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Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers & Restless Sleepers

Have you ever dreamt that you are being tossed around the ship in a violent storm, only to wake and realise that it was just your partner rolling over, again? If you skip off to bed before your partner, do you secretly wince moments before they join you, knowing that your semi-somnolence is about to end abruptly as they seemingly catapult themselves into what was once a still and peaceful space? Do you suffer pangs of guilt because (you love your partner, BUT…) you wish they slept on their own bed?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from partner related sleep disturbances. The good news is there are some wonderful mattresses available today that specifically address these issues, enabling you to enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep once again.

Let’s look at some of the issues pertaining to sleeping partner disturbances and find a way of choosing the best mattress to avoid this, as well as finding potentially a more comfortable night’s sleep for your partner, too.

Pocket Spring Mattresses
Mattresses with multi-zone pocket springs or unlinked pocket springs are a fantastic choice to eliminate partner disturbances for two main reasons:

  • they offer individual support, providing greater comfort, so there is less tossing and turning

  • they eliminate movement throughout the entire bed as the springs aren’t linked

Pocket Spring Mattress Support

Pocketed coil beds improve the level of contouring around the body, offering adequate amount of support where your body needs this, eliminating pain or pressure.

A lack of support may cause discomfort in any part of your body. For example, pain in your hips, shoulders, lower back or neck can cause you to involuntarily move throughout the night to alleviate the pain or stiffness. Then once you move the situation is repeated all over again as there just isn’t adequate support. To further inflame the situation, all this discomfort and unrest upsets the other sleeping partner, and so the unhappy cycle continues. 


Eliminating movement throughout the bed
Unlike our recommended Pocket Spring Mattresses, if you have a mattress with a coil spring system that is linked, any movement on the bed is relayed to the adjoining springs, creating movement right across the mattress, giving unpleasant movement that disturbs your partner’s sleep.

Latex mattresses
Another popular option to eliminate partner sleep disturbances is latex. Many people describe latex mattresses as being “supremely comfortable”. They are dense and yet comforting to lie on. Latex is a natural product; is relatively affordable; gives that wonderful ‘sinking into a heavenly cushion’ feel, yet is easy to move around in, making a latex rubber mattress an extremely popular choice. Latex also has the advantage of being hypo-allogenic, antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites. There are many different types of latex though: some are 100% latex, while others are a mixture. It pays to find out what type of latex is in your mattress, as the composition will have an effect on the type of support it offers.

Understanding mattress components
Many people choose a mattress compiled of several layers. The main components are the support and comfort components. For example, to minimise partner disturbance, you may choose a mattress that has a pocket spring base and then choose a mattress with a comfort component that gives the desired amount of comfort and support that you need.

Once again latex is a popular option as a comfort component. Alternatively you might choose memory foam. Memory foam is renowned for that delightful ‘sleeping on a cloud’ feeling where you are literally enveloped by surrounding foam. It moulds around your body and is very useful for those suffering pressure point pain or hip and shoulder pain. Other components that create comfort are made of substances such as gel, Dacron or wool to provide either a soft, plush feel or a firmer feel. 

Hot sleepers
Temperature is certainly an issue to consider when it comes to partner disturbance. If your partner throws off a lot of heat when they sleep, a bed that holds the heat may not be the best option. Theoretically speaking, latex is reputed to get hot, however, many people report otherwise. Once again, it’s important to spend time on the mattress yourself, along with your partner, and take notice of how much of the heating effect is created.

Gel toppers are extremely popular for “hot sleepers” because they have a cool surface which reduces heat build-up, allowing a cooler and more comfortable sleep. If you sleep in a hot climate, this is another reason to investigate gel toppers for your new bed.


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