Find The Best Dog Beds and Where to Buy Them

The American Kennel Club makes it pretty clear: dogs are just as picky about their beds as humans are. When it comes to grabbing Z’s, dogs are much like their owners – they can be pretty picky. And, they change over time, more often than you think. Typically, they’ll let you know with signals like excessive circling or that blank stare as they stand next to their old, tired dog bed, basically asking you to try something different. Or, you may find that your dog spends more time piled up on your bed rather than on their old, lumpy and matted excuse for a dog bed.

To find the ideal dog bed for your loyal companion, you need to consider age, size of your dog, coat, breed, and even their habits.They all play a role in the best shapes, filler materials, outer coverings, and type of bed.

everything You Need to Know About Dog Beds

Do a search on Amazon, and you’ll quickly discover how big the dog bed market has become. It’s almost impossible to find the best dog bed option without some kind of guide or recommendations. That’s where we come in. The Mattress Buyer Guide just happens to be owned by a seasoned bedding industry CEO and mattress engineer who also has a degree in Animal Science. Marc Anderson can help you find just the perfect dog bed, and narrows down the field to just a handful of outstanding dog bed options.

Today, manufacturers make dog beds as cute as your dog. They might be built like tiny sofas with bone pillows, chaise lounges, 70’s style bean bags, or even regal looking beds with canopies and headboards. Often, they are enclosures, can be collapsed for easy moving, or might easily tuck inside a kennel cage.

From your dog’s perspective, here’s what they are looking for in a bed and what you should consider before buying a new one from our recommended dealer list: the bed feels against my coat

Perhaps the most important element your dog considers is how the bed feels against their coat. Soft, coarse, velvety, denim, a lot of options. Some examples of excellent and popular exterior fabrics that are pretty easy to clean include closely napped faux fur and velvet or microfiber. The materials inside – plush vs. firmer, enveloping vs buoyant, for instance – determine whether or not your pet will love it – or stay on the couch. Watch for your dogs signals by keeping an eye on what he or she likes to lay on around the house.

2. make sure it’s the right size and height Or I won’t lay in it.

The ideal height of a dog bed is an important factor, especially for smaller and aging dogs. the tradeoff is though, that you might loose some cushiness of poofiness with a more low profile mattress. The thinner the dog bed, the firmer it will feel. Almost all breeds want at least a little bit of immersion, creating a nest-like feel. Giant breeds like Great Danes for example, are notorious for wanting very poofy and embracing beds to support their girth and provide cradling support.

For size, a good rule of thumb is that the bed should be at least big enough to allow for sprawling without the dogs limbs touching the floor beyond the bed itself. So, go with a dog bed that will provide enough room for your dog to rise, circle, and reposition itself comfortably.

You may need to provide a ramp for smaller dogs who like something cushier, which usually means a higher bed. If your dog has a disability, access is important. Place the bed in an area where your dog can walk around before entering. Follow your dogs lead and observe where they like to rest and nap. Keep notes and observe them before you get shopping and make a solid decision.

3. I’m a dog, but i have habits that I need you to be aware of.

Factor in how your dog sleeps, both during the day and at night. Dogs who like to spread out vs. those who curl up in tight spots and stick their noses in their tails may need different kinds of beds. A sprawler will likely need a broader, less obstructed flatter dog bed with no edge wall, enabling room to dangle off of the edge. A dog who likes to curl up may appreciate a dog bed with a border edge that rises a bit, and a thicker, poofier top section. If it’s cold or you have a short haired breed, use a heating pad on low in the middle of a dog bed, or buy a dog bed that is immersive and has a thicker top piece with texture and the ability to retain warmth.

4. remember that time I broke my leg? it still hurts a little.

Consider therapeutic materials for dogs with old injuries, arthritis, dysplastic hips, or even autoimmune disorders that cause pain. Look for materials like memory foam, natural latex, and thicker, poofier pillow top type exteriors that offer immersion and weight distribution qualities.

We recommend beds using shredded memory foam for softer therapeutic beds, or simply layered foam for a firmer feeling dog bed. Shredded memory foam or other types of foam allows for a dog bed to be molded into place easier, such as wedging into the back of your car, placing inside a crate, or even tucking it into a corner of a bedroom.

With any dog bed, make sure that the exterior cover can be removed and machine washed. Even better, place a dog bed protector or use a human twin size mattress protector, which is also machine washable to protect the dog bed from liquid, urine, and other materials which will destroy the dog bed.

5. if you love me, show me. get me a decent dog bed.

An investment in a dog bed will do wonders for your pets behavior during the day. A dog that sleeps well has more energy, eats and drinks more efficiently, and has much more uptime than down time. Dogs have sleep disorders too, and understanding your dogs sleep habits begins with giving them the best possible sleep surface you can offer. Check out or links below to a carefully curated list of dog bed retailers that offer a quality dog bed at outstanding prices hand selected by Marc Anderson, our editor.

6. Dog Bed FAQs- questions your dog would ask…

  • Do dogs need a bed? Just like humans, dogs need beds for multiple reasons. Not only do dog beds greatly benefit the condition and therapeutic support for joints and spine, but they also offer a safe place where dogs can go to unwind and feel comfortable. Plus, having your dog sleep in one place makes cleaning easier for you, by reducing shedding and confining it to one spot.

  • What is the most durable dog bed? All types of dog beds can be durable if made with the right materials. If you have a very destructive dog, a raised bed made of aluminum may be the best option.

  • Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds? The ideal dog bed is a perfect blend of soft yet firm. Your dog’s individual needs will determine what dog is a perfect fit. For example, soft, memory foam beds are best for senior dogs with aging joints but harder beds may be better for adult dogs.

  • How do I keep a dog from destroying their bed? The best way to keep your dog from destroying their bed is to exercise them regularly and keep them stimulated with interactive toys. You may also need to upgrade your dog bed — look for “chew-proof” and “durable” as key features. 

where to buy the ultimate dog bed

Furhaven offers a vast selection of dog beds. From faux sheepskin to suede and terrycloth, in a range of sizes from small circular to their Goliath sizes, the fill material varies from memory foam to gel foams, and high loft fiber filling. Free shipping, love it or return it policy, and made in the USA. Our coupon gets you 20% off of any purchase.
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Wild One is owned by a couple who love dogs. They offer one model, thoughtfully designed. Inside, you’ll find tiered “human grade” memory foam, zipped up with a concealed zipper. The exterior fabric is water resistant and machine washable, and the price is reasonable. Get a discount with our link. $95 with free shipping. Opt for the Wild One Kit which includes two dog bowls, and save $25.
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