Stay Tuned… We’ve Reinvented The Sleep Landscape By Creating And Launching The World’s Most Comfortable, Supportive, And Deliciously Delightful Bed You’ll Ever Own. Coming Soon.

The MBG Bed is an extraordinary leap forward in mattress construction technology, invented and developed by industry executives who have been in the bedding business for a combined 50 years, doing nothing but designing mattress systems. Using a proprietary lamination technique of natural latex, visco-elastic “Superhero” memory foam, and our own specialized support foam layer, and encasing our advanced design in a breathable bamboo fabric, the MBG Bed is designed to do one thing and one thing only…put you to sleep, and keep you immersed in restorative rest that cannot be found on any other sleep surface. The bed will be built in small batch format, with limited amounts available at any moment in time. To inquire about our MBG Bed program, email our mattress concierge at for further information.

Feel Like You’re Rolling the Dice Buying A Mattress Online? That’s Because You Are, and, Even Worse, Most “Bed In A Box” Online Retailers Know Absolutely Nothing About Mattress Engineering And Design…

You’re shopping for a new bed. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be on the MBG site, the web’s most respected bedding product review site… Trying to find a mattress that is reasonably priced, made with the best possible components in just the right way, a bed you will love, keep for years, and share with your partner, your kids, maybe even your four footed friends.  By now one web site has blended into another, each seeming to sell the same basic kind of bed, a few different foam layers, a pretty cool outer covering, rolled up and compressed, and delivered to your front door. The latest technology. Cutting edge.

Hold on a second. Think about some facts. Did you know that most of the biggest bed in a box online retailers have only been around 2-5 years? And did you know that these sites and their products are owned and operated by software folks who merely use their software skills to sell mattresses, not by using their bedding industry and mattress engineering skills to create a visionary product? That’s right, virtually none of these brands invented or really created anything new. That was done years ago by industry pioneers, guys like Marc Anderson, who practically created the roll pack segment of the industry (the practice of rolling and compressing foam bedding to enable safe, secure, and inexpensive shipping, to keep the price down). His companies researched and studied thousands of components and specialized ingredients that could be used in the ultimate “layer cake recipe” of the perfect bed.

Free Personal Phone Concierge Service…Speak To The Man Himself About Buying A New Mattress. A 5 Minute Interview And A Recommendation for A Mattress, Limited Time Offer For First 1,000 Callers.

Marc Anderson is a specialty bedding executive, mattress designer, tinkerer, sleep whisperer, and consumer advocate that spearheaded the contemporary mattress industry and helped to shape it into one of the most successful markets ever. Just when he thought he would spend his time writing reviews and educating folks about “how to buy a mattress without being scammed”, he began to notice a spike in questions from MBG visitors complaining that they had no clue how to buy a mattress. In fact, the business has become so competitive that many of the big e-tailers have begun to swallow each other up, like the airlines, all selling the same product and the same service. Shopping for a really great mattress is like blindly stumbling through a thick, noxious fog. So Marc went on a quest, gathered up four or five friends in the mattress designing world who are legends, and quietly went about spending two solid years creating something wonderful. The perfect mattress. And today, you can own it. It’s called very simply, The MBG Bed. What’s in it? Simply put, it is a hybrid foam mattress that is built using a very precisely designed integration of materials.  While it’s seemingly very simplistic in its construction, in fact the mattress is designed to buoyantly support, cradle, lift, and nurture its owner. It’s both a force of nature, and a highly controlled piece of tech, made using carefully calculated densities and thicknesses of highly specialized foam layers including natural latex, memory foam, and a specialized foundation foam layer that is supportive, yielding, and designed to maintain the wellness of healthy backs, and provide therapy to backs that need a little tender care.

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