Get A Personal Mattress Recommendation From Our Mattress Quiz

Let me guess. You’re finding mattress surveys everywhere, and you’re getting a bit confused. They’re not all the same, and in fact, most responses are automated and not written or ever seen by actual industry veterans, like us. Virtually all mattress review sites are run by digital marketers, not mattress makers.

If you give us 3 minutes and fill out our mattress quiz and questionnaire, you’ll get a personalized recommendation for a mattress specifically selected for you. Our senior editor, Marc Anderson, spent 25 years as a mattress manufacturer and designer and knows the mattress business better than anyone.

All you need to do is provide an email address that allows us to respond to you (we don’t sell, give away, share, or use your email address for ANYTHING else).

We Narrow Down The Options For You By Asking The Right Questions

Do you feel like this when shopping for a mattress? Guess what…there’s a better way. Get a mattress personally recommended by an industry veteran who designed and built mattresses for 25 years. Our mattress survey will cut through all of the mattress buying nonsense.

Get A Personal Response To Your Mattress Survey From An Industry Veteran

In our mattress survey, we query you with a quick handful of precisely calibrated questions, and within 24 hours you’ll get a response, in most cases, personally answered by Marc Anderson.

We’ll even send you the links you’ll need so you don’t have to wade through websites- but get right to the page where your customized mattress options can be found.

We’ll help you choose a mattress from the web’s best retailers, using premium components and fabrics, so you’ll feel like you’re snuggling on a panda’s belly. We promise! Stop visiting endless review sites that are staffed with inexperienced so-called “mattress experts” that use seismometers and Geiger counters to “review” the web’s “best mattresses”.

Mattress Shopping Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare

We spent months designing our mattress quiz so that the correct set of questions can accurately predict which mattress options you’ll sleep more soundly on, will work best if you sleep with a partner, and is built using the right “cake recipe” for your body.

Take our mattress survey now, and get your personalized recommendations within 24-48 hours. Get the restorative sleep you deserve along with the satisfaction of knowing you will make an educated purchase.

Let’s Get Started! Take Our Mattress Quiz

Once you’ve completed your personal survey, it’ll take 24-48 hours to evaluate your results and find the best mattress recommendations, specifically tailored to you. Your results will be analyzed by Marc Anderson personally. You’ll get an email response with several genuine options to consider, including our links directly to the best prices for the brands we recommend for you.

Whether you live in the USA, Canada, or the UK, we’ll match you up with locally crafted options that are established brands you’re probably familiar with. All options include no questions asked trial periods, trustworthy warranties, and competitive pricing, too.

Note that our current mattress quiz is closed for the holidays. We will be offering a new, more advanced survey on January 1, 2023!