Best Affordable Mattresses: The Shocking Cost Of So-Called Luxury Mattresses And Where To Buy A Great Mattress For Up To 80%, Even 90% Less

Buying a mattress online is a tedious process, but our site tries to take the misery and mystery out of mattress reviews and finding a great mattress at a reasonable price. We also chase down mattress scams, too. There’s a common misperception that bed in a box mattresses are inferior, but I can tell you, as a mattress designer and engineer for 25 years in the industry, that nothing can be farther from the truth.

In fact, I thoroughly reviewed and studied some of the world’s most expensive mattresses just to find out if these companies were really doing anything extraordinary with the design and the guts of their higher end mattresses.

Surprisingly, I found mattresses that were priced as high as a sports car, with only fluff and maybe horsehair and wool, hand cut from prized pedigrees of livestock, as the common “thread”.

Take for example two European companies that are over a hundred years old, relying on formulas and apothecary like recipes and concepts in mattress making, sell premium models for as much as $150,000. The Hastens Vividus model features hand crafted construction by a team of master craftsmen who slowly create each individual mattress over a 45 day period of time.

The Hastens Vividus mattress retails for $150,000, but the components include natural fibers that easily compress and mash down over time.

Inside this legendary $150,000 mattress are ingredients that none of us have likely been up close and personal with, like prized stallion horsehair, organic cotton, flax, hand sheared Shetland wool, a brass plate with your name on it, virgin pine (used for the superstructure) all topped off with Hasten’s signature blue plaid outer covering. 

Featured on cruise ships in several Presidential suites, you can certainly try one out on board and then order one at bedside from your iPad.

Oh, and there’s more, like the ViSpring that uses a specialized steel coil system (virgin steel?), priced at just  $20,000 if you’re loaded but still a smart shopper, the Kluft at $30,000, and even The Beautyrest Black, offered at a reasonable price of just $3600.

The Kluft Royal Sovereign Latex comes with layers of silk and wool fibers on the top layer with multiple layers of latex beneath. The support structure is latex core for a bouncy and supportive mattress. While many loyal customers like the Kluft latex mattress, there are some that have experienced issues with durability, according to reviews that you can easily find online. A really great latex mattress costs about $1000 for a queen, you simply won’t get the silk and wool with the mattress, but you’ll get a pillow top piece made with advanced materials.

The Kluft mattress is made in the US, both in California and in Pennsylvania, and like other luxury priced mattresses, is made using high end fibers like silk and wool. It uses a latex core as its main component, but so do dozens of well crafted mattresses priced at just 3% of the cost.

What is it that makes these mattresses so- unaffordable and elusive? It’s very simply the brand. Most of these companies are handed down from one generation to the next, using a portfolio of traditional components, and shy away from technical components, cutting edge foams, high tech cooling fabrics, and advancements in mattress design technology.

Just Like Sports Cars, It’s all in the name with a super-luxe mattress

Several of these “uber-luxurious” company web sites feature historic and vintage photos of the great grandfather’s original mattress making bench and shop, and customers who like the historical richness and the craftsmanship handed down that come along with the mattress. Hastens actually applies a brass label with the customer’s name as part of the “experience”.

They already own a Lamborghini perhaps, and at some point the conversation has to move from cars to household items like Subzero refrigerators and then into the bedroom to compare mattresses- all over a freshly cracked bottle  of a bottle of 1945 Romanee-Conti, a French burgundy that will set you back $558,000.

But – there’s a problem built into the fabrication methods and the use of fluffy, organic ingredients over time. Compression is a problem that is largely unavoidable. While forward thinking companies are driven to create specialized foams and pocketed coil systems that avoid compression and mashing down over time, the traditional small batch crafting houses like I’ve mentioned, stick to the time honored traditions of their pedigree.

It’s easy to find negative reviews by people who have shelled out $20,000 for one of these mattresses only to find that it gets hard real fast, often requiring rebuilding, retufting, and all new materials stuffed back inside the thing.

Ok, let’s get back to reality and let me explain why you really don’t need to pay more than $1,000 or so for a state of the art mattress that delivers better support, elevated comfort and sumptuousness that is unsurpassed- without the horsehair, flax fiber, Black Forest virgin pine, and virgin steel coils.

Over the last five years, the sweet spot for a really great bed in a box mattress purchased online has fallen to about $800 for a queen. In fact, several of our most affordable mattress fall into this price category offering a remarkably comfortable mattress that won’t mash down, will retain its springiness and lush, nest like feel, even well beyond the warranty period, which is why many of the brands we feature offer lifetime warranties, something unheard of just 10 years ago.

The illusion that you have to pay thousands for a great mattress is purely marketing hype. In fact, a really great foam and coil hybrid mattress for example, costs very little to make.

Driving this fact is simply the crushing competition online for your business, which has forced fabrication houses, factories, and mattress designers to become very efficient and cost conscious about the materials they use, and to the manufacturers of the materials themselves, price reduction and efficient production techniques now rule the roost.

Memory foam for example, came on the scene about 20 years ago when Tempur-Pedic introduced it to the world. Their material, called “Tempur-Foam” was really expensive. I know this because I sold their mattress line on my own web site from 2003-2006, and could barely keep them in stock.  People discovered this innovative material and were willing to pay lots of money to own one.

Then, other companies began to knock off the material, and although it was not the same as the Tempur material, the recipe, formulation, and feel was basically identical. And in fact, there are plenty of excellent memory foam mattresses, some shown below, that are affordable and excellent for pressure relief and comfort.

Over the last 5 years alone, advances in foam and fiber technology has transformed the mattress making industry, offering an incredible array of materials that can  be built into what the industry calls the “cake recipe” of their mattress designs.

