Casper Original Mattress: Go With All Foam, Or Add Pocket Coils?

Casper Mattress produces three mattress models, including their Original model, along with a value priced model called Element, and two hybrid mattresses called the Nova Hybrid and the Wave Hybrid. Our Casper mattress reviews will give you a detailed breakdown of each model through the lens of a mattress manufacturer with 25 years of experience.

1. The Casper Original All Foam And Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Original Mattress sells for $1100 for a queen, in the all foam option, or you can add $170 with the pocketed coil upgrade package.

Casper’s original all foam mattress features three distinct layers that include a denser supportive layer at the bottom, a memory foam layer in the middle, which has three distinct zones, and a layer of what Casper calls AirScape Foam.

This configuration is pretty typical of mattresses selling for $795-$995 in queen, but offering the zoned memory foam layer ups the benefit a bit by concentrating support in the hip area, a beneficial element.

The Casper Original All Foam variation is 11″ tall, and the top layer is softer, more responsive, and I’d say a bit more sumptuous feeling that the competition.

The AirScape layer is a bit more of an upgrade form the competition, as it definitely feels cooler after 30 minutes on the mattress, and with its perforated design, allows air to passively circulate effectively.

You’ll get Casper’s 100 night trial, a 10 year warranty, and pretty reliable access to honest and even unusual reviews from owners on the site.

The Casper Original All Foam 11″ Mattress is respectably priced at around $1100 in queen, along with a 100 night trial and free shipping. I’ve noticed the price stays around the same for most of the year.
The Casper Original Hybrid 11″ Foam Mattress gives you enhanced support when sleeping on your side or back. Best feature I like: the edge support you get is hard to beat. Also a bit softer, spongier and cushy at hips and shoulder when on my side.

My Overall Review About The Casper Original 11″ Foam Mattress

Conclusions: For a pretty basic but well thought out all foam mattress, The Casper Original 11″ Foam Mattress gets positive reviews from its owners, and about the same ranking on independent review sites as well.

As a former mattress engineer, I’d feel pretty good about purchasing one if you are looking for a medium to medium firm level of support, weighed less than 200 lbs, and slept both on your side and back.

It’s a good overall fit, has a slightly more immersive feel initially than firmer mattresses, and the cover is amazing. Not organic fabric, so not scratchy or sand paper like, it feels soft, stretchy, and cool to the touch.

As a mattress designer and engineer for over 25 years, I’d give The Casper Original 11″ Foam Mattress a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars. This rating is in the top 2% of all mattresses I’ve reviewed.

My Overall Review About The Casper Original 11″ Hybrid Mattress

Conclusions: For a hybrid mattress with specialized memory foam and a pocketed coil unit similar to what is used in this mattress, the price is right at $1,695 for a queen. I’m a big fan of the Casper brand because of the customer service, and if you need a mattress that’s a bit firmer and offers good edge support, it’s totally worth the investment. The curb appeal and outer covering material is sumptuous and very inviting. Overall, a real winner.

As a mattress designer and engineer for over 25 years, I’d rate The Casper Original 11″ Hybrid Mattress a solid 4.5 out 5 stars.This rating ranks it in the top 5% of all mattresses I’ve reviewed.

The Casper Nova Hybrid And The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Our Casper mattress reviews below include Casper’s Nova Hybrid model, or their Wave Hybrid model, both of which offer features designed to target back pain, help you relax muscles while you sleep, and properly support your spine.

These models offer more comfort right up top, and are strategically designed to deliver more restorative rest helping you to feel wider awake and more productive during the day.

In fact, many Casper customer reviews emphasize the energized sensation they feel after sleeping on their new Casper Nova Hybrid and Wave Hybrid models. Here are typical talking points that actual owners mention:

  • Thousands of perforations circulate air away from you.
  • Two layers and contoured grooves provide a deeper route for air to flow out of the mattress.
  • Body heat and humidity have somewhere to go, circulating away from you.
  • Stay cool and asleep throughout the night.

Our Casper mattress reviews below on the Nova and the Wave models give you the bullet points and details about each model, including pricing, warranties, trial periods, and explaining the kinds of components used in each model.

The Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress: A Resort Class Mattress Designed To Energize And Restore

For those nights you want to crawl into bed, The Casper Nova Mattress is the sumptuous and nest like alternative to stiffer, and less responsive mattresses. “Puff fabric” and softer textiles up top invite you to drift off. One of my personal favorites!

