restrictions. 

Purchasing a mattress online insures that your mattress arrives clean, undamaged, and is easy to install. State of the art technology allows for mattresses to be carefully compressed and shipped.

When you order a mattress from one of our Trusted Dealers, you’ll get a brand new mattress that has been shipped directly from the factory floor to your residence.

This also means that your brand new mattress hasn’t been sitting around in a cold warehouse, shipped from multiple service centers, or risked being mishandled.

Likely, when you order a mattress online, it’s been manufactured within the last 14 days, rather than within the last year, as many brick and mortar stores often have to stockpile inventory to feed their storefronts.

True, you can get a mattress the same day if you shop in a brick and mortar retail store, but very few people who do the research and take their mattress shopping seriously, need their mattress instantly.

Ordering online from a reputable retailer is a very streamlined process.

Your new mattress will ship out typically within 2-5 business days, and once it gets on a truck, you receive tracking information and updates until it arrives at your door.

Also, my Best Mattress Reviews UK online retailers generally offer better warranties than conventional retail stores, anywhere from 15 years to even full lifetime warranties. This means that if you observe any defects in workmanship or construction, or if there is a detectable impression or dipping in the mattress, you will qualify for a replacement mattress.

We’ve carefully chosen just a handful of UK based retailers that sell the most popular kinds of mattresses, that offer comfort and support in a variety of styles, levels of firmness or softness, and often made with organic and natural materials or with hypoallergenic ingredients.

How Long Should A Mattress Last?

Even though we spend a full one third of our lives sleeping and lying on a mattress, in the same spot, while we are breathing, perspiring, and going about the things we do in life, mattresses do not get replaced as often as they should.

Old mattresses are loaded with bacterial, viral, and fungal organisms which can be troubling to people suffering from allergies or compromised immune systems.

In fact, many individuals and couples don’t use what is know as a mattress protector, a pad that separates the actual surface of the mattress from liquids, dust mite egg casings, and other particulate matter that seeps into our mattresses. 

Typically, you can purchase a mattress protector from the same web site that you are purchasing your mattress, and in many cases they will throw in one at no additional charge.

Over time, your mattress can actually gain weight from all of the unhygienic materials and liquids that accumulate inside the mattress.

Your mattress can actually double in weight over as little as 10 years, cites one mattress and textile expert who has tested this fact.

Incredibly, many couples, especially older couples, often sleep on mattresses that are 20 years old- or older. Keep in mind that you should replace your mattress every eight years, even though mattress manufacturers issue very long warranties.

Today, most mattresses are made using materials designed to last for decades, but it’s the human contact that shortens the lifespan. I recommend using a mattress protector to increase the longevity of your mattress even longer.

Mattress Care UK: How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your New Mattress And Sleep Better

Taking care of your existing or new mattress can extend its lifespan, improve your sleep quality, and help you get deeper, more restorative rest.

From using a mattress protector, rotating your mattress, to making sure you change your sheets frequently, everything adds up to a healthier sleep program and longer lifespan for your mattress.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new mattress, you can always start fresh with the best habits, including buying a new set of sheets, mattress protector, and controlling environmental factors in your bedroom as well.

While a good night’s sleep primarily revolves around the kind of mattress you choose, factors like room temperature, humidity, lighting, and even sound (like adding white noise machines) all have profound effects on the quality of rest you will experience.

If you want to take a deep dive into how to create a perfect environment for sleeping, visit our Sleep Hygiene page for much more information.

Giving some thought to proper mattress maintenance may help you get more years out of your mattress. Taking care of a mattress includes knowing when to rotate or flip your mattress, ensuring your mattress has the proper support, and consistently cleaning your mattress to clear it of allergens and other contaminants. 

Rotating Your Mattress Can Increase Lifespan

It’s typical for a mattress to develop subtle indentations and depressions, especially if you have not replaced your mattress in more than eight years or so. If you tend to sleep in the same spot every night, most mattresses will tend to break down, simply because the weight of a human body is substantial. 