Foam materials made from natural latex for example last forever, are springy and bouncy, and when put in combination with a premium layer of 4lb density memory foam, create the most pressure relieving surface you could possibly lie on.

Using pocketed coil systems which can be rolled and compressed for shipping and pop out on the receiving end when a consumer unrolls the mattress in their bedroom are also taking the online mattress industry by storm.

There are graphite (charcoal) infused foams that remove odor, helping to vent heat away from your mattress, there are plant based poly foams, which while not yet being made from 100% plant based materials such as soy, for example, but are becoming less reliant on petroleum based additives gradually, and advances in textile technology is providing mattresses that sleep cool and comfortable.

Check out my selection of premium mattresses that you can buy for far less than expensive brands, generally at around $1,000 or even less. I’ve included my personal favorites below.

Unlike far more traditional brands that resist change, these companies are using cutting edge ingredients to refine and improve their technology and to constantly improve sleep hygiene, including how fast you fall asleep, how long you stay asleep, and maintaining proper spine alignment and blood flow during the night.

We have carefully researched our portfolio and considered ingredients, how they are configured, warranties and lifespans, trial period, fabrics used for the exterior, and any other factors. All of them have substantial trial periods, too, and you can return any of them for a full refund if you are not totally satisfied.


the most affordable luxury mattresses 2020- OPTIONS THAT ECLIPSE HUNDREDS OF overpriced MATTRESSES WE’VE REVIEWED

The Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress offers three models that deliver the best in class pressure relief, precision spinal alignment, with a sumptuous, nest-like feel. Uses top of the line luxury components and textiles, safer, low VOC and formaldehyde free Certi-Pur foam. A side and back sleeper’s fantasy mattress. They offer free shipping, a great trial period, with unbeatable warranty. Our #1 Choice For Overall Best Mattress Line. 4.9 Rating out of 5, from a total of 6,572 Online Reviews.

Habitat Furnishings Ascend Air Bed And Mirage Waterbed System

Habitat Furnishings offers the best digital sleep number style airbed on the market. For half the price of the big name brand, you’ll get a mattress that lets you control an infinite range of soft to firm settings. The bed is made with both natural latex and premium memory foam, and includes a quilted bamboo comforter top built right in! LED remote controls with memory setting. A 90 Day Free Trial, solid warranty, made in USA!

The Nolah Mattress: Designed For Side Sleepers

Soft and sumptuous, and built for side and side/back sleepers, The Nolah Bed is made with clean ingredients, including a specialized material called cooling AirFoam™. It’s scientifically proven to provide 4x better pressure relief on hips, shoulders, and back. Also, the company donates proceeds various wildlife management organizations. A good way to give back. $125 off, lifetime warranty, and a solid 120 night trial.

5G And EMF Shielding Mattress: The Anti-Aging Bed®

Hybrid mattress featuring EMF and 5G radiation shielding system. FDA backed technology using static and charge removal surface. Called the “Bio-Hack” bed, get detox, remove free radicals, and get restorative and recharged rest. Requires outlet for grounding. Order the Anti-Aging Bed® or cover only for existing mattress.

Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress: Texas Made With Lowest Return Rate!

A wonderful hybrid mattress without all of the middleman costs. $598 for a king size bed. Individually wrapped pocketed coils, and a unique hybrid foam layer system above providing bouncy yet pressure relieving and a cool to the touch knit outer cover. We like the quality of the gel foam used in this Texas made brand. 96% of customers keep this mattress, and with a solid 10 year warranty, you can’t go wrong. Great for side sleepers and nest sleepers. Click here to get the deal. A third of the price of identical “BigMattressInc” beds.

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid

Described as a soft, breathable sanctuary, the Dreamcloud is one of our favorites. With a sumptuous cashmere quilted top, floating pocketed coils, and a quality 4lb density gel infused memory foam, this bed keeps you in a constant state of sleep euphoria. You’ll get $200 off and a scientifically optimized sleep system with 365 day trial. A queen on sale: $1199, free ship, 365 day trial. Best in class, a fantastic deal.

The Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Latex Mattress

This outstanding natural latex hybrid bed is loaded with clean, chemical free ingredients. You’ll nest upon a breathable organic quilted top, and beneath you, your body floats on 4” of botanical Dunlop latex.

Individually pocketed coils suspend and hover you above the base layer of medium high density foam that won’t break down. Delivered with 365 day no questions asked trial and FOREVER warranty! Our #1 Hybrid Latex/Coil Choice.

The Level Sleep Mattress was designed to cradle and support the human form. Three different areas of firmness reduce causes of back pain by applying low pressure and maintaining spine alignment simultaneously. Soft at shoulders, firmer back support, and medium torso. Certi-Pur foam layers, made in USA. 365 night trial. King just $1399 with deal. Hip pain? Get it. 10% off with Marc’s Deal (That’s $140 Off!)

The Level Sleep Mattress: Three Zones Reduce Pain

The Real Bed- Supernatural Comfort For Couples

An outstanding natural mattress that delivers supernatural comfort and levitating support. An organic outer quilted cover, a layer of eucalyptus infused rayon that cools, organic wool, 3” of pure botanical latex all floating above a pocketed coil system that evenly supports your body. Supports your spine with pinpoint precision. Compare at $1800 and up. Queen $950, click here and use coupon code to get another $50 off. Our #1 choice for a mattress for couples.

Diamond Grateful Mattress- Best For Hips And Shoulders

Looking for great support, especially at hips and shoulders? Our team loves this unique coil and foam hybrid. Gel memory foam on top, a pocketed coil system below with zoned support for torso and hips. A unique feature: a foam edge which provides perimeter support for sitting and increases usable space on the mattress. Queen size $999, 120 Night Trial. A+ marks.