While it won’t bottom out on you, and offers the cradling and buoyant lift you need to be able to turn easily, The Casper Nova Hybrid was definitely created to be plusher, softer, and offer a “hugged” and tucked in feeling.

About 70% of Casper Nova owners, when polled using a random sampling, stated that they actually experienced a boost in mood.

While I’ve studied and evaluated dozens of mattress options that get elated and enthusiastic responses from its owners,

I’m not surprised that this mattress is a real crowd favorite, especially among people who’ve tried a few online bed in a box mattresses in rapid succession and returned them.

Perhaps the boldest and most innovative feature of The Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress is the zoned support layer, using channels to provide specific levels of lift and push back to cradle your back. This reduces lactic acid buildup during the night, which can reduce pain and muscle fatigue.

The Casper Nova Hybrid, priced at $2,295 in queen with my link, is made using three layers of softer memory foam like material called “AirScape”.

The top layer is perforated, allowing hot air to ventilate away from your body. It is 12″ tall and can be placed on any solid, smooth foundation or base.

Beneath, a second layer of Casper’s AirScape foam helps nestle you without being too soft. Plus, it’s zoned and it’s a decent density (4lb), so it won’t mash down and ooze away from your body.

My test revealed that the density and grade of Casper’s comfort layers seem just right to allow for immersion but not deep sinking.

Underneath, a pocketed coil system, the same unit used in Casper’s Wave Hybrid, reviewed below, provides lift and levitating support.

The Casper Nova Hybrid is the perfect “spa mattress”, offering a pampered sensation that can typically be found at high end resorts where plush, softer, and more luxurious bedding is used

As a seasoned mattress designer with 25 years of experience, I’d give The Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars, ranking in the top 1% of mattresses I’ve reviewed.

The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress: Ultimate Back Pain Relief, Pressure Reduction

The 13” tall Casper Wave Hybrid is loaded with features that target back pain by delivering precision support and lift in areas often ignored by conventional mattresses.

Owners describe the Casper Wave experience as “fluffy” and yielding, while still keeping you on top of the mattress, instead of being buried inside having to dig your way out. And, I like the fact that they use a fairly firm individually pocketed coil unit at the very bottom of the mattress, instead of up top.

From the top down, Casper uses three layers of their proprietary “AirFoam” which is in reality a fairly dense memory foam like material, but in varying degrees of softness, getting a bit firmer as you descend into the gel pod layer.

The fourth layer down is a layer of zoned memory foam that is softer at the shoulders, and is perfect for side sleepers, whether you are light weight or a larger person.

In fact, larger folks do really well on the Casper Wave, simply because there are sufficient layers of supportive material above the pocketed coil unit at the bottom as well as the gel pod system.

Advanced innovation under your waist and back designed to reduce pain, combined with the use of cooling materials, make The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress one of the web’s most sought after mattresses.

Casper conducted a poll of owners and found that 90% of them reported a reduction in back pain and better sleep after switching to the Wave Hybrid from a conventional mattress.

At $2,206 for a queen, it’s actually priced much less than retail store brands that don’t offer the unique gel pod technology found in the Wave Hybrid.

But what is it about the mattress that makes it so hugely popular with its owners?

Instead of coiled metal springs placed immediately next to your body, the technology uses half dome shaped gel pods strategically placed under your waist and lower back to laterally distribute weight and prevent sinking.

There’s a lot of real tech in this mattress that is on point with what consumers want- a mattress that is easy on hips and shoulders, feels cloud like yet supportive, and makes it easy to turn effortlessly.

The gel-pod component of a Casper Hybrid Wave Mattress contains a fabric receptacle system with half dome shaped gel foam inserts that act like giant fingertips, cradling and buoying your body above the mattress and dispersing your weight to the side.

The fabric acts like a dampening material and absorbs energy, which also reduces motion transfer.

As a seasoned mattress designer with 25 years of experience, I’d give The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars, ranking in the top 1% of mattresses I’ve reviewed.

I think the best feature about this mattress is the unique gel pod layer which is strategically place above the pocketed coil unit near the bottom.

Owners describe the feel of the mattress as restorative and rejuvenating, and this is likely due to the effect that the gel pod layer has on muscle groups being able to relax and not experience tension and stress.

While the underlying support of this mattress does include a pocketed coil unit, the gel pod layer helps to both dampen yet intensify the target support and pressure relieving qualities that this mattress offers.