To evenly break in the sleep surface and avoid having one part of the bed slowly become harder and less responsive, often creating a “dead” kind of feel, most manufacturers recommend regularly rotating your mattress from head to foot with some degree of frequency. 

These days, most mattresses are manufactured with a variety of components, including foam foam, latex, and innerspring layers. Near the top of the mattress, especially those with built in “pillow top” layers that are generally softer and more sumptuous, there can be substantial amounts of dipping, sinking, and collapsing of materials.

Generally, mattresses should be rotated every 6 to 12 months from head to foot, while an older coil type mattress should be rotated every 2 to 6 months or so. Of course, there are exceptions, including mattresses that have zoned areas designed to provide specialized support to regional areas of the body.

You don’t need to rotate zoned mattresses, since areas underneath hips and shoulders for example, are designed to support these areas, and may feel much harder on your lower back, legs, or even your neck and head if you rotate them.

Most older innerspring mattresses have a much more symmetrical design and do not have much additional padding above the coil components, and manufacturers encourage frequent rotation, and even flipping from top to bottom to even out the lifespan and durability of the mattress.

If you have purchased a mattress in the last ten years, when mattress design really took a leap forward to offer more options to consumers, tend to be built with a softer comfort section on top and a firmer support core on the bottom. These mattresses are meant to always be used right-side up, and they should not be flipped over.

However, there are manufacturers who designed a “two in one” type of mattress option, which is firmer on one side and softer on the other, giving the user a couple of options,  and to minimize having to have the customer return the mattress.

The motivation for mattress companies to design mattresses that are really comfortable and supportive is largely driven by competition, and the fact that since mattresses must be destroyed or donated to charitable organizations if returned. 

Changing Your Sheets And Bedding

Washing your sheets, blankets, and mattress protectors, is important for hygienic reasons, and it might also help protect your mattress from damage. 

Did you know that your mattress can double in weight in just five years because of liquids and other materials accumulating inside? Further, considering that humans exhale and perspire about a liter of fluid a day, the amount of water that simply falls into our mattress- over time- can really add up.

Sheets, blankets, and pillowcases naturally begin to soak up sweat, body oils, and other dirt which can gradually seep into your mattress if bedding is not regularly changed. Your sheets and blankets can also attract dust mites and other allergens, which may disrupt sleep for individuals with allergies.

Changing your sheets once a week is a healthy practice that keeps dust mites and other allergens away from your body, allowing you to sleep more deeply.

In general, you should wash your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week, and even more often if you share your mattress with animals.

Those who live in warmer climates or sleepers with seasonal allergies may also need to clean their bedding far more often during certain times of year.

Bedding components that don’t come into close physical contact with the sleeper can be washed less frequently.

You should wash duvet covers once or twice a month, comforters and blankets every 2 to 3 months, and pillow inserts every 4 to 6 months, depending on the type of pillow.

Check the manufacturer’s tags and labels to find out how to wash your bedding items. Be sure to jump back to the top of this page to see my Best Mattress Reviews UK curated list of trusted retailers.

Importance Of Using A Mattress Protector

A mattress protector fits onto a mattress under the fitted sheet. Mattress protectors are designed as a barrier to keep dirt, sweat, dust mites, moisture, and other contaminants from seeping into your mattress. Most mattress protectors are machine-washable, have a comfortable feel, and do not sleep hot.

Using a mattress protector is like investing in an insurance policy for your mattress. It will keep liquids and other particulate mattress from entering into your mattress, which creates an unhealthy environment.

A mattress protector has an osmotically adjusted film layer which allows air to pass through, but prevents liquid from entering. Since most mattress warranties are instantly voided if you spill any liquid on them, using a mattress protector is like buying insurance for your mattress.

The majority of mattress protectors are waterproof or water-resistant, designed to prevent spills or bodily fluids from reaching the mattress.

By keeping the mattress dry, a waterproof mattress protector can also help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. 

In addition to voiding a mattress warranty in the event of a liquid spill, almost all mattress warranties contain a clause that voids the warranty if the mattress is dirty, as well.

Bottom line, mattress protectors defend against spills and stains, and also indirectly prolong the mattress lifespan by maintaining warranty coverage.

Mattress protectors are not the same as mattress pads or mattress toppers. A mattress protector’s main purpose is to keep the mattress clean, whereas mattress pads add a layer of padding and quilting, whilst mattress toppers adjust the mattress’s firmness. While pads and toppers are not meant for protection, they can still help reduce some wear.

A mattress encasement completely seals your mattress and protects from liquids, particulate matters, and bedbugs. A mattress protector only slips over the top of your mattress like a fitted sheet.

In addition to voiding a mattress warranty in the event of a liquid spill, almost all mattress warranties contain a clause that voids the warranty if your mattress is dirty, as well.

Bottom line, mattress protectors defend against spills and stains, and also indirectly prolong the mattress lifespan by maintaining warranty coverage.

Manufacturers also sell mattress encasements, which form a seal around all six sides of the mattress, which keeps out bed bugs.

In areas where bed bugs are widely spread, like apartment buildings in urban centers, using a mattress encasement is a smart choice.

You can clean the encasement periodically to remove bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

In addition to voiding a mattress warranty in the event of a liquid spill, almost all mattress warranties contain a clause that voids the warranty if the mattress is dirty, as well. Bottom line, mattress protectors defend against spills

Foundations, Box Springs, And Bases For Mattresses

Mattresses need to be paired the right underlying support, typically referred to as a foundation  to prevent uneven weight distribution, which can lead to improper spinal alignment and potentially damage the mattress.

More importantly, the foundation must be firm enough to prevent indentations, and should be a solid material with slats, a smooth top, or platform which will not bend, dip, or compress at the edges of the base.

Traditionally, innerspring mattresses were used with “box springs”, which added a little bit of bounce as well as support. Today, sleepers are transitioning to utilizing solid foundations or slatted bed frames for their foam or hybrid mattresses.

It is important to make sure that the support system you use is able to support not only the weight of the mattress, but also the weight of the occupants as well.

Mattress manufacturers usually provide guidelines regarding the types of bases that can be used with the mattress.

For example, heavier or larger mattresses might require a bed frame with extra legs in the center that hit the floor beneath, while foam mattresses may require slats that are spaced close together.

Failure to use adequate support will generally void the warranty.

A typical foundation for use with today’s mattresses. Rather than being a softer, springier surface, it is solid and firm, and will not break down over time.

For foam mattresses in general, if you are going to consider a slatted platform or base, we recommend making sure the slats themselves are at least 3” wide, with no more than 3” in between the slats, preferably less.

Some Comments On Mattress Lifespan

Even with ideal care and maintenance, your mattress will eventually need to be replaced. Typically, a mattress will last typically 6-9 years before it loses its supportive and pressure-relieving capabilities.

I’ve been a manufacturer myself, having designed over fifty different mattresses through the years, using the best components and textiles I could find. Even with top notch ingredients, a mattress being used as a primary sleep surface will eventually begin to fail.

Latex mattresses tend to have the longest lifespan, lasting 7.5 to 8.5 years on average. Innerspring, or coil containing, mattresses typically last between 5 and 7 years, foam mattresses last between 6 and 8 years, and mattresses containing both coils and foam with last from 6.5 to 7.5 years. 

However, these numbers can vary significantly depending on the material quality and design, the sleeper’s position and body type, and the maintenance routine.

Also, if the mattress is being used in a spare bedroom and only has infrequent occupants, you may need to replace the mattress very often at all, say once every 10-15 years.

The position you sleep in as well as your body type influence how your weight is distributed across the mattress, and thus the lifespan. For example, side sleepers may find that their mattress wearing out faster near the shoulders and hips, and a sleeper weighing more than 230 pounds may notice their mattress prematurely sagging.

A side sleeper is applying a kind of “knife’s edge” to a mattress, causing it to compress and mash down over shorter periods of time.